Everybody Says Hello (2020)

Everybody Says Hello Michael Kun Everybody Says Hello Fiction Sid Straw the author of the correspondence that forms EVERYBODY SAYS HELLO isn t Everyman but he is someone everyone knows He tries just a little too hard says just a little too much and
  • Title: Everybody Says Hello
  • Author: Michael Kun
  • ISBN: 9781604890877
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
Everybody Says Hello Michael Kun Fiction Sid Straw, the author of the correspondence that forms EVERYBODY SAYS HELLO, isn t Everyman, but he is someone everyone knows He tries just a little too hard, says just a little too much, and that extra effort and those extra words are often his undoing If only Sid could get out of his own way, his life would be wonderful While Sid Straw may frustrate you at tiFiction Sid Straw, the author of the correspondence that forms EVERYBODY SAYS HELLO, isn t Everyman, but he is someone everyone knows He tries just a little too hard, says just a little too much, and that extra effort and those extra words are often his undoing If only Sid could get out of his own way, his life would be wonderful While Sid Straw may frustrate you at times, you ll end up rooting for him the same way you root for your own equally imperfect friends Take a letter Michael Kun, the master of contemporary belly laugh lettres, is at it again with another collection of comedic correspondence, this time from the pen of one sad sack Sid Straw who gets less respect than Rodney Dangerfield, but never gets his Enthusiasm Curbed, no matter what life dishes out Kun doesn t rhyme with fun, but it should Mark Dunn
Everybody Says Hello Michael Kun

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One thought on “Everybody Says Hello

  1. Camilla

    In my world this is a sequel to The Locklear Letters in which we first meet Mr Sid StrawIt s not listed as a series though, and I can t find anything about it being a sequel on the authors website either, so I m unsure, because it can definitely be read as a stand alone book, but trust me Trust me please just trust me on this you will miss out on so much awesomeness if you haven t read The Locklear LettersSo if you haven t read The Locklear Letters and you re here reading this review Well What a [...]

  2. Kristopher

    This is an excellent book The book follows Sid Straw and his misadventures as he moves from Balti to LA in order to take on a new job But it only follows Sid by showing us the one sided correspondence that he has with the various people in his life including Heather Locklear, yes that Heather Locklear Sid s life is comically difficult, and Kun expresses Sid s seemingly misguided optimism perfectly The whole story reads like my unchecked inner monologue as if Sid is actually writing all of those [...]

  3. KatherineRivera

    Let me start by saying I ve never read anything like it, Everybody Says Hello was a quick read that had me on an emotional roller coaster I laughed out loud while at work I felt sad for all the things that Sid just couldn t get right, no matter how hard he tried I experienced such a range of emotions that I couldn t help but to enjoy this book.Throughout the story, we follow Sid Straw on his journey while he is relocating from Balti to Los Angeles for a job opportunity with Velocity Computers Ev [...]

  4. Dannielle Lagrone

    I absolutely loved reading this book I couldn t put it down, even when my brain was tired and I knew I needed rest I was grinning the entire time while I read it and pretty sure I had people thinking that I was going insane from just randomly laughing as I read this Wonderful, wonderful book.

  5. Sean Ferguson

    Sid Straw isn t just anyone Everybody Says Hello is now the second book that he s been featured in, the first of which was The Locklear Letters, a novel comprised of letters to various recipients including Hollywood Starlet Heather Locklear Everybody Says Hello picks up a few years later with Sid while he s moving across the country from the East Coast to Los Angeles where he is supposed to begin working for a computer company The move is important for him personally as he begins his new life, l [...]

  6. Johanna

    My initial reaction to this book Wtf Certainly unlike any book I ve ever read before, but so funny and absolutely captivating that I was soon won over Who says a book can t be made up of one sided correspondences Not Michael Kun, and I m inclined to agree with him Great book I have received this book for free through First Reads.

  7. Theresa

    Another great Sid Straw adventure Once again Sid Straw puts his foot or his pencil in this case in it This is a fun, fast paced read with laugh out loud moments.

  8. Lilian

    Michael Kun s Everybody Says Hello is a wonderful, funny epistolary it means consisting of letters, I looked it up a minute ago novel We deduce Sid Straw s adventures through his writing to his family, friends, co workers, Heather Locklear, Obama, a black cop, and transvestite he met online Everbody Says Hello is a perfect light read, and it was just a whole lot of fun if not tummy hurting hilarious.Why I Wanted To Read It I was feeling hipster and wanted to read something that nobody heard abou [...]

  9. Jason Donnelly

    When someone I know asks me for a book recommendation, I usually throw out The Locklear Letters, by Michael Kun It s one of the funniest books I ve ever read and if the person asking me isn t a big reader, it s an easy novel to get through That being said, I now have two books in the funny area to share with friends Michael has a follow up novel that brings Sid Straw back to the page Everybody Says Hello is written in the same format as The Locklear Letters letters from our main character, Sid S [...]

  10. Lucy Hannigan

    This is such a quick, easy read It s a series of postcards and letters that he sends to a variety of people and as we read them, we know exactly what is going on in his life Oh, it also includes a few articles he wrote for publication as a college student and another that he s hoping will be bought by a major magazine for publication He s a 40 something single guy just coming off a major break up and heading to CA to start a new job As someone has said, he could have a good life, if he d just ge [...]

  11. Shantria

    This book is hilarious Seriously This is an epistolary novel, written through one sided correspondences by Sid Straw through his many misadventures as he relocates to California to land a new job as a computer salesman Sid s an annoying yet highly likable character reminds me of one of my favorite actors comedians, Will Ferrell This is my first Michael Kun novel read, apparently I ve been missing out I have added You Poor Monster and definitely The Locklear Letters to my to read list can t get e [...]

  12. Jennifer

    Wow This book was very good I look forward to the letters in other books, and since book was all letters I loved it Ive never read anything like it This book is about a guy named Sid Straw who is very quirky and unique He runs into lots of problems in the beginning, but I was glad everything worked out for him He was a very funny character and I enjoyed reading from the letters I received this book in a giveaway, but will buy the other books this author wrote since I enjoyed this so much I would [...]

  13. Lou

    Funny, funny and funny One of my favorite writers chimes in with a book that I read on a Saturday and began recommending on a Sunday It s a follow up to his The Locklear Letters which I also highly recommend.The Locklear Letters

  14. Richard

    This is a completely lovely read Touching, funny and beautifully structured A sequel to The Locklear Letters, it is the ultimate revenge of the nerds in book form I had to wait while my BF finished reading it laughing out loud the whole time I laughed out loud too

  15. Jorgi Mccarren

    If you are looking for an uplifting funny book that can be finished in one sitting this is the book for you.

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