Beware This Boy (2020)

Beware This Boy Maureen Jennings Beware This Boy November Tom Tyler Detective Inspector of the small Shropshire town of Whitchurch is a troubled man The preceding summer had been a dark one for Britain and even darker for Tom s own family a
  • Title: Beware This Boy
  • Author: Maureen Jennings
  • ISBN: 9780771043130
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
Beware This Boy Maureen Jennings November, 1940 Tom Tyler, Detective Inspector of the small Shropshire town of Whitchurch, is a troubled man The preceding summer had been a dark one for Britain, and even darker for Tom s own family and personal life So he jumps at the opportunity to help out in the nearby city of Birmingham, where an explosion in a munitions factory has killed or badly injured severalNovember, 1940 Tom Tyler, Detective Inspector of the small Shropshire town of Whitchurch, is a troubled man The preceding summer had been a dark one for Britain, and even darker for Tom s own family and personal life So he jumps at the opportunity to help out in the nearby city of Birmingham, where an explosion in a munitions factory has killed or badly injured several of the young women who have taken on dangerous work in support of the war effort.At first, it seems than likely the explosion was an accident, and Tom has only been called in because the forces are stretched thin But as he talks to the employees of the factory, inner divisions between the owner and his employees, between unionists and workers who fear communist infiltration begin to appear Put that together with an AWOL young soldier who unwittingly puts all those he loves at risk and a charming American documentary filmmaker who may be much than he seems, and you have a page turning novel that bears all the hallmarks of Maureen Jennings extraordinary talent a multi faceted mystery, vivid characters, snappy dialogue, and a pitch perfect sense of the era of the Blitz, when the English were pushed to their limits and responded with a courage and resilience that still inspires.
Beware This Boy Maureen Jennings

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    347 Maureen Jennings
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One thought on “Beware This Boy

  1. Laurel

    Beware This Boy is the second installment of Canadian author Maureen Jennings The Season of War trilogy I read it immediately after finishing The Dark Season , the initial offering of the series See my review of The Dark Season on This time, Detective Inspector Tom Tyler is required to solve a mystery beyond the confines of his country village of Whitchurch A serious explosion has taken place at a munitions factory in Birmingham, and he s called in to investigate This story is framed against the [...]

  2. Suzanne Arcand

    I will definitely read books by Maureen Jennings Her main character Detective Inspector Tom Tyler is believable and likable and I wish I had made his acquaintance sooner Beware this Boy is set in London in 1940 during the Blitz The atmosphere is relentlessly dark and gloomy Either it s raining or foggy All the characters are doing their best to survive the war with their sanity intact In certain cases the difficulties is compounded by poverty and miserable childhood Yet in all this gloom certai [...]

  3. Brenda Hawley

    Second in the series of Tom Tyler, detective in England during the second world war and the blitz in 1940, this time Tyler deals with sabotage at an armaments factory, a cell of Communists and Communist patsies and a deserter Woven within all these stories is Tom s unhappy marriage, his long lost love in Switzerland, feminist awakenings and union struggles Enjoyable, entertaining and educating.

  4. Jenn

    I really fell in love with this book It was well written and engaging from the start I can t wait for the next book in the series

  5. Vanessab

    I was interested to read this as it is set in Birmingham during WW2 My mother often talked about the conditions and her experiences of life in the city at that time Historically I think the novel has been well researched and certainly enjoyed many of the details.I continue to be irritated by the inspector s live life I do think that if an author creates life changing incidents I m trying to avoid spoilers here then they should be dealt with I was interested in Eileen and her dilemma There were h [...]

  6. Meredith

    I liked her characterizations of people and found the story fast moving, though the ending felt abrupt and there were still some elements of the plot that remained unclear confusing Still, I would gladly read of her books.

  7. Annabelle Solt

    Tom Tyler, a police inspector in WWII England, is assigned to investigate an explosion at a munitions factory in Birmingham Was it an accident or sabotage An interesting cast of characters.

  8. Joanne

    Book 2 of this series, and I m completely hooked Tom Tyler is not quite the central character of this book The Abbott family is front and centre The plot starts a bit slowly, but progresses quickly and the story is compelling The author is very skilled at describing place and time in wartime Birmingham It s a really good series.

