Glad Tithings (2020)

Glad Tithings R.E. Wood Glad Tithings None
  • Title: Glad Tithings
  • Author: R.E. Wood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
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Glad Tithings R.E. Wood None
Glad Tithings R.E. Wood

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    379 R.E. Wood
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One thought on “Glad Tithings

  1. Dorothy Ann Bell

    Glad Tithings review by Dorothy A Bell Five stars.R E Woods novel Glad Tithings is a tale all too plausible The writing, the execution of the story, is that good that it gave me the creeps I know these people, I ve met these people, they live right here in my town His characters, Mr and Mrs Wilson are good people, regular, they ve saved, worked hard and they can retire, not in a grand style, but modestly They find a property in a rural setting close to a small community, the setting beautiful, t [...]

  2. Linda

    Horror is all the effective when it seems commonplace and ordinary This is the case with Glad Tithings, the story of a seemingly idyllic retirement to the country by Rick and Jill, a NYC dwelling baby boomer couple They are appealing characters clearly well attuned to each other after many years of marriage.But they soon discover that life in their new town revolves around the local church, which they are pressured to join Jill is amenable to church membership than her husband, and a rift deve [...]

  3. S.R. Howen

    Deciding to retire and move away from the hustle and bustle of a big city to a small town sounds like a dream come true But sometimes dreams are really nightmares in disguise RE Wood s Glad Tithings is a SciFi horror suspense story that introduces us to Jill and Rick Willson Their reaction to the town reminds me of that creepy feeling your get when you pass someone on the street, and fell like you should cross to the other side but convince yourself that the problem is you and not the other pers [...]

  4. Neeny Boucher

    Four Stars R.E Wood s Glad Tithings is an atmospheric, slow burn of a novel, which will appeal to fans in the Sci fi, horror and suspense genres The author utilizes a number of key thematics and well established tropes in order to explore theological, and humanitarian questions Glad Tithings is partially based on theories regarding references in the bible to Ezekiel, broader theological questions as well as the conflict within and between humanity The work centers on two baby boomers, Rick and J [...]

  5. Carmen

    Glad Tithings is chilling and atmospheric The plot and characters, especially Jill and Rick, are very well developed Jill and Rick the fifty year old city slickers leave behind the bustle of the big city and seek a quiet retirement life They buy a country house, whose former owners are said to have died in a car crash six months before Jill taught school and tutored math for extra money Rick worked as an insurance broker and also brokered leasing and financing deals for commercial clients They d [...]

  6. Cassandra Ulrich

    A strange memoir about Aliens Glad Tithings by R E Wood is not your typical story about alien invasion It s a story where conquering humans all happens within the walls of a church.Rick and Jill Wilson worked long and hard so they could have a long lasting retirement in a small town with a breathtaking view With a rather large nest egg, they bought a home in Parrish, five hours outside of New York City At first, the locals showed them the cold shoulder, except for the local preacher Within days, [...]

  7. C.L.

    Just when you thought it was safe, RE Wood s Glad Tithings changes your mind about small town life Rick and Jill Wilson are retiring while they are young enough to enjoy their time together They ve found a lovely house in the country, five hours away from the hustle and bustle of New York City Except this rural setting isn t what it appears Their first interaction with the locals don t go well at all The law is sent after the couple Then like lots of close knit communities, the church is the cen [...]

  8. Chris Redding

    Back in the 1970s I read a story in an Alfred Hitchcock Magazine that started out with a couple driving into a small town which had a banner over the Main Street reading There s going to be a barbecue tonight In true horror fashion, you can imagine who was the main course.When I began reading Glad Tithings by R.E Wood I had that same feeling I had when I finished the above story Creeped out And I remained creeped out for the whole book That s pretty hard to do.In Glad Tithings, a couple retire e [...]

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