Catch of the Day (2020)

Catch of the Day Kristan Higgins Catch of the Day This catch of the day could be the dish of a lifetime First Date la Maggie Take one lovelorn diner owner me A generous helping of nosy local gossips A dollop of envy at married sister s perfect life A
  • Title: Catch of the Day
  • Author: Kristan Higgins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Catch of the Day Kristan Higgins This catch of the day could be the dish of a lifetime First Date la Maggie Take one lovelorn diner owner me A generous helping of nosy local gossips A dollop of envy at married sister s perfect life A splash of divine intervention my matchmaking priest Combine ingredients with one adorable puppy, add a strong but silent lobsterman with a hidden heart of gold .This catch of the day could be the dish of a lifetime First Date la Maggie Take one lovelorn diner owner me A generous helping of nosy local gossips A dollop of envy at married sister s perfect life A splash of divine intervention my matchmaking priest Combine ingredients with one adorable puppy, add a strong but silent lobsterman with a hidden heart of gold and watch the sparks fly.
Catch of the Day Kristan Higgins

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    450 Kristan Higgins
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One thought on “Catch of the Day

  1. BookLover

    Wow I loved this book SOOOO MUCH I feel like I say this for every review I write for her novels, but Kristan Higgins is such a fantastic writer Her books are funny and heartwarming Catch of the Day is no exception I began giggling almost immediately as the premise for the book unfolded in the first several pages Girl gets a crush Girl mistakenly misses the part where boy reveals he is actually a priest Girl then decides to spread the word about this new boy she is crazy about to everyone in her [...]

  2. Miss Kim

    Catch of the Day is a sweet story that really tugged at the old heart strings I felt for this woman Maggie is in her early thirties, and she owns a very small town diner in Maine that has been in her family since her grandfather opened it She is very proud of it, and pours her soul into it She s been single for about ten years, since her boyfriend dumped her publicly by showing up with a new woman when she didn t even know they d broken up Her twin sister has the life she envies a doctor husband [...]

  3. Karen

    Gah I am such a sucker for these books Kristan Higgins can do no wrong in my book I am so in love with her writing Call me a sappy romantic, and I will undoubtably own it Any book that can have me laughing out loud and crying at work is going to get a top rating from me Even though I had a good bit of trouble connecting with the hero in this one, she still won me over Moving right along to the next book in the series

  4. Didi

    4 STARS I love Kristsn Higgins, seriously, she s amazing This is the 4 or 5th book by her I ve read and I m convinced that everything she s writes speaks to me It s an emotional experience with her work, love it.This book was no different A story about finding love in the most unlikely of places and realizing what you ve always wanted sits right under your nose I really liked Maggie, she was a sweet and loyal woman proud to serve her town by running the local diner Being part of a twin set, she [...]

  5. Tina

    So I am reading the Smart Bitches website a week ago and they had posted the winners of the various RITA awards that were handed out during the RWA conference.This book won the 2008 Rita for Best Contemporary single title I am always on the lookout for a good contemporary book and the blurb for this sounded hysterical So I ran over to my local library and picked it up.I devoured this book in one sitting It was sweet, funny as hell and totally romantic I am a total Kristan Higgins convert Maggie [...]

  6. Juli

    4,5 5 El primer libro que leo de esta autora y me ha encantado Me hizo re r y llorar de la risa La protagonista no ten a suerte ni para esconderse Sin lugar a dudas pienso seguir leyendo a esta autora Me ena y me re como hacia mucho no me pasaba con un libro Este libro es sumamente recomendable Es de esos libros que se que en alg n momento voy a releer.

  7. Yodamom

    3.5AudiobookExcellent narrationThe story had some great characters but I didn t get why the MC was such an idiot She lacked common sense and just acted ridiculous in bits I really liked the side characters, loved Malone he didn t play the drama game, didn t gossip or spend days talking about others There was a lot of gossip in this small town which is expected but shouldn t this girl learn to shut it It was just her bits here and there that irked me taking 1 star off my rating.Warning pet death

  8. Audrey

    Good, but I just couldn t connect with the first person narrator, who was alternately annoyingly doormat saint like and annoyingly neurotic overanalytical Also, Malone is too much of a strong but silent type for the first person POV to work here in that, for the romance factor and the how does he feel about her way, we were left totally blind We really have almost no clue how he feels because we re so cemented into the first person POV and all of the mis interpretations that accompany that POV I [...]

