Into the Black (2020)

Into the Black Evan Currie Into the Black This edition of Odyssey One has been completely edited and remastered to correct the typos and content issues that reviewers commented on in the original edition Beyond the confines of our small world
  • Title: Into the Black
  • Author: Evan Currie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Into the Black Evan Currie This edition of Odyssey One has been completely edited and remastered to correct the typos and content issues that reviewers commented on in the original edition Beyond the confines of our small world, far from the glow of our star, lies a galaxy and universe much larger and varied than anyone on Earth can possibly imagine For the new NAC spacecraft Odyssey and herThis edition of Odyssey One has been completely edited and remastered to correct the typos and content issues that reviewers commented on in the original edition.Beyond the confines of our small world, far from the glow of our star, lies a galaxy and universe much larger and varied than anyone on Earth can possibly imagine For the new NAC spacecraft Odyssey and her crew, the unimaginable facets of this untouched world are about to become reality.The Odyssey s maiden voyage is an epic adventure destined to make history Captain Eric Weston and his crew, pushing past the boundaries of security, encounter horrors, wonders, monsters, and people, all of which will test their resolve, challenge their abilities, and put in sharp relief what is necessary to be a hero.A first rate military science fiction epic that combines old school space opera and modern storytelling, Into the Black Odyssey One is a riveting, exhilarating adventure with vivid details, rich mythology, and relentless pacing that will leave you breathlessly awaiting book two.
Into the Black Evan Currie

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    349 Evan Currie
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One thought on “Into the Black

  1. Bradley

    Often, with me, Space Operas are hit or miss There s either too much mindless action or too much mindless action or there s even too much mindless action.But sometimes, fortunately, I get caught up with a crew of some really great characters They get thrown in some interesting situations with plenty of translator humor, and then, suddenly, all my worries just seem to melt away If you re looking for some great pew pew, vroom, and kaa plowie action, this novel has it in spades and spades, and it s [...]

  2. Mike (the Paladin)

    This book was just what I was looking for at the time I picked it up low brow schlub that I am I have included it on my space opera shelf as well as my other science fiction shelves We get lots of action here, lots of esprit de corps as the crew of the new star ship , made up of people from all services pull together into one cohesive unit.So far as this being a military science fiction military fantasy we get fleet action, groundpounder action, even space fighter action Yes the story is well in [...]

  3. John Christensen

    Into the Black is the first published work as nearly as I can tell by Evan Currie, published thought he Kindle Direct Publishing program that has put into place It is a piece of military science fiction For those not entirely familiar with the term, military science fiction is just that science fiction focused around some military organization In most cases, it involves mankind at war against either themselves or some variety of aliens.Into the Black focuses on the first voyage of the Odyssey a [...]

  4. Trish

    Just finished and would like to quote Cpt Weston as much as Adm Tanner Wow The author is incredibly good in writing what I call a classical sci fi novel Nothing is sleek, shiny or too clean as most new sci fi novels and movies are The characters are being introduced, then developed as if the reader was on board the Odyssey itself the crew got scrambled together so that gives the reader a sense of reality The action is incredible, breathtaking and exhilarating but also the science, politics and i [...]

  5. Konstantinos

    A real action fest with some nice ideas on technologies and the problems of waging war in space I would never call it a space opera The people on the Odyssey are all perfect soldiers idealistic, courageous, professional, almost infallible Their motivation is very thin and their characters would be the typical soldier cannon fodder used in many movies, if not for the fact that it is not possible to kill them unless they want to sacrifice themselves It is also hard to accept that the Odyssey was i [...]

  6. KatHooper

    Originally posted at FanLit.fantasyliterature reviBecause he was such a spectacular fighter pilot during WWIII, Captain Eric Weston has been given command of the new spaceship Odyssey which is making her maiden voyage beyond the galaxy, to boldly go where no man has gone before What Weston and his crew find out there is quite a surprise a small spacecraft emitting a distress signal and containing a nearly dead human woman named Mia.When they take Mia back to their ship, revive her and learn her [...]

