Deadly Descent (2020)

Deadly Descent Kaylea Cross Deadly Descent Devon Crawford is an officer Air Force Pararescueman Cam Munro is enlisted Dev flies medical evacuations Cam jumps into danger zones to save lives Dev wants to return home from Afghanistan with her he
  • Title: Deadly Descent
  • Author: Kaylea Cross
  • ISBN: 9781426892202
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook
Deadly Descent Kaylea Cross Devon Crawford is an officer Air Force Pararescueman Cam Munro is enlisted Dev flies medical evacuations Cam jumps into danger zones to save lives Dev wants to return home from Afghanistan with her heart untouched Cam will do anything to win the woman he loves.Reaching for happiness in a war zone is the last thing Captain Devon Crawford plans, but she can t ignore theDevon Crawford is an officer Air Force Pararescueman Cam Munro is enlisted Dev flies medical evacuations Cam jumps into danger zones to save lives Dev wants to return home from Afghanistan with her heart untouched Cam will do anything to win the woman he loves.Reaching for happiness in a war zone is the last thing Captain Devon Crawford plans, but she can t ignore the feelings she s hidden for so long Cam s sexy charm and wicked kisses weaken her resistance, but she s too afraid of losing him to give in.When Dev s helicopter and crew are shot down and set up as bait by a notorious warlord, Cam risks all to save the team What he doesn t know is that the trap is set for him.83,000 words
Deadly Descent Kaylea Cross

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One thought on “Deadly Descent

  1. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    As his family left the graveside Devon stood there, rigid in the cold, staring at her ex boyfriend s coffin I m so sorry, Ty So very sorry Deadly Descent is the first book in the Romantic Suspense series, Bagram Special Ops by Kaylea Cross, and it s also my first experience with this author s writing I was excited to read this story because the central characters are not who we typically see in this genre SEALs, Rangers, Black Ops Agents, etc rather these men and women are working on the medical [...]

  2. Baba

    Love is like war easy to begin but very hard to stop by Henry Louis MenckenTech Sergeant Cameron Munro is an U.S Air Force pararescue jumper, the best trained search and rescue teams in the U.S military Their motto That Others May Live says it all They are highly trained to save lives and on the other hand PJ s also know how to kill if necessary.Captain Devon Spike Crawford, Black Hawk helicopter pilot commander flies medevac missions She has to deal with guilt issues after the death of her boyf [...]

  3. Wendy

    What a fantastic and riveting read Loved it Can t wait for the next book Kaylea, your Alpha males, are so deliciously sinful they make my toes curl This is how I picture Cameron 3072 2

  4. Kathleen

    I must give special thanks to UniquelyMoi Dhestiny for recommending this book.Story Rating 5 HUGE starsCharacter Rating 5 HUGE starsRomance Rating 5 HUGE starsAction Rating 5 HUGE starsSexual Tension 5 HUGE starsOverall Rating, not enough stars in the world to give OMG This book was so spectacular, I still have tears running down my face and I can still feel my heart pounding from this book, just AMAZING.This book grabbed me right from the start and never let go I absolutely LOVED all the charac [...]

  5. Dee

    I am not going to go into detail about what the book is about as the synopsis does a good job of that and there are plenty of reviews out there that gives detail.I have never read a Kaylea Cross book before so didn t really know what to expect I had seen quite a few raving reviews about this book and I had had it for quite a while but hadn t got around to reading it but as soon as I started the first chapter I knew that I was going to enjoy the rest of the book I immediately tuned into Kaylea s [...]

  6. Gina

    OMG OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK This was my first military romance and Kaylea Cross book, it will not be my last This story was non stop, a wonderful romance, it had me crying, scared and swooning I loved the hero and heroine in this story, they were both tough,brave, caring, I immediately felt connect to these two I actually liked all the characters in this story, I would welcome a book about any of them The heat level is pretty low in this book, but the sexual tension and the chemistry between these [...]

  7. Kelly

    A very good romantic military suspense My only complaint is it s a little light on romance Other then that I really liked it Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  8. MBR

    Having always come across rave reviews of books by Kaylea Cross, I was than prepared to delve into a story which I knew would hit all the right spots And I am glad to report back that it certainly did hit all the right spots and then some with my very first Kaylea Cross which turned out to be the first book in her Bagram Special Ops series which hit the stands on the 5th of this month.Captain and pilot commander Devon Crawford known as Spike amongst her friends and team mates faces the biggest [...]

