Hiss and Hers (2020)

Hiss and Hers M.C. Beaton Hiss and Hers None
  • Title: Hiss and Hers
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780312616250
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
Hiss and Hers M.C. Beaton None
Hiss and Hers M.C. Beaton

  • [EPUB] ✓ Hiss and Hers | By Þ M.C. Beaton
    276 M.C. Beaton
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One thought on “Hiss and Hers

  1. Mary Lou

    I m a glutton for punishment I continue to read each new Agatha Raisin novel when it comes out, and continue to be disappointed No longer the fan of mysteries that I once was, I return to Carsely in the hopes that THIS time Agatha will wise up, but she never does For awhile, desperation and bad choices were part of her charm but after 23 books it s just getting old and frustrating Don t know if I can take another ride on this merry go round But I ve been saying that for the last 10 books or so S [...]

  2. M.G.

    I have been a fan of Agatha Raisin s mysteries for about 5 years now While I do have a special place for Agatha in my literary heart, I sadly find myself disappointed that the author does not give depth and dimension to her characters.I also read her Hamish Macbeth mystery series and I have noticed for some time now that she forgets old characters traits or even if she had them killed in previous books In this latest installment to Raisin s adventures I actually found myself exasperated at the [...]

  3. Yvonne

    I took a break from listening to the Agatha Raisin series, but I m back again I m already up to 23 and it was a good one I can t help but laugh at Agatha s antics She s a 50 something year old woman who acts like a teenager when it comes to men Poor Agatha, she never seems to get her man.This time she finds herself interested in the gardener, George Marston Agatha isn t the only woman interested in him, but she s the only one that discovers his body His very dead body Of course she becomes a sus [...]

  4. Shirley Schwartz

    I ve gone off Aggie lately I used to love the Agatha Raisin series, but the last few books have been less than stellar I don t like the way the plot quickly moves from thing to another with really no lead up The first part of this book had a tight plot and was centred around an English country summer The atmosphere was wonderful, hot, dry with a storm finally coming to break the tension But the tension of the book itself didn t follow the weather scenario Then in the last half of the book we jum [...]

  5. Ellie Wenck

    Agatha Raisin has fallen in love, again, this time with the local gardener Agatha is planning her conquest with George, but then, as bad luck would have it, George winds up dead Murdered To hide her feelings of rejection as it seems that George had it off with quite a few of the female villagers and sorrow so in the fact that she wasn t able to have a fling with George , she goes into investigating mode to find who killed George It seems that there are quite a few suspects This in itself is one [...]

  6. Larraine

    I think it may be time to cross Agatha Raisin off my list I ve read everyone of the MC Beaton books featuring this character However, the last two or 3 have made me wonder why Reviewers call her endearing Maybe She s also annoying Plus, there s less mystery and stumbling around which was not true in her initial stories Perhaps this is meant to be funny Or it could be that my reading tastes are changing In this edition, Agatha is pining away after the retired Army officer now gardener who has re [...]

  7. An Odd1

    Her favorite curse is especially pertinent Snakes and bastards p9, p182, et nauseum Private detective Agatha Raisin avoids poisonous local adder bites But her latest crush, sleep around gardener carpenter odd jobber George Marston, rejects the wrong female All her men friends pitch in young local cop Bill Wong, composed Sir Charles Fraith, cold ex hubbie James Lacey, detective agency employees elderly Phil and ambitious heir Simon Black, former PR hungry employee Roy Silver, in emerald green lea [...]

  8. Erik Deckers

    I like M.C Beaton, but Agatha Raisin and her supporting cast have almost become caricature stereotypes of themselves Some days I feel like her books are formulaic Agatha will lust after a man, her friends will try to talk her out of it, she ll screw it up, and will spend the rest of the book trying to get over it, failing to learn her lesson yet again Oh, and she ll solve a murder for the police, who think she s an interfering old bat, despite the fact that she s solved over two dozen or murders [...]

  9. Pam Baddeley

    The 23rd in the Agatha Raisin series From the six I ve read so far numbers 2, 6, 12, 17, 22 and this one , the quality has gone downhill This story is set mostly in her village yet there is no real evocation of a Cotswolds setting At one point, it is remarked that Agatha s village has a lot of thatched roofs and yet if I recall correctly and this article seems to back me up Tiled roofs in the Cotswolds, although thatching was once common in the area, there was a move over time to tile the roofs [...]

  10. Gerry

    I ve always been an Agatha Raisin fan but my liking for her has reached new heights and that after just two paragraphs of Hiss and Hers.She is a lady who is prone to falling in love quite often an understatement but she undoubtedly demonstrates the meaning of true love when she falls head over heels for the Carsely gardener and odd job man, George Marston Marston had worked on her garden to such an extent that it had reached perfection, so to ensure that she could keep him in close contact she n [...]

  11. Rebecca

    This was a first reads giveaway As I enjoy mysteries I was looking forward to reading it I had a problem getting started but knowing this is one of a series figured I should just persevere The central character, Agatha Raisin is described as beloved, bossy, and brilliant by the publisher I found her rude, self centered, not bright at all and certainly not likeable There are few likeable people in the book In fact the author seems to focus on everyone s negative qualities The writing is full of d [...]

