Segredo Oculto em Águas Turvas (2020)

Segredo Oculto em Águas Turvas Mons Kallentoft Segredo Oculto em guas Turvas Chove torrencialmente sobre Skogs a rel quia medieval nos arredores de Link ping e as grandes gotas caem pesadamente sobre o corpo que flutua nas guas do fosso que rodeia o castelo O advogado Jerry
  • Title: Segredo Oculto em Águas Turvas
  • Author: Mons Kallentoft
  • ISBN: 9789722047968
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
Segredo Oculto em Águas Turvas Mons Kallentoft Chove torrencialmente sobre Skogs , a rel quia medieval nos arredores de Link ping, e as grandes gotas caem pesadamente sobre o corpo que flutua nas guas do fosso que rodeia o castelo O advogado Jerry Petersson, o novo e rico propriet rio, conhecido pelo seu esp rito impulsivo e irasc vel, nunca mais resolver novos casos.Chamada a investigar o crime, Malin Fors suspeitaChove torrencialmente sobre Skogs , a rel quia medieval nos arredores de Link ping, e as grandes gotas caem pesadamente sobre o corpo que flutua nas guas do fosso que rodeia o castelo O advogado Jerry Petersson, o novo e rico propriet rio, conhecido pelo seu esp rito impulsivo e irasc vel, nunca mais resolver novos casos.Chamada a investigar o crime, Malin Fors suspeita dos F gelsj , uma fam lia aristocr tica que, por problemas financeiros, foi for ada a vender a Jerry Petersson a propriedade h s culos na fam lia Mas seria isso motivo suficiente para um homic dio Ou ser que por detr s dos muitos milh es, das obras de arte valiosas, dos fatos caros, e do sucesso nos neg cios, Jerry Petersson n o era quem parecia Acompanhando Malin, do outro lado de uma tela fin ssima, a sombra da v tima vai desfiando a mem ria do seu passado e dos acontecimentos que conduziram sua morte.Segredo Oculto em guas Turvas o terceiro volume da aclamada s rie do autor que descreve a trajet ria da inspetora Malin Fors, iniciada em Sangue Vermelho em Campo de Neve e Anjos Perdidos em Terra Queimada Segredo Oculto em guas Turvas confronta nos com as imprevis veis consequ ncias do abuso de poder nas rela es familiares, nas liga es amorosas e no implac vel mundo dos neg cios, num crescendo de intriga e emo o.
Segredo Oculto em Águas Turvas Mons Kallentoft

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    127 Mons Kallentoft
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One thought on “Segredo Oculto em Águas Turvas

  1. Ken Fredette

    Finally finished Autumn Killing Everybody gets to say something in this book Keeping track of all the people wasn t a problem, but you wonder how Malin holds up under all the pressure.

  2. Pilvi

    It has started to annoy me that in every thriller the main police character has an alcohol problem or has messed up his her personal relationships etc Why can t the police be normal I do get it that it s easier to make them interesting with all sorts of flaws, but non problematic people can be interesting too It just requires writing skills from the writerOtherwise Mons Kallentoft was a good new acquiantance to me, and I ll very likely read of his books if I come across them.

  3. Laura

    While the previous book ended on an optimistic note on a personal level , this book is pretty much all darkness both for Fors personally, most of her co workers, and the killers victims It was painful to see Malin make such bad choices in her personal life, and I really felt for her in this book.The mystery part is pretty strong There were a few red herrings, and I thought that Katarina and Jerry s romance could have been developed a little I kept thinking that something was going to come up ab [...]

  4. Ancestral Gael

    Why did I read it I had read the first two books in the Malin Fors series, Midwinter Sacrifice and Summertime Death I had enjoyed the former far than the latter, and I had hoped Autumn Killing was a return to form for Mons Kallentoft.What s it about Jerry Petersson s body is found in the moat of Skogs Castle, his home A self made man, he obtained the castle from a family that had owned it for generations upon his return to his hometown of Link ping Malin Fors struggles with the case, and the re [...]

  5. Katherine

    This book was at first difficult to get into The rhythm was chaotic and the syntax kept changing making it even so In addition, italicized lengthy paragraphs appearing to be the thoughts of the corpse were disconcerting Still, something drew me into the story Maybe the unusual presentation, which I though might have to do with the fact that it was translated from the Swedish Though it was slow going in the beginning, the story started to unfold and move rapidly and smoothly The characters, for [...]

