10 Things I Can Do to Help My World (2020)

10 Things I Can Do to Help My World Melanie Walsh Things I Can Do to Help My World Even young children are eager to help the environment and here is a bright inviting novelty book that offers simple ways to make a difference Do you remember to turn off the tap while you brush your
  • Title: 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World
  • Author: Melanie Walsh
  • ISBN: 9780763659196
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
10 Things I Can Do to Help My World Melanie Walsh Even young children are eager to help the environment and here is a bright, inviting novelty book that offers simple ways to make a difference.Do you remember to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth How about using both sides of the paper when writing and drawing Or planting seeds and nurturing the new plants as they grow Bold, child friendly illustrations andEven young children are eager to help the environment and here is a bright, inviting novelty book that offers simple ways to make a difference.Do you remember to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth How about using both sides of the paper when writing and drawing Or planting seeds and nurturing the new plants as they grow Bold, child friendly illustrations and die cut pages will draw even the youngest listeners to this gentle reminder of the easy, everyday ways we can be kinder to the earth.From the Hardcover edition.
10 Things I Can Do to Help My World Melanie Walsh

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    252 Melanie Walsh
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One thought on “10 Things I Can Do to Help My World

  1. Kristin

    Some of you know me as The Trashy Librarian because despite what the rest of you are thinking I love to collect and reuse all kinds of recycled goods for my library programs It s thus not all that surprising that I LOVE THIS BOOK This is a really important subject for children, and this book is all around fabulous It is visually appealing and cleverly designed, and the simple text is clear and inspiring This is a must read for all children pre school through elementary school

  2. Jackie

    Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World 1 Turn Off the Lights2 Turn Off the Faucet3 Throw Away My Trash4 Feed the Birds5 Use Both Sides of the Paper6 To Unplug the TV When Not in Use7 Making Toys from Recycled Products8 Walk Instead of Drive9 Plant Seeds10 Sort RecyclingWhy do we do all these things Because we love the world.Used for Go Green storytime April, 2011.

  3. Fjóla

    I thought some of the ten examples weren t the best one could have though of, but this book is VERY cleverly designed with interesting and exciting die cuts, and it s all made of recycled material The illustrations are cute and engaging and feature mixed media that give it a very real and practical feel Even the typesetting is quite clever But the best thing is probably that it s so simple that it can be easily be shared with preschoolers or even toddlers.

  4. Roxanne Hsu Feldman

    What a well conceived and fabulously executed picture book nonfiction for the very young set I do wonder about some of the wasted paper that got cut away to make those flip the flap pages The writing is aptly simplistic with a factual sentence explaining why behind each of the 10 things that anyone can do to save the world Excellent offering on a hot and trendy and very important topic.

  5. Heather Muzzy

    Love the muted natural dye like colors in a rare but needed non fiction for the youngest readers The small print words are great for older kids and even some of the parents that need reasons to switch old habits.I usually expect a book like this to have one last page geared at the parents such as kid level tips, some statistic or links to related topic websites.

  6. Chelsea

    I would like to begin by stating that I thoroughly enjoyed this book and shall be reading it during story time at some point in the future WOOT WOOT I particularly enjoyed when each of the ten things to help the world were initially mentioned, a fact about why the world would be helped because of insert one of the 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World here was provided This book is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to introduce ideas to children about how they can help the world Just because [...]

  7. NayDoubleU

    Very attractive for children with due the the non conventional pages and lots of fun facts The book is 100% recycled and that is pretty cool It s easy to understand and quick to read Lots of lessons plans can be made throughout the book and because of that it is one of my favorites and will be in my classroom.

  8. Erin Puskas

    I love this book It is very unique in that it has cut outs through out the book that surely would engage even a young reader The tips included are very practical and would help a child grasp that our world is beautiful and it is our job to do our part in keeping it that way I m so glad I found this jem of a picture book.

  9. Suzanna Hollinsaid

    This book talks about ten simple things you can do to help the world Some of these include turning off the water while you brush your teeth and feeding birds in the winter This book would be great to teach inferences because each page is two pages in one.

  10. ESF Tsing Yi

    This book provides a very accessible way for children to take action and act responsibly to look after our planet Inviting, colourful illustrations make this thought provoking book a popular choice, and a great starting point for discussions.

  11. rabi

    one thing I really like about this book is its concise answers for the why question that inevitably comes on each page.

  12. Michelle Murphy

    10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh is brilliant in it s simple yet effective way at showcasing the little things we can all do to better our planet for ourselves and for our future This book is very informative and fun The colors and pictures are bright and there are flip tabs that you can move that will surely engage the reader s Simple, short sentences about things you can do that are Eco friendly like turning of the lights when you leave a room with an explanation for why.In [...]

  13. Barbara

    Even the simplest actions can help make the world a better place, and this book for very young readers describes ten things just about anyone can do to save the planet The suggestions are placed against backgrounds of various colors with vivid accompanying acrylic illustrations and different sized edges When you lift a portion of the page, a suggestion is seen For instance, the picture of a trash can is lifted up to reveal a reminder to throw away trash accompanied by an explanation for why that [...]

  14. (NS) Lisa

    Do you remember to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth How about using both sides of the paper when writing and drawing Or planting seeds and nurturing the new plants as they grow This book offers young children many ways that they can help the world around them It would be a great introduction to a unit on environmental studies The friendly illustrations and die cut pages will guide students in ways that they can be kinder to the earth The appealing visuals and large pictures make this [...]

