My Soul to Save (2020)

My Soul to Save Rachel Vincent Amanda Ronconi My Soul to Save When Kaylee Cavanaugh screams someone dies So when teen pop star Eden croaks onstage and Kaylee doesn t wail she knows something is dead wrong She can t cry for someone who has no soul The last thin
  • Title: My Soul to Save
  • Author: Rachel Vincent Amanda Ronconi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Audiobook
My Soul to Save Rachel Vincent Amanda Ronconi When Kaylee Cavanaugh screams, someone dies.So when teen pop star Eden croaks onstage and Kaylee doesn t wail, she knows something is dead wrong She can t cry for someone who has no soul.The last thing Kaylee needs right now is to be skipping school, breaking her dad s ironclad curfew and putting her too hot to be real boyfriend s loyalty to the test But starry eyed teenWhen Kaylee Cavanaugh screams, someone dies.So when teen pop star Eden croaks onstage and Kaylee doesn t wail, she knows something is dead wrong She can t cry for someone who has no soul.The last thing Kaylee needs right now is to be skipping school, breaking her dad s ironclad curfew and putting her too hot to be real boyfriend s loyalty to the test But starry eyed teens are trading their souls a flickering lifetime of fame and fortune in exchange for eternity in the Netherworld a consequence they can t possibly understand.Kaylee can t let that happen, even if trying to save their souls means putting her own at risk
My Soul to Save Rachel Vincent Amanda Ronconi

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    Rachel Vincent Amanda Ronconi

One thought on “My Soul to Save

  1. Maggie ☘ (Reader in Wonderland)

    I need my books from my car, then I ll need you to put this back wherever my dad left it Tod gave me a mock bow Anything else Can I fan you with a big palm leaf Feed you grapes while you write your homework in my blood My Soul to Save, second book from Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent was still fast and enjoyable read, but a bit weaker than the first book When a famous pop star, Eden drops dead right on the stage and Kaylee doesn t have the urge to wail, she knows there s something wrong [...]

  2. Kim

    The second book in this amazing series, and I enjoyed it as much as the first one I ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but most of this will make no sense if you haven t read this book Just some of the thoughts I have swirling around in my head.Kaylee s abilities are developing, she s finally learning to control herself and her powers, and Nash is with her every step of the way Did I mention I adore him already I love their dynamic and their chemistry, especially when the room temp [...]

  3. Kristy

    Soundtrack going through my mind as I read this book Take me down 6th Underground EclipseI want to sex you up Color me badLet the bodies hit the floor Drowning foolLiving Dead Girl Rob ZombieBetter as a memory Kenney Chesney Brick Ben Folds FiveI m going straight to Hell Drivin and cryin I could die for you Red hot chili peppersBreak on through The doorsHighway to Hell ACDCNo soul The Rumble Strips Fix You Cold PlayGrim Reaper Blues The entrance BandDon t fear the reaper Blue Oyster CultI could [...]

  4. The Flooze

    For some reason this book makes me feel old Old as dirt, like no other YA has thus far.Kaylee once again inserts herself in a dangerous situation because of her highly attuned morality and sense of duty She can t resist helping others She s a mixture of naivete and hope, blindly blundering through obstacles But she has to finegle around being grounded to achieve her goals Has to find a way to work around both her car keys and her mobile phone being taken away And she has to remain focused despit [...]

  5. Sabrina

    Check out my full review on my blog omgbooksandbooks.We continue on the journey with kaylee and Nash, everything seems resolved even though weeks before Kaylee had lost her aunt to a reaper But there is a new problem that has surfaced called Demon Breath When a human sells their soul to a demon, the human gets everything they want, but it comes with a price The demon takes the human s soul and his or her eyes becomes white The eyes are the window of the soul.Kaylee and Nash, with the help of Nas [...]

  6. Kathy

    This novel enlightened me on what is actually going on with all the Disney Channel Disney Movie Stars Thank you Rachel for finally clearing up exactly what Disney is doing to these young child stars Oh wait Disney wasn t even mentioned in this book Could have fooled me I have the worst time writing reviews on sequels It s so hard I hate spoilers I prefer to pick up a book not even having read the back cover I don t want to know where I m going until I get there So all I can really say is that I [...]

  7. Cinnamon

    MY SOUL TO SAVE is the second book in Rachel Vincent s Soul Screamers series The first book, My Soul to Take, introduced Kaylee and her bean sidhe banshee abilities When she senses death, Kaylee can t help but to sing the person s soul song To us, this song sounds like ear shattering screeching Not exactly a trait known to win friends and influence people.This installment follows Kaylee as she comes to terms with her abilities I won t go into too many details as I don t want to give anything awa [...]

