City of the Falling Sky (2020)

City of the Falling Sky JosephEvans City of the Falling Sky When Seckry Sevenstars is forced out of his village by the greedy Endrin Corporation and relocated to the daunting metropolis of Skyfall City he harbours resentment for the company and vows to get th
  • Title: City of the Falling Sky
  • Author: JosephEvans
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
City of the Falling Sky JosephEvans When Seckry Sevenstars is forced out of his village by the greedy Endrin Corporation and relocated to the daunting metropolis of Skyfall City, he harbours resentment for the company and vows to get them back one day for taking away his home, his school and his friends.Fortunately, the marvels of the city do a good job in distracting Seckry from his anger and homesickness,When Seckry Sevenstars is forced out of his village by the greedy Endrin Corporation and relocated to the daunting metropolis of Skyfall City, he harbours resentment for the company and vows to get them back one day for taking away his home, his school and his friends.Fortunately, the marvels of the city do a good job in distracting Seckry from his anger and homesickness, and it isn t long before he s competing at Friction the city s most popular multiplayer video game , slurping awe inspiring multicoloured milkshakes, and getting butterflies on his first date.Then, when a mysterious email asks Seckry to break into the headquarters of the Endrin Corporation and steal a container full of worms for a hefty sum of money, his anger resurfaces, and he can t resist the revenge he promised himself.Alone at night, Seckry creeps through the sewers whilst wondering what experiments Endrin might be doing on the worms, and emerges into the silent complex But the worms aren t the only thing that he finds Staring at him through the darkness, with wide, innocent eyes, is something that makes Seckry s heart almost stop.A girl.She s shaking, petrified, and has no recollection of who she is or what she s doing there.Floodlights bleach the area and Seckry has no choice but to grab a hold of the girl and escape with her.Suddenly the question of what Endrin were doing with a few worms becomes the last thing on Seckry s mind What were Endrin doing with a human
City of the Falling Sky JosephEvans

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One thought on “City of the Falling Sky

  1. Martin

    While young adult books shouldn t be judged the same as adult, the storytelling here is entirely too simplistic Friendships are formed too quickly, trust is given too easily, and situations are resolved too neatly.Maybe you can t expect your reader to do too much thinking in a YA book, but there has to be evidence the author has thought through character motivations and why they behave as they do Rather than being developed, characters appear to be assigned roles good, bad, helpful, etc without [...]

  2. D.M. Dutcher

    If you can get over the blatant similarities between this and Harry Potter, and some inconsistency in world building and plot, it s pretty good Better than it should be, honestly.Seckry is a boy who is forced to relocate to Skyfall City with his mother One day doing an odd job on the net, he meets a beautiful amnesiac girl, and then gets thrown into a wild plot concerning the megacorp Endrin, one that affects everyone around him and even brings to light his own history.First off, good lord this [...]

  3. Maria Violante

    I didn t stop reading until it was over Not to eat, not to sleep due to the light weight of the kindle, I didn t even have to stop to pee Let s all just be glad that I didn t have to work today, or I think I would have been fired while trying to sneak glances between you know what it is I do.Although the writing is simplistic at times it is, I believe, geared for YA audiences it is engaging, descriptive, inventive, and clever The main character, Sekry, is whole and utterly human I really empathi [...]

  4. Gabby

    This book City of the Falling Sky, by Joseph Evans is full of action, romance, humour, and especially plot twists While it may seem like your average boy going to a new town to experience new things, there is much to this book.I can completely imagine all of the scenery, and it is like a movie playing in my head As well, the dialogue fits perfectly into my imagination.Seckramen Sevenstars must go to a new city called Skyfall, away from his old town, Marne He meets many friends along the way, su [...]

  5. Oksana

    Boys are boys no matter what time they live in, what games they play or what music they listen to The City of the Falling Sky by Joseph Evans is a story of an ordinary provincial boy with an extraordinary destiny.The events are majorly set in an alternative universe in the futuristic city of Skyfall where Secraman Sevestars moves with his mother and sister The author creates a very believable description of the city, technology and the social situation You clearly feel what the life in Skyfall i [...]

