The Vintage Bradbury: The Greatest Stories by America's Most Distinguished Practioner of Speculative Fiction (2020)

The Vintage Bradbury: The Greatest Stories by America's Most Distinguished Practioner of Speculative Fiction Ray Bradbury The Vintage Bradbury The Greatest Stories by America s Most Distinguished Practioner of Speculative Fiction The best short stories of Ray Bradbury including Dandelion Wine The Illustrated Man and twenty one other tales by one of our most original authors
  • Title: The Vintage Bradbury: The Greatest Stories by America's Most Distinguished Practioner of Speculative Fiction
  • Author: Ray Bradbury
  • ISBN: 9780679729464
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
The Vintage Bradbury: The Greatest Stories by America's Most Distinguished Practioner of Speculative Fiction Ray Bradbury The best short stories of Ray Bradbury including Dandelion Wine, The Illustrated Man, and twenty one other tales by one of our most original authors.
The Vintage Bradbury: The Greatest Stories by America's Most Distinguished Practioner of Speculative Fiction Ray Bradbury

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    Ray Bradbury

One thought on “The Vintage Bradbury: The Greatest Stories by America's Most Distinguished Practioner of Speculative Fiction

  1. Larry Bassett

    I may have read some Ray Bradbury when I was a teenager but my memory is weak But when he died in June 2012 I looked for a book This is the one I found used at an affordable price It was first published in 1965 and claims to be Ray Bradbury s own selection of his best stories I have always put Bradbury in the science fiction category I guess most people do But the label that I might now select for his short stories is quirky My thesaurus says these are some synonyms for quirky idiosyncratic, ori [...]

  2. Kelsey Lancraft

    I just recently stumbled upon Bradbury, and I regret that it has taken me this long to read his writing There was not a single short story in this collection that I did not like Each had such original characters with such intense emotions Because of Bradbury s skillful use of point of view, I could feel every obsession, every fear, every desire from the characters perspectives Each story also seemed to have a twist It was as if the ending was never what I expected, or it might have been that I j [...]

  3. Michael

    This is the book that got me hooked on everything Bradbury My high school creative writing teacher introduced me to Ray Bradbury with Zen in the Art of Writing I liked it, so I figured I d go out and find some of his fiction I had already read Fahrenheit 451, but I think I was too young when I read it for it to make a real impact on me I found this book on the shelves at the local bookstore, read it, and have been devouring everything by Bradbury that I can get my hands on His voice is so unique [...]

  4. Venero Armanno

    my favourite of his collections This is the one he signed for me while we had a nice private chat in Brentano s Paris, 6 5 95 A treasure eternal inspiration.

  5. Miriam

    I think one of the best things about this collection is that all the stories heighten each other, because you never know what you re going to get Is it a straight up childhood adventure Time or space travel Supernatural events So each story makes the others suspenseful, because you never know when the story might take a turn for the surreal or turn out to be not what you thought.There are some themes that reappear technology and family life, little boys on their sick death bed, carnivals and fre [...]

  6. Anne

    I decided to catch up on some old favorites and to discover some new stories after hearing about Ray Bradbury s recent passing This collection of some of his own favorite short stories was a good place to start There are two selections from The Martian Chronicles, one of my all time favorite books, and another brilliant story, There Will Come Soft Rains, about a post apocalyptical automated house that still prepares meals for a long gone family Chilling Here are some of my favorite passages From [...]

  7. Critter Reyome

    I will confess that my reading of Bradbury has been limited to Fahrenheit 451 a great book, to be sure, but hardly typical of the man s skills as a writer But I am trying to expand my horizons, and to this end I picked up a copy of this short story collection while on a booking stop at a store not far from Big South Fork It took a while for me to get to it, but once I did wow Essentially this is a best of the best circa mid sixties picked by Bradbury himself, stories he considered of merit in on [...]

  8. Brianna

    After reading Fahrenheit 451, I was decided Ray Bradbury is my new favourite author After scrolling through his quotes on this grand ol site, I found that I loved a couple that came from Dandelion wine I m alive I went to my school s library and sought out the book, stumbling across his collected works instead Even better Even Bradbury than I had anticipated.I ll admit, some of the stories disturbed me The frequent murderous endings were not what I expected after the downright poetical Fahrenhe [...]