  8. Amber

    Wake me up when this plot doesn t suckSo of this book consists of the characters sitting on their asses, eating junk food, doing some investigative work, and flapping their self righteous little lips I m looking at YOU, Kaylee Cavanaugh.Around halfway through the book, I found myself skimming text never a good sign I ve resigned myself to read one of these before I give up on the series From the reviews, it seems that the books supposedly get better and evolve, so I guess we will see The Good T [...]

  9. Tez

    Usually Kaylee Cavanaugh can tell when someone in the vicinity is about to die, but not this time A pop star sold her soul, so it s not there for bean sidhe Kaylee to work with And her reaper friend s ex Addison also sold hers, and Addy s little sister s damn close to selling hers, too But to win the souls back, Kaylee has to venture into the Netherworld, and not everyone will emerge unscathed.It s impossible to read about Dekker Media without thinking of Disney especially after viewing South Pa [...]

  10. Donna Book Passion for Life

    After reading Rachel Vincent s My Soul to Take I eagerly dived straight into My Soul to Save, the second book in The Soul Screamers Series And although I enjoyed it, I have quite mixed feelings about it because I don t feel it was as good as the first My Soul to Save see s Kaylee and Nash take on another dangerous journey, when they go to concert and watch a famous singer drop dead on the stage The problem is Kaylee doesn t wail like she normally does and she quickly realises it is because the s [...]

  11. Isamlq

    Soul Screamers reminds me of an episode of Scooby Doo, complete with the clueless Scooby gang The sad thing is there is no Velma in this Soul Screamers 2 The Mystery Teen Superstar drops dead but without a soul The Scoobi connection One of the teen super stars just happens to be an ex girlfriend of Tod s Clueing the Scoobi gang in Said teen sensations had sold their souls for fame and fortune Not stopping there It s the record label s fault which gives credence to the idea that Disney is the Dev [...]

  12. Kristi

    Three words one unique series I just love the whole premise of this series The soul screamers It s such an unique element, and I can t wait to see where Rachel takes us next Unfortunately I didn t enjoy My Soul to Save as much as I did it s predecessor I enjoyed the story, it was excellently written and there were plenty of twists and turns to keep you on you toes I just didn t enjoy the characters as much this time around My favorite character from the first novel Todd, was sullen and closed of [...]

  13. ✌ Ashley ☠

    Love, love, love this whole series and this book is no different New elements are constantly added in to keep things fresh Avery is definitely an unexpected addition and I love to hate him Kaylee always keeps a good balance between bean sidhe business and regular life.So I gave this book 5 stars and I am re reading it so there can t be much I don t like However, I didn t care much for Addie Maybe it was her personality or maybe because Tod likes her and isn t into Kaylee yet, but I just didn t c [...]

  14. Imani

    We got a bit Tod in this book But was it only me or did this feel like it could ve been a 1.5 novella It was short and seemed like a side story almost since it was about saving the soul of a pop star.

  15. Lyndsey O"Halloran

    After loving My Soul to Take, I couldn t wait to pick up the second book to find out what was going to happen next I had high hopes for this book but unfortunately, it ended up falling a little flat of my expectations I really enjoyed Kaylee as a character While having certain insecurities about one thing, she does know herself very well and refuses to back down on what she believes in, no matter what she has to do to get there I loved this about Kaylee and the fact that she is so strong in her [...]

  16. Kt

    Review originally posted on my blog A Book ObsessionJust like my first re read review in this series, I feel the need to start off with a warning that this post is NOT a traditional review, and will be quite spoilery Also there will be a whole lot of ranting and bashing I m participating in the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge hosted by Fiktshun You can either read the books for the first time, or re read them, and I am doing the latter I thought it would be fun to do a post of my thoughts about [...]

  17. Tina ♥ Bookaholic

    Meine Gedanken zum Buch Ich wei gar nicht, warum ich das Buch so schlecht bewertet habe, bzw kann ich mit dem Finger nicht ganz genau darauf zeigen Aber ich wei , dass ich es nicht interessant fand und es mich die meiste Zeit nur genervt hat Ein Indiz, dass mir ein Buch nicht gef llt, ist immer, wenn ich lange daf r brauche und an diesem Buch bin ich ca 2 3 Wochen gesessen, obwohl ich sonst 1 3 Tage f r gute B cher brauche Dabei ist das Buch gar nicht so dick.Jedenfalls kam ich mit der Handlung [...]

