Love's Crash Landing (2020)

Love's Crash Landing Amylea Lyn Love s Crash Landing What s a simple farmer to do when an alien crash lands in his cornfield Try to keep the little guy safe from the government all while trying not to fall in love with his guest while he s at it It may
  • Title: Love's Crash Landing
  • Author: Amylea Lyn
  • ISBN: 9781920502560
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
Love's Crash Landing Amylea Lyn What s a simple farmer to do when an alien crash lands in his cornfield Try to keep the little guy safe from the government, all while trying not to fall in love with his guest while he s at it It may not be as easy as he originally thought.Gavin Howard lives a simple life on his farm, keeping to himself and staying under the radar That is all changed late one night wheWhat s a simple farmer to do when an alien crash lands in his cornfield Try to keep the little guy safe from the government, all while trying not to fall in love with his guest while he s at it It may not be as easy as he originally thought.Gavin Howard lives a simple life on his farm, keeping to himself and staying under the radar That is all changed late one night when a spaceship crash lands in his cornfield So what is a simple farmer to do when he finds an injured alien lying in his back yard Take it inside and care for it until it can phone home, of course.But Prince Mi Kel Ta Rulen is not what Gavin expected Beautiful, gentle, and on a mission to save his dying planet, Mi Kel needs Gavin s help for than just his injuries Can Gavin help Mi Kel find the solution to save his people all while keeping the little alien safe from the Earth governments hunting him Gavin finds himself falling in love with the being from outer space, but can he find it in his heart to let the little alien go when Mi Kel s ship is finally fixed Or will Mi Kel s secrets drive them apart when the alien needs his farmer the most 43,807 words
Love's Crash Landing Amylea Lyn

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    246 Amylea Lyn
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One thought on “Love's Crash Landing

  1. Aeren

    Le doy un tres porque hac a mucho que no me re a tanto, tiene m rito juntar tanto clich en 200 p ginas

  2. Karel

    This is a story about an alien who, in keeping with tradition, decides to invade an American farm and make himself a permanent fixation on it until otherwise persecuted by the American government.Fortunately, all signs of extraterrestrial anything ends with the introduction of a suspiciously easy to obtain green card, a social security number, and the destruction of his space bucket.But once he obtains all his legal reasons to remain, does he reveal his dastardly alieny things Does he turn green [...]

  3. Laura

    3.5 StarsSpaceships, shady feds, surprises and alien sex grins Come on What s not to love about a beautiful, blond, bubble butt alien twink setting sparks fireworks off with a big, ex Marine, farmer stacked with muscles Hello I grinned and glowed all the way through this book.Love s Crash Landing by Amylea Lyn kicked right into action with a crash, boom, and a bang A no one is going to believe this adventure about love crash landing right on your front lawn I fell for Gavin and Mi Kel Miki at fi [...]

  4. Susan

    Well, I think I ll just stick to the shifter mpreg from now on I haven t had any luck with alien mpreg so far.At least this alien was small and hairless instead of big, horned and furry, as in my last alien mpreg.But the writing was just terrible And there were so many plot holes, I lost count.

  5. Brooklyn

    This was a bit cheesy Mi Kel was portrayed very much like a woman, and that bothered me His mannerisms, his appearance, his clothes, and how he reacted to the pregnancy He s an alien Give him a bit foreign mannerisms His planet was dying so they adapted to the change and men now carry, although many not to term But although he was humanoid, I felt he should have had some glaring differences from humans Mainly in the way his body handled pregnancy Sure, some bits were explained, but then it tur [...]

  6. Mandapanda

    Hot little alien crash lands on Earth and is rescued by big manly farmer That s basically the plot apart from a bit of Mpreg and cross dressing If you feel like some alien human smexing written in a light erotica style a la Lyn Hagen and Stormy Glenn then you ll enjoy this book The author says that this story was originally serialised on her blog Maybe that s why it seems a very different style of writing to the last book of hers I read, Nature of the Beast.

  7. V

    3.5 stars Cute, sweet story.For those who love Male pregnancy stories, this is for you.Looking forward for the sequels.

  8. Serena Yates

    What if Starman of the 1984 movie directed by John Carpenter had been gay This story picks up the key elements of that movie, but creates a whole additional and much richer alien world to go with it Also, the emphasis is on the alien s mission to save his planet, and the developing relationship between Gavin, an ex Marine and the alien It is a nice, entertaining read which occasionally made me chuckle at some of the references to other sci fi books and the sheer improbability of the whole situat [...]

