The Briny Cafe (2020)

The Briny Cafe Susan Duncan The Briny Cafe Brimming with warmth and wit a delicious tale of friendship and love and the search for a place to call homeEttie Brookbank is the heart and soul of Cook s Basin a sleepy offshore community compris
  • Title: The Briny Cafe
  • Author: Susan Duncan
  • ISBN: 9781741668209
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
The Briny Cafe Susan Duncan Brimming with warmth and wit, a delicious tale of friendship and love, and the search for a place to call homeEttie Brookbank is the heart and soul of Cook s Basin, a sleepy offshore community comprising a cluster of dazzling blue bays But for all the idyllic surroundings, Ettie can t help wondering where her dreams have disappeared to until fate offers her a lifeline, inBrimming with warmth and wit, a delicious tale of friendship and love, and the search for a place to call homeEttie Brookbank is the heart and soul of Cook s Basin, a sleepy offshore community comprising a cluster of dazzling blue bays But for all the idyllic surroundings, Ettie can t help wondering where her dreams have disappeared to until fate offers her a lifeline, in the shape of a lopsided little cafe on the water s edge When Bertie, its cantankerous septuagenarian owner, offers her the Briny for a fantastic price, it s an opportunity too good to miss But it s a mammoth task, and she ll need a partner Enter Kate Jackson, the enigmatic new resident of the haunted house on Oyster Bay Kate is also clearly at a crossroads running from a life in the city that has left her lonely and lost Could a ramshackle cafe and its endearingly eccentric customers deliver the new start both women so desperately crave
The Briny Cafe Susan Duncan

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    Susan Duncan

One thought on “The Briny Cafe

  1. Mary

    I started this book thinking that the writing quality was not that high and I was going to be disappointed And then I got sucked in by the characters and storyline not plot , did some out loud chuckling, and it was all over I was hooked The Briny Cafe is the heart of Cooks Basin on Australia s East Coast When Bertie is taken ill, he sells the cafe for a song to Ettie Ettie, middle aged hippie foodie artist who cleans to pay the bills, challenges Kate, burnt out twenty something journo, to join h [...]

  2. Denise

    I borrowed The Briny Caf from the 7 Day Loan section of my local library Mona Vale, NSW It s no surprise that there s a high demand for this particular novel in this particular library, as the book is set in Cook s Basin, a thinly disguised Pittwater in Sydney s north, which was the setting for Susan Duncan s bestselling memoir Salvation Creek.The Briny Caf is told from the point of view of three characters Sam the rough diamond barge driver with a heart of gold , and two capable, high energy wo [...]

  3. Linda

    Sometimes I just want to read a book that makes me feel so happy this was it I loved the quirky characters and I would so love to live in Cook s Basin, enjoy a meal at the Briny Cafe and meet Ettie and Kate and Sam, the Misses Skettle and just about everyone in the book Being Australian I so enjoyed reading a wonderful book set in Australia I also loved the recipes FABULOUS

  4. Brenda

    When Ettie Brookbank realized there was a new resident who had arrived in Cook s Basin, she wasn t sure whether to welcome her, or ignore her Newcomers were rare as the residents were mostly life long inhabitants, whose sleepy lifestyle was a happy and contented one, with their homes only accessed by boat Kate Jackson had taken over the derelict cottage not far from the water s edge, also rumoured to be inhabited by ghosts But when Ettie arrived with some delicious home made goodies to welcome K [...]

  5. Louise

    A nice book about nothing in particular Recently I have read a lot of books involving nasty murders, and although this book includes 3 deaths 1 of which is murder they are a side bar to the story, rather than the focus A pleasant change for me Ettie is a house cleaning to pay the bills struggling artist who lives in the offshore community of Cook s Basin She often wonders where her life is leading and in fact where it has gone until the day that Bertie, the cantankerous owner of The Briny Cafe, [...]

  6. Steve lovell

    The author of this salty saga is no wordsmith of than average skill There are clich s per page here than you d find in whole books, and her characters are decidedly stereotypically one dimensional But the novel, Duncan s first, works, and that is because it possesses what many efforts of supposedly literary merit lack, and that is a heart She first captures and then charms the reader with the sheer inherent goodness of both her characters and her storyline We cannot help but care for her peop [...]

