If This Was Happiness (2020)

If This Was Happiness Barbara Leaming If This Was Happiness A beautiful actress a gifted dancer a fiery screen temptress linked to some of the most handsome men of her generation Rita Hayworth seemed to live the life that dreams are made of But the reality
  • Title: If This Was Happiness
  • Author: Barbara Leaming
  • ISBN: 9780670819782
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
If This Was Happiness Barbara Leaming A beautiful actress, a gifted dancer, a fiery screen temptress linked to some of the most handsome men of her generation, Rita Hayworth seemed to live the life that dreams are made of But the reality behind the fantasy was a harsh one Sexually abused by her father as a young girl, Rita constantly searched for a man to save her, marrying five times At the age of forty twA beautiful actress, a gifted dancer, a fiery screen temptress linked to some of the most handsome men of her generation, Rita Hayworth seemed to live the life that dreams are made of But the reality behind the fantasy was a harsh one Sexually abused by her father as a young girl, Rita constantly searched for a man to save her, marrying five times At the age of forty two, Alzheimer s disease began to ravage her mind, cutting short her career at its peak A haunting and sympathetic tribute to the talented but insecure beauty who was created, and ultimately destroyed, by the movies.
If This Was Happiness Barbara Leaming

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    494 Barbara Leaming
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One thought on “If This Was Happiness

  1. Naksed

    Read during the era of my fascination with all things Hollywood circa the glamorous, black and white years of the great dames and femme fatales of noir film I remember how utterly sad and depressing little Margarita s life was from childhood to failed marriages culminating in a horrendous scandal over child neglect and her early onset Alzheimer s Men go to bed with Gilda and they wake up with me She said wistfully of her most famous, career defining role that was also to become the Albatross aro [...]

  2. Graceann

    Poor Rita Hayworth just couldn t catch a break From the age of twelve, she seemed to careen from one torment to the next Her father used her as a meal ticket and a punching bag, and sexually abused her as well Unfortunately, the statistics that so many of us have seen played out here children who are abused often grow up to form partnerships with abusers, and that s what Rita, with rare exception, did From reading If This Was Happiness, I got new respect for Orson Welles he was a bad husband and [...]

  3. Colleen

    While this is a very interesting biography of Rita Hayworth, the undisputed Love Goddess , it s not a book to read if you re depressed or looking for something light or quick Barbara Leaming clearly does her research and puts a lot of psychology into the bios that she writes, although she has the tendency to go overboard While the arguments about the alleged physical and sexual abuse Margarita Carmen Cansino Hayworth s real name endured from her father can t really be verified either way, the fa [...]

  4. Joy H.

    Added 1 19 17 First published November 24th 1989 I listened to the unabridged audio version Very interesting I didn t realize what a problem filled life Rita Hayworth had Then she died of Alzheimer s disease Below is the info that came with the audio version which I got from Audible Author Barbara Leaming Date 2006 Narrator Anna Fields Provider Blackstone Audio, Inc Running Time 13 h 17 min Audible Enhanced Audio Rita Hayworth was the epitome of 1940s glamour A legendary Love Goddess , she was a [...]

  5. Nicole

    What a sad life this women lived This book conveys that Rita lived her entire life in abuse and pain Used by her own father, unprotected by her mother, used by Hollywood, husbands, boyfriends and the press, begs the questionwas Rita ever happy Her alcoholism and Alzheimer s would say she probably wasn t AlthoughI don t like what Barbara Leaming did in this biography She didn t seem to want to write about Rita as a person and instead chose to analyze the abuse she endured and on a smaller level, [...]

  6. Sonia

    Horrific book filled with numerous lies and over exaggerations This author is known to be a terrible autobiographer and I couldn t believe the things I was reading There is no way on this earth that Orson would have confessed to her those things she wrote about Rita He loved Rita than anyone and he would have disrespected her privacy by revealing too much Her lack of proof is amazing All of theses conversations that Rita apparently had were based on hear say or lies.If you are interested in Rit [...]

  7. Martin

    In the 1970s there was a nostalgia boom for biographies of old movie stars, but they tended to be cute or still toeing the defunct studios line Then in the 1980s there was a boom in salacious biographies of just about anyone In the late 1980s there was also a trend in which childhood physical sexual abuse was exposed by adult survivors This biography combines all three of these trends, with mixed results The author s previous book was a biography of Orson Welles, for which she had access to Wel [...]

  8. Victoria Grace

    When watching the old screen idols in those classic films of a long gone era, I often tend to idealize that person and the image they represent I think that they must have had a charmed life a sort of glittering dream.But very often, that was the farthest thing from the truth and for many of these old screen stars, was not only not the case, but the bleak, shocking opposite.Such was the case with a beautiful young woman with luminous eyes and a scarred childhooda young Spanish dancer called Marg [...]

  9. [Name Redacted]

    Rita Hayworth began her life molested and ended it with dementia In between the two she was a reluctant actress, a self hating sex symbol, a suffocating wife, a neglectful mother, a bewildered Princess A deeply troubled, desperate woman.Comparing the well documented historical facts contained in this book to the idealized, sanitized version of events presented by the writer host of the You Must Remember This podcast which inspired me to read this has been.minating The host of that show is so com [...]

