Buried Treasures (2020)

Buried Treasures Mary Manners Buried Treasures When Caroline flees Chicago following the brutal murder of her husband the last thing she expects or wants is to fall for Matt Carlson a builder with strong roots in the small town of Mountainview
  • Title: Buried Treasures
  • Author: Mary Manners
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 222
  • Format: ebook
Buried Treasures Mary Manners When Caroline flees Chicago following the brutal murder of her husband, the last thing she expects or wants is to fall for Matt Carlson, a builder with strong roots in the small town of Mountainview, Tennessee She needs to focus on raising her six year old daughter and protecting both their hearts from ever being shattered again Matt is struggling with issues of his owWhen Caroline flees Chicago following the brutal murder of her husband, the last thing she expects or wants is to fall for Matt Carlson, a builder with strong roots in the small town of Mountainview, Tennessee She needs to focus on raising her six year old daughter and protecting both their hearts from ever being shattered again Matt is struggling with issues of his own.t over the death of his wife and the responsibility of raising a cynical teenaged nephew who is dropped on his doorstep, abandoned by Matt s alcoholic sister He doesn t have time to fall in love, yet he can t help being drawn to the woman who is ready to defend her home and her daughter with nothing than a fiesty attitude and a broom handle Can Matt s help and friendship convince Caroline to trust againd when Caroline s daughter goes missing, will Matt be able to find the girl before it s too late and he loses everything he loves.n
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  1. Nancee

    Deeply Moving Christian RomanceBURIED TREASURES by Mary Manners, Christian RomanceA year after the brutal murder of her young husband, Caroline and 6 year old daughter Callie leave Chicago in search of a fresh start and a safe haven in small town Mountainview, Tennessee Caroline had inherited the old homestead from her Aunt Nora, where pleasant and happy memories filled her senses Neighbor and builder, Matt Carlson has suffered insurmountable losses, as well as the added responsibility of helpin [...]

  2. Dora Hiers

    Ms Manners comes through again Featuring a full cast of characters in BURIED TREASURES, Ms Manners manages to make you fall in love with all of them Meet Caroline, protective mom After her husband s murder, Caroline focuses on raising her daughter, Callie, and wrestles with whether Callie s heart is too fragile to risk another love And Matt, acting dad to his nephew, attempts to chase away the guilt for failing his deceased wife s expectations When Callie disappears, not only does Caroline s hea [...]

  3. Marianne Evans

    I loved this story of refinding yourself, reclaiming life, and starting anew Without giving away too many details, suffice to say Ms Manners exceptional writing will leave you rooting for Caroline and Matt and their two kids as these wounded souls overcome heartbreak and fear to realize life is a gift, a treasure, meant to be shared and love is the reason why we keep pushing on Kudos and well done as always, Ms Manners

  4. Char (1RadReader59)

    This is a Christian based book but one that doesn t beat you over the head with it, every other word This deals with real life situations and issues you are Most of all believable.Caroline La Fofollette a widow and a young mother of a five year old girl Callie They move from Chicago to Mountainview, Tenn When her aunt Nora passes away and leaves her the old home and pond on the property to she finally decides to move when the trial for her murdered husband is about to begin She s glad to have it [...]

  5. Ladyp

    This is a sweet story with an emotional roller coaster to go along with it.It begins with Matt Carlson and Paul his nephew cleaning and patching up a neighbor s home that Matt had promised he would do The neighbor Nora has since passed but Matt knows that he promised and promises are worth keeping Caroline Lafollette and her daughter Callie are on their way from Chicago to live there but what Matt doesn t know they are almost there, as in right then Nora left her house to Caroline in her will Ca [...]

  6. Courtney

    Caroline is running from her life in Chicago to escape the brutal memories of her late husband She packs up her 6 year old daughter and moves to Mountainview, Tennessee when her Aunt Nora passes and leaves her with a rundown house after she passes Caroline needs to focus on raising her daughter and protecting them both from ever experiencing the devastating loss again She certainly doesn t need the distraction of her neighbor, Matt Carlson who is a local builder and keeps coming by to help her f [...]

  7. PaulaPhillips

    Every now and again, it s nice to just sit back and read a nice sweet story , a romance but one that isn t filled with sweaty sex scenes not to say us readers don t enjoy them However, I find the best way to tell if a book is actually worth reading and holds substance , is if it turns out to be a great romance without adding the necessary sex scene In these types of romances, the reader thrives on the emotions of the novel and at times they can be quite raw as shown in Buried Treasures Buried Tr [...]