  9. Michael Bedford

    Having only read Fahrenheit 451 before, I enjoyed reading this collection of short stories by Bradbury Although there was some great speculative fiction in this collection, some that could easily be described as science fiction, there were also stories that are best described as Americana fantasy The wide range of stories that Bradbury collected in this edition represent his body of work well.I was specifically impressed with The Veldt, Dandelion Wine, The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, And The Rock [...]

  10. Colleen Lynch

    I really enjoyed this I m not even much of a SciFi nerd well like, I enjoy SciFi but nowhere near to the point of hardcore actual SciFi fans and I really liked most of the stories in here It was a good sidetrack from the stuff I usually read I m not even usually a big short story reader, so this was new for me and I wasn t sure whether I would like it And, I did So I guess I d say take the gamble and check it out because Ray Bradbury is a good writer and has his accolades and reputation for a re [...]

  11. Ashish

    One of my favourite authors, and a relatively underrated one, who often gets over looked when people talk about writers of sci fi fantasy Dystopia When people recall big names like Asimov, Clarke, Orwell and Huxley, they tend to overlook Bradbury His books and the stories he weaves don t really fall into one of the genres mentioned here, and speculative fiction describes it really well Also, he is one of the favourite authors and childhood influences on Neil Gaiman also one of my favourite autho [...]

  12. Joan

    Every story save one I ll let you find out which yourself was a gem of fantasy, intrigue, and mystery The final tale, especially, was not only perfectly final, but left you with a sense of wonder and loss at the same time Definitely a masterpiece

  13. Angela

    I met some new friends in this book, and renewed my acquaintance with some old ones, as well Every time I read Bradbury I am awestruck by his poetic use of language, his vivid and colorful imagery, his sheer joy in the tales he spins for our delectation and his own amusement.Among my favorites The Fruit At The Bottom Of The Bowl was an old friend who had stayed with me for many years I had often recollected this tale as I cleaned and dusted and wiped and scrubbed What a pleasure it was to read i [...]

  14. Almaraz_m

    A book full of short stories that challenge the mind and stretch the imagination I was at times both fascinated and disgusted at Bradbury s views human nature.

  15. Jeff Griffeth

    Much smaller in size than some of the other Bradbury short story tomes, this book which I found years ago at the recently shuttered and already missed used bookshop on Franklin Street contains only 26 stories, but the greats are all here The Fog Horn is a good example to demonstrate Bradbury s power as a writer On the surface of the tale, two lighthouse keepers witness a monstrous creature from the depths of the ocean rise up and destroy their beacon But the story is really about isolation, loss [...]

  16. Adam James

    I came the long way around on Ray Bradbury I read his contemporaries as well as the authors his works inspired before I finally found my way to his brilliant work Regardless of how I got here, though, I m happy that the wealth of literature from this amazing man is with me forever.I m also happy my present and future students will together share in The Veldt and The Fog Horn, hopefully leading at least one of these young people to seek out Bradbury s contemporaries as well as the authors his wor [...]

  17. Christine Lee

    In short, Bradbury s short stories are quite refreshing in all of their eeriness there is a deep and haunting psychological element to all of his short works, which make his work all the thrilling Bradbury makes absurd relationships between humans and forms of evil or non human forms i.e a newborn to an assassin or neighbors to mice , but accomplishes this gracefully and very naturally so as to make plots work My favorites include strangely The Small Assassin utterly intriguing , There Will Com [...]

