Untamable Rogue (2020)

Untamable Rogue Annette Blair Untamable Rogue Ashford Blackburne Fifth Earl of Blackburne does not care where he marries and plants his seed so long as he does both before Christmas when his tyrannical grandfather s archaic ultimatum runs out
  • Title: Untamable Rogue
  • Author: Annette Blair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Untamable Rogue Annette Blair Ashford Blackburne, Fifth Earl of Blackburne, does not care where he marries and plants his seed, so long as he does both before Christmas when his tyrannical grandfather s archaic ultimatum runs out Jilted, drunk, and challenged to a high stakes poker game, Ash loses the game, but wins the consolation prize a guttersnipe bride and a wedding at gunpoint For her part, LaAshford Blackburne, Fifth Earl of Blackburne, does not care where he marries and plants his seed, so long as he does both before Christmas when his tyrannical grandfather s archaic ultimatum runs out Jilted, drunk, and challenged to a high stakes poker game, Ash loses the game, but wins the consolation prize a guttersnipe bride and a wedding at gunpoint For her part, Larkin McAdams has loved Ashford Blackburne since she was a child She ll make him a good wife She does not need much a cot, a warm blanket a monthly bath.
Untamable Rogue Annette Blair

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    341 Annette Blair
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One thought on “Untamable Rogue

  1. graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst)

    A nice close to the Rogue series, if, and I hate be redundant, a bit unoriginal The characters were nice, there were some funny moments, and the plot was good, but it didn t touch me like other romances do However, I did like the whole Christmas thing at the end, it was cute if rather saccharine.One of my main problems was that this series must have the worst editors In all four books there are missing quotation marks, sentences that aren t clear, and misspelled or forgotten words I would hope t [...]

  2. Caroline

    I got this as a free download and I ve not read anything before by this author so I thought I would give it a try I m still in too minds about whether I really am enjoying it I find Lark quite annoying as she states near the start that she really likes him and makes sure that he has to marry her but then in the next minute she s trying to run away from him constantly Anyway will continue to read and will see how things go.I m afraid that I ve given up on this book I may well re try it at another [...]

  3. Ana T.

    Although the story is called A Christmas Baby it s not set during the Christmas season It refers to a baby that should be born before Christmas.A desperate rogue, a consolation prize of a guttersnipe bride, and an untimatum to be met a bride with a babe in her belly by Christmas Not an easy task when the bride s been riding a pig What s a rogue to do Give her a bath to begin withI had read two books of this series previously and found them too modern in tone for my tastes This one was no excepti [...]

  4. Suzie

    I downloaded this book because it was being offered by for free, and figured I had nothing to lose I am very glad I did it is a charming story, and I could not put it down This is my first book by this author, and even though this was book four in a series I am unfamiliar with, I enjoyed every minute Will definately add this book to my favorites list, and check out by this author The only drawback poor editing Boldface type in strange places, punctuation errors, and other editing mistakes do o [...]

  5. Anne

    I enjoyed this book very much aside from being a good romantic story, it was really funny I laughed a lot The heroine was different than usual, being the daughter of a tavern owner who gambles her off to an Earl who needs a wife in order to fulfill his grandfather s edict of no baby by Christmas,, no fortune zBut although Lark has loved Ash from afar from childhood, she does no make it easy for him When you read about the parsnips and the blanket hornpipe, i will guess you will laugh as heartily [...]

  6. Kath

    This story deserves than 5 stars I was captured after only reading the first paragraph in Jewels of Historical Romance and I had to purchase the full novel What a wonderful story teller and writer Annette Blair is, I started the full novel late last night and read till the early hours this morning and couldn t wait to get back to Ash and Lark There was lots of humour, I was laughing out loud, and I admit to sheading a tear of two aswell I would highly recommend the HR Absolutely loved it

  7. ♥Aicha~high~on~books♥

    This book has some of the funniest sexual euphemisms I have read in a while I had a good laugh at places but the story as such was not that great I found the writing a little choppy and confusing at times The story has a vague pygmalion ish feel to it , though not very pronounced.However it comes across as a pretty original piece of work in terms of the writing, if not the plot.I do recommend it but not very strongly.

  8. LadyCalico

    This piece of crap was so horrible, I don t even know where to begin I think I will just nominate it for worse book ever written Recommended only for people who find domestic violence and obnoxious behavior entertaining Senseless tripe I m glad to delete it from my kindle and am hoping it didn t leave any smell behind.

  9. Elizabeth

    This was not one of my favorite Annette Blair books The story warms up but at the beginning I wanted to punch both main characters, and I find that I want some element of danger in my historical romances Not horrible, not her best.

  10. Lisa Baffi

    Five stars I love the humor in this love story I loved how lark and ash brought their trust out in each other Lastly, I loved the happy ending.

  11. stacy

    A good end of the day readIf you like historical romance, then you ll like this The characters are relatable It was charming with a good mix of drama and some humor.

  12. Amy

    Ashford Blackburne is an Earl who can t collect his inheritance unless he is married with a baby on the way by Christmas After being left at the alter for a second time, he goes with friends to the local pub to get drunk Lark is the abused daughter of the pub owner She dresses as a boy to protect herself from drunk patrons Ash is suckered into a card game by Lark s father and loses His prize is Lark as his bride Once back at his estate, they have no idea what to do about the situation they are i [...]

  13. Trudy Miner

    Ashford Blackburne needs his inheritance in order to clear his debts and in order to get his inheritance his grandfather said that he must marry and have a child on the way by Christmas When his latest fianc e jilts him at the altar, Ashford and his cronies go to their favorite pub to drown their sorrows There, the pub owner offers him his daughter if he loses the card game he s playing against the wily pub owner Larkin, who sees a way out of the misery she s been living, is a pickpocket and car [...]

