Grey Mask: A Miss Silver Mystery (2020)

Grey Mask: A Miss Silver Mystery Patricia Wentworth Grey Mask A Miss Silver Mystery After Charles was jilted at the altar by Margaret he discovers that she is mixed up in a vicious kidnapping plot masterminded by a sinister figure in a grey mask Charles turns to Miss Silver to uncov
  • Title: Grey Mask: A Miss Silver Mystery
  • Author: Patricia Wentworth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Grey Mask: A Miss Silver Mystery Patricia Wentworth After Charles was jilted at the altar by Margaret, he discovers that she is mixed up in a vicious kidnapping plot masterminded by a sinister figure in a grey mask Charles turns to Miss Silver to uncover the strange truth behind Margaret s complicity, and the identity of the terrifying and mysterious individual behind the grey mask.
Grey Mask: A Miss Silver Mystery Patricia Wentworth

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    173 Patricia Wentworth
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One thought on “Grey Mask: A Miss Silver Mystery

  1. Jaline

    If the Miss Silver series of books were ever made into a TV series, and if I were the casting director, I would beg and plead to have Linda Hunt Henrietta Hetty Lange on NCIS Los Angeles play the part of Miss Silver As soon as I first met Miss Silver in the book, Hetty Lange popped into my head Small in stature, wickedly smart, and like a combination of a ninja and Yoda, Miss Silver knows or can find out pretty much anything to solve people s predicaments.In The Grey Mask there is a very siniste [...]

  2. Susan

    Charles Moray goes abroad for several years after being jilted by his fiancee, Margaret Langton Going to inspect his old house, he hears noises upstairs and stumbles upon a criminal gang As he spies on them, he overhears them speaking of Margot Standing She is an heiress, whose fortune they hope to steal and they speak of killing her His immediate thought is to contact the police, when he recognises Margaret as one of the people in the room Thrown into the mystery, unable to go to the police for [...]

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani

    Grey Mask Miss Silver 1 , Patricia WentworthMiss Silver is well known in the better circles of society, and she finds entree to the troubled households of the upper classes with little difficulty In most of Miss Silver s cases there is a young couple whose romance seems ill fated because of the murder to be solved, but in Miss Silver s competent hands the case is solved, the young couple are exonerated, and all is right in this very traditional world 1993

  4. Carol Clouds ꧁꧂

    3.5 Just love the cover Join Miss Silver as she unravels the mystery of the Grey Mask Gang This Miss Silver was very different to the Miss Silver who appeared in the other Wentworth I ve read In the latter,she was a replica of the better known Miss Marple In this novel, while still an avid knitter, Miss Silver is far enigmatic figure and does a lot of her sleuthing from home.Since I love the torrid drama of old black white movies I enjoyed the melodramatic romance between Margaret Charlie.Margo [...]

  5. Allison

    Grey Mask is the first in one of the classic Golden Age detective mystery series, one that seems to have been largely forgotten I really enjoyed it, apart from some excessive use of the word frightfully and one character who was unbelievably silly This is my first author from the era, so I m not sure if this is normal or not, but Miss Silver the detective is just a minor side character Her clients are the main characters here, and she pops up to help along the way I don t even know enough about [...]

  6. Jenn Ravey

    Dear Open Road Media As a reader I know I cannot possibly discover and read all the fantastic books out there If I allowed that thought to bog me down, I would be one depressed lady That said, you have introduced me to my newest obsession Miss Silver and I cannot believe I have lived 30 years without her What do I love about Miss Silver First, she s a quiet character Grey Mask doesn t revolve around her but the other characters in the story She appears, almost inconspicuously, at the proper time [...]

  7. Ivonne Rovira

    The comparison of Grey Mask to Agatha Christie s Miss Marple is a natural one, although Miss Silver s debut actually preceded Miss Marple s Yet, Grey Mask put me in mind of Ngaio Marsh s Roderick Alleyn novels Both are slyly humorous Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess with a propensity to quote Tennyson, is also considerably formidable and professional in aspect than the deceptively fuzzy Miss Marple.Don t get me wrong Lovers of any of the Miss Jane Marple cozies will love Miss Maud Silver [...]

  8. Tulay

    Definitely not for me.This book was written almost fifteen years before I was born This old British English language was very hard for me to read, kept stopping and and looking up the words I didn t understand Plot and characters didn t capture my interest.

  9. Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore

    The first of the Miss Silver series Charles Moray, who returns after travelling abroad for four years, stumbles upon a conspiracy to do away with a young girl Margot Standing when he comes into his home and finds a mysterious gang having a meeting there And much to his shock, his former fianc e, Margaret her breaking off the engagement was the reason for his having gone away is part of the gang Because of Margaret s involvement he is reluctant to approach the police, and sets off to investigate [...]

  10. Jane

    I d seen Patricia Wentworth s books in the library, I d picked up a couple in charity shops, but it was Lisa s warm praise that had me seeking out the first book in the series and starting to read.I do like a golden age mystery, I was curious to meet a lady detective who predated Miss Marple by a few years, and, as checking the catalogue reassured me that my library has most of the books, I wasn t too worried about the possibility of falling in love with this particular series.There are thirty t [...]

  11. Aileen

    I really quite enjoy these cosy little mysteries I like Maud Silver, I enjoy some of the bizarre characters and the unfolding of the action This is easily the silliest one Many of these books have the protagonists, particularly the women, behaving very stupidly, often becoming estranged from the hero because they valiantly keep secrets which no sane person would keep These grand noble secrets are usually clumsily necessary to the plot, and utterly ridiculous and frustrating The big secret the he [...]

