Prague Fatale (2020)

Prague Fatale Philip Kerr Prague Fatale September Reinhard Heydrich is hosting a gathering to celebrate his appointment as Reichsprotector of Czechoslovakia He has chosen his guests with care All are high ranking Party members and each
  • Title: Prague Fatale
  • Author: Philip Kerr
  • ISBN: 9781849164160
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
Prague Fatale Philip Kerr September 1941 Reinhard Heydrich is hosting a gathering to celebrate his appointment as Reichsprotector of Czechoslovakia He has chosen his guests with care All are high ranking Party members and each is a suspect in a crime as yet to be committed the murder of Heydrich himself.Indeed, a murder does occur, but the victim is a young adjutant on Heydrich s staff, found dSeptember 1941 Reinhard Heydrich is hosting a gathering to celebrate his appointment as Reichsprotector of Czechoslovakia He has chosen his guests with care All are high ranking Party members and each is a suspect in a crime as yet to be committed the murder of Heydrich himself.Indeed, a murder does occur, but the victim is a young adjutant on Heydrich s staff, found dead in his room, the door and windows bolted from the inside Anticipating foul play, Heydrich had already ordered Bernie Gunther to Prague After than a decade in Berlin s Kripo, Bernie had jumped ship as the Nazis came to power, setting himself up as a private detective But Heydrich, who managed to subsume Kripo into his own SS operations, has forced Bernie back to police work Now, searching for the killer, Gunther must pick through the lives of some of the Reich s most odious officials.A perfect locked room mystery But because Philip Kerr is a master of the sleight of hand, Prague Fatale is also a tense political thriller a complex tale of spies, partisan terrorists, vicious infighting, and a turncoat traitor situated in the upper reaches of the Third Reich.
Prague Fatale Philip Kerr

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    Philip Kerr

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  1. Anna

    so much working , 5 , 4, , , Kerr , , , , , , , , in real life , , , , Kerr , updates 40% , 200, , 50 , , , , , 200

  2. Vaso

    From the first page of this book, I was hooked up and please mind that I was avoiding HF quite a lot lately, because I was not in the mood Definitely Kerr has a magical pen and can keep readers in his story until the end 2nd WW, is not my theme at all, but author has built a character so unconventional, that rocks I have also to give credit to the details mentioned in the book, regarding everyday life in Germany of the 1942 that proves the extensive research author has done Conclusively, this is [...]

  3. Bebe (Sarah) Brechner

    I ve been reading my way through all of Kerr s Bernie Gunther novels What an astonishing writer the subject is Nazi Germany and the perspective is from a jaded, Berlin police detective who is decidedly not a Nazi and yet is forced to work with the worst of the worst, and, yes, he eventually, unwillingly goes into the SS Vivid details of a nightmarish Germany both pre WWII and afterwards Details moral collapse and ordinary people s responses both good and hideous I don t think anyone else has don [...]

  4. Joe

    This is the 8th Bernie Gunther historical adventure the series runs from the 1930 s through the 50 s Bernie is a Berlin detective whether in police uniform or not and has been described elsewhere as the only honest cop in Nazi Germany Regardless of when each of the books occurs before, during or after WWII Bernie whether while inside or outside of the regime is fighting his own one man war against the Nazis There s than a little Philip Marlowe Sam Spade to Gunther jaded, cynical, his personal m [...]

  5. Abby

    This is the eighth book featuring Bernie Gunther, Philip Kerr s Berlin detective The series has taken Bernie from the 1930 s, as the Nazis are coming to power, to 1950, when he gets caught up in Cold War espionage, and now back to the war years Prague Fatale is set in 1941 and Bernie has returned from the Eastern Front where he has seen unspeakable horrors to the Berlin Kriminalpolizei Kripo , where he is investigating the murder of a Dutch railroad worker and contemplating suicide When he rescu [...]

  6. L Fleisig

    Phillip Kerr s latest Bernie Gunther novel, Prague Fatale, is a very much welcome addition to the Bernie Gunther series For those new to the series, Bernie Gunther is a cop, a detective But he isn t just any detective He s a Berliner and he has been working the streets from the days of the Weimar Republic on through to the regime of Adolf Hitler Like most hard boiled detectives, Gunther likes to toe his own line and has a fierce independent streak Of course independence is not a prized attribute [...]

  7. Sterlingcindysu

    Updated 12 20 13, this is in my 10 top reads for 2013 I ve picked books that I remember instantly when I look through the list, either because the plot was great, the subject matter was different or the writing was excellent.This was my first Bernie Gunther novel and Kerr is a strong writer His details of the food, clothing, manners, clubs, etc of wartime Germany was amazing Because of Gunther s travels and investigations, the research has to detail all the ranges from very poor to highest class [...]

  8. Nikoleta Katsiouli

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  9. Nigeyb

    After his adventures in Argentina, Cuba, USA, Vienna, Munich, Russia, Paris we re back in both place and time Berlin in 1941 where a disillusioned and suicidal Bernie is back at his old desk working Homicide in Kripo HQ after the horrors of the Eastern Front Berlin in 1941 is a city of severe rationing, blackouts RAF bombing raids, the S Bahn murderer, Czech terrorists and widespread disillusionment Initially I was frustrated that this book does not move Bernie s present day story forward the on [...]

