Deliver Me from Darkness (2020)

Deliver Me from Darkness Tes Hilaire Deliver Me from Darkness A STRANGER IN THE NIGHTHe had once been a warrior of the Light one of the revered Paladin A protector But now he lives in darkness and the shadows are his sanctuary Every day is a struggle to overco
  • Title: Deliver Me from Darkness
  • Author: Tes Hilaire
  • ISBN: 9781402264344
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
Deliver Me from Darkness Tes Hilaire A STRANGER IN THE NIGHTHe had once been a warrior of the Light, one of the revered Paladin A protector But now he lives in darkness, and the shadows are his sanctuary Every day is a struggle to overcome the bloodlust Especially the day Karissa shows up at his doorstepES KNOCKING ON THE DOORShe is light and bright and everything beautiful despite her scratches anA STRANGER IN THE NIGHTHe had once been a warrior of the Light, one of the revered Paladin A protector But now he lives in darkness, and the shadows are his sanctuary Every day is a struggle to overcome the bloodlust Especially the day Karissa shows up at his doorstepES KNOCKING ON THE DOORShe is light and bright and everything beautiful despite her scratches and torn clothes Every creature of the night is after her So is every male Paladin Because Karissa is the last female of their kind But she is his He may not have a soul, but he can t deny his heart.
Deliver Me from Darkness Tes Hilaire

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    Tes Hilaire

One thought on “Deliver Me from Darkness

  1. Melindeeloo

    I liked Tess Hilaire s world of Paladin Warriors who are former angels that choose to become protectors of mankind and their descendants plus vampires, demons, and a fallen Paladin who are evil, and various crossbreeds of all of the above who may or may not be evil Since the hero Roland who is a Paladin that was turned vamp and is dead as far as the rest of his former brethren know, he s outside of the main brotherhood so there s not much male bonding or insight into the relationships and regula [...]

  2. Christi Snow

    My Review A spicyRegardless of how it looks on here, I feel like I have reached my saturation point for paranormal books The last few weeks, if it is a paranormal, I don t even give the book a second glance But this book has been on my review list for a couple of months I think that this book is a game changer for me I am excited about paranormal again No, let me rephrase that, I am excited for this author s paranormal series OMG, this book was so freaking good So GOOD I loved the world I loved [...]

  3. CaroleDee

    3.5 starsRoland is our hero Poor guy had some messed up stuff happen 94 years ago that resulted in his transformation from one of God s chosen Paladins into a vampire Thanks to Logan, his best friend and brother Paladin, Roland overcomes his vampire cravings for blood and lust but still feels that because of his transformation he is soulless Karissa Donovan is on the run After a few close calls she finds herself under the protection of Roland They both feel there is a connection, but Roland does [...]

  4. Michelle

    Hmmm I enjoyed this book in the beginning I was like ok, I m liking this then I hit 12% and the origins of the Paladins started coming out, suddenly I was thrown into the story and I couldn t put it down until the end I think it was the world itself that drew me in and not necessarily Roland and Karissa Broody tortured male and innocent female is a tried and tested formula that works for a lot of people but I need a little and Tes provided that with her intensely captivating secondary character [...]

  5. Sophia

    This is a story of hope and redemption not just a paranormal romance spliced with adventure and mystery The book caught my interest with the blurb and was overall a good read.A Paladin warrior, Roland, descended from angel born and bred to fight the evil of this world in one moment of weakness is transformed into a vampire which now makes him one of the dreaded resident evils The Paladins continue to fight, but their numbers are decreasing and their powers are weakening with each new generation [...]

  6. Julia

    It has been a long time since I ve encountered such a well balanced Paranormal Romance that introduces a new mythology, a new couple, and what looks to be a very promising series without a hitch Hilaire s effort particularly shines compared to some recent disappointing DNF experiences, she has created her own variation of vampires, angelic warriors, and demons without tripping over mythology, cliche, or clunky writing Roland s past and the Paladin culture brought to mind Meljean Brook s Guardian [...]

