Lord of Fire and Ice (2020)

Lord of Fire and Ice Connie Mason Mia Marlowe Lord of Fire and Ice His Duty is to Fulfill Her Every DesireBrandr the Far Traveled has seen the world and a good many of the beautiful women in it His bed skills are the stuff of steamy legend his sword sings death and
  • Title: Lord of Fire and Ice
  • Author: Connie Mason Mia Marlowe
  • ISBN: 9781402261855
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Lord of Fire and Ice Connie Mason Mia Marlowe His Duty is to Fulfill Her Every DesireBrandr the Far Traveled has seen the world and a good many of the beautiful women in it His bed skills are the stuff of steamy legend, his sword sings death, and he can call up fire from thin air No one in a hundred years ever thought he could be enslaved through trickery and forced to wear the iron collar of a thrall least of aHis Duty is to Fulfill Her Every DesireBrandr the Far Traveled has seen the world and a good many of the beautiful women in it His bed skills are the stuff of steamy legend, his sword sings death, and he can call up fire from thin air No one in a hundred years ever thought he could be enslaved through trickery and forced to wear the iron collar of a thrall least of all him.Until All She Desires is HimKatla the Black isn t just called so for her dark, silky hair His new mistress has a temper as fierce as a warrior s and a heart as icy as the frozen North But inch by delicious inch, Brandr means to make her melt
Lord of Fire and Ice Connie Mason Mia Marlowe

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    275 Connie Mason Mia Marlowe
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One thought on “Lord of Fire and Ice

  1. Kathleen

    Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceLord of Fire and Ice by Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe Official blurb from Mia Marlowe s website His duty is to fulfill her every desireBrandr the Far Traveled has seen the world and a good many of the beautiful women in it His bed skills are the stuff of steamy legend, his sword sings death, and he can call up fire from thin air No one ever thought he could be enslaved through trickery and forced to wear the iron collar of a thrall least of all him.Until all [...]

  2. Stella

    I agreed to review Lord of Fire and Ice as some sort of personal challenge You see, despite several attempts I haven t found a Norse Viking historical romance I enjoyed, so I was curious to see how Lord of Fire and Ice would fare But when my fellow blogger friends saw the dated and uninspiring cover and read the cheesy blurb they teased me that it would be an awful read Well big surprise but Lord of Fire and Ice was a very good read, one I enjoyed a lot Which is doubly surprising considering my [...]

  3. Heather Book Savvy Babe

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review at Book Savvy Babe Blog Okay, have you ever had the experience where you read a book blurb, you see the author, and you think wow, this sounds like a great read for me But then, you start reading the book, and it s not quite what you were expecting Well, this is what happened to me with Lord of Fire and Ice.The premise and the plot behind Lord of Fire and Ice is promising, a high ranking man is tricked into becoming a slave to a bitter woman, [...]

  4. Janet Robel

    I loved this book It reminded me of the historical romances that Johanna Lindsey used to write when I first started reading romances I guess it was just what I needed for a change in my reading material.

  5. Amanda

    I love Vikings I mean who doesn t they are fierce, tall, proud and so deliciously arrogant They command, you go, you might not be happy while they are ordering you there, but your happy with the end results wink wink They also tend to be the fiercest of warriors, feared by all So when I saw this title on Netgalley and our hero was not only a Viking but a fire wielder as well, I was SOLD I have a fire wielder addiction, I think it s because I m a fire sign, we tend to like fire lol Wrap it up I m [...]

  6. Lisa Jo

    LORD OF FIRE AND ICE is a superb historical romance with charming and fun paranormal twists Marvelous writing from the fabulous duo of Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe will prove that Vikings have never looked this good Brandr, son of Ulf, is returning home after five years as a Varangian Guard for the Byzantine Emperor This future jarl and fire wielder has experienced his fair share of war and seducing beautiful women His skills in the pursuit of both passions is legendary and usually leads him int [...]