  9. Mo

    Read this over a year ago, I think, but decided to re read before getting to the next one in the series Wow, seriously good writing No sex until nearly end of the book and I loved it Something not right there or else something very right the fact that Ms Cross is such a compelling storyteller that I was totally caught up in the whole atmosphere Stuck out there in the desert, waiting for rescue, you could feel the tension I really don t know how Army personnel stick it, being away from home for l [...]

  10. KatLynne

    Deadly Descent is the first book in KC s Bagram Special Ops series featuring Black Hawk pilot, Devon Crawford and Air Force Pararescueman, Cameron Munroe As a helicopter pilot, Dev s missions involve transporting a rescue team and bringing the wounded back to safety and much needed medical care Cam s job often finds him on the ground and in the thick of things as he provides medical care for those wounded in the line of duty Both encounter dangerous situations as their work takes them into enemy [...]

  11. Saly

    Deadly Descent was the first in a series and the characters introduced interest me a lot.Devon is a med evac pilot and an officer when she makes a call to turn back due to bad visibility , which she later finds out was for her ex boyfriend Pararescueman PJ Ty, she feels incredibly guilty because of that and also the feelings she has for his friend Cam Once his funeral is over, Cam confronts the issue head on and acknowledges the attraction he has for her and that it is not wrong but Dev isn t re [...]

  12. Lady Heather

    OH MY GOD Ms Cross is such a GREAT writer The story, characters, and writing AMAZING Loved this story, and I can definitely see Candace Ryan s book, as well as Maya Jackson s story can t wait sigh

  13. Jess

    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsThe fact that she flew a Black Hawk and could talk shop with the best of them Hot as hell And her laugh God, she had the dirtiest laugh he d ever heard Every time he heard it he thought of sex Hot, sweaty sex, the kind that left a man exhausted and weak and his partner unable to move Not only was this my first Kaylea Cross book, but it s the first story I ve read that s centered around military suspense Devon, after losing her father in an airplane crash, ta [...]

  14. Mrs. Badass

    Thank you to Kaylea Cross and Carina Press for my early Birthday Present A copy of Deadly Descent Kaylea Cross writes characters so well Deadly Descent is no different in that regard This romantic suspense novel is romance and character based than suspense based It s not a bad thing at all, I was really in the mood for something a little lighter, but still intense and Deadly Descent Delivered.Black Hawk Medivac Pilot Devon Spike Crawfield has faced a lot of personal tragedy Witness to an awful [...]

  15. Nikki

    4 stars.I wish I could have loved this Not to say that it wasn t a great read but I didn t feel the same excitement reading this as I did with Kaylea Cross Suspense series I think there are a couple of reasons that put a dampener on it for me 1 For the first half Devon was trying very hard not to be attracted to Cam The reason for this is due to the fact that she is repressed by guilt and grief over the unfortunate passing of her boyfriend, who also happens to be Cam s best friend I m not heart [...]

  16. Jae

    I could have sworn that Kaylea Cross is actually a military person herself She writes very vivid and detailed combat scenes that I have never read in romance books before It was like reading about the behind the scenes of the actual military going ons Absolutely knowledgeable.But I didn t rate it 5 stars for the thrilling combat scenes alone Devon and Cameron were very HOT together I gotta say that KC s H h were never timid or annoying and sure enough, I loved Dev and Cam They were very earthly [...]

  17. Anne OK

    Kaylea Cross can certainly write military romance at its best She blew me away with her highly intense Deadly Descent This one certainly draws on your emotions as well as keeping you on the edge of your seat in the middle of an action packed storyline Every combat scene is realistic and vividly comes to life as you read I felt as if I was riding co pilot with Spike when she and her crew were shot down in Afghanistan The romance is hot but very believable, the characters strong and willful, and a [...]

  18. Duchess Nicole

    3.5 StarsBeen meaning to start a book by Cross forever This was a nice intro to her writing Lots of characters introduced, whom I assume get their own stories I felt like there was a lot of backstory for this particular couple that we don t get It s sort of glossed over, so that you get the feeling that they have this huge history, but in reality, the time they spend together falling in love is super minimal, so it was hard to understand them as a couple The action scenes were awesome, though, a [...]

  19. Mandi Schreiner

    Recently I read No Turning Back by Kaylea Cross, a very intense, military romance that I really enjoyed When I head she had a new military romance trilogy coming out with Carina Press, I jumped on the chance to review it Deadly Descent still has that intense vibe, but with an even revved up romance.Devon Crawford is an officer She pilots Black Hawk helicopters during medical evacuations in the middle east, Bagram to be specific She had been casually dating Ty, a parajumper who jumps into danger [...]