  6. Angeli Reid

    It is both a blessing and a curse to be compared to THE J.K Rowling Somehow, Joseph Evans is being fit into such big, amazing, magical shoes Well, let me tell you now, you won t get disappointed The City of the Falling Sky is such a refreshing read especially if you re like me, that s been reading dark humor material for the past couple of months I ve said this before, that Evans novel is one of THE best post Potter Depression pacifier you can find But, its than that Its a whole new world on it [...]

  7. Alisha

    I started to read this one night when my wifi was down, and it was storming out For whatever reason, this book had been downloaded to my kindle Honestly, my son may have been reading it Anyways, for the review, I found it to be pretty silly The Harry Potter weirdness just didn t work in this science fiction book, like it did in the fantasy genre Also it felt like the plot was going in so many directions, some of them completely pointless I still don t get the point of adding the video game thing [...]

  8. Tiffany

    Somehow I missed writing up a review on this one When I was reading this I couldn t help but think that a teenage boy should like it not at all that I am clear as to what teenage boys should like The story was well told and there was enough action and curious occurrences to keep it moving.Likes 1 Seckry I could see him being a kid in school with the challenges But then of course he goes and does something amazing and risky making him anything but the normal student.2 Interesting story that I had [...]

  9. Queeniejo

    This book was absolutely thrilling There was adventure, romance not that I cared much for THAT , friendships and most of all, MYSTERY There was so much mystery to the story that it be extremely hard to write a proper review without giving away Spoilers If I did have a complaint, it would be the kissing I mean, the kids were only 14 for heaven s sake But since the rest of the book was great, I ll try not to dwell on that particular scene, SCENES SPOILERS WARNING This part of the review is only fo [...]

  10. Lorijo Metz

    After reading the first chapter of City of the Falling Sky by Joseph Evans, my stomach did that nervous little twitter thing it does whenever I know I m going to read something good City of the Falling Sky is Evans first published novel, I believe, and it s very good Not perfect, but very good While Joseph mentions on his website that he was influenced by Harry Potter, I found City of the Falling Sky to be unique Seckry, the main character is likable almost lovable In fact, Evans does a great jo [...]

  11. Kevin Fuhrman

    An enjoyable read that kept me page turning the entire time I was reading it, the desire to find out what happens next is very strong It s difficult not to make comparisons to Harry Potter after finishing it and a few parts of the book feel like it was being forced to fit a mold for young readers and that makes other parts seem a little out of place by comparison The religious themes near the end were a little shocking to find in the young adult catagory, however to be fair that might just be on [...]

  12. kent

    OK I m 44 years old reading young adult sci fi, sooo, after suspending all disbelief I enjoyed the book The author uses a third person narrator to tell the story of Seckry Sevenstars in an alternate history of the near 2173 future earth He uses lots of cutesy sounding names and fantastical chance and coincidence From the point of view of continuing the saga of Seckry the book ties up so many loose ends it leaves very little to lead in to the next book.So go ahead and read it, it won t hurt to ac [...]

  13. Merry

    Breathtakingly original A revelation on almost every page Exciting and engaging blend of the usual teenaged angst and everyday life with a mesmerising array of fantastic images and events from Joseph Evans marvelously imagined and realised world I can t wait to connect with Seckry and his friends again READ THIS BOOK Update Please note that I haven t read the Harry Potter books, so I obviously didn t and can t make comparisons as other readers have.

  14. Sidney

    This was different than what I was expecting, but I ended up liking it I m not a big fan of video games or sci fi except for shows , but I didn t mind it in this I also liked how the romance part was a sweeter, cuter kind, fit for their age rather than a big, extreme, adult like romance It s a pretty good book with good characters.

