Ninguém Morre Neste Mundo (2020)

Ninguém Morre Neste Mundo Frederik Pohl Eurico da Fonseca Ningu m Morre Neste Mundo MAN ALIVECharles Forrester was out of the deepfreeze It had taken several centuries to bring him back to life But what a life it was The th Century offered pleasure at the flip of a button everythin
  • Title: Ninguém Morre Neste Mundo
  • Author: Frederik Pohl Eurico da Fonseca
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Ninguém Morre Neste Mundo Frederik Pohl Eurico da Fonseca MAN ALIVECharles Forrester was out of the deepfreeze It had taken several centuries to bring him back to life But what a life it was The 26th Century offered pleasure at the flip of a button everything from gourmet food to stupendous sex right there for the asking And for a rich man like Forrester, the possibilities of delight were endless Of course, everything elseMAN ALIVECharles Forrester was out of the deepfreeze It had taken several centuries to bring him back to life But what a life it was The 26th Century offered pleasure at the flip of a button everything from gourmet food to stupendous sex right there for the asking And for a rich man like Forrester, the possibilities of delight were endless Of course, everything else was endless too But by the time Forrester realized that he had had enough of a good thing even too much he realized that he would somehow have to kill himself if he were ever to survive It was the Age of the Pussyfoot Pohl is a blithe satirist in this one and it s fun Kirkus Reviews
Ninguém Morre Neste Mundo Frederik Pohl Eurico da Fonseca

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    455 Frederik Pohl Eurico da Fonseca
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One thought on “Ninguém Morre Neste Mundo

  1. Scott

    Where would Science Fiction be without cryogenics, hypersleep and sundry other technological ways of re imagining the Rip Van Winkle story The useful trope that is Freezing and reviving people allows for authors to transplant characters forward in time into unfamiliar environments without having to negotiate the tricky, paradox minefield of time travel, and this is exactly the underpinning of Frederick Pohl s The Age of the Pussyfoot.Frederick Pohl is deservedly well regarded in Science Fiction [...]

  2. Manny

    He wakes up after having been frozen for two hundred years, and has to get used to 23rd century society The acclimatization isn t all straightforward They fix him up with a job, and he asks what his salary is going to be A bit over two million dollars a week, they tell him He s pleased Oh no, they say, concerned, that s rock bottom minimum You simply can t get by on less than two million As you can see, a logical projection of current trends in Western society

  3. Denis

    Frederik Phol s The Age of the Pussyfoot, 1969 and shorter Magazine version 1965 is not regarded, or referred to, as are his collaborations with Cyril Kornbluth, such as The Space Merchants, and his excellent Gateway series, though, perhaps it ought to be as it is also an excellent example of the subtle cynical satire he and Kornbluth are known for.Often, the genesis of a sf novel comes from an inspiration set off by a new scientific discovery or the development of a new technology The author mi [...]

  4. Michael Hagerty

    I ve never been much of a sci fi reader My loss I wonder what I would have thought of this book in 8th grade, when it was new I m sure I would have found it engaging and fun s certainly that But how much of the details would I have dismissed as pure fantasy Pohl writes of devices, pharmaceuticals, policies and morality so clearly not of the time he wrote this 1968 that he pushed the setting of his story 500 years into the futuret a mere 43 years later, a lot of it is already here Pohl predicts t [...]

  5. Daniel

    Fred Pohl was an editor than an author in his own right around the time The Age of the Pussyfoot was published, but this book shows just what a crackerjack writer he was and remains Sticking to a satirical vein he explored with frequent collaborator C.M Kornbluth in the 50s, Pohl uses the ever convenient plot device of suspended animation to plop a mid 20th century American fire fighter in the world of the 26th century What follows is a deftly and breezily though never vapidly written picaresqu [...]

  6. Patty

    I love Frederik Pohl His insights amaze me I didn t love this as much as Gateway and his entire Heechee Saga series of books, but I liked it a lot This is a quick read and an interesting point of view of what he thought 2008 would look like, from a 1968 perspective While he set the book in the year 2527, in the afterward he said he actually thought we were about 50 years away from this future He wrote the book in 1968, and he got a great deal right about where are we today Impressive

  7. Bryan

    Want me to define disjointedness with an example Look at the cover of the Del Rey edition of this novel And now flip open to the introduction where Pohl writes how he is hopeful that this novel might be read by the general public at large not just SF fans And back to the cover again which features a many tentacled alien in a spaceship But despite the fact that publishers didn t expect this book to appeal to the mainstream, Pohl certainly hoped it might.The book scores early when the protagonist [...]

  8. João Sousa

    In my opinion Pohl was the weakest link of the well known collaboration with C M Kornbluth, but still I think that this book is quite solid to deserve a read It has some few psychedelic elements here and there, although sometimes plot develops too quickly with no time for the reader to wander in this chaotic future world.