  10. Monica

    Another outstanding glimpse into the dark days of Nazi Germany with that knight in tarnished armor, Bernie Gunther And it s a locked room mystery with than a nod to Agatha Christie It starts with Bernie back from the Eastern Front, disgusted at what he saw of the war there, glad to be back in Berlin as a cop Then Reinhard Heidrich, a man he loathes, summons him to what used to be Czechoslovakia to be a special investigator for him in a castle full of overdecorated Nazi generals There are Czech [...]

  11. Zohar -

    Prague Fatale by Philip Kerr is a fic tional book in the Bernie Gun ther series This is the eighth book in the series which brings up the ques tion just how many lives does Bernie Gun ther has Bernie Gun ther returns from the Easter Front to find that 1941 Berlin is not the city he left and not for the bet ter Life is unpleas ant in Berlin due to black outs, Czech ter ror ists, RAF bomb ings and food rationing.When Bernie s old boss Rein hard Hey drich of the Sicher heits di enst SD orders him t [...]

  12. switterbug (Betsey)

    In 1941, Berlin police detective Bernie Gunther flirts with suicide as a way out of his wretched life He loathes Nazi Germany, but has orders to serve and protect the Reich, and feels like an imposter, a blur of who he was before the crimes that he was commanded to execute in Belorussia Nazi newspapers trumpet their clarion call that the Jews are our misfortune, while Germany struggles to maintain their strength against the advancing Russian army Berlin is barely recognizable, with everything in [...]

  13. Eric_W

    It s 1941 and Bernie is back in Berlin from his work with the SD Sicherheitsdienst , the intelligence arm of the SS the Kripo, Kriminalpolizei, or German equivalent to CID, were under the SD Having been exposed there the the truly awful ethnic cleansing and retribution of the special action squads who were killing rather indiscriminately, he s considering suicide Always skeptical of Naziism, he s dragged into an investigation of a railway worker who had been murdered and then left on the tracks [...]

  14. Rob Kitchin

    The four great strengths of Kerr s Bernie Gunther series is the historicization within the Nazi regime, a strong noir voice, the lead character a self loathing, cynical, cantankerous cop with a moral core and well constructed stories Prague Fatale delivers on the first two of these in spades Kerr drops us into Berlin and Prague in 1941, the politics, the power games within the Nazi regime, the suffering, the resistance He evokes a very strong sense of place and time The prose and dialogue are ex [...]

  15. Nick Brett

    Philip Kerr s eighth Bernie Gunther thriller is set in Prague in 1941 Heydrich, now in charge over there, summons Bernie to give him security advice On arrival Bernie is confronted with a locked room murder and the suspects are all rather senior officers Bernie has brought his new girlfriend with him but soon realises that Prague is a dangerous place for them both and all is not what it seemsAny Bernie Gunther book is a joy and this is no exception Although the subject matter is far from joyous, [...]

  16. Mark

    Once again Bernie Gunther is called to do a job for his benefactor, or vitamine B as it is called by the Nazi s, General Heydrich or is the man his nemesis Anyhow he requires the services of a real policeman and not some Party policeman, and Bernie is indeed the real deal.While the story for Bernie starts in Berlin pretty soon his services are required in Prague, still one of Europes most beautifull cities perhaps even in the world and it is there that he must solve the murder of one of the Gene [...]

  17. Nick

    I ve devoured all of the Bernie Gunther novels, wonderful mash ups of police procedurals and WWII historical espionage starring a horny ornery Weimer liberal who somehow manages to stay alive during the rise of Nazism and its aftermath throughout Europe and Latin America So naturally I snapped up the latest with eager anticipation where would Bernie go next Interestingly, he went back to 1941 an unusual non chronological story within this decades long story world and a chance to add yet another [...]

  18. Tom

    Another excellent entry by Philip Kerr of his noir style series featuring Bernie Gunther , a Berlin police homicide detective during the time when Hitler was in power The plots are engaging and incorporate real historical events and many of the real personages of the time Bernie is an angst filled character who tries to retain a semblance of integrity and humanity as he is confronted with the very worst that the human species can offer The characters are nicely drawn and the dialogue is rich and [...]

  19. CD

    There are now two Bernie books under my belt I think it is time to start from the beginning of this series A few questions are emerging about the main character that reading these out of sequence has probably only made noticeable.The pacing of these books is slower than I usually want in detective mystery books They make up for it with the different story line and setting.

  20. Lysergius

    Philip Kerr does it again Bernie Gunther is back in Berlin from the Ukraine It is not long before he is summoned to Prague by his old nemesis Reinhard Heydrich who has a proposition to put to him

  21. Frédéric

    Crime meets spy meets WWII meets Prague fatale Yet another excellent Bernie Gunther novel, entirely set during the war with none other protagonist than Reinhardt Heydrich whom we already met in a previous book.On the verge of depression after his stint in Ukraine Bernie is back as a criminal komissar in Berlin While he s on two murder cases he is called in Prague by Heydrich himself to ensure his security Freshly arrived, Bernie is already on another case the murder of one of Heydrich s assistan [...]

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