  7. Crystal ♥ RBtWBC

    Sexy immortal warriors, demons and vampires oh my Tes Hilaire s debut release in her new Paladin Warriors series delivers everything a paranormal romance fan is looking for A tortured and brooding hero striving to live his life right and in peace, Roland will instantly capture your heart Deliver Me from Darkness is sure to captivate readers with its heart felt romance, good vs evil action, suspicion and suspense And I can t forget about the secondary characters that will leave you craving for , [...]

  8. T.J. Shaw

    3.75 stars.Isn t it nice when you pick up something on a whim and it surprises you DELIVER ME from DARKNESS was a delightful surprise read I enjoyed the characters, especially Roland, our disgraced Paladin warrior who was turned into a vampire against his will Karissa, his love interest and mate, was a spunky fireball who kept him on his toes The world building kept me interested, and the dialogue moved the story along in an easy to read, flowing style DELIVER ME from DARKNESS is a nice addition [...]

  9. Wendy

    I am definitely letting everyone know this is a great read My first book read by this author and I wasn t disappointed.I am eagerly waiting for the next book in this series If you love VampiresDemons.s of this sort then read this book You like me will not be disappointed Roland and Karissa the main characters have an interesting journey they travel in this book and although they don t understand there connection at first, come to embrace it full force So take a chance if you haven t read anythin [...]

  10. Blaire

    I received this book as an ARC and I am so glad I did This book is amazing for several different reasons I have read a lot of different takes on the vampire story and although this isn t original, it was told in an incredible way that had me racing through the book to find out what would happen I have a full review of why you should read this on my blog thepararomanceclubspo

  11. Sandy M

    My string of luck with debut authors is still going strong and healthy with Tes Hilaire s new book A fallen angel and the first Paladin female in hundreds of years are the perfect combination to keep you immersed in the pages of this book.Roland was once one of God s warriors, a Paladin with brothers who fought by his side But nearly a hundred years ago he gave in to the lure of dark vampiric power, a time he regrets now for the loss of his soul and because he also saw the destruction of his fam [...]

  12. StephanieG

    Since the night he was forcefully turned into the very thing his fellow Paladin s hunt, Roland spends each day fighting the bloodlust that threatens to consume him Unlike most other vampires, Roland has no desire to hurt the innocent and wonders what his best friend Logan is thinking by bringing a scared woman into his home But Roland soon learns there s to the beautiful Karissa than her torn clothes and vampire hating attitude.Karissa was told that if anything terrible happens, she could trust [...]

  13. Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book)

    I really loved this book and the world that Tes has created, the band of warriors that form the Paladins all seem extremely intriguing and I can t wait to read books in this series about the other warriors.Roland was once a Paladin warrior, but after being tricked he was unwillingly turned into a vampire, and so he has mostly shut himself away from society, apart from night time when he is out fighting the vampires, demons and merkers, he is still loyal to the Paladins although they don t exten [...]

  14. Natasja

    Deliver me from Darkness by Tes Hilaire is the first novel in the Paladin Warriors Series This author was new to me, but her debut novel blew me away, it s a fabulous mix of paranormal and romance It has one determined kick ass heroine, a tender but dangerous vampire hero and many other fabulous characters I would love to read about.Karissa just lost her last family member well that s what she believes and she is on the run for her grandfather s killers She turns to Calhoun for help, she doesn [...]

  15. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

    Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspRoland has fallen about as far as angel can he s now a vampire He s still a Paladin Warrior, but they will have nothing to do with him In fact, they d be willing to kill him But they have something he wants Ms Hilaire has written a fast paced story about good and evil and the gray parts in between All her characters are strong in mind and body, and she makes the love interest very real and very challenging I especially liked the fact that while the Palad [...]

  16. MoonGlitter

    Deliver Me From Darkness is definitely a book that is easy to fall in love with First of all, I need to talk about Roland He is one Dark, provocative Hero with a tortured past that will make your heart ache for him He once was a Paladin warrior for God who was unwillingly turned into a vampire Now, he feels he is tainted and without a soul.Karissa finds herself in trouble after her grandfather is killed She is being hunted by creatures of the night, although she doesn t know why She calls upon t [...]