  8. Sarah

    Caroline is on the run from the past she feels like she can out run her feelings and her emotions and with the passing of her aunt and her aunt leaving her a house she knows thats where she will be headed When her and her 6 year old daughter Callie land in Moutainview she s so broken and just needs to start over and find the healing she s looking for Matt his dealing with some of his own loss and he is doing it while raising his 15 teen your old nephew He need to keep this kid on the straight an [...]

  9. Marilyn Johnson

    One thing I love about Mary Manners books is there are things that can and do happen to everyday people Trials everyday people face in their life and how they struggle through them.Caroline is a stubborn and strong willed person While trying to keep her heart and daughter safe from any hurt, she finds is most difficult How to understand how the murder of her husband can be in God s plan She builds wall to keep her heart from that hurt again Yet, Matt seams to be inching his way through the crack [...]

  10. Donna Mcginnis

    I really enjoyed reading this book It is well a written christian romance story You will find romance, overcoming fears, trust and faith A lot happens in the lives of the well developed characters.A year after her husband was murdered, Caroline inherits her Aunt Nora s house in Tennessee She leaves Chicago to move there and have a new start She wants nothing than to protect her daughter Callie and keep their hearts and lives from being shattered again Matt a friend and neighbor of Aunt Nora s i [...]

  11. Carol

    This is a story of love and loss of renewal and gain It is about trusting GOD and each other, and by doing that we have to trust GOD first Realizing that she has such a tremendous loss to herself and her daughter she packs up and moves to Mountview TN where she meets Matt, who is also going through some rough times of his own by taking on the parentship of his nephew He gives his troubled nephew a caring stable GODLY home and a new beginning There are lessons learned and unexpected tragedies, he [...]

  12. Rebecca Booth

    BURIED TREASURES by Mary Manners is one of the books that I judged for the 2012 Faith, Hope, and Love Chapter of the Inspirational Romance Writers of America After reading all the books, Mary Manner s book was Number One for me with a rating of ten points What an inspiring story Mary weaves in BURIED TREASURES After her husband s murder, Caroline moves with her six year old daughter, Callie, to Mountainview, Tennessee to live in her aunt s house, hoping to protect both of their hearts from being [...]

  13. Negar Arvanaghi

    Boy, I would not want to be driving in that storm Her husband was killed in a church Poor thing No wonder she doesn t want to go Such an adorable little girl So they are both widowed Paul is a good young man Now I m hungry for Italian food I like his sneaky approach to fixing her house Lemonade from a mix sounds gross Poor man He was caught between a rock and a hard place He had to do this for his friends His wife should have understood The blame for her death lies as much on her shoulders I wan [...]

  14. Crystal Scott

    Buried TreasuresBy Mary MannersBuried Treasures is a story of learning to love again Caroline s husband has been murdered and she flees Chicago for the small town of Mountainview, Tennessee Caroline wants to put all of her focus and time on raising her six year old daughter and she has no time for love.Matt has issues of his own, he has lost his wife and now he has to raise his nephew who was dropped on his doorstep by Matt s alcoholic sister He doesn t have time to fall in love either.Will Caro [...]

  15. Rachel

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review After the murder of her husband, Caroline moves into the house her This is a very sweet book about love, loss, moving on, and trusting yourself and your heart There was a major Christian religious undertone to the book, which is not really my thing However despite this, it was still a heartwarming book with lovable characters I did feel as if the author could have developed the relationship between the two main characters it seemed [...]

  16. Michele

    Buried TreasuresBy Mary MannersI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Caroline and her daughter 6 year old Callie leave Chicago looking for a fresh start in a small town in Tennessee where she inherited an old house from her Aunt Nora She is trying to raise and protect her daughter so that neither of them are hurt again.Matt is tasked with raising his teenage nephew and keeping a promise to Nora to fix up the old house for her niece He is struggling with guilt over the d [...]

  17. Donna

    From the beginning of the story, Ms Manners has done it again She pulled me right into the heart of her characters The heartache, fear, and anxiety the courage that Caroline shows as she faces the unknown echoes in the thunder around her And the true moral fiber of Matt rings out in his determination to keep a promise he made even though he made it to someone who has passed into the next life.The beauty of God s creation is all around them, gloriously displayed in Ms Manners words Every scene is [...]