  14. Zrinka Jelic

    I m afraid this book left me baffled After reading the first book in the series and loving it, I can t explain what happened to the author s smooth prose I fell in love in her first book This book has many missing and or misplaced words in the sentences, missplaced quoatation marks, awkwardly worded and unclear sentences, dissconnected scenes, no scene breaks to indicate POV switches there were some head hoping in the first book but it was done expertly, not the case here or change of scenes eg [...]

  15. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~

    Earl Ashford Ash Blackburne is need of a bride in order to inherit Blackburne Chase from his grandfather When he s left at the altar again he fears ever finding a bride to meet his grandfather s demands Larkin Lark McAdams is pickpocket and in love with Ashford already Ash has a night of gambling and drinking where he takes a bet losing he gains a bride Larkin is stunned by her father s deceit yet willing to make the sacrifice Will Ash meet his grandfather s demands Will Larkin and Ash become a [...]

  16. Melissa

    Spoiler Alert Blackburn needs to get married to and produce an heir by Christmas to satisfy his grandfather s demands to inherit the estate He is desperate to so since his mother has had an stroke and doesn t want to move her since he thinks his going off to war caused it Larkin has been in love with him most her life, just seeing glimpses of him on his visits to her father s inn Her father puts her up in a card game and she fixes it so he loses and gets her as a wife She is very scruffy and at [...]

  17. Rebecca (everyday reader)

    Ash needs a wife and for her to be with child by Christmas to meet the requirements to be his grandfathers heir Being intoxicated, depressed by his latest jilt, and playing cards with a cheat who has offered his neglected daughter as the ccnsulation prize, results in a rushed shotgun wedding to Larkin Lark is wary of men, for good reason, so she has appeared as a boy for years to ignore the rude, improper, and often dangerous propositions from the inebriated customers at her father s pub The wed [...]

  18. Marilyn

    From gutter snipe to countess in less than a year Sounds intriguing and it should have been but it wasn t The h, Lark, goes from a shrieking hell cat with a vocabulary to make a sailor blush and kneeing balls along the way to becoming a loving, understanding stepmother while inbetween her husband, Ash, enlightens her regarding the meaning of her monthlies , the differences between a man and a woman and about how to make babies I don t know if this was supposed to be a comedy, a romance or a sex [...]

  19. Paraphrodite

    This had a tavern wench pickpocket turned lady together with a marriage of convenience beget a baby for an inheritance theme There are better examples of such stories but this one is still quite enjoyable I liked all the kids throughout this series that helped the rogues find themselves This book ends with a Christmas house party with 19 kids If as the author has indicated that there might still be upcoming books on the unmarried rogues, I hesitate to think how many kids they will end up with

  20. Zena

    I was looking at how many times this particular series has been reprinted that it is several times must tell you just how good and how popular these books are.But back to this particular one As usual Annette Blaire has given each of the main characters strong personalities She writes with a fantastic sense of humor and describes each scene so cleverly that I couldn t help but picture each one in my mind s eye.If it s romancing, drama, mystery and intrigue, family life and well earned friendships [...]

  21. Missy Jane

    I really hate it when I accidentally read a book in the middle of a series But I love it when the book is so good I can t wait to read the others This regency romance about Lark and Ash was a great historical romance I LOVED Lark She is spunky, and everything a heroine should be, while Ash is an awesome hero This would be a five star review if there weren t typos in the book, mostly quite a few punctuation issues As for the story itself, awesome

  22. Melgogs

    As with the other Annette Blair books I have read, I devoured this book in less than a day It was a bit hard to get into in the beginning, as I am not really into books from different centuries I get stuck on the language used and sometimes find it hard to get past that But with this book, it didnt really seem to be an issue I love how Blair connects you to the characters and makes you want to root for them.

  23. Jan

    All of these books are the same what s nice about them is that they are easy reads and a continuous story melded around a group of men formed in the war they all look out after one another and their families, and its nice to read about good things happening to good people even though its period fiction.

  24. Dawn-Desiree

    I tried to be nice with this book, but OMG The story premise lead me to believe a good story to unfold Unfortunately this was not the case The book was poorly edited and I never felt like I cared about either character I finished the book to say that I did, not because I intrigued by it I would say give this book a pass.

  25. Julie

    I like a good historical romance every once in a while and I really enjoyed this one I loved the humor and storyline Lark was hilarious and I love how Ash was always up to challenge whatever that may be I liked how the other Rouges and their families were including in the story So good storyline, sweet baby making and a HEA.

  26. Kimberly

    The humor in this series is what kept my attention than the writing itself I enjoyed it It wasn t the best I ve read, but neither was it the worst This book of the series sort of felt like a short story than anything But a light enjoyable read.

  27. Dawn

    Last Rogue in the series It was a fun read, but no depth, which is o.k if that is what you are going for They adopt street urchinswhich is always comical This one was about introducing Christmas to the Rogue group.

  28. PamelaMcMillan

    The Perfect Cinderella StoryThis book made me laugh, cry and rejoice Even now I am still laughing over the antics of the main characters You will love this book from the beginning to the end Well written, captivating and engaging.

  29. Carmen

    I enjoyed all four of them I wish thought that the last book didn t end just after the baby was born I wanted there to be , like was the grandfather at all happy with his grandson, did Ash s mother get better, what happened the next day or even after, it just ended I wanted

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