'Twas the Night after Christmas (2020)

'Twas the Night after Christmas Sabrina Jeffries Twas the Night after Christmas Pierce Waverly the Earl of Devonmont has been estranged from his mother for most of his life When his mother s new companion Mrs Camilla Stuart writes to tell him that his mother is seriously ill
  • Title: 'Twas the Night after Christmas
  • Author: Sabrina Jeffries
  • ISBN: 9781451642469
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
'Twas the Night after Christmas Sabrina Jeffries Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, has been estranged from his mother for most of his life When his mother s new companion, Mrs Camilla Stuart, writes to tell him that his mother is seriously ill, he goes home But when he learns that the lovely widow tricked him in order to effect a holiday reconciliation, he refuses to stay unless she meets his terms Somewhere bPierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, has been estranged from his mother for most of his life When his mother s new companion, Mrs Camilla Stuart, writes to tell him that his mother is seriously ill, he goes home But when he learns that the lovely widow tricked him in order to effect a holiday reconciliation, he refuses to stay unless she meets his terms Somewhere between trying to seduce the beautiful Camilla and struggling with the cruel memories of his childhood Christmases, Pierce discovers that not only does forgiveness go two ways, but that love can blossom even in the coldest of winters.
'Twas the Night after Christmas Sabrina Jeffries

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    270 Sabrina Jeffries
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One thought on “'Twas the Night after Christmas

  1. Daniella

    DNF 25% I can t read a book when I don t even have a modicum of respect for any of the characters In the case of Twas the Night after Christmas, I found everyone except Pierce, the hero, since I think his actions were justified to be unredeemable First, there s Pierce s mother I could not, for the life of me, understand how the hell she managed to ignore her son for so many years I don t think any reason is enough to justify that cruelty Granted, she may have been coerced or blackmailed or whatn [...]

  2. Letitia

    Rating A Heat WarmThis book I don t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn t this I mean, I started tearing up while reading the prologue Yeah The prologue And I don t think my eyes were ever completely dry again From those very first few pages, Pierce had me Unequivocally His pain was my pain He got his tiny little eight year old fingers latched around my heart and never let go.Because, at a very young age, Pierce Waverly learned a hard lesson Life isn t fair Abandoned by his parents [...]

  3. Jess the Romanceaholic

    This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date October 30, 2012Publisher Simon SchusterImprint Gallery BooksAuthor s Website My Source for This Book EdelweissPart of a Series Yes, Book 6, Hellions of Halstead HallSeries Best Read In Order Works Well As a StandaloneSteam Level SteamyFavorite Tropes Neglectful Parents, Closed off From Love, Unhappy First MarriagePet Peeves Wanna Be My Mistress , Stretching Out The MysteryThis book was so typical [...]

  4. Minna

    Apparently, this book brought out the Humbug in me.I felt for the boy Pierce, at the beginning, but unfortunately this promising beginning was the last point in which I felt fully sympathetic.Despite her later apologies, Pierce s mom really screwed up I don t judge her for seeking view spoiler love outside of a horrible marriage, as at that time it was really one of only a very few options for women hide spoiler but her behavior during Pierce s visit at age 21 was absolutely reprehensible as wer [...]

  5. Linda

    TWAS THE NIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS exemplified the emotionally tortured hero Physically abandoned at the age of eight, Pierce Waverly tried to understand why his parents no longer loved him Fast forward twenty five years later and he was now the Earl of Devonmont His father had died two years before and his mother had been sending him weekly letters since his father s funeral All of which had gone unread into a box Now he was informed by his mother s companion, Mrs Camilla Stuart, that Lady Devonmon [...]

  6. Mei

    This, even if only loosely connect with the Hellion of Halstead series, is the best one I loved how both hero, Pierce, and the heroine, Camilla, were very open with each other.Of course there s angst It s present in every book of the series, but here it was contrasted by a very level headed reasoning.Pierce was having very real, very understandable issues with his mother and his angsst was born from them.Camilla s actions and reasoning were also very logical and her angst was burried deep in her [...]

  7. Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]

    My review contains spoilers and they re are mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookOk, so do you people want me to grovel because I totally enjoyed Pierce s story when I vowed to myself in my other reviews of this series that I probably wouldn t read it Well, I might have to, because Twas the Night After Christmas gets the best rating for me in this series I simply loved it Yes, Pierce was still the whiny rake, yes, he could be an overgrown baby as per his own admissions, mind you but he he w [...]