  15. Zahra Khan

    I can t remember why I borrowed this book.I started reading it and immediately it became clear that the writing was not that great Also plot holes The writing and plot got a bit better towards the end But still lots of awful bits especially about the romantic relationships in the story And way too many side arcs.In short, this book had potential But it didn t get there.

  16. Mindy

    The story had too many threads weaving together but none had enough depth to be truly satisfying The same goes for the characters There were a number of could be interesting characters, but none had enough depth to be truly satisfying.

  17. Nichelle

    I like to read YA books that have a male character as a possible addition to my classroom This book was well it was just okay It took me a while to get through it and I didn t feel the characters were really connectable It felt like a bad Harry Potter rip off.

  18. Nanda Zacharias

    I loved this book It kept me glued to it all the time Even though I had to put it down I can t wait for the second book in the series

  19. M.J. Gallagher

    A terrific debut novel for young adults, but requires significant editing before it can become a genuine bestseller.Let me just say first of all that I think Joseph Evans has great talent as a storyteller His imagination and world building skills are something to be admired, and you can t help but get sucked into this saga City of the Falling Sky , the first title in The Seckry Sequence trilogy, is a sci fi coming of age tale that hits the ground running.Mainly set in the futuristic dystopian ci [...]

  20. Dessy

    Yes, this was written almost six years ago, but do I care Nope I could write a review for a seventeen year old book and wouldn t care Seen any seventy year old books yet But anyhow, quite a nice book Just a few complaints and compliments Nothing serious Seems that some people get easily offended, soCompliment 1 I really do admire your adjectives and verbs Plus the I love the amusing names you come up with for these little characters Gives me a strong Potter vibe Complaint 1 Grammar is slightly o [...]

  21. Paige Turner

    Read of my reviews here paigeturnerreads.wordpress Seckry Sevenstars is a young man who gets relocated to Skyfall City with his mother and sister, Leena At first, Seckry is certain that he will not adjust to his new life, but gradually, to his surprise, he meets great friends and starts to enjoy his new home Then, he receives an email that wants to send him on a quest to steal worms from Endrin Cooperation for an amazing sum of money he accepts the mission Then he finds a girl and so on.The fir [...]

  22. Tuesday Cross

    City of the Falling Sky is an exciting sci fi story, ideal for young adults 13 16 Joseph Evans weaves an interesting world with many elements, including a cast of quirky characters and a game called Friction which would be a huge hit in the real world come on science, let s get cracking on that one As someone older than the target audience, for me there were some gaps here in there The ending can be too easily guessed, and the problems the main characters faced were solved with unrealistic simpl [...]

  23. Lbousson

    The book began with a prologue that began when the protagonist was quite young Immediately in the first chapter I learn a lot has changed between then and now, and I don t know why I m not a fan of prologues, but this was the hook that grabbed me in and made me read further It read a lot quicker than I thought it would perhaps because of this As I read , I realized that this story is aimed at pre teenage boys and not usually my kind of reading, but I was hoping the plot would pull me in, especia [...]

  24. Marie Malyon

    I purchased this book on a whim from just after Christmas and added it to my reading list after I saw a very intriguing comment on the cover from one reader saying it was even better than Harry Potter what big shoes to fill Despite this, the narrative is surprisingly original Drawing influences from the bible, with for Geddins sake being my new expletive of choice , current debates of genetic modification, corporate responsibility and even school budgets it is topical and engaging It is like a n [...]

  25. Andrew Maloney

    Overall, I thought CotFS was a good first novel for the author There is a creative concept and an interesting world that I think will be better flushed out in future stories The main characters of Secrky and Eiya were entertaining, as was the Friction game There were a few convenient escapes out of the situations Seckry and his friends faced, and some of the dialogue seemed a tad forced to move the plot along Some of the characterization was a little 2 D or implausible the character of Vance str [...]