  7. Karen O"Brien-Hall

    The Briny Caf is the first novel in what I sincerely hope will become a series for author Susan Duncan there is already a sequel Gone Fishing which I have separately reviewed for Starts at Sixty Bookies These novels can be read and enjoyed alone, but I read them in order, for me this increased the enjoyment.The Briny Caf is located in the fictional Cooks Basin, but Susan Duncan reveals in notes that whilst this is a work of fiction, it owes a good deal to the beautiful offshore islands of Pittwa [...]

  8. Nikki

    As always, a pleasure to settle down with a cuppa and open one of this authors books She really does have the knack of describing a place, and its inhabitants, so that you immediately want to sell up and move there Such a treat to open up a brand new Susan Duncan novel She is one of the many reasons I love to read.

  9. Belinda

    I m not going to rate this book as it s not really fair to rate a book one hasn t read all of However, I read the first 50 pages and it is definitely not one of minee plot is a bit meandering at least for the first 50 pages and the characters are wishy washy and, well, not for me.

  10. Ruth Forbes

    Moving tale of friendship and love in a small community Moments where I lay back and chuckled and moments when I said, Oh, sh.t.

  11. Dale Harcombe

    three and a half stars It took me a while to warm to this novel about Cook s Basin but once I did I became interested in the lives of Ettie, newcomer Kate, Bertie the cafe owner, Sam the barge owner, the Misses Skettle and others Jimmy is a young endearing character People in Cook s Basin have a way of making their acceptance or repulsion felt, as one very suspicious character Sam dubs the weasel finds out.Ettie has the opportunity to stop cleaning houses and creating the occasional painting and [...]

  12. Katherine Coble

    I stumbled across this book on not exactly sure how, but I m glad I did It reminds me very much of some of my favourite Maeve Binchy books Scarlett Feather and Quentins in that it s about people and the good food that touches their lives Set on an Australian Island, the book introduced me to a way of life and several slang not profane, just jargon words It was so much like taking the best vacation ever without leaving your home The only thing holding this back from being a five star book is that [...]

  13. Malvina

    The Cook s Basin in this book is obviously based on the lovely Pittwater, north of Sydney, a beautiful paradise that has remained fairly unspoilt and full of character A local woman transforms the fairly grimy Briny Caf near the ferry wharf into something wonderful Along the way your heart gets tripped up and falls into the arms of all the fabulous, lovable locals who make Cook s Basin what it is Watchful and protective, they can turn parochial when a nasty outsider threatens their way of life F [...]

  14. Sarah

    This book is so atmospheric I could just about smell the food Ettie was cooking at the Briny Cafe I have never lived anywhere near the water, and I know logically that I would hate the inconvenience of being unable to simply walk down the street, but this book almost changed my mind I could absolutely see myself living in this wonderful, quirky community where everyone knows everyone else and they look after each other because that s just what good neighbours do The only thing I didn t like abou [...]

  15. Marlene Lewis

    An unusual and light hearted read with lots of good recipes A great story about two women who re invent themselves as proprietors of a small cafe in a fictional coastal town in Australia The characters are well done and the plot intriguing Some parts did seem a little longer than they needed to be so I found myself flicking over pages to find out what happened to people The only really annoying thing was that I was expecting to find out about the missing brother I enjoyed The Briny Cafe and woul [...]

  16. Lili

    I would give this 2.5 3 stars Unlike most people who have reviewed Duncan s books, I preferred Gone Fishing, the book following this one I found that Briny Cafe had no clear objective, it just kind of meandered without any obstacles to overcome Some of the characters particularly the nastier ones like Emily and Weasel were extremely unconvincing and contrived I hate to say it, but so was Sam He was rounded out in Gone Fishing Still I enjoyed parts of this enough, it wasn t a bad book.

  17. Mandy

    I really enjoyed this book Ms Duncan brought the Australian setting to life with her beautiful descriptions so well they you felt like you were there Romance, intrigue, friendship and value of community were explored throughout this book I also felt as though the issue of the unknown brother could have been explored However, this could be another book on its own I hope it is I was given this book as a gift but will be definitely looking for other books by the author to read by the pool to relax [...]