  8. Inshirah Kamal

    Love is for children and fools.No grown man with an ounce of sense makes monumental decisions based on some half baked sentiment he read on a St Valentine s Day card.

  9. SOS Aloha

    There s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child Erma BombeckPierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, visited two of Sabrina Jeffries HELLIONS OF HALSTEAD HALL series Now readers have the opportunity to witness him shed the rogue mask and dig deeper into his psyche Oh, Freud would have a field day with Pierce His parents shipped him off to boarding school at age 8 and banned him from returning home Even when he achieved his majority, his mother shunned him In [...]

  10. Farrah

    This review also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoAnother brilliant book in the Hellions series Twas the Night After Christmas was an emotionally charged, sweet romance that I absolutely adored.I loved the plot of the book It s a unique idea that I ve never seen used before And it was very well done.I really liked Camilla Her loyalty to Lady Waverly was admirable But it wasn t blind loyalty She was determined but that didn t stop her from listening to Pierce and keeping an open mind ab [...]

  11. Terri Wino

    I enjoyed this story, even though I thought the secret Pierce s mother was keeping from him was a bit of a stretch to justify not being a part of his childhood However, I guess in the time period the story takes place it really would have been quite detrimental to his future Being that I liked the story and characters, I could overlook any doubts about the relationship between Pierce and his mother and just enjoy the story.

  12. Tsaki

    Empat bintang untuk Pierce dan Cammila Tapi yah, sebenernya kurang panas kalo dibandingin sama karya Tante Jeffries yang lain p

  13. Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe)

    Courtesy of Galley Books Pocket Books through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review Wow and I do mean wow After I finished reading this book, which by the way I couldn t put down once I really got in to it, I hugged my e reader The book left me all warm and tingly, a truly beautiful Christmas story.The book was about Pierce Waverly, the Early of Devonmont who has been estranged from his family since he was around seven years old and he doesn t know why One day his parents just let him go to [...]

  14. Anna D.

    4.5 starsDespite not really loving the H h, I enjoyed this book tremendously Perhaps it s because I was in the Christmas spirit that I didn t mind some things that I usually wouldn t like.Some things I didn t love 1 Our hero is written so sympathetically, almost to the point that he s not accountable for anything bad because he s had a sad childhood from his parents abandonment Pierce is an adult and his refusal to grow up and live for himself instead of living to spite his family is off putting [...]

  15. Beth

    This is the perfect Christmas romance The Earl of Devonomnt, Pierce Waverly, at the age of 8 was suddenly abandon by his parents to a boarding school and distant relations for his care Now a man he still holds great resentment for his lack of parents during his childhood When his father passes, Pierce inherits everything He sets his mother up comfortably, she even has a lady companion Camilla Stuart but he still refuses to have contact with his mother.Determined to mend the fences broken in the [...]

  16. Desty

    Akhirnya selesai jugadan bisa selesai dalam semalam karena memang kisahnya cukup membuat penasaranHanya saja rahasia mengapa Ibunya Pierce menelantarkannya sejak kecil itu terlalu lama terungkapnya, sampai2 membuat Pierce dan Camillia berprasangka buruk Pierce sendiri ternyata seorang Earl yang bertanggung jawab Dia mampu mengembangkan tanah warisannya dengan baik Dia juga baik sekali pada anak anak, mungkin karena masa kecilnya yang kurang bahagia.Camillia jg adalah sosok gadis sederhana Janda [...]

  17. Amanda The Book Slayer

    4.5 StarsRecommendation This book is perfect for the upcoming holidays It is filled with Christmas charm and magic A must have for the holidays image error Twas the night after Christmas, and all through the place, the only ones stirring were the lord and his mate That is an awful rhyme Shh, I m not done He rose with her in his arms, and headed for the door They went off to nestle all snug in their bed, while visions of lovemaking danced in their heads She eyed him suspiciously Is this the naugh [...]

  18. Jennifer

    3.75 StarsRead for the 2015 TBR Challenge December Holiday Themes The challenge is hosted by Wendy the Super Librarian.I bought this book two years ago when it was released in paperback Sabrina Jeffries is one of those authors that makes me think and makes me happy whenever I read one of her books I planned on reading it as soon as I brought it home, but, as we all know, life got in the way and Twas the Night After Christmas got pushed back on the shelf.This is a holiday romance that acts as a b [...]