  20. ~V~

    A great start to Kaylea Cross newest military romantic suspense series I read her other military romantic suspense series and absolutely loved them, in fact they were probably my first introduction to actual military romantic suspense She definitely submerses you into the world lifestyle and has you sitting on the edge of your seat when her characters are in the thick of things My only beef would be what others have mentioned was a little lighter on the romance than i typically like, and i think [...]

  21. Glamdring

    3,5 stars Spoiler free review Even though the story started a little too slow to my liking this is another great story by Kaylea Cross This book is the first of a series that takes place in Bagram, a US military Afghan base I really liked Devon, our heroine She s a Black Hawk pilot and her job is to fly medical evacuations I loved Cam He s a pararescueman If I understood well, he s a kind of special ops with field medic training.These two fell for each other, but the problem is that Devon is an [...]

  22. Michelle [Helen Geek]

    The second half of this book made all the difference I was about 50% of the way through and thought, why all the hype Then the real action started.There were times I felt a little disconnected Like I had missed something, a conversation, an action, a relationship But by the end, it didn t matter I really liked Cam Really liked Cam A very worthy Alpha He was tough, strong, intelligent, and very gentle A bit of a romantic Dev, not so much I liked her, but didn t think she was really all that and e [...]

  23. Mareli

    a good reading It was a bit slow on the beginning but in the end it was fast and packed with action I totally related with Devon I can understand how she felt guilty for her feelings for Cam.It s also very interesting reading about Afghanistan war It made me feel very curious about it.I m reading the next one

  24. Sharon

    obsessionwithbooksDeadly Descent was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Carina PressI absolutely loved Ms Cross s Suspense series so was quite excited to get hold of Deadly Descent, the first book in her new Bagram Special Ops series.Captain Devon Spike Crawford flies Black Hawk medical evacuations and has returned to Bagram, Afghanistan to serve Doubting herself due to a recent mission she had to abort due to extremely poor weather conditions resulting in the death of her ex boyfriend Tyler [...]

  25. Tara Chevrestt

    First of all, huge thumbs up to the author for starting this series It s about time there was a military women serving in Afghanistan series All the women introduced in this book are tough chicks The heroine of this one, Devon, is an Army Medivac Helipcopter pilot Wanna know how tough she is She continues shooting at the enemy after her helo is shot down despite her completely busted knee.Her love interest is a PJ, an Air Force parajumper with medical training I didn t know about this group of e [...]

  26. Stella

    Wow, don t know when I last read such a thrilling novel I couldn t put it down and it kept me up until past 3am until I finished it My Thoughts I ve read a few romance novels where the hero was an ex marine navy soldier, but Deadly Descent is as far from them as Cinderella is from Bridget Jones Deadly Descent reads like a unique combination of action movie documentary, the nonstop action and tension won t let up and you ll only catch your breath when you have finished reading it I would like to [...]

  27. Mskychick

    4 1 2 starsI won this ebook from a giveaway through ExLibris I have read 5 of Kaylea Cross other books The first book I read by her was Darkest Caress, a book from 2012 which I really liked On the basis of that book, I bought her series of 5 books that doesn t have a series name, but starts with Out of Her League and ends in Absolution and stockpiled them for my vacation last week I have to say I was very disappointed with that series of 5 books There were so many medical errors in them, and man [...]

  28. Calisto

    Devon Crawford is a Black Hawk helicopter pilot and an officer Cam Munro is a Pararescueman and enlisted For their forbidden romance to blossom, they must overcome the ghosts and guilts of the past as well as a very present threat that endangers both of them.Grey s Anatomy meets Black Hawk Down Except this doesn t have the heartbreaking, soul wrenching grittiness of the military docudrama, but makes up for it by having all of these adults hooking up with co workers, supervisors, superiors just l [...]

  29. Mary Gramlich

    DEADLY DESCENT by Kaylea Cross09 11 Carina Press, eBook, File Size 1159 KBIs my love for you worth breaking every rule Captain Devon Spike Crawford is Blackhawk pilot counted on to do her job and make the right call at the right time She is steady under pressure and can handle decisions with a clear train of thought However, when someone she cared about was not recovered on her watch the guilt she bore was weighing her down What Devon also understood was the very clear, concise rules of non enga [...]

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