  9. Rachel

    Truly, just awful I wanted to like it so bad I read it in two days, there was so much potential in it But the dialogue was off, completely unbelievable Especially so for me because the single American character used British slang than any other character, rookie mistake The plot wandered and the scenes were poorly drawn There were several times I tried to flip back, thinking I d missed something, but no It wasn t there, or it was there, I d read it, and then apparently the characters changed th [...]

  10. Cindy

    I love all of Maureen Jenning s books The Inspector Murdoch books are great, and so are the Inspector Tom Tyler books This is the 2nd book about Tyler This one is also set in WWII and takes place in a munitions factory where the women have taken the jobs offered since the men have gone to war Inspector Tyler is sent to Endicott s factory in Brum to investigate an explosion As Tyler investigates, there is a soldier who went AWOL that has returned to his grandparents home in Brum to hide from the [...]

  11. Scilla

    The book takes place near the beginning of WWII An explosion occurs in Endicott s munitions factory in Brum, and Tom Tyler is asked to do an investigation There are a lot of things going on in Brum Young Jack Walmsley has been coopted by Donny to do some stealing of things from bombed homes, and is also being beaten by him Jack s big brother, Brian, has just gone AWOL from the army Jack finds him in one of the bombed houses and takes him to his aunt Eileen, who lives with her parents Unfortunate [...]

  12. Kate Forsyth

    I had never heard of Maureen Jennings before I picked up this book, but apparently she is best known for a series of historical mysteries that have been televised as the Murdoch Mysteries I was interested in this book because it was compared to Foyle s War , which I love, and because generally anything set during the Second World War is of interest to me It s an unusual crime novel Yes, there is murder, and sabotage, and spies, and skulduggery, but the action is slow and deliberate, and much of [...]

  13. Fran

    I liked this book quite a lot, although I liked the first one in the trilogy even The other reviewers have alluded to the plot and the amount of research Maureen Jennings did so I will skip those references Her writing and character development were excellent as always I have read her Inspector Murdoch series, as well The reason that I did not give this book 5 stars is because the main villain was so dark and without redemption that I found the sections about him very depressing I was almost re [...]

  14. Teresa

    Another great mystery from Maureen Jennings I am in awe of her ability to blend history and mystery fiction Her settings come alive I could feel the fog and damp, hear the bombs and see the fear on the faces of the citizens of Birmingham during the air raids Her protagonist, Tom Tyler, is a down to earth, yet many faceted character a competent detective with a secret life In her afterword, Ms Jennings reveals that it was during the writing of this book that she, along with another WWII enthusias [...]

  15. Tara Bates

    The three stars may be unfair, but I really didn t dig this book Unfair maybe because this happened to be a book club pick for me, chosen by the library which runs the book club and when I read it I was unaware until the end that it is the second in a trilogy Being a second book, it lacked the set up and exposition of a first book and the climax and conclusion of a third Perhaps it would have been better received had I read the first one, but as it is I was mostly confused Although I was able to [...]

  16. Lisa

    This story was much about life in an English city during WWII, surviving bombings, rationing and shifts in social roles, than it was about the murders mystery The mystery surrounding the munitions factory bombing was a bit sketchy, and the big reveal happened through sheer luck rather than detective work But the story was fascinating and the characters were wonderful I wish we could keep some of the characters in future stories, like Nurse Eileen Abbott and the Yank Lev Kaplan.If it s been a wh [...]

  17. John Boyko

    Finished Beware This Boy It is a good read The story moves along two lines but the real value of the book, I think, is to see regular people trying to carry on through extraordinary circumstances In this case, the people of England are living through the WWII blitz There is courage but the normal trivia of life does not go away There are still romantics, angry young men, well meaning families squabbling and making up, companies trying to make money and police trying to keep the bad folks away fr [...]

  18. Calvin Daniels

    I wanted to like this book, really I did.I love Murdoch Mysteries on TV, and was excited to read a new series by the same author.Sadly the best part of the book was covering a bombing raid, how people react, the devastation, the morgue, but none of that had anything to do with the core mystery.The rest of the story read like a Foyle s War episode In fact suspected sabotage at a munitions factory was done of a FW episode, as was looting bombed homes, and using on out of service phone both for spy [...]

