The Selkie Enchantress (2020)

The Selkie Enchantress Sophie Moss The Selkie Enchantress Irish islander Caitlin Conner has been in love with professor of Irish folklore Liam O Sullivan for as long as she can remember But just when he is starting to look at her as than a friend a mysterio
  • Title: The Selkie Enchantress
  • Author: Sophie Moss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Selkie Enchantress Sophie Moss Irish islander Caitlin Conner has been in love with professor of Irish folklore Liam O Sullivan for as long as she can remember But just when he is starting to look at her as than a friend, a mysterious woman arrives on Seal Island and captures his heart As Caitlin discovers the truth behind the woman s lies, she realizes Liam is trapped in a dangerous enchantment aIrish islander Caitlin Conner has been in love with professor of Irish folklore Liam O Sullivan for as long as she can remember But just when he is starting to look at her as than a friend, a mysterious woman arrives on Seal Island and captures his heart As Caitlin discovers the truth behind the woman s lies, she realizes Liam is trapped in a dangerous enchantment and the only way to break the spell is to uncover a secret Irish fairy tale that has remained hidden for hundreds of years But when the petals of a white rose grown in winter start to fall, the legend is set in motion, and Caitlin must find a way to change the ending before the last petal falls.
The Selkie Enchantress Sophie Moss

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    Sophie Moss

One thought on “The Selkie Enchantress

  1. April

    I really enjoy this series, such rich myth from Ireland mixed with modern times I love all the engaging and dynamic characters Here we have the love story of Caitlin and Liam, who we met in the first book as supporting characters I had an issue with their story because it goes in a direction other than is implied in the first book Through their own thoughts and those of their friends, you get the picture of unrequited love That is not how things are presented here, this book tells of encounters [...]

  2. Juliette Sobanet

    Ever since reading Sophie Moss incredible debut novel, The Selkie Spell, I have been anxiously awaiting the sequel And let me just say, Moss does not disappoint She weaves an amazingly vivid story, combining realistic characters who I could relate to with larger than life fairy tale legends Every time I thought I had the whole story figured out, she would surprise me with something so totally captivating and wild, I just had to read This novel is an absolute page turner, a beautiful love story, [...]

  3. Khanh (the meanie)

    Boring Liam is an unsympathetic male lead Caitlin was a grating female lead Nuala is too stupid to be a good villain She is supposed to be a selkie with powers to erase memories, and she s too stupid to keep a little kid under control She lets him run around all day on his own with her enemies, reveals the fact that he doesn t act anything like a normal child She doesn t even manage to seduce her target Failed villainess on all front, not worthy to be a selkie, much less The White Selkie.

  4. Roberta Capizzi

    I had loved The Selkie Spell, the first book of The Seal Island trilogy, so I knew I was going to love this one too But I was totally swept off my feet by this book To say I loved it would be an understatement 5 totally deserved stars for the amazing and beautifully written story of Caitlin and Liam I think I mentioned somewhere in my review of The Selkie Spell that I had fallen for Dominic and wished he was real Well, after reading The Selkie Enchantress I still think Dominic is hot, but Liam i [...]

  5. Kristy

    The second installment of the Seal Island Trilogy, The Selkie Enchantress is a stunningly beautiful Irish fairy tale The characters from the first book, The Selkie Spell are present, together with some new ones Myths and fairy tales come to life on the island and the residents must stand together against a formidable force This is a beautiful story of love and friendship where strangers bring magic, danger and truth to the island once again.I don t have the words to adequately describe how wonde [...]

  6. Diane Reed

    The Selkie Enchantress took my breath away I literally lost count of how many times I clutched my hand to my chest, awestruck by the gorgeous prose and astounding twists and turns that I didn t see coming Ms Moss already won me over as a fan with her first installment in this series, but her sequel far exceeded my expectations The writing in this novel is so lyrical and heartfelt that I actually felt as though I d secretly experienced this story in the depths of my soul, and the author had someh [...]

  7. A.D. Trosper

    Once again I was pulled under the Selkie spell This series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and the second book didn t disappoint or let me down.Characters from the first book played parts in this one which I liked I enjoyed getting to visit them again and see how they are doing.The new legend that drove this book was a fantastic and I think Ms Moss did an excellent job of creating a sympathetic villain As the story progressed and was revealed, I couldn [...]

  8. Deborah Hughes

    I loved the first book in this series and totally loved the second one just as much Moss has created a world I d love to be part of If only I could visit that island and interact with those characters Love the mix of Irish lore with fairy tales An enchanting read for sure Can t wait for the next book to come out For those who enjoy magic, romance and double doses of love, this book is for you

  9. Sandra G. Harris

    Enchanting After reading the first book in this series, I had to continue I dated this book a 5 because just like the first book, it totally drew me in and kept me interested and excited to see what was going to happen next The author s descriptions of the ocean, mist, cliffs, shoreline made me feel that I was actually A book with mystery, fantasy, magical happenings who can resist all that Ireland has always drawn me with it s beautiful scenery, myths, fables and legends It s one country I ve a [...]