  10. John P

    I love the dancing sequences with Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth After seeing these in her two films with Astaire, and after seeing a few of her other movies, I decided to borrow this biography from our local library The details in her biography, however, were unexpected Her screen persona is radically different from her private self, so much so that it s as if she had a split personality Seriously split Then, as the book revealed the ongoing litany of abuse, poor decisions, and tragedy, it was [...]

  11. Leah

    What a very sad life she lived all the way til the end Before you read about these stars you see them as their characters but it s always a shock to read what life was really like for them.Very interesting read.

  12. Laini

    Learned lots I didn t know For all her glamour, Rita was a neurotic mess, clinging to men who were really bad for her And all this because of the incest that occurred, thanks to her narcissistic father An excellent read that explains many of the bad decisions she made.

  13. Julie Barrett

    This is a hard read, emotionally What a tragic life Poor, poor Rita She is like the poster child for the saying Money doesn t buy happiness Neither does fame or beauty She had all three but was lacking in what is most important to be happy in life love and close connections with others Oh sure, she had many men desire her physically but none of them wanted HER Her famous comment Men go to bed with Gilda but wake up with me hits the nail on the head the men in her life were drawn to a fictional c [...]

  14. Tara

    One of the best Hollywood biographies I ve read in a long time Rita s life was not an easy one and Barbara Leaming captures the troubled woman behind the star image with great sensitivity.

  15. Deodand

    My main interest in this book was to figure out what Rita s deal was Plain janes of the world are wondering why a woman born with as much power as Rita had, for such beauty is power, lived a sad life That s what people say when they see her That s Rita Hayworth She was gorgeous but she had a sad life It seems to me, through reading this book and others, that she was born about twenty years too soon.Twenty years would ve brought the feminist revolution to her in her prime instead of her slide int [...]

  16. Francesca

    Profound book Profoundly sad Profound investigation of unhappiness The thesis that runs through this book is how the physical, emotional, and incestuous abuse that Hayworth s father inflicted in her teen years stamped the rest of her life.Rita Hayworth was naturally shy and introverted, but was forced to dance from the age of 12 to earn money for her family She traveled on the road with her father to perform alluring Spanish dances with him as a partner To make matters worse, she was expected to [...]

  17. Lisa

    This biography of Rita Hayworth was interesting reading, although certainly very depressing Abused by her father, mistreated in some way or another by all of her husbands, Rita was a very passive participant in her own life The book does not go into her movie roles in much detail but mainly stays focused on her turbulent personal life If you want to know much about how she liked working with Fred Astaire in their two films together, for example, you ll need to look elsewhere Rita suffered from A [...]

  18. Barbara

    Straightforward recounting of the sad, tumultuous life of a naive, trusting woman victimized again and again by men she thought loved her Who knows what kind of success she could have had if they had left her alone to reach her full potential Author was pretty heavy handed about the psychology of abuse, but it does explain all the boneheaded decisions she made about men Would have liked to know that Rebecca came out of this mess intact She, maybe even than her mother, paid the biggest price for [...]

  19. Trey

    What I learned from this memoir is that Hollywood hasn t changed much Celebrities, they re just like us But celebrities are really just like other celebrities Stars still sleep with, marry, and divorce one another on the reg The studios still want to control stars as much as possible they are frantic to publicize you when you re hot, and no help whatsoever when you need a hand The paparazzi is still a nightmare As a woman s looks fade, so too do her opportunities for roles Ultimately, this is an [...]

  20. Rachel

    Well researched and well written, but a little disappointing that its focus is almost entirely on the abuse and sadness Rita suffered throughout her life and her legal troubles It took me a year and a half to finish this book because it was so depressing that I rarely felt like reading it It was a pretty interesting book nonetheless, and it s always nice to read biographies about Old Hollywood stars that use real sources and interviews with people that actually knew the subject.

  21. Michelle Schoenhofen

    Such a heartbreaking account of the life of the very beautiful and talented Rita Hayworth It was sad to read through some of the terrible decisions Rita made that ultimately caused her so much pain such as a couple of her marriages I find that Rita Hayworth is one of the most underrated Hollywood movie stars in comparison to many of her contemporaries.

  22. Ferial Hameurlaine

    4,5this book was amazing, if you love movies and or you want to know about Rita Hayworth you should definitely pick this book I wasn t expecting to like this book so much because it s an autobiography and I don t really like reading this kind of stuff but that was so freaking gooooood

  23. J

    3.5stars Author had an agenda and it showed I m uncomfortable with this being being thought of as the quintessential Rita Hayworth biography and it is by virtue of there being relatively few others.

  24. Xiscally

    De unas biograf as de cine que me le durante la convalecencia de una herida en el brazo, esta es la que m s recuerdo, por lo triste Ten a algo, quiz me gustar a poder ponerla entre el it was ok y el liked it.

  25. Sally

    This one I think was a pretty decent biography, though as usual focused a lot on the trashier, tabloid types of gossip.

  26. Kit Fox

    Rita Hayworth will always be one of my favorite film goddesses, it s a shame she had such an effed up life.

  27. Jamie Nakasone

    What a sad life I think she could have been a great actress if she didn t have the trauma and lack of support.

  28. Allison C. McCulloch

    This was good, but I lost interest somewhere after her marriage to Orson Welles It convinced me to never have anything to do with Hollywood Then I moved to Hollywood shortly thereafter.

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