  9. Kimberly Carrington-Fox

    Nuestra rese a en A la cama con un libro Ay, lo que pudo haber sido y no fue Eso s , las risas que me ech al principio ya no me las quita nadie.

  10. Jennifer

    Catch of the Day reminded me so much of that Golden Girl s episode Forgive Me, Father A dating prospect turns out to be a priest, and in the episode it is absolutely hysterical In Catch of the Day, there are many other elements involved that set this book apart, but also many similarities which made the latter parts fairly predictable for me Full of misunderstandings, miscommunications, unintended rumors, an unlikely romance, and , Catch of the Day is another engaging Kristan Higgins novel that [...]

  11. Mo

    3.5 Stars.A nice story but something was missing Maggie s actions annoyed me a bit at times Malone s lack of speech annoyed me a bit too I read Ms Higgins new book the other day and it was a fabulous read so I just cannot rate this one as high as I did that one.I really would have preferred interaction between the two main characters I wish I had counted the amount of words he spoke to her throughout the book.Will definitely read by this author.

  12. Sky

    2.5 StarsI haven t read a book by Higgins for a while, and now I know why Per usual, a woman giving too much, and a man giving nothing and yet our MCs find them enticing By the way, what s with all the growling and barking I m usually into that sort of thing, but here I found it creepy and borderline pathological For those who wonder why I even bothered picking this up, it s because I enjoy Higgins s writing style, it s the content that I don t enjoy And besides, I did like In Your Dreams.

  13. ♥Sharon♥

    It is always a joy for me to sit down and read a Kristan Higgins book My first was The Best Man which is part of her Blue Heron Series From the beginning to the end, I loved that one too There is a certain ease about her writing For me she gives the reader just enough humor, sweetness, sexiness and angst Things are never overdone If anything you may find yourself wishing for a tiny bit of something Catch of the Day was another enjoyable read and I m looking forward to reading the other books in [...]

  14. Floripiquita

    Le doy un 3,5 Me hubiera gustado poder darle m s puntuaci n porque empieza genial, con una protagonista metepatas y bocazas que se mete sin querer en un mont n de situaciones de lo m s bochornosas, pero la historia se ha ido desinflando a medida que pasaban las p ginas De todas maneras, se trata de una lectura entretenida, con la que re r y pasar un buen rato Solo porque la protagonista compare a Malone con el Heathcliff de los mares ya vale la pena, jajaja Mi s ptimo libro del RetoRita.

  15. Carmen

    Dudaba entre darle 3 o 4 estrellas pero al final he optado por las 4 porque la novela, a pesar de ser muy al estilo sue o americano y en un pueblo peque o de Maine se es m s feliz , es divertida, entra able, en algunos momentos absurda y tiene un toque rom ntico que me ha gustado Es verdad que podr a haber sido m s corta y no hubiera echado en falta nada, que no hubiera estado mal saber m s del l, que no entiendo el af n que tiene ella por casarse con 30 a os, que ella es demasiado buena a veces [...]

  16. Sharon

    I ve never cried for view spoiler a dog dying in a book before I was one of those rare, heartless people who didn t cry for Marley and Me However, this book had me bawling and the dog didn t even have that many scenes I think Kristan Higgans did a great job describing the protagonist s feelings of affection and loneliness hide spoiler To be honest, I thought the characters were a bit annoying in the beginning It just got a little too crazy, with the protagonist, Maggie, saying embarrassing thing [...]

  17. A_Ryan

    4.5 Colonel starsThe best bits When Higgins creates a swoony hero who embodies the surly, broad, swoony and silent type, she doesn t fool around Malone is definitely surly, definitely broad and swoony, and DEFINITELY the silent type I didn t count, but I don t think he says than 50 words in the entire book And yet I adored him.As much as I loved Malone, my heart totally belonged to the Colonel I gushed and cried and ate a mini tub of ice cream thanks to this guy I m still reeling.The worst bit [...]