  18. Yvonne Boag

    The Briny Cafe is about interesting characters that make up the community of Cook s Basin The main story follows two people , Ettie who is 55 and wondering if the choices she made in the past were the right ones and Sam who is 40 and an integral part of the community Nothing huge happens in the book but it demonstrates how our lives affect other people in both good and bad ways It is a lovely book and I enjoyed reading it immensely Somewhere between three and a half and four stars.

  19. Linda Camus

    I would like to rate this as 3.5 It is a very pleasant book, well written and kept my attention.The story is set in sleepy offshore Australian community and revolves around 4 or 5 main players.The Briny Caf is bought by the main character in the book and deals with the trials and tribulations of a new business whilst adding a bit of romance and a hint of crime For me the ending was abrupt but this is because the follow up novel Gone Fishing takes over a month after the Briny finishes.

  20. Rashmi Vij

    Not at all what I expected This is quite a predictable book It is very much like a Mills and Boon book rather obviously aimed at women and their fantasy of a life by the water with a loving community, a handsome French chef ,a new start ,comforting cooking etc.I was so looking forward to getting the recipe of Lemon Cakes that Susan Duncan spoke aboutbut nadaI think I will have to go to Winterfell and get their recipe LOL.

  21. Meldi Arkinstall

    A charming read.The style is very conversational, and the story is very endearing and lovely to read.It s a little bit autobiographical, in that it s set in a small community on the water, and Duncan lives in a small community on the water in northern Sydney.Because of this, she understands perfectly the ins and outs of village life, and is able to create a what is a beautiful gem of a story.

  22. Denita

    Another easy to read story I liked how Susan Duncan had pages from the island s newsletter Cooks Basin News throughout the story and also the recipes from The Briny Cafe at the end It will be fun to read her sequel Gone Fishing Also since Cooks Basin doesn t exist but is based on the community of Pittwater it has made me look up this place I am going to see if I can get a copy of her biograhphy A Life on Pittwater.

  23. Carmelina

    I picked this up wanting to read something light but was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I became invested in the characters There is a wonderful cast of characters such as the Misses Skettle who enrich the story as we get to know Ettie, Kate and Sam This is a book about not being afraid to take chances no matter your age be it taking on the challenge of running a cafe or love and the importance of being part of a close knit community.

  24. Terese Stockdale

    I want to go live in the world of the Briny Cafe where everyone cares about each other, lives by the sea and there is no shortage of inspiration for food A nice feelgood story but felt hungry after all the cooking that goes on in it Oh and I am going off to cook the recipes contained in the back of the book Yum.

  25. Virginia

    2 1 2 stars really Not my usual type of book but it was a light read and I enjoyed some aspects of it than others The setting was its best feature Some characters like Kate s mother were stereotyped beyond a joke, whilst others were quite sympathetically created The dialogue was obviously meant to be colloquial Australian but sounded forced.

  26. Wendy

    This was a very easy read, and would be great as a holiday read, they were nice characters, and I liked them, wouldn t say I loved them It was a bit predictable, and not a lot of depth, it could have delved into each of the main characters so much But it did give you a minds eye picture of the place, and I guess that was the point.

  27. Karen

    Although I enjoyed this book and found it a relaxing, easy read, having read Susan s earlier autobiographical accounts of her own life and move to Pittwater, this fiction book set in the same locality seemed like she had just transferred large chunks of her own life into fiction, so I probably didn t enjoy it as much as I might have otherwise.

  28. Sharon

    Good Summer read, Australian island living a way of life just about lost I would think Think of the everglades in Australia Characters were well thought out and interesting enough to emphasise with Space for a sequel Now going to look up her other books If you like books about small communities and the people in them this one is for you.

  29. Jill

    I really enjoyed this book I have read Susan Duncan s first two books autobiographies , Salvation Creek and The House at Salvation Creek and loved them The Briny Cafe is her first novel She draws from her current lifestyle and painful experience with cancer to write this joyous, easy to read book about lifestyle and the things that matter, love, friendship, food and peace.

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