  12. Kavita

    Charles Moray is back in England After being jilted at the altar by the love of his life, he had spent four years travelling but after the death of his father, he is now back to get his inheritance He visits his old house but instead of encountering childhood memories, he comes across a gang of criminals who are using his home to plot murder and theft But what really astounds Charles is that it appears that his erstwhile fianc e, Margaret Langton, is also one of their number As Charles re establ [...]

  13. Kate Howe

    Like reading a film noir I would have rather watched it Full of action and one dimensional characters Definitely a typical golden age mystery symptom Why read this kind of mystery when I can read mysteries that are literary and have fully fleshed out characters I don t know if I ll pick up the second one.

  14. Nikki

    Received to review via Netgalley republished 28th June 2016So far I ve only read the first of the Miss Silver Mysteries Grey Mask, which was published originally in 1928, and features mostly some young people whose lives have been messed up by a criminal network Miss Silver is, in this book at least, a background character who comes in to solve all the problems, while Charles, Margaret and Margot are the characters who we mostly follow Margot s rather silly, but the aborted romance between Charl [...]

  15. Sharla

    This book was written in 1928 but great mystery writing is timeless The only fault I could find is that Miss Silver, who is the new detective introduced here, is not very clearly drawn as a character I didn t get a good sense of her at all The other characters spring to life but she is left to linger in the background Perhaps this is intentional but I wanted to know her better since she is to be the character the series revolves around Perhaps this will be remedied as the series evolves.

  16. Libbeth

    I enjoyed this and look forward to reading in the series Presumably Miss Silver comes to the fore in subsequent books in the series, as she didn t seem to play much of a part in this one She felt like a device used to reveal information required to move the plot forward, but with no mention of how she came by it No matter I didn t read it expecting to be baffled and astounded and it was a perfect listen during a pleasant afternoons stitching.

  17. Nicola

    1 1 2 starsImagine every cliche and ridiculous coincidence that can go into a book and you ll have this pegged I d try to describe the plot but it s really a mess and not worth my time.

  18. Kay

    It s hard to read a period piece nearly 90 years old, even though it has the luck to reek of Edgar Allan Poe and to be said the model for Agatha Christie s Miss Marple Pieces of it were great fun, the super silly little Greta who has such lengthy and delicious views on multiple engagements for the great fun of it three weeks is enough really But the plot is intricate and well woven and the characters memorable, although one wishes Miss Maud Silver were just a bit memorable Imagine there are 31 [...]

  19. Jen

    Grey Mask was originally published in 1928 and is the first of Wentworth s Miss Silver mysteries Book Description Charles Moray has come home to England to collect his inheritance After four years wandering the jungles of India and South America, the hardy young man returns to the manor of his birth, where generations of Morays have lived and died Strangely, he finds the house unlocked, and sees a light on in one of its abandoned rooms Eavesdropping, he learns of a conspiracy to commit a fearsom [...]

  20. Kris - My Novelesque Life

    GREY MASK MISS SILVER 1 Written by Patricia Wentworth 1928, 256 PagesGenre mystery, female detectiveRating I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Margot Standing finds out her father has died and not provided for her future as his lawyer claims there is no will As Margot has no proof her parents were ever married her claim over her father s estate is now in the hands of her Egbert Egbert was not liked by father or daughter seems cavalier over his uncle s death and fort [...]

  21. Rhonda

    This book Grey Mask is still good It has stood the test of time Yes it is really dated but it still a good mystery with somethings that surprised me at the end.Charles is back from abroad after he left England four years ago He was engaged to Margaret for a real short time after being friends for years Margaret just dumped him and would not speak to him before he left.Charles was not planning to go to his home till the next day but his dinner plans cancelled on him so he decided to check how his [...]

  22. Susan

    I liked this However, I found both female heroines a bit on the ditzy side, one so than the other The 18 year old kept giggling at the most inappropriate times and used the word frightful frightfully way too much And what was the author thinking naming them Margaret and Margot and one of them a daughter of another Margaret Miss Silver does alot of her sleuthing in the background and seems to let the major players figure things out themselves and only comes on the scene when there is something t [...]

  23. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)

    This is the first in the Miss Silver series, which probably explains why it is less rounded and rather far fetched than the following books Many years ago I found The Girl in the Cellar and The Watersplash in a British Institute Library and enjoyed them However, they appear much later in the series, after the author found her voice and rhythm As to Grey Mask,I found the whole mysterious interview thing very confusing and the revealed plot and resolution very unsatisfactory.I don t know if Maud [...]

  24. Laura

    I received this book as a digital ARC from the publisher through Net Galley in return for an honest review.This is the first book of Miss Silver series Even if her appearance does not show up so often, the thrilling atmosphere of this book keeps the suspense all along the plot.2 The Ivory Dagger4 Out of the Past3.5 The Grey MaskTBR She Came BackTBR A Marriage Under the Terror

  25. cloudyskye

    I liked the 1920s feel, and it s the real thing, it was first published in 1928 or thereabouts, with flappers and Wodehouse like rich young men, a conspiracy, and a bit of romance, it could have been like an early Agatha Christie.Sadly, both plot and writing feel rather jumpy and a tad too superficial, now that I m comparing it to the incomparable Agatha s work The most used adverb frightfully Almost like the like of our days.There seems to be an improvement in the later volumes of this series, [...]

  26. Anwen

    The first Miss Silver and one in which she hardly appears Wentworth is feeling her way towards the fuller portraits of her later books, but the story itself is well written and taught A thriller in format with a most irritating romantic heroine says she is 18 but acts 10 and the maturer Beatrice and Benedick characters whose back story and present situation is so absorbing Enjoyable but let diwn by a singular dearth of Silver

  27. Rosemary

    Didn t quite hit the mark for me but it was enjoyable enough to make me want to try later books in the series and hope they get better, since this was the first.

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