  10. Jeffrey M. Paine

    Irish Folklore woven in style I have read 1 and 2 of the series in 4 days It made me want to google Irish Folklore I have had a wonderful vacation in Ireland as well as growing up in family stories 3 of Seal Island Trilogy is downloading tonight What can I say I need to escape to the Emerald Isle.

  11. Laura Greenwood

    Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveI received a copy of The Selkie Enchantress in exchange for my review Caitlin is finally getting her first date with Liam, hoping that seeing his brother settle down with Tara has caused him to settle But just as he s about to arrive he falls from the boat he s on Rescued by Nuala, a mysterious woman arriving on the island with her son and seems to be stealing Liam s attention away from Caitlin After his fall, Liam is unable to remember certai [...]

  12. Nucking Futs the Fire Fairy Book-a-holic

    The Selkie Enchantress is the second book of The Seal Island Trilogy and features Caitlin and Liam Caitlin is Dominic s of Book One best friend and Liam is his brother who works as a professor on the mainland Unknown to others, Cait and Liam had a romantic past but because Caitlin was too young, she made bad decisions which resulted to heartbreaks They ve been friends after that but on the day of Tara and Dominic s wedding, they became lovers again After months of constant communication, Liam ha [...]

  13. Sorcha O"Dowd

    Sometimes there is nothing better than losing yourself in a great fantasy story But what I love even is stories where the fantasy elements are neatly entwined with everyday life making the story both realistic and relatable to readers, giving you the perfect balance of the unknown and the everyday struggles we face The Selkie Enchantress embodies all of this, and is quite simply a brilliant and beautifully written story which leaves you feeling content long after you have turned the last page.S [...]

  14. Michelle Randall

    Reviewed for Readers Favorite.Caitlin has loved Liam since they were kids, but the timing has never been right for them Finally, things looked to be turning their way at Tara and Dominick s wedding Tonight was to be their first official date, she made a special dinner and wore a dress, but he was late Where could he be Liam rode the ferry home carrying a bouquet of yellow roses for Caitlin thinking about tonight when the woman on the ferry started talking to him As they approached the docks, Lia [...]

  15. Lilmissmolly

    The Selkie Enchantress by Sophie Moss is a wonderful follow up to the first book in the Seal Island Trilogy, The Selkie Spell The story centers on Caitlin and Liam, who are Dominic s the bar owner in Selkie Spell best friend and his brother who works in Galway as a professor As the story unravels, we learn that Caitlin and Liam were romantic as teenagers While they remained friends over the years, they rekindled their romance starting on Tara and Dominic s wedding day After months of long into t [...]

  16. PixelBun

    Still a decent read, but characters feel a bit clumsy here and there A nice follow up to book 1, again with the Ireland based romance Irish folklore a strong dose of Hans Christian Anderson fantasy.Whilst the plot, grammar, writing are as good as the first book, I had to take off 1 star because I felt most of the characters had quite a strong dose of sheer bullheadedness to the point of stupidity No one wanted to communicate, and practically most if not all of the problems that happened in the b [...]

  17. Marissa Ames

    The Selkie Enchantress takes off about 3 months after The Selkie Spell ends, with Dominic s brother Liam, and his best friend Caitlin as protagonists Again, Sophie Moss writes satisfying romance While her first book used a very real problem of domestic violence with a bit of magic tied into the plot, The Selkie Enchantress goes all out with fantasy and magic One thing I will say again and again about Ms Moss writing style I LOVE how she doesn t bend down to tactics used in other romance novels, [...]

  18. Kevin Hammond

    The story is getting better as it progresses The first book was pretty good but the second picks up with drama, some very interesting character twists, and a charming ending to look forward to.It seems that the first book could have been the end of the story altogether and that would have been fine but I am glad that she decided to continue with it there were background characters who have really been opened up in the second book and they become so very important to the plot as a whole As thing [...]

  19. Bekah Shambrook

    To read the full review for The Selkie Enchantress, visit Adofaer Arkhdrauth after the 19th February 2013 The Selkie Enchantress tells the intriguing story of Caitlin, a character who was part of the enchanting sub plot in The Selkie Spell This book explores deep, dark secrets Secrets that didn t want to be found.The Selkie EnchantressIn the first book the magic was kept very subtle, this book involves a lot myth and magic Despite this, the story is still very real and nothing seems forced Moss [...]