  7. Jacob

    A free on special book from and it reflects that The story takes place after World War 3, when the good guys North Americans, of course have won and are just starting with a new phase of space exploration that includes faster than light speed travel Captain Weston takes his starship out of system and receives an alien signal in another star system What do you think he does next Travels to that transmission without any communication back to Earth He finds the remnants of a massive battle and a tr [...]

  8. Daniel

    More like 2.5.What to say, the book is competently written with a fast paced plot and looooots of action and some great stealth sections The tech is futuristic, of course, but described just enough for us to suspend the disbelief and see it as possible And the story is nicely rounded with an ending that suggest grand things to come.Personally the greatest failing for the book ar the characters Fairly one dimensional and uninteresting I understand they are not important and so the focus isn t on [...]

  9. Diane

    This book gets my personal BIBLIOGASM award You know, that high we all get when reading a good book Where your practically jumping out of your skin with anxiety, anticipation Losing sleep because you have to know what happens Slightly manic and bursting to tell anyone who will listen how good the story is I was really excited because it s hard for me to find military sci fi that I like That has a good story, straight forward space travel and battle technology, no cookie cutter characters and a p [...]

  10. Katy

    Since I received this book through the Vine program, I am unable to post the review directly on this site You can see it here Now is Gone review of Into the Black URL is katysozaeva 2012

  11. Robert

    There really are too many editing errors in this book This couldn t stop me from giving this the five stars it deserves.Of the 6 books Evan Currie has written, this is the third one that I have read Interestingly enough it s as impressive to me as his others because it was his first This fact is only noticeable through the editing error that mottle this otherwise exceptional military science fiction Take note, Evan C Currie is to military science fiction what Brandon Sanderson is to fantasy Sand [...]

  12. Melina

    No character development, no back story The characters don t interact and don t form relationships What is the reason of introducing 1500 characters by name if it is not to learn anything about them And to this point, I have no idea, what the culture of the humans or the aliens is, or why the Drasins attacked No, they are evil beings doesn t count as a reason to me I have no issue with books that are parts of series, but this book doesn t even feel like an episode in a series It feels as if I we [...]

  13. Bill

    The overall concept was neat humans venture forth to find civilization s much peaceful than ours, where our penchant for violence and conflict is exactly what s needed to save the day.However, the actual storytelling is as vibrant as mayo on white bread The vast majority of characters are just names, a few with varying degrees of military bravado Much of the activity in the book is a recounting of procedure, or bland technical descriptions.I m not opposed to military sci fi There are some good [...]

  14. Ed Tinkertoy

    I didn t like this book It s too heavy on military tack and bearing and very light on science fiction I knew pretty much from the first several pages that this person is a lightweight sci fi writer I think I read a review that said as much The book is based on the story line that a ship from Earth named the Odyssey One leaves on an exploratory mission around the universe But the ship uses a technology that makes the crew sick when it goes faster than light speed and the ship is a battle ship wi [...]

  15. David

    Captain Weston and his crew are thrown into an unusual situation on their shakedown cruise in the first real Earth spaceship, at least with jump capability They handle the resulting conflicts with a lot of competence and this makes for an entertaining read The story left one major aspect unexplained that should have been explained, and that was about the race of the initial contact Trying to avoid spoilers here Also, I do not believe that there had been sufficient history to explain why the Capt [...]

  16. Banner

    This is a classic space opera tale, big on space battles with a new twist of faster than light speed travel First of series and it does a great job of setting up an extended plot without cheating you at the end of this tale Character development was pretty good as far as it went meaning that when there wasn t space battles going on the characters were pretty interesting The battles were good but a little drawn out and detailed for my taste I never could quite visualize some of the action, so tha [...]

  17. Martha

    This is an engaging first contact, space military adventure My rating 4.25.The Odyssey is the first spacecraft sent out from earth with a crew culled from the best of the best They were really on a test mission, intended to see what the Odyssey can manage and do a little exploring beyond the Solar System They didn t plan upon warping into the debris of a devastating battle and rescuing a survivor Now they know there are other human races in the universe and other unknown, and apparently brutal, [...]