  19. Val Sanford

    A tense story of a young man too broken to remain in the Army and the disastrous consequences of his return home, AWOL, crazed and frightened An accident in a munitions factory leaves three dead, wounded, and Inspector Tom Tyler is recruited to come help sort out the facts accident or sabotage Lies, deception and half truths connect the families and stories in this second book in the Inspector Tyler series The police bon homie is stilted than it should be, but that s about the only flaw From t [...]

  20. Nancy

    This boy is Ignorance This girl is Want Beware them both,and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy,for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless thewriting be erased Dicken s Christmas CarolThe second in a series that centers around a munitions plant in Birmingham, England that builds bombs to be used in the War effort TV show Bomb Girls comes immediately to mind The question that Tyler is brought into investigate was an explosion at the factory an accident or was it de [...]

  21. Sally

    Quite good Even better than the first book in the series Inspector Tom Tyler is sent to Birmingham to investigate industrial sabotage during WWII The detail of the lives of women who work in munitions factories, the randomness of the German bombings, and the dissatisfaction of Irish and Welsh nationalists who are for the workers rather than the Alliies is very well done There is also a subplot about an AWOL soldier who has not been in battle, but is already exhibiting signs of PTSD just from bei [...]

  22. Gail

    This is the second in Maureen Jennings series of books set in wartime England It is early winter, 1940, and Detective Inspector Tom Tyler is sent from sleepy Whitchurch to the big midlands city of Birmingham to investigate an explosion at a munitions factory His mission is to determine whether the explosion was an accident or terrorism The author s descriptions of the bleakness of life during this period invoke feelings of unease and worry, and her characters are well drawn I will read the next [...]

  23. Linda

    This is the second instalment in the popular Inspector Tom Tyler series set during WWII Inspector Tom Tyler travels to Birmingham to investigate an explosion at a munitions factory Several women are severly injured in this explosion In the same city a young soldier goes AWOL and is hiding in his grandparents house Once again Maureen Jennings writes vivid descriptions of daily life, food rations and the general unease the villagers are living through in Britain Looking forward to the next book in [...]

  24. Carole Moran

    While this book was interesting reading, it is not what I ve been used to by Jennings Compared with other of her books, this one came across as almost a propaganda morality play set in WWII in Birmingham, England The characters are well drawn, but the circumstances surrounding some of them are puzzling and or downright unbelievable Still, I m glad I read it from a historical perspective and Jennings is always good reading, regardless of the subject or plot.

  25. Thebruce1314

    I really enjoyed this book, even so than the Murdoch series possibly because of my penchant for all things WWII, particularly when they re British Even though I started with the second book the only one the book store had , I was able to delve right into the story without any trouble The characters were well developed, and the time period was brought to life in vivid detail I will definitely be on the lookout for the other Tom Tyler books

  26. Misty Shadows

    Story takes place in London during the Blitz of 1940 Takes place in a munitions factory where the women have taken the jobs offered since the men have gone to war Inspector Tyler is sent to Endicott s factory in Brum to investigate an explosion In the end an air raid hits the town, causing damage and death of the soldier as he is murdered by the blackmailer who was part of a ring bent on planting bombs around the town.

  27. Clare

    This was a most frustrating book It started well but ended so weakly I went back to see if I had missed things I really like Maureen Jennings books and I particularly like this set of characters, so I will read the next one but I sure hope it s tighter More than one storyline was completely dropped before the end of the book.

  28. Cindy Fisher

    I hope the final book in the trilogy ties up the loose ends from this installment Tom Tyler is slightly out of his element in London during the Blitz of WWII, but the historical fiction elements of this mystery, blackouts, bombing raids and shelters, fire fighting, communist infiltrators, etc are wonderfully incorporated.

  29. Kathy

    This is the 2nd in a series about WWIi England Tom Tyler is the continuing main character I enjoyed the first one than this book The detailing of life in England during the war is excellent, well researched and documented I thought there were too many other characters and that Tom was almost an after thought in a story that could have been told without him Still, looking forward to 3.

  30. Ken Schloman

    Foyle s War meets Bomb Girls It is an entertaining read although I do not think it lives up to the promise of the first book in the Tom Tyler series I think the historical background for the plot is accurate and the characters are well drawn I thought the ending a bit week but it does leave me looking forward to the third volume of the series.

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