  26. Literary Mouse

    Despite the title, this book contains no city comprised of a falling sky.Nevertheless Evans has managed to creatively bring to life a world that is entirely unique although the similarities to Harry Potter is rather obvious.I found despite the complex world Evans wrote in such a way that the reader easily accepts the existence of animals, foods and cities which only pages before had never been heard of He also manages to simply deliver a plot that quite easily could ve become overly complicated [...]

  27. Rayleigh

    I am going to start off by saying that this is probably one of the most talented authors I have ever come in contact with His grasp for storytelling left me breathless and his incredibly developed characters and plot leave me speechless I don t think I ve read such a phenomenally written story as this by a current day author.Seckry s love for Eyia is based solely on respect, friendship, and Biblical love to a friend that develops into a much deeper friendship There is no physical desire or const [...]

  28. Heathery

    Oh my goodness, the names of things people places in this book is SO much like Harry Potter To be honest, it was kind of weird and felt out of place with a futuristic book.Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable read, overall There were a lot of mystery tendrils flowing off the plot, but they all weaved themselves together seamlessly at the end I really admired the skill shown in foreshadowing in this book.The plot itself is a bit of a doozy, and it s pretty crazy by the time you get to the end, but [...]

  29. Obscured Vixen

    This book was phenomenal If The Uglies series and Harry Potter merged, you would come out with The Seckry Sequence City of the Falling Sky engaged me from the first page, and never let me go The multiple story lines, mostly unseen in YA, was a wonderful surprise You follow Seckry through starting at a new school, playing Friction, having his first big crush, while trying to find out the mysteries behind a corporation that seems to be incorporated in all aspects of the city.Like a typical teenage [...]

  30. Stephanie

    City of the Falling Sky was a non stop adventure that I couldn t get enough of This is the first novel I ve read of Joseph Evans and trust me it won t be the last When evil Endrin Corporations forces everyone out of Marne, Seckry must leave his friends, his school and his home to live in Skyfall City Once in Skyfall Seckry is introduced to a whole new world, new friends and a new game called Friction But just when things are looking up for him, he answers an ad for a job and everything he though [...]

  31. Kate

    Short and Sweet Wandering around on one day, I came across City of the Falling Sky Now, the summary seemed to give a little too much away in regards to the plot I have edited it a bit for the review , but it still looked like something different And boy was I right Gaming mystery science fiction it is all there And in a nice, clean package.City of the Falling Sky has multiple story lines All interwoven together in an engrossing way I must gives kudos to Evans for keeping all these stories lines [...]

  32. Rachel "Rai29"

    When fourteen year old Seckry Sevenstars is forced out of his village by the greedy Endrin Corporation and relocated to the daunting metropolis of Skyfall City, he harbours resentment for the company and vows to get them back one day for taking away his home, his school and his friends Fortunately, the marvels of the city do a good job in distracting Seckry from his anger and homesickness, and it isn t long before he s competing at Friction the city s most popular multiplayer video game , slurpi [...]

  33. Kathryn

    A great YA book It was well written and very engrossing It s the first published novel from Evans and I will definitely read the next books He did a good job of tying up all the loose ends and leaving the reader wanting It s also one of those few books I ve read about that I keep thinking about long after I finish I can t wait for the second book I would love to see the book made into a movie Spoiler alertThere is one weird thing about the book that I have mixed feelings about In the alternate [...]

  34. J.C. Hart

    This book was actually a really good read While I felt like it was written for an audience far younger than I with the character names and style of writing reminding me strongly of the first Harry Potter book , I still felt myself drawn in Evans has a really easy style of writing, so the story flowed nicely.The characters are all fairly well drawn, and there is everything you would expect from a YA novel from the love interest, the best friend, the teacher mentor, family members through to the b [...]

  35. Lucy

    Mostly, I enjoyed reading this book It was quite similar to Harry Potter and I liked the school setting, and the game which the main character s played, Friction However, I felt the writing style was too simple for me.The way that the main character solved the issues that arose in the book was quite neat and simple One of the main issues for me was that view spoiler Endrin Corporation controlled the police force and had a lot of influence in the government Issues like the Rabbit Man were covered [...]

