A Month in the Country: A Comedy in Five Acts (2020)

A Month in the Country: A Comedy in Five Acts Ivan Turgenev Isaiah Berlin A Month in the Country A Comedy in Five Acts
  • Title: A Month in the Country: A Comedy in Five Acts
  • Author: Ivan Turgenev Isaiah Berlin
  • ISBN: 9780140444360
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
A Month in the Country: A Comedy in Five Acts Ivan Turgenev Isaiah Berlin 184 , , .
A Month in the Country: A Comedy in Five Acts Ivan Turgenev Isaiah Berlin

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    429 Ivan Turgenev Isaiah Berlin
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One thought on “A Month in the Country: A Comedy in Five Acts

  1. Terence M

    In my late teens early twenties I was very involved in amateur theatre, performing with a number of theatre groups and eventually being intimately involved in the establishment of what became, in the early 1960 s, Melbourne s largest and most progressive amateur theatre group, with our own, dedicated theatre premises in the heart of the city We presented A Month in the Country , staging five performances a week for, I think, a six weeks season I played the role of Belyaev, the new tutor to Natal [...]

  2. Simon Mcleish

    Originally published on my blog here in February 2001.One of the most important plays of the nineteenth century, A Month in the Country is a precursor of the work of Chekhov, and brings to the theatre the psychological interests of Turgenev s novels which also influenced the writers who followed him Surprisingly, Turgenev had little confidence in the play, and certainly didn t expect it to be staged He was modest about his writing in general, and meekly accepted the verdict of literary friends t [...]

  3. Fran

    Reading a play text, especially one you ve never seen acted, is never really going to work that well But, having seen Birmingham Royal Ballet perform a one act ballet based on this last month, I was intrigued I thought it d be interesting to read it so I could fully appreciate what aspects of the play had been drawn on to make the ballet The ballet was created in 1976, with music by Chopin and choreography by Sir Frederick Ashton, and is simply divine The play is quite different Where the ballet [...]

  4. Chet Herbert

    Rakitin To be bored by friends is a terrible thing you don t feel embarrassed, there s no constraint, you love them, you have nothing to be cross about, and yet boredom gnaws at you and your heart aches idiotically, as if from hunger Natalya Petrovna You are often bored with your friends, I see Rakitin As if you didn t know what it is to be in the presence of someone you love and yet who bores you stiff Rakitin By the way, Aleksei Nikolaich, perhaps you still imagine that love is the greatest b [...]

  5. Paul Gaya Ochieng Simeon Juma

    Tugenev is always compared to Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Checkhov Among them, it has been concluded that he was the only sane writer of the time Fathers and Sons was tbe first Turvenev Novel I read This play is totally different from thst book Before I tell you what the play is about, let me first say that I enjoyed it so much I kept thinking of War and Peace It captures tbe human mind and heart in a very wise way The book is about a woman who loves two gentlemen at the same time Natalya, is in lov [...]

  6. Kyc

    Precursor to the theatrical works of Chekhov, this is perhaps Turgenev s finest drama It s a tragicomedy which explores in microcosm Turgenev s most prevalent theme that of unrequited love Interesting characters a lovelorn heiress her middle aged admirer the author s alter ego the young, prepossessing male tutor and the teenage ward.

  7. Leandro Apostol

    Evokes many of the themes in Turgenev s major novels generational nostalgia and divide, the tragedy of the superfluous man, the strong young woman falling in love with an idealistic young man, and the older generation looking on As a play, there is little room for an objective narrator or effusive social criticism, as the characters and their tragedies speak for themselves Yet it is novelistic and prosaic compared to the later standards set by Chekhov if the story was stripped only of the descr [...]

  8. Keith

    A Month in the Country it sounds like a holiday, a wistful summer escape, yet there is a darkness and a depth that belies the title It is a story of love love unrequited, unexpected, unwanted, unnerving, unraveling, undone love in all its strange and unexpected weirdness It is a play acknowledged widely as one of the first psychological plays there is little action other than the unfolding of each character s psyche It is certainly a precursor of Chekhov and even Ibsen, though it lacks the darkn [...]

  9. Ken

    Turgenev s play a Comedy in Five Acts lays bare the absurdities of the human condition via a roundelay of unrequited love among the many characters at a Russian estate well outside Moscow in the 1840s A revival of this play, which Barbara and I saw last night with friends, is currently being staged at our local Classic Stage Co in the East Village, featuring Peter Dinklage as Rakitin, Taylor Schilling as Natalya, and Anthony Edwards as Arkady It s in previews and probably still needs some fine t [...]

  10. Mel

    I went and saw the National Theatre s production of their version of this, Three days in the country, and thoroughly enjoyed it I decided to read this translation as I wanted to see what was cut and changed, the answer was not much The doctor s would be fianc e wasn t drinking, there was European languages, the Doctor wasn t as comedic or likeable, but on the whole it was very much the same It is great when you can see a play from another country and another century and the characters still rin [...]

  11. Karen S

    Wanted to read it b c it is the basis for a ballet staged by one of my favorite dancers Found the variations of Russian names a little confusing and switching back and forth to my cheat sheet made it feel choppy, not the lyrical feeling of the ballet One has to believe a lot of the givens that this person loves that one, for example, because the words didn t convey as much to me as an actual play would have Glad I read it likely to recommend the ballet, tho.

  12. Luke

    Everybody falls in love, except with their spouses well, one woman, at least, is an adultress in thought, if not in deed the Doctor s a ladies man, and everyone acts honourably Funny, but the plot creates tension that doesn t climax, but is relieved prematurely.

  13. Vojtěch

    Zaj mav rusk drama pln milostn ch zvrat , kter je ve skute nosti jeden velk Ze za tku nic moc, ale pak to nabralo obr tky a l bilo se mi to.

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