  15. Adam

    Large full page illustrations will grab the kids attention, and the lift the flap format will have them fully engaged with story as the read this book It gives, just as the title promises, ten simple things children can do and naturally want to do that make a difference in the environment It is the simplest of things that add up such as making toys ahh the beauty of an empty cereal box, markers, some scissors, and a little glue , going for walks, feeding the birds, etc This is one that is a feel [...]

  16. Kristin

    Book is made from 100% recycled materials Illustrations are smooth, soothing, and appealing Book is written as an affirmation I will Book is designed with flaps that reveal the answer to the affirmation I willfeed the birds in the winter Familiar experiences turning off lights, turning off the water when brushing teeth, throwing away garbage in the garbage can, etc Book offers practical ideas Opportunities for inquiry What do you do at home to help our world What can we do at school to help our [...]

  17. Jane G Meyer

    Great little book to get kids thinking and doing basic things that help keep our world cleaner, safer and greener Feed the birds in the winter, walk to school, turn off the tap when you brush your teeth those are three of the suggestions What makes this book so fun is the very simple text inside a very clever presentation The page layouts allow the child to turn the page to reveal the basic message of each of the ten things The style of illustration is bright and whimsical It s the kind of book [...]

  18. babyhippoface

    Turning off lights when you leave the room and the faucet when brushing, feeding birds in winter, using both sides of the paper, and planting seeds are among the suggestions given in this simple but striking ecology book for kids Paintings are large and blocky with the margins of several pages cut away to match the borders of different objects a tree, a sink, a light bulb s rays, and The 10 suggestions are printed in an extra large font I can plant seeds and help them grow with an informational [...]

  19. Grace

    This book is really cute It was a book about 10 simple things anyone can do to help the world Even though the book focused on simple reminders that we all know like, turn your lights off when you leave the room and turn the water off after you brush your teeth, it gives you a very specif reason why you should do it For example, the book says if you turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth you can save 18 glasses of water This book touched on very important issues but made the sujbect [...]

  20. Kristen

    Hooray for non fiction for the earliest learners This book has fun flaps to lift, bright colors, and best of all, short sentences about really simple, understandable, important ideas, like I use both sides of a piece of paper or I remember to turn off the light when I leave a room Each idea has an added, easy explanation like Turning off lights and using efficient lightbulbs saves valuable energy but these are worked into the art as an extra here s why for the grown ups or for inquisitive kids. [...]

  21. Chantia Singleton

    I would use this book specifically in the beginning of the school year to stress taking care of our classroom world We would discuss engaging in environmentally friendly behavior I would keep it in the science area but bring it out during lessons dealing with recycling We could have a large group discussion about how they are implementing the practices listed in the book at home and as a fun group activity, we could wear gloves and go for a walk and pick up trash items from our street or backyar [...]

  22. Dominique Maderitz

    I really loved this book by Melanie Walsh I do appreciate books with story plots but I also find great value in children s book that teaches a child something innovative and important This story does a brilliant job discussing the importance of keeping the world unpolluted and in good health This book has fun and cute pictures that are exiting to flip over and enjoy I think with the boring meaning of the book the author did a ideal job making the message interesting and enjoyable for children to [...]

  23. Danielle Foster

    This is a great interactive book for young children to learn some simple things they can do to improve the world Along with saying what the individual person can do it gives an explanation as to what it would do for the environment I also think that writing the book in first person would help children understand it better and relate it to their own life It would be a good book to read to young children on Earth Day to make them understand what they can do to improve the world.

  24. Kenzie Thompson

    This book is about helping your environment and includes simple ways to do this Some of these include unplugging electronics, not using as much water, and recycling Each page has different flaps, which makes it entertaining to the kids and it is easy to read It is a helpful book to read to kids so they can learn to help the environment I would read this book along with a science lesson about the environment and talk about why it is important.

  25. Lara Ivey

    10 simple things are listed here that you and your family can do to help save the earth Try them out The tips are fun and easy and happen to be printed on 100% recycled paper Some possible ideas Using recycled materials, what can you make Find plastic bottles, cans, and other recycling items and make something with them Let your imagination run wild.Illustrate the 10 things that can be done and hang them up around your school or place of worship.

  26. Kara Danielsen

    This is an excellent book made from 100% recycled materials This book gives hints to things you can do to help the Earth such as throwing the trash out, turning the water off, turning the lights off, using both sides of the paper, unplugging things when not being used, make toys from recycled material, walk to school, plant seeds, and sort the recycling Melanie Walsh presents a fun book with pictures cut and very cute, children like drawings.

  27. Elizabeth

    This book is really good for children and honestly for everyone it teaches kids that in order to have a healthy life we have to have a healthy environment I love the illustration on this book I loved that you can actually open the figure of a trash can in the inside it said that you need to place the trash in the trash can I think this a good way for kids to learn to take care of our mother earth After all a really good book.

  28. Erin Buhr

    How can a young child help improve the world we live in There are a ton of different ways it turns out This book explains 10 simple ways that kids can help such as using the backside of their paper and remembering to turn out the light The bold acrylic and creative use of papers draw you into the illustrations and strengthen the message Simple and empowering, this book offers great advice for the next generation 2

  29. Codi Ebert

    10 Things I Can Do To Help My World I completely loved this book I feel like you can do some many things with it in your classroom This book does such a wonderful job of showing ten small things we can do differently do help our world This would be perfect to show during an Earth Day lesson or just to show students how to help the world in general.

  30. Jackie Douthat

    This book not only shares neat ideas to help the world but the pages have areas you have to lift up to see I would use this in the classroom and maybe after reading this book create a classroom list of things we could do to help our world, in the classroom and out So things like turning off the water after washing your hands, using only one paper towel and things like that.

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