  18. Duchess Nicole

    Ah, bummer I think this is my first lackluster rating review for a Kristan Higgins book, and I hate to do it This was a little too much time apart for our H h, and when they were together, there was actually not much dialogue at all Or, not much dialogue from Malone, anyways Maggie talked constantly, but it seemed as if every word she said shoved her foot just that much further in her mouth.To be honest, this book was a little depressing to me Poor Maggie is just so word clumsy and inappropriate [...]

  19. Nani

    Reto rita 2,5 pero no le voy a dar 3.Empez fenomenal, con los sucesos graciosos, r pido pero a la vez pausado Vamos, que ten a muy buenas perspectivas Pero a lo largo del libro fue perdiendo inter s, soltura, demasiadas vueltas a las cosas, al pueblo,.No he podido sentir realmente como se ha formado est enamoramiento entre los personajes, y eso que ten an mucha chicha Ha dado en exceso de ella cierto que est narrado en primera persona y nada o casi nulo sobre l Tanto secretismos, hombre enigm ti [...]

  20. Sarahjane

    I generally enjoy Kristan Higgins Quirky characters, fun, bouncy plots, realistic dialogue It s not deep literature, but her books are often the perfect lazy afternoon read.This one, though, just didn t quite do it for me Our heroine, Maggie, is the sort I normally like She s a little older about 35, I think and the owner manager main employee in a small diner She s generally kind hearted, helping out in the church and community She has a lovely dog that follows her around She s a little bumblin [...]

  21. M.V. Freeman

    I read this book via Audio, by Xe Sands A true gift of the writer is being able to take me away from the world I am and plant me smack in the center of the written one By the time I finished I wanted to visit this fictional town in Maine and go the Diner the Heroine owned.Maggie is owner and operator of Joe s Diner in a small fishing town in Maine In her thirties she is still not married and it doesn t look like she has any future when there is very little to choose from To make matters worse, h [...]

  22. Yolanda

    RetoRitaFinRelectura.Es un libro t pico Higgins con el que he vuelto a pasar muy buen rato No es de sus mejores libros pero, cuando empiezo un libro suyo, s que voy a pasar un rato agradable, american life style, situaciones un poco absurdas a veces y protagonistas que tienen puntos muy divertidos pero que encierran m s sentimientos en este caso la soledad de Maggie S que es cierto que a la historia podr a haberle sacado m s jugo pero, para m , es uno de esos libros ligeros con los que paso un b [...]

  23. Alexa

    More like 1 stars or I didn t really like it but I feel bad giving this one single lonely star You see that book blurb Remove the puppy it doesn t appear until the final page of the book Remove also the matchmaking priest and add the fact that the main character is in love with said priest Add a few over the top plot stereotypes ie the bad date that makes all other dates look better, the super mega misunderstanding that could have been solved easily if the main characters just talked to each oth [...]

  24. Mysticnox

    Primer libro del Reto Rita Son 3,5 estrellas.Muy divertido, lo he le do justo en el momento oportuno.

  25. willaful

    4.5 stars I ve graded this up a bit, because it s so unusual for me to enjoy this type of book so very much Sometimes cliches are the simple truth I laughed, I cried, I couldn t put it down.The story is a pretty familiar one especially if you ve ever read a Higgans book Our narrator Maggie is a small town Maine girl in love with a man she can t have in this case, a Catholic priest Maggie tries valiantly to move on with her life, embarking on a series of truly terrible blind dates This is a well [...]

  26. Fani *loves angst*

    Yeah, there was too little romance in this one Yes, Malone was a black box even after the end of the book Yes, they didn t talk enough to build a real relationship And yet I couldn t put it down and gave my husband the silent treatment in a 5 hours drive, in order to finish this In short I loved it One of my favorite Higgins books.Update 27 3 2017Re read it and loved it just as much as the first time Not sure why as the time the MCs spend together is very little, but, both Malone and Maggie are [...]

  27. Angie

    Originally reviewed here.Quite honestly, life is abundantly busy these days And while my reading hasn t slowed down, I tend to hibernate with an old favorite when real life gets real So I may have been forgoing some of the new stuff in favor of doing a little re reading a la Megan Whalen Turner these days I also made time to re read one of my favorite Kristan Higgins books on account of it being repackaged and re released this week in a glossy new edition to match her others CATCH OF THE DAY was [...]

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