  6. Mary Gilligan-Nolan

    I struggled with this book and at times felt I was back at school, trying to get through reading an assigned novel, that was good but just not great, but I kept going to the end It s a style of writing that takes a bit of getting used to Maybe a tad high brow for a crime murder thriller, which is actually police procedural It was slow through the middle, you started to wonder if the police would ever get anywhere with it Not Kallentofts best work, Midwinter Sacrifice was a much better book Mali [...]

  7. CarolineFromConcord

    Maybe because I have read all the mysteries by this author, I figured out who the perp was early on But as ever, the characters and the psychology are interesting Kallentoft is an unusual mystery writer in that he always shows how evil is created, usually from extreme childhood abuse The technique of having the victims talk to detective Malin Fors after their death sort of softens the gruesomeness they seem still alive.This novel starts with the murder of a very wealthy man who rose from nothing [...]

  8. Gloria Feit

    This long and tedious novel in the Malin Fors series starts off slowly as the detective inspector continues to recoil from the near murder of her daughter in a previous installment She can t meet the terms of her relationship with the girl or her ex husband, with whom has rejoined So she begins to drink heavily, jeopardizing the love of both as well as her job At the same time, Malin and her team of detectives are mired down in a murder case involving a rich attorney businessman who has bought a [...]

  9. Reinaldo Lourenço

    Bom confirma se que os livros do Mons K s o um bocado dificeis de ler, um bocado lentos Este livro se tivesse menos 100 pag seria bem mais interessante Mais uma vez o autor voltou a usar as personagens mortas como narradores da historia e, ao longo desta, vao mandando uns bitaites ao que a detetive Malin deve fazer A espiral de decad ncia em que Malin Fors entra, refugiando se na bebida e afastando se cada vez mais da familia, torna o livro um bocado triste.Estes autores nordicos gostam de por o [...]

  10. Bachyboy

    I wanted to like this book because generally I am a fan of Swedish crime novels Without sounding like a psychopath, I found the murder unengaging and I struggled at times with the writing style of the author There is so much stream of consciousness writing with a plethora of rhetorical questions and minor sentences That coupled with a mountain of difficult Swedish names and dead bodies that get their own voice, left me wanting to hurry up and finish it.

  11. Sonia Cristina

    Foi um bocado mais fraco que os 2 anteriores Malin ent o esteve completamente descontrolada no que toca bebida, chegando a afastar se da fam lia e levando a a afastar se Foi triste.Quando o caso policial come ou num castelo, achei o m ximo, fiquei com as expectativas altas, mas o castelo foi s mesmo um enfeite e revelou se um caso menos empolgante.

  12. Mª João Monteiro

    Neste volume, Malin afunda se no lcool, distancia se do marido e da filha, seguindo um percurso em queda livre N o se percebe bem o porqu de n o resolver a sua situa o conjugal Estavam separados h dez anos, existe amor, o rapto da filha no volume anterior juntou a fam lia Aqui, Malin n o consegue lidar com isto, mas n o consigo perceber porqu O afastamento mal transmitido outono e chove torrencialmente, as for as da natureza mostram toda a sua viol ncia enquanto acontecem homic dios violentos O [...]

  13. Lisa

    I have not read other books in this series so this was my initial intro to the character of police detective Malin Fors The mystery is straightforward enough Rich, self made and ruthless upstart Jerry Peterson is found murdered in the castle he recently purchased from the Fagelsjo family The family was forced to sell their hereditary home due to financial problems and want it back desperately, but Peterson refuses to sell Hence the members of the Fagelsio family become the main suspects in his m [...]

  14. Di'ana

    Nepaprastai gera sugr ti Malinos Fors pasaul Tai neperpuo tas pasaulis, tikras, visi turi sunkum , turi j ir Malina, vienas i j alkoholis, kitas eima bei dar viena mog udyst B gdama nuo eimos vyro bei dukros, pasirinkdama tekil , ji m gina i spr sti dar vien byl I girsti tyrimo balsus O mes matome vis pasaul aplink j koleg , nusikalt li , v li Skaitai ir sp lioji, bet atsakymo ne sp ji, ne inai kas tas blogietis, kuris pasakoja apie save Taip lengvai pasineri, sunku atsitraukti ir lauki atomazgo [...]

  15. David Hallstrom

    I very much enjoyed the first two books in the Malin Fors series, but the third installment is a rambling mess There is a slightly interesting crime at the heart of the book that is surrounded with so much noise, multiple narrators and needless characters that I can understand why people would stop reading the book There are moments when I wish I had I liked the first two enough that I will continue with the series and if the next one stinks like this, I will be done.

