Tangle Of Need (2020)

Tangle Of Need Nalini Singh Tangle Of Need Adria wolf changeling and resilient soldier has made a break with the past one as unpredictable in love as it was in war Now comes a new territory and a devastating new complication Riaz a SnowDan
  • Title: Tangle Of Need
  • Author: Nalini Singh
  • ISBN: 9781101569085
  • Page: 464
  • Format: ebook
Tangle Of Need Nalini Singh Adria, wolf changeling and resilient soldier, has made a break with the past one as unpredictable in love as it was in war Now comes a new territory, and a devastating new complication Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to a desperate woman who belongs to another.For Riaz, the primal attraction he feels for Adria is a staggering betrayal For Adria, his dangerouAdria, wolf changeling and resilient soldier, has made a break with the past one as unpredictable in love as it was in war Now comes a new territory, and a devastating new complication Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to a desperate woman who belongs to another.For Riaz, the primal attraction he feels for Adria is a staggering betrayal For Adria, his dangerous lone wolf appeal is beyond sexual It consumes her It terrifies her It threatens to undermine everything she has built of her new life But fighting their wild attraction proves a losing battle.Their coming together is an inferno and a melding of two wounded souls who promise each other no commitment, no ties, no bonds Only pleasure Too late, they realize that they have to lose than they ever imagined Drawn into a cataclysmic Psy war that may alter the fate of the world itself, they must make a decision that might just break them both.
Tangle Of Need Nalini Singh

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    Nalini Singh

One thought on “Tangle Of Need

  1. Jessica"s Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

    I am going to keep this super short as I have two kids sick with the flu and I haven t slept much, this book was an alright read I loved all the Sienna and Hawke time I got I also really enjoyed Mercy and Riley It was the main couple that didn t wow me I didn t really connect to Adria and Riaz I felt like Nalini Singh did a great job at making me feel like Riaz picked Adria and loved her I didn t feel like she was second place even though Riaz had a mate I just didn t care for them as a couple R [...]

  2. Blacky *Romance Addict*

    How can I read a teaser like that at the ending, and remain mentally sane until the new book comes out My mind is just frozen right now, but I ll try to sum up my feelings about this book The story Riaz and Adria are two dominants in the wolf pack that can t stand each other Riaz eventually gets tired of Adria s hostility and confronts her, but it turns out he didn t actually want to know the real reason behind it she is terribly attracted to him and vice versa Riaz, having found his mate and lo [...]

  3. Choko

    4 Another great buddy read with the fantastic ladies at BBB How does Nalini Singh keep on doing this She has weaved a world of such complex and multilayered infrastructure, that the multitude of plot lines and characters constantly come in and out of our vision, making this Psi Changeling Human society rich with diversity and color This is the 11th book and I still can t get enough of it And the way this book finished, I want to read the next book with tremendous anticipation Maybe, just maybe, [...]

  4. Katie(babs)

    When I finished reading Nalini Singh s Tangle of Need, the eleventh book in her Psy Changeling series, my jaw dropped and I did a little Snoopy Dance in my seat The reason is the last three pages But since revealing what occurs in those pages are big BIG spoilers, and allude to possibility of who the hero of the next book will be I get down on my knees and pray it s who I think it is because, I AM THIS CHARACTER S BIGGEST FAN Ahem.I ve said it time and again, when it comes to Nalini s Psy Change [...]

  5. Aisling Zena

    2 stars20% Filler30% Filler40% Filler50% Filler65% Yay, something is happening at last 70% Back to filler80% Filler85% Incredibly short chapter where something exciting does happen but ends abruptly.87% Filler.89% Ooh drama Yawn90% Catastrophic event for Psy Net awaited for the whole of the book happens Mediocre.94% Snoozing again Drew did it better95% Ming makes a move and it s such a let down97% A few seconds worth of action.100% The end F cking finally.This wasn t a book about Riaz and Adria [...]

  6. Maya

    3,5 STARSJust one read away from Kaleb s story, yes Riaz and Adria s story was an unusual one They were both from the same pack, both wolves and both knew there was no maing bond between them I kinda hoped there would be one at the end but that didn t happen Riaz has already found his mate but she was already taken by another So you can imagine that he was heartbroken Similar thing happened to Adria She was in a disfunctional relationship for years and when she finally broke the circle, her hear [...]

  7. Alex is The Romance Fox

    3,5 starsTangle of Need, the 11th book in Nalini Singh s Psy Changeling Series begins just two months after the ending of Kiss of Snow.Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant, is devastated when he realizes that the person he believed to be his mate, is actually in love with someone else.Adria, a wolf changeling has moved back to SnowDance after a bitter divorce from her mate.The last thing both want is to enter into any relationship Adria cannot understand the attraction she feels for Riaz so she does ev [...]