  18. M

    Contents The Watchful Poker Chip of H MatisseThe Velda Hail and FarewellA Medicine for Melancholy The Fruit at the Bottom of the BowlYllaThe Little MiceThe Small AssassinThe Anthem SprintersAnd the Rock Cried OutInvisible BoyNight MeetingThe Fox and the ForestSkeletonDandelion Wine Illumination Dandelion Wine Statues Green Wine for Dreaming Kaleidoscope Sun and Shadow The Illustrated ManThe Fog HornThe DwarfFever DreamThe Wonderful Ice Cream SuitThere Will Come Soft Rains

  19. Mark Oppenlander

    I have read all of the stories in this collection before, but there are some classics in here, including The Fog Horn, Skeleton, The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, and a few selections from the full length books The Martian Chronicles and Dandelion Wine Perhaps because of the recent events in the Middle East, I was especially struck this time through by the stories And the Rock Cried Out and Sun and Shadow If you ve never read Bradbury before, this is not a bad place to start it s a great primer on h [...]

  20. Josh

    Like the best futurists, from Kurt Vonnegut to David Bowie, Bradbury keeps his visions of the future bound to the implications of our present These fantastic and often horrifying tales of space travel and isolation, technology and malaise, wondrous human advances that seem somehow to deprive us of our humanity all ache with a real melancholy Not all Bradbury collections are created equal, but this is a really fine one, with numerous classics, a few undervalued gems, and only a couple that didn t [...]

  21. Tiny Pants

    This is my all time favorite Ray Bradbury collection yes, even over The Illustrated Man which I also adore It is also one I would highly recommend to ew I don t do science fiction people, since it has a high proportion of suspense mystery stories Anyway It is Bradbury s choices of his favorites as of 1965, and he chooses some of my favorites as well The Veldt, The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl, The Small Assassin, and There Will Come Soft Rains.

  22. David Allen

    This doesn t have A Sound of Thunder did it only become his best known story post 1965 but otherwise this is a pretty solid best of Included are some of his perversely imaginative horror stories a new mother convinced her baby wants to kill her, a hypochondriac frightened to know he s got a skeleton inside him, a fever with a mind of its own And it s got The Veldt, The Fog Horn and There Shall Come Soft Rains.

  23. Jordan Boggs

    Here s the most important thing to note about this book s a collection of short stories That being said I hope the five star review will be clear not every story will hit home and make you think However, a vast majority did I am hard pressed to call Bradbury a true science fiction writer If you are looking for philosophy written eloquently in the musings of science fiction I implore you to read this book and get lost in the mind of a true, American bred genius.

  24. Jenny GB

    This is a great collection of Bradbury stories My favorites include The Veldt, The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl, The Small Assassin, And the Rock Cried Out, Kaleidoscope, and The Fog Horn I love how great Bradbury is at eliciting a particular feeling during the course of his short stories I ve never had this good of a reaction a writer s short stories before.

  25. Daniel

    Ray Bradbury is amazing He wrote so many short stories, far than are collected here, and every one I ve looked at has been so fresh, so inventive I m writing short stories myself lately and I like to read these for inspiration and tips on how to do it right I wish I could be this good one day

  26. Kris

    I d read most all of these short stories before, but I just love Bradbury and almost everything he does A few of these were a little weird re Mexicans I totally didn t remember that about Bradbury , but this collection includes some brilliant classics The Foghorn , There Will Come Soft Rains , Dandelion Wine , etc

  27. Lora

    A really good selection of Ray Bradbury I wanted to get a few of his stories into my library but didn t want fat books like S is for Space, that sort of thing This book had several of my favorites, as well as a few I don t like so much It represents a good sampler of Bradbury his creepy, his sweet, his horrific, his nostalgic, his humorous, his humanity.

  28. Caroline

    I ve read this collection before so this time I jumped in with only the few I remember as the most enjoyable And, indeed, I enjoyed them again The Veldt , The Small Assassin , and There Will Come Soft Rains Now I m longing to read Farenheit 451 again but I don t have a copy Back to the library

  29. Derek

    Close to a definitive best of collection of his works, and quite a range of topics and themes.His style is distinctive and may either beguile or annoy, depending on the reader s tastes There were times Dandelion Wine comes to mind when he slips into a deeply poetic mode and the grasp of plot becomes tenuous, which I find rather hard to stay with.

  30. Faye

    Great collection of Bradbury stories, would be a good introduction to someone unfamiliar with his writing The only downside is that the reader doesn t get to read the stories in context with the other stories they were written with.

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