  16. Eva

    Inspektorka Malin Forsov se st v t ce z vislou na alkoholu Vypije lahev v na, pak l hev vodky a v tomto stavu vy et uje vra du Vrah je samoz ejm nakonec odhalen a inspektorku jej nad zen donut nastoupit na l en.

  17. Sarah

    Autumn Killing is the third book in the Malin Fors series by Mons Kallentoft The series so far has been distinguished by excellent characterisation and a fragmented narrative style that has suited the often disturbing plots Kallentoft has taken a brave stance with some of the themes in his books In thrillers we normally get a resolution of sorts, but Kallentoft has deliberately kept the assault of a young woman unresolved throughout the series Here, the case is mentioned once but the overriding [...]

  18. Lucy Qhuay

    Mons Kallentoft has truly made up for the not so good stuff in the previous book in the series and he is, without a doubt, on top of his game with Autumn Killing.Gosh, how this one hit me right in the feels So much has happened and the emotions I felt while reading the book almost overwhelmed me.All we have is a huge cast of broken characters, all trying to come up to terms with the lives they have, the choices they made and the consequences of said choices.And, trust me, things aren t pretty At [...]

  19. Paul Pessolano

    Autumn Killing by Mons Kallentoft, published by Emily Bestler Books.Category Mystery Thriller Publication Date September 23, 2014This is the third in a series featuring Malin Fors, a young woman police detective on the Swedish Police Force In Summer Death Malin s daughter, Tove, is almost killed when she is confronted by a murderer being pursued by her mother.In Autumn Killing Malin is plagued by guilt and has become an alcoholic She has become separated from her husband and daughter due to her [...]

  20. Ann

    I received this novel as a first reads giveaway.Despite not having read the first two books in this police procedural series I believe that I quickly came up to speed on the essentials of the main character, Malin Fors, and her previous life experiences including a failed marriage and failed reconciliation, and the rescue of her teenage daughter from an attempted murder Though known as a brilliant police investigator in a small Swedish city Malin has many flaws, among them a rapidly increasing p [...]

  21. Jim

    The atmosphere of this tale is bleak, depressing, and dim, almost overwhelmingly so It is a rainy autumn in Link ping, Sweden, so rainy that the rats have been driven from the flooding drains into the streets above The primary character, Police Superintendent Malin Fors personal life is in shambles She drinks to blur her pain and cannot find the will to save her marriage and give her family the love they need She is a sad and angry woman and only in work can she find focus When a wealthy attorne [...]

  22. Thomas Devine

    Lead character Malin Fors certainly frustrates the reader with her mindless alcoholism not really explained in the book and her inability to follow through on her feelings towards her teenage daughter At the same time it makes you want to keep reading to find out if she will deal with her devils or not In some ways her going into rehab at the end of the book is an anti climax, much as you hope it will be her salvation All in all, she became a character I cared about.The most unusual feature of t [...]

  23. Janet Newport

    I won a copy through a give away in exchange for my honest review.I have read the first 2 books in this series Midwinter Blood and Summer Death and enjoyed them much than Autumn Killing A grim, grim read that took me forever to finish as I kept having to put it down and get away from it for a while Also slowing my reading pace were the voices in the head changing perspective from third person to first that kept appearing in italics Made for kinda jerky reading like learning to drive a stick shi [...]

  24. Amanda

    Heavy, heavy, heavy Our girl Malin Fors is cracking up and drowning herself in tequila It is so bad her colleagues are concerned Plus, she keeps having these dreamsEveryone else in the squad room is having problems too Marital splits, sexual harassment, cheating, making bad decisions a police officer s lot is not a happy one Winter was freezing, summer was hotter than the hinges of Hades Autumn, the rain will not stop falling It is so bad that rats are leaving their sewer homes and coming topsid [...]

  25. Livros de Vidro

    Ufa, e mais uma vez est vamos a ver que n o acab vamos um livro de Kallentoft Pois , n o foi desta que nos conquistou Diz a sabedoria popular que terceira de vez, mas n o foi A protagonista uma literal seca, sem brilho nem charme Com o avan ar das tramas torna se alco lica Sem surpresa N o uma detective brilhante, embora o autor tente que as personagens assim o digam Lamentamos, mas n o conseguimos simpatizar com Malin Fors O enredo vai se desenrolando mas n o nos vai surpreendendo N o traz nada [...]

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