  9. Wax

    Rounding up from 3.5 stars for the cute There are times with insta love just works for me And this was one Gavin is a former Marine farmer who lives alone and is neighbors with his best friend One day he wakes to the sound of a spaceship crashing in one of his fields He finds an injured alien being who is the most beautiful man he has ever seen He is immediately attracted to him and has an urge to help him He hides the wreckage and all evidence of the crash When the alien awakes, he introduces h [...]

  10. Don Bradshaw

    This wasn t a bad novella if you totally shut off your reasonable thinking mind Gavin is an ex marine and now a farmer enjoying his uncomplicated life with his best friend and next door neighbor Mark One quiet night a spaceship crashes in Gavin s corn field with an injured alien The alien turns out to be Prince Mi Kel Ta Rulen who was scouting Earth for information to save his dying planet of Zinoa The problems begin when the government starts snooping around and Mi Kel gets pregnant I liked the [...]

  11. True

    Okay Yes this is a oh i love you so much its only been a day or two type of story But so what I absolutely loved this story I turned my that cant happen subconscious voice off No, I stuffed her into a little box with a key so I could enjoy the book Don t take that as a bad thing, but this is a romance mpreg book the idea that men can get preggers is enough to send your mind into a whirlwind SO to sum it all up I would recommend the book for people who want a sweet mpreg story this isnt going to [...]

  12. Hc Lynn

    3.5 starsIt s alien, male pregnancy, ufo crashe by the book don t believe unless I see, hear, myself people who can t suspend their skepticism will not like this Me I m an alien person all the way I ve always believed we are not the only thing in this great big universe how arrogant is that but I d still have to have proof, lol.When I first started this, I was in fact suspecting a non human skin color, eyes, something appearance but while the physical makeup is different the outside is like a s [...]

  13. Melanie

    M preg is my guilty pleasure, but something that annoys the hell out of me with it, is never getting the damn birth We don t in this It would have been a good 4 stars for me if I d witnessed the birth.It seems kinda hard to find these stories with a little substance They tend to be light, insta love, and very alpha omega This was exactly that.I enjoyed it still, it was an easy read I m not going to complain about it s lack of realism because if I wanted realism I d have read a contemporary roma [...]

  14. Katherine

    I really liked this book.And Miki He was so sweet I m a sucker for scifi and anything with aliens It was a little predictable with the government agents but that s ok I would love to read a second book to find out about Mark 4 stars

  15. Leaundra

    I loved this book from the beginning to the end and I didn t want it to end I really hope this is going to be a series I loved Mi Kel and Gavin together Just a great book

  16. Aidee Ladnier

    This story was silly and sweet A light confection almost angst free and topped off with some trippy crossdressing.

  17. Arlyn

    This was different I mean that in every sense of the word This book would earn a 3.75 star rating from me, if such a rating were possible In truth, my opinion of the book kept flip flopping as I read, so the rating was bouncing up and down changing all the time, depending on the chapter This book managed to surprise me than once, which in the end, I decided was a good thing.In terms of tone, this book seemed to suffer an identity crisis Most of the time, it was light hearted and adorable, with [...]

  18. Hrtnsoul28

    Not usually a fan of Sci fi however I enjoyed this one The end felt rushed but still a good story.

  19. Sophia

    This was a far out story in ways that one It was quirky with its take on the alien world building a little and yet it was a sweet romance above all.The main characters are a lonely ex marine, Gavin who has gone back to farming after getting out of the service who lives next door to his best friend, Mark, another ex marine who took up farming And the other main character Prince Mi Kel who comes to earth to investigate its natural resources and farming techniques which he hopes to glean enough kn [...]

  20. esda

    After reading over half of the book I finally give up on this one.I will never understand, why people have to write a gay lovestory, where one of the two man is basically a woman, with long, wavy hair, ethereal beauty pretty than any woman on this planet , behaving in a submissive, meek way and getting pregnant Oh, yeah, let s not forget the MPREG and the crossdressing.The idea of some alien landing or crashing on Earth and finding True Love tm has been used in multiple love stories gay or het [...]

  21. DeWanda

    First off there has to be a sequel to this, Mark and No Lan story must be told That said this is the first M Preg book I have read and I m glad I started here What a wonderfully cute story Miki Gavin are adorable I wasn t sure how I would like a m preg story but this was well written and believable for me Thank You Amylea for that Now I will have to seek out others.

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