Osin Fisher (2020)

Osin Fisher Brabim Karki Osin Fisher Osin Fisher is the story of Osin a young shepherd who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure and his dream From his home in Budgela he travels through the ocean and across the desert to th
  • Title: Osin Fisher
  • Author: Brabim Karki
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Osin Fisher Brabim Karki Osin Fisher is the story of Osin, a young shepherd who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure and his dream From his home in Budgela, he travels through the ocean and across the desert to the sick city.The story of Osin teaches us to seize the dream within us and for that we must began to think and act in terms of where we want to be rather than where we are.
Osin Fisher Brabim Karki

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    152 Brabim Karki
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One thought on “Osin Fisher

  1. Zoya

    Actually here are in fact several things one can learn from Osin Fisher Its all about following your dream, seizing it wherever majority are or in whichever way they object and about taking the risk of following your dreams, which is actually so difficult to do and many fear doing it and there are very few people in this world who actually do and they become success and satisfied What matters is to be satisfied at last and which can be acquired by seizing the dream and just to follow your heart [...]

  2. Puja:)

    Oh, I enjoyed it,This book is totally inspiring.This book has really crossed the territories of books, and has taken a life of its own, creating a movement all around the globe Osin s journey and his dream quest, the people he meets, the dreams he has, the omens he encounters, and the nature he speaks to, are all things that we can relate tos that we ve either forgotten about or simply dismissed as childhood fantasies There are many wonderlands It reminded me of Alice too It is all about finding [...]

  3. Lucy

    I just finished reading this book, so I decided it would be perfect to finally sign on and make a statement about it Well, I read it and found the imagination and flow very good Osin in different wonderlands makes reading interesting Different places are the combination of science, imagination One discovery of old man teaches all of the Power of Energy that we still are unknown In fact, that can be the greatest Discovery.I just hate to fall into popular books but boy Osin Fisheris popular for a [...]

  4. Megan

    This book Osin fisher is very inspiring to all and now what I need to search is to find satisfaction in every moments I live in Its about a dream and our ultimate passion to follow it Its about getting satisfaction.In the climax of the story the boy in the story who was searching for satisfaction, despite the long travels and experiences in different wonderlands It s just pretty ironic that what have you looking for is in the end is just beside you right from the beginning He encounters with man [...]

  5. ♥Xeni♥

    From the description of the book, I would have expected it to be Paulo Coelho and a lot less annoying than it was Frankly, this book was so off putting because it was so badly written Some minor errors like an heavenly repeated enough get me too annoyed to enjoy anything As well as grammar, there are some serious issues with the book premise The main character wants to just be a humble shepherd, not a sea captain like how his father wants, so he decides to run off to see to seek his own adventu [...]

  6. Pallavi Dhakal

    I would say it is a nice attempt I will not discourage Brabim because you do have heart so please continue writing and getting a good editor will help you a lot This book reminded me of Siddhartha and alchemist to some extent at least the theme Keep writing and I would also request you to perhaps consider writing in Nepali.

  7. Steven

    Different places in the story and events are nice and hot readers like sledgehammer It has touched various aspects which is good part The boy s dream, his adventures are awesome It has good flow and I love the story and flow.

  8. Simone

    Osin a young shepherd s story is awesome Simple I love the story and events that touched different segments Flow is good and it teaches a lesson to see the dream and to acquire it Climax is suitable and good Its one of best read I would say.

  9. Shah Saguna

    The rating is for the creativity of the upcoming author Brabim Karki Osin Fisher can pass of like Alice in Wonderland as a children fantasy fiction The narrative requires polish and further editing Though it s a commendable effort, it lacks finesse.

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