  7. Sandy M

    I have to say that I m enjoying this collaboration between the old and new guard of historical romance that Sourcebooks has brought about The characters and storylines so far born of this joining are intriguing and fun The snatches of humor balance out the evilness of the times and how these characters had to live day to day They took life as it came to them, lived it the best they could, and hopefully survived to live happily ever after Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe put all that together into st [...]

  8. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

    Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspAfter five years away from home, serving as a Varangian Guard for the Byzantine emperor, Brandr, son of Ulf has finally reached his beloved Hardanger Fjord As the son of the current jarl, a strong warrior and fire mage in his own right, he is nonetheless captured, stripped and, wearing the collar of a thrall, or slave, is presented thus to Katla, head of a farmstead and all of its surrounding people Katla s brothers captured Brandr as retribution for his [...]

  9. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Kimber s review posted on Guilty PleasuresLord of Fire and Ice is a wonderfully well written, sensual historic novel with adventure and excitement I love being pulled into a story, especially when it involves a hot Viking warrior who stops at nothing to win the heart of a woman everyone deems icy I felt as if I was taken back in time and easily pictured myself on a ship viewing the breath taking scenery while I watched the story unfold right in front of my eyes.The story begins with Brandr blowi [...]

  10. Lynsey (A Bookish Life)

    This is my second time reading from this combination of authors, Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe The first experience was with a Highlander Scottish romance, which I have a wee soft spot for, and it was really good This time it s Vikings A subject matter I have never sampled before, with the addition of some magic fantasy elements.The romance was very compelling but I admit to a certain amount of leeriness over the fact that Brandr was taken as a thrall slave by the heroine I knew that before going [...]

  11. Kati

    original review posted at Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance A fire mage turned thrall and a woman bent on revenge come together in a fiery explosion of attraction, lust and eventually love Isn t that how most stories go At least the attraction, lust and love part.Brandr the Far Traveled let his manhood lead him into slavery Yup A lovely looking woman, some drugged wine and bam he s been collared The son of a nobleman has been made a slave And the kicker He s the slave to the woman whose hu [...]

  12. Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥

    You can read this review and at Forever Book Lover I received this ARC from netGalley in exchange for an honest review Wow, my first viking book Very steamy and sensual Who knew that these warriors could be passionate and romantic heros Brandr was a warrior with the ability to conjur up fire, until he was poisoned and capture and an iron collar was place upon his neck.Katla was a strong minded warrior of her own, she is a widow, responsible for her farmstead and the people that live within it K [...]

  13. Romancing the Book

    Posted on Romancing the Book s blogReviewed by CrystalReview Copy Provided by NetgalleyLord of Fire and Ice was a story that was told by two great women coming together and words just exploding off the page.In a way, I believe Brandr gets whats coming to him He had been warned to not be ruled with what was between his legs, it could be his downfall To think such a man could fall because of trickery from such young men I liked his spirit He went along with things as long as it didn t go against h [...]

  14. Lillie

    I didn t like this book The concept was promising but the execution made it flat and unrealistic Not once was I sucked into the story nor did I feel anything for the characters.Katla was a class A bitch She was bratty and selfish the whole time and aside from learning a few, small, lessons she didn t really grow much as a character She treated EVERYONE terribly because her husband wasn t that great but then people taking out their anger on others never really makes sense to me , she was concern [...]

  15. Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book)

    I love to read historical romance s, especially when we have a feisty heroine and a sexy, manly hero So That s The Great And Mighty Brandr , A grumbling voice said from somewhere above him.And that s how we first meet Brandr the Far Traveled, unconscious,tied up, naked and fitted with an iron thrall s collar around his neck.He is delivered to Katla The Black as a slave to do her bidding, at first hesitant it isn t until she discovers who he is and that his father Ulf was responsible for the deat [...]

  16. Terra

    After having read several books by these authors I was a bit disappointed in this one I found it just a bit slow even though it did have a nice story line.Katla the Black is a widow and the leader of her people Since her husband died she is not in any hurry to look for another since she would lose all everything she has worked so hard for A dark haired beauty who is respected by her people for her wisdom and fair justice while keeping them all safe and sound, well feed and hard working But now h [...]