  18. Mike

    Evan Currie s military science fiction space opera novel Into the Black Odyssey One, originally self published, was released by s new imprint 47north back in March The novel centers around the exploration crew of the titular Odyssey One, Earth s first interstellar spaceship, as they embark on the first manned journey beyond the bounds of the Milky Way The discovery of the new Transition Drive and the creation of the Odyssey One finally saw the end to a decades long war Of course it isn t long in [...]

  19. Lena

    Warriors are never appreciated in peacetime, except by those they saved during the war I have never read military science fiction before and am now official in love with the genre It was great to find our armed forces written with such nobility and compassion in the genre Too often in science fiction there is a dark military industrial complex looking to rule the universe.This book takes place in a near future where the world is getting back on its feet after WWWIII, North American Block vs East [...]

  20. Hali Sowle

    At the end of a long and devastating war on earth World War III the nations of the confederation The US, Canada and Mexico built the first FTL ship and sent it off into the black for a shakedown cruise Until then they had labored under the impression that they were the only sentient species in the galaxy and the Odyssey One was the ship to find out if that was true What Captain Eric Weston, war hero and Archangel Pilot, finds out changes everything and depending upon how the information he retur [...]

  21. Laz the Sailor

    This is an exciting space opera where some humans from Earth first journey to the stars, and discover that it s a scary place out there If you are relatively new to scifi, this should be a refreshing read.If you are well read in this genre, you will see where the story borrows from Heinlein, Kris Longknife, and others The author even acknowledges this, but don t let that deter you This books is well crafted and entertaining.

  22. Epicurus

    I ll admit that I did not finish this book This is the only book on that I failed to finish and still reviewed I read most of the book a year ago and failed to get into it Honestly, I think it was Evan Currie s writing style I did not feel connected to the characters or absorbed into the space odyssey environment that I was promised.

  23. Gabriel Clarke

    And from the sublime Alice Oswald to the slightly ridiculous This is thoroughly a holiday read It s a an unsubtle welding together of Starship Troopers, Battlestar Galactica and various other Golden Age Barbarous Terrans are the warriors who will save the wimps of the Galaxy tropes One of the minor characters, a self described SF fan even jokes about bug hunts It is not good But I finished it, even though a skimmed a great deal it is long and repetitive at speed And this and its successors can c [...]

  24. Ben

    This book badly needs an edit It s frustratingly difficult to read and stay immersed in the plot Repetitions of words that stand out as repetitions are repeatedly repeated in some of the repetitive paragraphs We re treated to bracketed three letter acronyms TLAs even when they are never subsequently referred to that way We re an audience of military science fiction fans and we have HUD explained to us Oddly, when I was about 20 pages in, I had to check when this was written, because I had the i [...]

  25. Peter

    Dear Readers I sometimes wonder how I always get hooked into book series at the beginning of their publication cycle Here again I found a wonderful book by a new author and the first book is published, the second published and yet the series is far from done.I discovered this book through I have stated before I am a Kindle user I love books in all forms, paperback, hardcover, and e book My Kindle allows me to have so many books at my fingertips and ready at a moments notice, useful for someone w [...]

  26. Josh

    This was another debut military sci fi novel, this time by Evan C Currie However, unlike the Man of War series I recently started as well, this one is not only quite clearly a first novel , it is also clear that it was self published first Although it gets better near the end, the first part of the book is amateurish and difficult to continue listening to It shows why good editors are so important in fiction writing The author makes a number of choices in the story that simply are too much to po [...]

  27. Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)

    Into the Black is an action driven, fast paced adventure taking place thousands of light years away from Earth It features epic space battles, a terrifying enemy, and overly peaceful aliens This is not a book where everyone gets along perfectly and is understanding of their race s idiosyncracies The technology is advanced, obviously, but not ridiculously so The view of the peaceful aliens towards Earth s technology keeps it anchored in believability somehow The background for the story is basica [...]

  28. Jo(Mixed Book Bag)

    Into the Black Odyssey One is a military science fiction book I received from Vine There are two editions of this book and I received an ARC of the remastered edition Apparently the first edition to come out needed a lot of editing That has been taken care of in the edition released at the end of March 2012 I have had the book for a while and there is a reason I took so long to finish The book is over 500 pages long and in the ARC form it was very uncomfortable to hold and read As a result I wou [...]

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