  12. Susan

    I will continue to read the Agatha Raisin series by M.C Beaton, although this one dragged on Agatha and her late middle age fixation on men and sex appeal is tiresome What I like most about this series is that it is all so unbelievable that it provides a great escape from the gut clenching emotion of a thriller or dark mystery I read this in tandem with The End of Your Life Book Club so it provided a pleasant counter point to the far serious non fiction book Beaton s books are good for that The [...]

  13. Lauren

    Quite possibly my favorite Agatha Raisin, but for unexpected reasons The mystery is fine and definitely interesting, but Agatha shows a fair amount of growth and it s the first mystery where I wasn t bored to death by Toni One might go so far as to say this is a feminist cozy mystery Or very close to it Regardless, I love every bit of it.

  14. Kathryn

    I just love M.C Beaton s books This is a fun mystery and a quick read Fans of M.C Beaton will love this book.

  15. Kim

    In the 23rd AR agatha is once in love this time with a gardening lethario called George Marston After George is found murdered head in plastic bag that had been filled with snakes Agatha is hired by his sister to catch his murderer In the process Agatha discovers that where she failed with George every other woman in Carsley succeeded which doesn t help Agatha s self confidence issues and centres around a few choice characters and an actress in a long running hospital soap who has moved into th [...]

  16. Donald

    The plot is fairly standard for Agatha Raisin, hopelessly lusting after a new villager, couple of murders, police villagers regarding her as useless.You d hope after 23 books or novellas really they rarely get past 200 pages there s be some character growth, but no.Even worse than the stagnating plot is the fact M.C Beaton can t even be bothered to keep up with her own characters A previous love interest briefly pops up, minus the baby he had, and his wife but at least she s explained away as de [...]

  17. Sharon

    These books are really novellas with their big margins and big print Agatha once again is man hungry and envious of other women This plot centered around the village gardener who spurns Agatha in favor of older and less attractive women He winds up dead and it s up to Aggie and company to find out who did it Charles, Roy Silver and James make appearances as well as the ever tolerant Mrs Bloxby and Bill Wong The reader was spared the ill fated romances of Bill Wong and his mother in this installm [...]

  18. Becky

    Oh Agathayou gotta love her and feel sorry for her all in the same breath Once again she is in love or should I say lust This time it is the town gardener and he is tending to than the ladies roses Then he turns up dead somebody has to die.Agatha needs a case to solve M C Beaton s sense of humor comes out now and again and I found myself laughing out loud at some of the retorts and actions of her characters And dear, unlovable Agatha.e is like most of use doesn t see herself at all as others do [...]

  19. Betsy

    I have read many books of this series They all read the same and nothing is ever really different It is time for Agatha to get in a real relationship again and for the other characters to grow up Also, the writer does forget her story lines from her other books Wow, that is not being a very good writer Maybe the writer is tired of this series also It s time to make some changes in this series Make it funnier and less negative Let Agatha catch a man again and let him help her solve some murders T [...]

  20. Robin

    This book was okay, not as funny as the other Agatha Raisin books It seems now that M C Beaton is just using formulaic tenets to get her books published Although I have read most of her other books, this one felt not as descriptive as her usual mysteries Maybe she is stretching herself thin by taking on her Regency series, and Hamish Macbeth and now another set of books I did like it though.

  21. Carolyn Cooper

    I had never heard of this author before winning a complimentary copy from First Reads I might have enjoyed it if I had read earlier books and knew the backgrounds of the main characters better But I have no plans as of now to do that because there are too many other books on my to read list My expectations for mystery novels were set long ago by Dorothy Gilman in her Mrs Pollifax novels None have beat her yet.

  22. Glenda

    When I really warm up to a cozy series, I look forward to catching up with the main characters in each installment almost like seeing the neighbor s vacation photos Hypersensitive Agatha Raisin drinks and smokes her way through the story with graceless swagger Her neighbors in the village avoid her and one just has to consider whether they may be on to something.

  23. Peggy

    Same old, same old Agatha still has the same personality problems and has become involved in yet another murder of the good looking single man newly moved into the village Yet it s very hard not to like Agatha she s insecure, in spite of having some very good friends and of being financially quite well off and all she really wants is someone to love her.

  24. Janet

    Although I immediately lost track of all of George s conquests within the first few pages, I still was able to follow along enough to understand the ending My only caveat was the actions of Bill Wong toward the end I found it hard to believe he would use Agatha and Charles the way he did.

  25. librarian90

    I was hoping for something a little less predictable than the others in the series and was disappointed A quick, light read is great but this book was just too predictable after reading the other Agatha Raisin mysteries.

  26. Jackielemon

    Simply awful I only gave it two stars because I usually like Agatha Raisin, but this was miserable Narration was all a complete jumble I like the Hammish Macbeth series because he is a much likeable character I just hope M.C Beaton isn t going the way of Lilian Jackson Braun

  27. Kate

    This really wasn t my favorite of the Agatha Raisin series I usually can t put them down but I actually found myself flipping through to the end at the last chapter almost just to get it over with Love Agatha butI m starting to fall out of love with her mystery solving pals.

  28. Chris

    I think this is a fun, well written book I think I am just becoming disenchanted with the main character and her lack of development Since the first couple of books she has stagnated She is still funny and silly, but keeps making the same mistakes over and over.

  29. Leslie

    I m developing a taste for these cosy mysteries ONe can read them with ease while simultaneously cooking, weeding or admonishing small children They are rather cute and never offend but not so saccharin as to disturb my curmudgeonly sensibilities.

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