  18. Shannon

    Another great read by Mary This is the story of two people, Caroline and Matt, both carrying their own secrets, one willing to reach out the other not so much Throw in some lively and fun characters such as Paul, Sue, Andie and Callie You will fall in love with the characters and their lives You will find yourself cheering as well as shaking your head in disbelief at some things but this thing is for sure, you won t be able to put it down until you find out what happens in so many of the situati [...]

  19. Chris Buob

    I just got done ready Buried Treasures by Mary Manners and found it a very quick read as I did not want to stop reading once I started the book It is about a two people who lost their spouses early in life and how they rebuild their lives Caroline has a young daughter who depends on her so that makes Caroline makes some hard choices but as it turns out good choices Matt is busy raising his 15 year old nephew while his sister is in rehab Paul came to Matt angry and bitter but Matt helps him see t [...]

  20. Janice Sisemore

    Caroline moves to the house that was left to her by her Aunt after her husband is killed, she has a daughter name Callie When she arrives there Matt, her neighbor, is there doing repairs and getting it ready for her She is startled by him being there but then later becomes friends She finds out later that Matt is also a widow Matt nephew Paul is staying with him He is fifteen and his mother is in rehab for drinking problem Paul likes staying with his uncle since he teaches him things Matt gets h [...]

  21. Diana Montgomery

    Buried TreasuresBy Mary MannersI really enjoyed this book One of those you don t put down till your done I love the characters Loved sweet little Callie Caroline left Chicago after her husband is murdered She inherites her Aunts home in Tennessee way out in the country Her only desire is to raise and protect her daughter Protecting them from ever being hurt again Then there is Matt the guy next door Matt has issues he is dealing with over the loss of his wife and helping with a nephew while his [...]

  22. Becky Burciaga

    A truly inspirational story of loss, forgiveness and above all God s love and redemptiond the true treasures in our lives Matt and Caroline s story shows us just how much a heart can endure when we trust God to guide us through life s trials The author has created memorable cast of characters who have so much compassion for each other and through the community of their Church are able to bring healing to a mother and her little girl This book was provided by the Publisher and Netgalley for my ho [...]

  23. Lori Weller

    Buried Treasures is a wonderful, light romance It can be read in one long read The story line keeps your attention Mary Manners is a great author in that she develops the characters into believable,everyday people Her settings are described in such detail that nothing is left out I can t wait to read of her books I recieved this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.

  24. Cathy

    I just finished reading Buried Treasures This was an outstanding light romance This book is the book you would want to cuddle up to and read until the end Everything in this book is believeable.It starts with much heartache then you see everyone blooming through to a new life Which is what we receive when we allow God to enter our hearts and do the work that needs to be done.I was given this book for free from bookfun for my honest opinion.

  25. Nancy

    After her husband is murdered, Caroline inherits her Aunt Nora s house in Tennessee and moves there with her young daughter Matt, a widow, and also a neighbor and friend of Nora, has promised to fix the house up before Caroline moves back, and even after Nora s death, he works at keeping his promise I found this to be a very enjoyable love story that was well written with true to life characters I was given this book by The Book Club network bookfun for my honest opinion.

  26. Joan

    This is a delightful Christian romance The characters are well developed and believable My favorite is the six year old she is great The plot is very good two people recovering from the violent loss of their spouses, hesitant to love again The writing is tight I recommend it.See my full review at bit 1iqLRr1.I received a complimentary digital copy of this book through the Book Club Network for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

  27. Anita

    This book is a wonderful love story Love between Caroline and her daughter, Matt and his nephew, the nephew s love for his alcoholic mother God s love for all of them Can Matt and Caroline overcome past guilt fears and love each other Read it and see I received this book from bookfun for my honest opinion

  28. Virginia Winfield

    I decided to read this book on Easter Sunday and am so glad I did It was a perfect read for this day It was nice to see how the main characters began to trust in each other I received this from the book club network for a fair and honest opinion.

  29. Stephanie

    Cute, easy romance The side characters were just as enjoyable as the hero and heroine There isn t anything super special or different If you enjoy a sweet romance with a single parent, pick it up I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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