  17. Sharon

    After reading the blurb I thought that despite the old school romance cover, it would be a paranormal romance I would enjoy Who wouldn t like a Viking Warrior that can wield fire magic What I got was a quasi historical romance with very little paranormal ness The hero Brendr, who is very sexy, hides his ability to control fire for pretty much the whole book There are only a handful of pages where he uses magic There isn t even an explanation for why or how he could use fire The authors took the [...]

  18. Tina

    This is the first book I ve read that was co written by Mia Marlowe and Connie Mason, and I really enjoyed the story They write together extremely well, I cannot tell which parts were written by either author It kept my interest so well that I cannot wait to read another co written story by these joint authors.Brandr the Far Traveled has been to many places in the world and has had his fair share of women But never in his life would he expect to be tricked into anything that would cause him to w [...]

  19. Quiana

    My love for historical romances is what initially attracted me to this book The fact that the hero was able to conjure fire was an added bonus The combination of historical and paranormal made for an interesting, entertaining and enjoyable read Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe did a fantastic job of creating a world filled with action, adventure, danger and lots of romance Once I started this book, I had difficulty putting it down.I enjoyed getting to know Katla and Brandr, who were both memorable a [...]

  20. Proserpine

    I really enjoyed Sins of the Highlander by the same authors so I was why not try this one At first the cover didn t really blow my mind and my first reaction wasn t to go get this book and buy it right away I won this book on another book blog and took my time before starting it Well this story totally surprised me I was drowning into the plot right away The characters are funny and the story is well built I loved Katla s strong personality and Brandr was a great seducer and left me wanting The [...]

  21. Laurie Evans

    I really enjoyed this steamy historical The love scenes with Brandr and Katla are nice and steamy I thought it was interesting to read about a man enslaved by a woman, and the Norse people and their mythology I liked the touch of paranormal in this book Normally, I don t go for paranormal stories, but this included just a touch of Brandr s ability to make and control fires The setting descriptions were very realistic, I could picture the ships, the longhouse, and the bath house The action flowed [...]

  22. Vanessa Booke

    Connie Mason s Lord of Fire and Ice was an entertaining read filled with plenty of steamy scenes I am new to the Connie Mason scene, but I really enjoyed this particular story Vikings are my favorite Brandr wasn t really your stereotypical viking and I thought it was great that Mason kind of steered clear of that, but fear not, he did have some great viking qualities that readers definitely crave for in a love interest The chemistry between Katla and Brandr was fantastic and almost seemed instan [...]

  23. Belinda

    I read this book and was entertained by a sexy viking man Brandr the Far Traveled was captured by men and made a thrall because of retribution for killing their leader during a battle He was delivered to the leader s widow named Katla the Black She made Brandr wear a slave collar to identify him Katla didn t expect the beautiful, naked man to get under her skin Brandr did what he was told even bedding his mistress in the bargain As they got to know each other, Brandr being a man of honor, didn t [...]

  24. Christine

    I would give the is 3.5 stars if that was possible, because it missed a 4 by a fraction I really liked the references to Viking life After watching Vikings on the History channel, I found that I understood it than I might have The romance was fun and enjoyable, tense and exciting The Fire Mage addition was little used for most of the book and seemed like a add on The book could have been done well without that detail at all Then the ending seemed rushed.

  25. ~Leslie~

    Actually somewhere between 3.5 and 4.0 stars Much better than I expected from the cheesy cover More historical romance and less paranormal Strong female character, sexy Viking warrior, intriguing premise, easy to read action The only thing that keeps it from being a stronger read is that it doesn t quite know what it is But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  26. Kendra

    Fun fast read with Vikings and a bit of magic Made me think of The Thirteenth Warrior with the Old Ones being referenced.

  27. Alisha

    For me it was hard to get into, but once I made it past the first part I was good It wasn t that the writing was bad it was just I am not used to reading Viking books

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