  9. Nick Heyns

    Loved it, mind spinning ideas Only book that I read that predicted how crazy people of the future will be about their cell phones He called them Joymakers and people could not live without them All other Science Fiction books were talking about moon bases and holidays on Mars Frederik Pohl actually scored a hole in one with this prediction I read his other books, whenever I can find them, with great interest because of this story.

  10. Ilya

    A technical writer and volunteer fireman dies in 1969, is frozen, and is revived in 2512 He has various adventures, and gets involved with the Sirians sic not Syrians who are at war with Earthlings In 2512 there is a device called the joymaker, which is an AI equipped cell phone that can stimulate its owner s nervous system directly it does not appear as fantastic in the age of USB powered vibrators and electric shock giving Xbox mods, as it did in 1969.

  11. Ümit

    Da n k ve anafikirsiz bir roman bence Neye odaklanaca n a rm Uzunca bir s re 600 sene sonras n n d nyas n ve onun farklar n anlatmaya al rken sonunda alakas z bir yere kaymaya abalam Pek sevmedim.

  12. Rachel Adiyah

    This is like the idiot s version of Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy , although in a temporal sense The protagonist, Forrester, was killed while on duty as a volunteer fireman in 1969 For some bizarre reason the fire company agrees to pay to put him in liquid helium and attach some money to his name After 600 years the money grows to the point where it pays for his revival and healing He thinks he s rich because he has 250K, and he makes the mistake of stepping on the foot of a Martian, who grew [...]

  13. Cheryl

    Wonderful Satire on SyFy love how he can extrapolate from a few questions into the entirety of this story I have always liked Pohl, but this was so fun to read.

  14. Jason

    I bought and read The Age of the Pussyfoot in 2001, shortly after moving into my first apartment I heard that it was part of the inspiration for a video game I was a big fan of, System Shock I remember thinking the book was strange, and some disappointment in that it is nothing like System Shock , but it s also interesting I recently decided to pick it up againMMARYCharles Forrester was a volunteer fire fighter who was killed in the year 1969 By the year 2527 the damage by the fire can be repair [...]

  15. Sifra

    The beginning is very engaging Pohl dragged me in immediately, and I kept turning pages until suddenly the story had ended I loved the fact that even tough the main character learned about the age he found himself in as the story progressed, I kept wondering what the hell was going on at every plot twist.I had read a couple of chapters when it suddenly dawned to me that we already have something resembling joymakers our smartphones may not yet have all the capablities the joymakers from the boo [...]

  16. Smoothw

    An interesting sleeper awakens tale that kind of reminded me of the movie sleeper except taken a little seriously Slightly unique in that it does does posit a future where everyone carries around a personal computer, and a knowledge industry post work type economy, very much of its time in that the future is basically full of hippies Legalized and ritualized killing, and everyone wearing skimpy clothes and goofy hair seemed very 60 s to me I initially heard about this book through a Wayne Barlo [...]

  17. Emmi

    I read this when I was a kid and out of all the science fiction books I read and there were MANY this is one I remembered Human society in the 26th century is controlled by ubiquitous networked computers, including one each person carries called a joymaker, which is a combination of ID, credit card, network interface, smartphone, and drug dispensary From 1969 Pretty impressive projection And in other ways weird and yet not that badly dated.

  18. Marianne

    An interesting forward look at what future gadgets and s could do, based on extrapolations from the 60s The understandable but constant confusion of the lead character reduce the drama, as he is always trying to understand what s going on now, and reacting often blindly A fast read and an okay pulp sci fi.

  19. Donald Losey

    Classic time travel via deep freeze, no need to go into details, what really grabbed me about this was the idea of ubiquitous personal assistants known as Joymakers, which future persons use for basically everything, quite similar to smart phones Funny and at times refreshingly bleak.

  20. Deedee

    OMG, in chapter 4, Frederik Pohl describes an ipod This novel was first published in 1969, years before the Internet, and he describes an ipod Wow Still reading complete review later

  21. Zarathustra Goertzel

    A fun, quick tale of a revived man bumbling through a future civilization I liked the characters and how they toyed with him while showing him the ropes I especially like the joymaker s personality the computer that oversees everything.

  22. Babete

    J o tinha lido h alguns anos mas a escrita deste autor continua a ser um prazer renovado e intemporal

  23. BoekenTrol

    From one of the book boxes that Moem sent to me.This is not really my genre, so now I ve found a new home for it, it ll move house again to a new reader.

  24. Otto

    Endearing but deepy pessimistic, a future tale of people unable to tell if they re happy or not, and can t be bothered to stand against forces that threaten to destroy them.

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