  18. Amy Jacobs

    My Soul To Save is the second book in the Soul Screamers series by author Rachel Vincent After I finished reading the first book in the series, I had to have of Kaylee and Nash Who would have thought that Banshee s could be so exciting and fun to read about In this book, it starts out with Nash and Kaylee attending a concert The headlining act is popular pop star Eden who happens to drop dead in the middle of the concert Only there is one problem about her falling dead in the middle of the conc [...]

  19. Sarah

    Source I own a copy of this book Kaylee is back, and this time she s got a new problem Addison, a famous pop star is set to die in 7 days, the problem is she s not currently in possession of her soul she sold it for fame and fortune.Tod used to date Addison though, and he wants to save her, or importantly, save her soul.It s not going to be easy though, they need to not only find the demon that took Addison s soul, they need to convince it to give it back.How do you compromise with a demon thou [...]

  20. Laura (midorireads)

    I am really glad I decided to start reading the Soul Screamers series I d been feeling a bit of a slump coming on, but having now read two books, I m finding myself eager to read again In My Soul to Save, Kaylee and her boyfriend Nash are thrown into mission to help Reaper Tod s ex girlfriend, super pop star Addison Page get her soul back after learning that her date of death is coming not a week later So a race is in order to get said soul back, and hopefully preempting her death as well Now on [...]

  21. Brooke

    Kaylee is learning how to use and control her wail, and with the help of Nash s mother, Harmony, she s progressing nicely But when Tod, a Reaper and Nash s brother, gets them tickets to one of the biggest concerts of the year and the star drops dead during her set, Kaylee knows something is wrong because she didn t have the overwhelming urge to scream If she doesn t scream for someone then they obviously must not have a soul to sing for.Kaylee knows that she shouldn t put her new relationship wi [...]

  22. All Things Urban Fantasy

    Review courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasyI think its safe to reveal some of the details about Rachel Vincent s Soul Screamer s universe for this review, but if you haven t read My Soul to Take yet, then beware of spoilers from this point on.As she discovered in My Soul to Take, Kaylee Cavanaugh is a banshee or bean sidhe A soul screamer straight out of Irish folklore In MY SOUL TO SAVE, Kaylee has been reunited with her long absent father also a bean sidhe and is struggling to adapt to the sudden [...]

  23. Page (One Book At A Time)

    I have mixed feeling on this addition to the series Kaylee really annoyed me but I enjoyed the story Go figure I m still really enjoying the Bean Sidhe elements of this story I liked learning about Demon s Breathe and how people can trade their soul It was also interesting how demon s can get away with not fully explaining the contract s humans are signing I liked the explaining of the otherworld and how it s the same and different from the one we live in I also really liked Libby and the charac [...]

  24. Danielle Smiley

    Favorite Quotes She pivoted slowly to look at me, and I saw time in her eyes Years of life and death, and existence without end Evidently people come with expiration dates stamped on them at birth much like food in the grocery store I d helped Addy and Regan because I couldn t not help them Because in most cases, I believe that people deserve a second chance And because I couldn t have lived with myself if I d stood by and let them both die soulless, when I could have helped The above quotes rea [...]

  25. Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooSix weeks after Kaylee discovers her true identity, she and her boyfriend, Nash, attend a rock concert of a mega star Thanks to Tod, they re able to score backstage passes.While watching the performance from the wings, they view the lead singer collapse on stage When Kaylee doesn t start singing, she believes the singer will survive.She is wrong.The singer dies without a soul When Kaylee, Nash, and Tod talk with the oldest reaper in history, they learn [...]

  26. Shweta Choudhary

    Loved IT Totally Loved the cover first of all The concept of soul screamer is so unique and different I love itThe book starts with Famous Eden dying on stage and Kaylee finding out they don t have souls She finds out that these girls have sold their soul to demons Literally sold their soul t devils Just for fame,power and the the Hellion will toture their human soul At first you might find these girls a little vague for selling their souls and not knowing the character But as the story progress [...]

  27. Jennifer

    The Good I love the mythology elements in the series The reapers and bean sidhes and all of the fantasy plot points that go along with it The selling your soul plot of My Soul to Save was especially thrilling Plus, Tod is super fun to read.The Bad Kaylee is unexplainably reckless throughout the book Perhaps it s just overwhelmingly noticeable from my parental viewpoint, but I can t grasp why she wouldn t go to Nash s mom for advice or help before carrying out deadly plans And I just can t get be [...]

  28. Cathy

    Overall, good YA Nitpicky stuff is that Kaylee, like Faythe in Vincent s shifter books, always has the right ideas and answers and is brave way beyond what her life experience should allow But the story is good and the emotions ring true.

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