  8. Kristen

    3 to 4 Stars Tangle of Need felt like a prep book for Heart of Obsidian, the next book in the series Also, I had a difficult time staying emotionally invested in the main couple Frankly, their story was yawn ho hum However, a huge portion of this book was a continuation of Hawke and Sienna s story, and that alone made reading the book worth while.

  9. Geri Reads

    3.5 Empress stars Despite my rating of 3.5, I still enjoyed this one immensely But it does feel like a filler and transitory book for me The main couple, Riaz and Adria s romance got overshadowed by the myriad of sub plots and story arcs It s a real shame though because I happen to love their love story Theirs is an epic unrequited love story Adria and Riaz has an instantaneous physical connection The problem is, Riaz already found his mate But she s married and is in love with her husband that [...]

  10. ◊♦ Naomi

    DNF at 76% I can t believe this but I just couldn t finish this book I never thought I would not like a book in this series and yet here I am I was and still am a big fan but Tangle of Need was just not a story for me.It was boring as hell.I really had to force myself to keep reading it and after a while, I just couldn t do it any What happened, Nalini It didn t feel like reading a book of yours.I absolutely did not connect with the two main characters They were barely there It felt like their s [...]

  11. Lady Lioness

    April 2013 Finally finished my Psy Changeling re read And I still have, like, fifty days to go until Heart of Obsidian And it s been one year and thirty one days since I read Tangle of Need for the first time Totally suffering from withdrawal pains sigh March 13, 2012If I say too much, an angry mob will cross the bridges and stone me to death Since there are entirely too many books left in my TBR to risk that, I only have the following cryptic comments for you.1 If Kiss of Snow was the explosion [...]

  12. Mandi Schreiner

    Great installment in this series.This is as much Hawke and Sienna s book as it is Adria s and Riaz s Which I didn t mind I think there was so much left to explore with themd Singh explores a lot of it Adria and Riaz both hate each other to start which I always enjoy Riaz has found his mate, a wolf named Lisette, but she is married to someone else Devastated, he has returned to the SD pack to mend his wounds Convinced he can t love another or bear another s touch, he has lived a celibate lifestyl [...]

  13. Duchess Nicole

    I had waited almost two years to read this book Knowing any book that followed Kiss of Snow would likely disappoint and all and dang it, I was right I thing this may have been Singh s thoughts as well not that I presume to speak for her as this just felt very much like a transition book Riaz and Adria s story felt somewhat cheated What was there was okay Riaz recently found out that his mate is already married to the love of her life Instead of continuing to live in Europe and live with the agon [...]

  14. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this I wasn t sure I d get into the story, with both of the characters dealing with angst at their past failed matings It was such a great book I don t know why I was surprised because Nalini Singh is a fantastic writer I ve tended to be of a Psy fan for a while, and the latest books in the series that were Changeling Changeling mating weren t my favorites However, this book broke that negative streak for me Of course, it doesn t hurt that the [...]

  15. Saly

    I love Nalini Singh the Psy Changeling world but this is the book I haven t been excited about much, maybe because Riaz and Adria were never characters I connected with much Adria is dominant and was in a relationship with a submissive for years and it went sour and she had to finally admit defeat and has returned to the den, scarred.Riaz too has returned scarred, he found his mate in Europe, happily married and in love with another man He finds himself growing angry and bitter and Adria kind of [...]

  16. Mimi Smith

    4 starsSo The day has finally come when I can say KALEB S BOOK BETTER BE NEXT Ahem, now that I got that out of my system, back to this book It had sooo many threads, but here are the basics Riaz and AdriaPossibly because of everything going down at the same time, I think this couple wasn t given enough attention They were good, but as a reader, I was dragged all over the place, and get this, they were my least favorite part other than the bad guys, but you get my drift I liked the tension at the [...]

  17. valee

    Not a favorite, but a spectacular read non the less As always NS keeps blowing my mind with this amazing series I just know I WILL NEVER GET ENOUGH of this intriguing Psy and passionate Changelings because What s not to love about them NS has created a very complex and original world from scratch and introduced us to some very intricate characters we just can t seem to help falling hopelessly in love with But than that, I will always emphasize Singh s brilliant writing style Nobody knows how to [...]

  18. Aly is so frigging bored

    2nd read October 2014Buddy read with Maru and SarahI love all the characters Nalini creates 1st read May 2012I loved it I know some people complained that it was slow at the start, that they hadn t cared about the main characters, but I absolutely loved everything There isn t a thing that I disliked I loved Riaz he was a little bit of a bastard at the start, but as I read I understood why so I forgave him fast D he is so open and loving with Adria that it makes me love him even then I thought [...]