  20. Natalie Gibson

    Caitlin and Liam have a long and secret history She is emotionally bound to the island where they both grew up, an island packed with magic and mystery Just when she thinks she might get what she s always wanted, a real life with her Irish folklore professor, he seems to forget all but their most distant history Liam comes back to start a serious relationship with Caitlin and share a wonderful new myth he s discovered with her but meets Nuala on the boat out to the island Her beauty and charm li [...]

  21. Jenn

    This is the second book, although the story flows from the first.Its another brilliant read, its packed full, and so fascinating, i loved everything about it, the story, the characters how they intertwine with each other, and the Irish folklore, even though this is a story of fiction some of the Irish folklore is believed by Irish folk and sung about It seems that the story is leading to something, the whole story isnt told, that there is to come, the book draws you into its pages, enthralls an [...]

  22. JudyAnn

    Fantasy Maybe not Travel with modern dwellers of an obscure island on the coast of Ireland through a labyrinth of myth and fable Or is this reality Are those stories as real as they seem Selkies and mermaids are part of Sophie Moss s stories and you expect to meet either one on the street Tender romance and friendship flow through the pleasure read Ms Moss offers plot twists and description in detail that will give readers a picture of the myth reality which maintains a few ribbons of unanswered [...]

  23. Meg

    Having read and loved the Selkie Spell, I was full of anticipation when the Selkie Enchantress was released I wasn t disappointed It has all the hallmarks of Sophie s unique style gripping suspense full of twists and turns, lush sensuality and subtle magic woven throughout every sentence.Liam is on the ferry to the tiny Irish island of his birth, looking forward to reuniting with Caitlin, the woman that he loves, when a chance encounter with a mysterious and beautiful woman changes all his plans [...]

  24. Lori

    The meaning behind a single white rose, whose petals freeze and fall will draw you into the next book in the Seal Island trilogy, The Selkie Enchantress, which is even enthralling than the first This book follows the love story of Liam, the brother of Tara s husband, Dominic, and an Irish folklore professor, and Caitlin, Tara and Dominic s friend The plot is full of action and magic, as Nuala, the white selkie in human form, tries to tear Liam and Caitlin asunder for her own purposes Plot twist [...]

  25. Heather

    Sophie Moss has done it again This is definitely one of those books that I was willing to give up real life things to read.She s written a fantastic book set with romance, suspense, and folklore.I enjoyed this book much than The Selkie Spell and I loved that one, lol I felt this one had suspense to it, and the pacing was a lot faster.I loved Caitlin and Glenna They were my two favourite characters in this book I also had a soft spot for little Owen who I felt I wanted to protect.I fell in love [...]

  26. Mandy Jones

    Sophie Moss continues in this second installment of the Selkie Legend to keep us entertained and unable to put the book down Caitlin Conner must overcome the legend and spell in order to get the love of her life Liam O Sullivan back where he belongs, with her Sophie does a wonderful job of making you believe in legends, the magic of Ireland, of good over coming evil, and most of all believing in love This second book held me captivated even than the first book did I couldn t put it down I can t [...]

  27. Tonya Hodgson

    I don t like to write reviews, even though I like to read them This story was difficult to decide if I wanted to give it 4 or 5 stars I opted for 4 but I reserve the right to change it to 5 at some time in the future.I picked up this book after stumbling upon the first book on sale at Audible I enjoyed the first book and I liked the narrator s voice a lot It really did feel like someone was telling me a fairytale I went to purchase the second book on Audible and found it wasn t available boo.I e [...]

  28. Sonny

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Selkie Spell and looked forward to the second book located on Seal Island The story has interesting twists and turns I was surprised by my feeling sympathy for Nuana toward the end She became an antihero and I hope Moss ties up the loose ends about this character in the third installment Some grammatical errors and inconsistency about whether it were raining or just misting Moss emphasized the folklore in this book than in the first I preferred in the first book the sub [...]

  29. Judy

    My Review Sophie Moss does it again the second book of this trilogy is as good or better than the first Often the reader is let down in the second book but not this time When a stranger and her young son come to the island for a getaway the islanders have no idea that their lives are about to be turned upside down again by a old legend This time white roses blooming in winter add the creepy factor Add another color of rose that I will never look at the same way This book again sets a great stand [...]

  30. Lisa Shambrook

    I read this immediately after The Selkie Spell and it didn t let me down This book is another gorgeous tale of myth and legend, brought into the modern world.We learn Caitlin s story in this book, and I was quickly taken by the warmth of her character, a young woman who doubts herself, and I was absorbed This book follows a mysterious woman who takes refuge on Seal Island and turns Caitlin s life upside down.Again the author s imagery is just sheer beauty, and her use of roses throughout the boo [...]

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