  17. Christina T

    A different read this as being good take on the tired Vampire demon other paranormal sub genre but one that could have been executed a bit better At the half way mark I was still a bit confused what a Paladin was and what they could do It seems that each of them have unique gifts but why one would have the gift of vampire frying God s grace aka High voltage Holy Light and another would have the ability to become shadowy mist is still beyond my comprehension.In addition to my confusion the idea o [...]

  18. Mariann at Belle"s Book Bag

    I just want to start off by saying that it was truly a pleasure to read this book Deliver Me From Darkness pulled me under with the very first paragraph Shouldn t have opened the door.Roland instinctively knew the fragile looking burden draped over Calhoun s arms was going to wreak all kinds of havoc on his well ordered life.From this point on I was hooked and I devoured this book I actually tried to read slower because I didn t want it to end LOL I LOVED everything about it from Roland and Kari [...]

  19. Blodeuedd Finland

    I read this book in no time too, the pages just kind of flew by There was passion, there was drama and there was this ease over it all which I appreciated Roland then, he is your good guy, who is sadly bad, but does not want to be While Karissa is your good girl, running from the baddies And one of Roland s old buddies brings her around to keep her safe Which she does not like, considering Roland is bad and all They are meant to be and nothing can stop that I needed a bit of fated love where the [...]

  20. Melissa

    Awesome Paranormal Romance story Can I marry Roland The characters are extremely likable, relatable, and enduring Roland is hot, and tortured just what we love Karissa is fun, and sassy The Author plays them well off each other The Plot of the story builds well, and the pace holds you to this book I love how the author was able to draw us into the world in which Roland lived This over all was an original story I found myself falling in love with I would recommend this book for any PNR lovers Wer [...]

  21. Lyndi

    So Karissa hates vampires Roland is a vampire And I m supposed to believe they ll fall madly in love Noooope After she tries to stake him, set him on fire, and teleport him into the ether, this is not a relationship I m ever gonna buy.

  22. Hbeebti

    First of a new series and wow I really enjoyed this one Cant wait for the next book Hopefully its about Logan.

  23. Tracy

    3.5 Stars Shows Potential for the SeriesWhen Roland opens the door for his best friend, Paladin Logan Calhoun, and sees the filthy bundle of unconscious young girl in his friend s arms, he can practically see his calm, orderly life blowing sky high before he s even closed the door behind them When Calhoun dumps the girl on his pristine bed and begs him to take care of her for a few hours, Roland kicks himself for not closing the door in their face And when she wakes up after Calhoun leaves and s [...]

  24. Kathy

    Setting New York City loft Haven bar alley cabin etherworld Theme will over desire loss of soul or not soul mate good v evilCharacters Paladin Created , by the one God Each Paladin warrior was chosen from volunteers who stepped forward from the ranks of His angels They were given various gifts and sent to earth to protet His children from the evils seeping into the world For every Paladin that He created he also created a soul that would perfectly match It was something every Paladin dreamed of [...]

  25. Dark Faerie Tales

    Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty An intriguing new take on Angels and Demons with a so so plot but ultimately a story of redemption that just may pull on your heartstrings.Opening Sentence Shouldn t have opened the door.The Review Roland was once a Paladin, a creature of light, but now he is a vampire He has been a vampire for over 90 years Roland is a recluse and has habits that border on OCD, until the night a passed out woman is brought to his door He doesn t know why his close [...]

  26. Lisa Jo

    DELIVER ME FROM DARKNESS is a great debut novel in a new paranormal series by Tes Hilaire Strangely beautiful and hauntingly romantic, this is a classic paranormal tale that will delight and captivate any reader.Roland has kept to the shadows and kept out of sight Once a Paladin, he was revered as a warrior and a protector of mankind After a devastating attack turned him into a vampire, he was shunned by his fellow Paladin brothers and viewed as a soulless monster Roland was meant to be eliminat [...]

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