  19. Jo ★The Book Sloth★

    SoI don t know how to rate this book Idea Plot SH romance AR romance MR news No mating bond Vasic Aden Kaleb Last line of book Ending in general Adria as a person SH stand for Sienna and Hawke, AR stands for Adria and Riaz, MR stands for Mercy and Riley See my dilemma SPOILERS APLENTYAdriaAdria is supposed to be a tough, dominant female like Indigo or Mercy WTH This girl was a whiny, bratty woman with a love for drama She had a good childhood, people who loved her, friends who were always there [...]

  20. Deborah Parker

    Yes, here there be SPOILERS I love Nalini To the extent that I ve, literally, read everything she has in print Upfront I want to write that I loved Tangle of Need , also, just not so much for the love story of Riaz and Adria I won t describe it, readers can pick up the bits and pieces from the cover and the blurb Suffice it to say that regardless of my empathy for the characters I didn t get the teaching point Every other major pair set in this world even Judd Brenna, Sienna Hawke and the other [...]

  21. P

    2 Retrieval Heart of Obsidian 75% Kiss of Snow Heart of Obsidian Tangled of Need Full length Novella view spoiler Retrieval hide spoiler

  22. Jess

    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating 4.5 5For a book that doesn t have a huge battle or showdown at the end, there is a lot that gets packed into this latest Psy Changeling story, TANGLE OF NEED After the huge fight that ended KISS OF SNOW, it was a nice change of pace to have this book focus a lot on relationships and the new buildup for what s coming up in the future Pure Psy bringing down portions of the Net in order to control it and the Psy Starting the story, I didn t like or [...]

  23. Beth

    I love the Nalini Singh s Psy Changeling series Tangle of Need was another great addition to this series Although there is no major battle in this book, it had me riveted to the pages Ms Singh had multiple story lines going throughout and although this was the story of Riaz and Adria it touched on many of the other character story lines as well I know I mentioned in my notes that I didn t enjoy the email type writing in the book, I have to admit I kind of skimmed over all the To Fwd Fwd CC etcet [...]

  24. MelissaB

    I enjoyed this one than I thought I would from other reviews It was a solid read even if the romance wasn t quite as good as most in the series.I am very excited to see where Nalini Singh takes us next with the Ghost, the upcoming war and the water Changlings.

  25. ~V~

    4 1 2 stars Wow, Nalini Singh does it again Another fabulous installment in the Psy Changeling series I think she is one of the most intelligent authors out there for having created such an amazingly unusual and intriguing world, and for as long as it s been going on, it has yet to become old and stale The thing i love most about this series is all the emotion that is put out there between the changelings and their mateswhether it s a new couple or an older one revisited s always something i loo [...]

  26. D.B. Reynolds

    SPOILERS First off, I m a huge admirer of Singh s writing, and the Psy Changeling books are my favorites over the Guild Hunter series Tangle of Need was supposed to be Riaz and Adria s story, but there were many other threads woven in, as well There were several romantic sex scenes between Hawke and Sienna, which gave dark hints of a danger to Sienna from Ming the merciless but when it finally manifested, it was over in a paragraph, leaving future hints of worse to come Everyone else had their [...]

  27. Mina Soare

    Let me summarize the fist 60% of the book They have sex, and they have sex and they have sex and they have sex and with they going through the various mated pairs and so on I don t really care While action might be a pretext for one on one in these books, the porn channel is also open 24 7 There were various aspects that were barely touched upon 1 Ghost2 Kaleb3 Henry4 THE GREAT EPIC BATTLE THAT FAITH SAID WAS COMING FOR SURE AND IT WASN T THE ONE IN BOOK 10Verdict Dissapointed

  28. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)

    Posted on Under the CoversWelcome to our review of Tangle of Need, we have such fun doing our chat review Kiss of Snow last time that we decided to do it again So read ahead at our brilliant and insightful look in to how hot Riaz, Vesic and Kaleb are Tangle of Need Suzanne Hello Franilicious Fran Ummm Suz I dont know about that nickname you gave me there, sounds a bit like anallicious dont know if I want to be called that you knowSuzanne If the shoe fits Lmao Fran lol Now where s Annie Suz Hahah [...]

  29. Angela

    2016 Re read Okay, so here s the thing Riaz does something so incredibly mean in the early parts of this book that I spend quite a long time wanting him to grovel and beg to get back into Adria s good graces I m not sure, entirely, there s ever really enough of it Adria forgives him because of understandable reasons, absolutely, but and their courtship takes an entirely different pace than the one I would have envisioned But that doesn t mean it s a bad course I love the way they develop and the [...]

  30. Melanie

    Tangle of Need is an awesome addition to Nalini Singh s Psy Changeling series.Going into ToN, I wasn t sure I was going to like it as much as previous P C installments Its highly anticipated predecessor, Kiss of Snow was epic ly brilliant and offered the double whammy of not only finally providing Hawke and Sienna s story, but also had the bonus romance between Walker and Lara this, I thought, was going to be a tough act to follow How could ToN, a story supposedly concerning two extremely minor [...]

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