  36. Nikki

    I came across this book when the author, Joseph Evans, found me on Twitter Good move, Joe I looked Joseph up on and found his debut novel, the first in a young adult series What immediately caught my attention is that Joseph is a huge Harry Potter fan, and hey, I ve got to help a fellow fan out I bought the e book and was immediately engrossed The story is exciting and had me by the collar until the end Joseph Evans is an avid video gamer, which is evident in the book, where a virtual video game [...]

  37. S.M. Blooding

    This book started out slow, but I ve noticed that a lot of my reviews say the same thing What am I expecting as a reader That the author just jump head first into the story That we miss all the important information on how we got there I have no idea Once we get to the second chapter, though, the story really just TAKES OFF There are so many little subplots subnotes in this story I know several readers find that distracting, my mind finds it fascinating I loved all the digs, and jabs, and subtle [...]

  38. Isaac

    I found out about this book throug the author himself, Joseph Evans who was working in a bookshop in Cardiff It has a very distinctive style The book has a very intriguing plot about 15 year old boy named Seckeraman Sevenstars who is forced out of his hometown Marne when the company Endrin wants to extract energy from underneath Marne Seckeraman and his family are relocated to the large city of Skyfall Seckeraman gets attracted by the marvels of the city quite quickly including the game Friction [...]

  39. Huw Thomas

    The basic scenario is simple enough lonely boy in new city gets drawn into plot to stop evil genius, finding friends and enemies along the way It took a few pages to get into but I quickly took a liking to the hero, Seckry, and enjoyed his adventures.There were a few things that jarred, in particular the names The book is aimed at children but some themes drug use, bullying and mention of rape, to my mind, put it firmly in the teen young adult category rather than being for younger readers Which [...]

  40. Lyndaa

    Ok, so being a 40 odd year old woman I m sure I m not the target audience for this book, but what the hell, I enjoyed it I would say it was aimed at a 12 to 16 year old reader What I liked about it was that it was a modern story, although the names given to people and animals seemed a little fairytale like and childish It seemed a bit odd to me that it was set in the future but was also quite old fashioned in a way The computer gaming pods, virtual reality with team games as a national sport wa [...]

  41. Andreea Pausan

    Good, fun, light reading Secry is a teenager whose father has disappeared mysteriously when he was very young and whose home village is taken over by a Corporation digging for resources called Endrin, thus forcing them all to re locate in the city of Sky, where he meets new friends, learns new games, discoveres love and uncovers an Endrin conspiracy All in a few weeks time There are throughout the book several inconsistencies and deus ex machina moments, but overall a nice read for an YA level o [...]

  42. Charlotte

    Joseph Evans debut novel hits in all the right spots A piece for all ages, genders and genre lovers, A City of Fallen Sky really delivers.Bringing together science fiction, adventure and romance the life of Seckraman Seckry Sevenstars is a puzzling one Starting with the loss of his father and then being moved out of his home and thrust in to the big bad city of Endrin, Seckry enjoys the thrills that is Friction and finds himself in the middle of a mystery after breaking in to Endrin Corp on a co [...]

  43. Janet Arroyo

    Good bookI had higher expectations for this book It kind of read like Harry Potter and the Uglies got together and magic this book appeared I can t let my tween kids read this because of the violence, crude language The character Tink was pretty cool I just didn t enjoy this book I feel the author has a lot of potential I hope he writes another in this series He definitely needs a new editing team.

  44. Luna

    I loved the book, first, because it reminded me of Harry Potter, anime scenes, Final Fantasy VII, World of Warcraft, great metal music concerts and my electronics professor at university that everyone hated so much.Second, it is a great story Skyfall City and the world they live in, is magical in it s way, friction is awesome, and the high school is one I would loved to have attended.But I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because Characters are plain I wish I could have known about Seckry, Van [...]

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