  19. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

    Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspThis book starts off heartbreaking and sad It s the set up for what comes later Why the hero is as he is, the thawing that takes place from the clues and revelations that slowly bombard him as he comes to the realization that his whole life is based on a mistruth and how the diabolical hatred of one man can have a domino effect on so many people It s going to take a daring woman full of innocence, hot passions and a secret of her own to accomplish the im [...]

  20. Lover of Romance

    Twas the Night After Christmas bridges two series together, Helliions of Halstead Hall and The Duke s Men After recently reading the first book in the Dukes Men series, I was really excited to read this story It does take place before the first one begins where we do see a involvement Of Dominic This story is centered on Pierce and Camilla Pierce is a Earl, but hasn t had the easiest of upbringings When he was younger, his mother was everything, until he was sent away to school, and she never wr [...]

  21. Rebecca

    Pierce Waverly was eight years old when his parents abandoned him He was expecting them to pick him up at school for the summer break when his father s cousin picked him up instead He didn t see his parents again until he was twenty one, and they rejected him again Pierce is now earl of Devonmont, due to his father s death two years ago His mother has been writing letters to him every week since the late earl s death Pierce has never read any of them They had been really close until that summer, [...]

  22. Serap

    kesinlikle m kemmel bir kitapt bence tek eksi i hikayedeki s rr n biraz daha s r olamamas yd , evet biraz gari bir s ylem ama spoiler vermekten ho lanm yorum o tek k k eksiklik bile o kadar g zel kapat lm ki normalde beni hi duyguland rmayacak o olay g z m n dolmas na neden oldu kitap ger ekten ok ve g zel ve hellions serisini okumak istememi sa lad normalde ana karakterlerin birbirlerinden nce ba kalar n sevmelerine dahi katlanamayan biri olarak camilla n n daha nce evlenmi ve bir ocu u olmas n [...]

  23. TheGeekyBlogger

    Read for Review Edelwiess Overall Rating 4.25Story Rating 4.25Character Rating 4.25Part of my 25 Books for the Holidays for 2012How Twas the Night After Christmas put me in the holiday spirit I love stories about families reconnecting after misunderstandings and estrangements Throw in a precious little boy who loves the season and this book is just perfect for a holiday read.What I thought of the characters story Twas the Night After Christmas was a wonderful combination of location, story, and [...]

  24. Chris Bails

    I also loved this book Another great one by Sabrina If you loved the Hellions series you will like this one This is the story of Pierce Waverly, whom we met in the Hellions series I loved Pierce from this series He is funny, with a devil may care attitude I love his roguish ways Pierce is ready to move onto a new mistress and is torn on what he wants He then receives a letter from his mothers companion telling him his mother is sick and he needs to come He races off to find her just fine He conf [...]

  25. Donna

    I received a copy of this book through a giveaway.I really enjoyed this sweet regency romance The characters were well developed and likable, and the plot was well paced I found it hard to put down because I wanted to find out what the secret was that was being kept, and I couldn t wait to see what happened between Pierce and Camilla This was a very light, easy read, but enjoyable at the same time.

  26. Janga

    This is my favorite of the new Christmas books I loved all the characters and was so eager for the resolution that I stayed up late to finish the book And Jeffries earns an extra star from me for avoiding a too easy, overused windup of the thread concerning the heroine s past.

  27. Susan

    Very good book full of intense emotions on the parts of all three main characters We start out seeing Pierce as an eight year old child waiting for his parents to pick him up from school for the holidays His confusion over being sent to relatives instead, and the later hurt and then anger as he is banished from his family from then on He tries to see them one time as an adult and is rejected, whereupon he does his best to show them he doesn t care by becoming something of a rake.After his fathe [...]

  28. SidneyKay

    Twas the Night After Christmas, by Sabrina Jeffries, is part of the Hellions of Halstead Hall series, just in case you re keeping track However, it is a standalone book, no continuing curse, murderer, missing siblings in this one no there isn t anything you have to remember from the past books to keep you from enjoying this one Spoilers ahead This is a standard romance yarn by veteran writer Ms Jeffries There isn t any new ground broken or world shattering romance pathos to be seen Which is migh [...]

  29. Anna's Herding Cats

    Originally Posted for Herding Cats Burning SoupI fell in love with Sabrina Jeffries Hellions of Halstead Hall series earlier this year and was so excited when I heard Pierce Waverly was going to have his story told as well And I mean total squealy fangirl excited After little glimpses of him in the series I was dying to find out about him and let me tell you he was so much than I could have hoped for Twas the Night After Christmas was an amazingly powerful read that s both sweet and touching w [...]

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