A Howl in the Night (2020)

A Howl in the Night J.K. Brandon A Howl in the Night None
  • Title: A Howl in the Night
  • Author: J.K. Brandon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Howl in the Night J.K. Brandon None
A Howl in the Night J.K. Brandon

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    353 J.K. Brandon
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One thought on “A Howl in the Night

  1. Angela Oliver

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It hooked me in from the start, and kept me entertained and guessing, all the way to the end I even laughed out loud at some of the jokes loving the doggish slang The language is perfect for the narrator a little ruff around the edges His voice was perfect, and felt very true to his breed, and species The characters were great, and behaved in a manner that was almost entirely believable In this sort of novel, it s usually cats that solve the mysteries It s nice to [...]

  2. Trisha

    One of the free Kindle books identified by Ereader News Today that looked interesting.Everything was from the dogs perspective which was mostly interesting Love the way they thought through things The flashbacks to his earlier life were interesting and did play into how he became as he was The actual solving of the murder seemed like a rather small part of the storyline but I enjoyed all the detours enough that I didn t mind it I absolutely love how they actually solved the murder and were able [...]

  3. Jill Bonham

    I thought it would be fun to read this book along with my 11year old daughter who was reading the Jr version of the same book I ended up having mixed feelings about it It started out great It was really fun reading from the dogs point of view The dogs had great personalities and I liked how they could talk to each other However, I was bothered by some of the content There is some pretty graphic violence between dogs that didn t seem necessary to the story line There was also a lot of talk about [...]

  4. Tania

    It s not like we don t know our dogs are secretly ruling us, but J.K Brandon is here to show us just how sneaky they can be Adoptive brother Black Labs Taser and Meatloaf care for their latest human, Robert He s kind to them, remembers to feed them, and takes them to the park where there are plenty of other dogs to associate with After some of the humans they ve had, this is a pretty good setup for both of them When a neighbor s human is found dead, however, Taser gets it in his head that his ow [...]

  5. Pauline Tilbe

    I had this book on my Kindle for a short while before actually reading it If I had known what a treasure it was, I would have read it sooner Told by a black Lab rescue dog, this mystery will entertain you thoroughly Taser and Meatloaf have it made until their routine is disrupted by crime in their neighborhood Taser s curiosity is tweaked by the mystery but it s the fear of losing his human that propels him into danger while trying to solve the mystery and save his home Stories told from a dog s [...]

  6. Mercedes

    I loved this book I ve read a Chet and Bernie book as well as a Rayne Stockton spelling book I didn t like either of those like I liked this book.Taser and Meatloaf are just plain funny and the story kept me reading late late into the next morning All the other dogs in the pack were awesome too I think this is a delightful read and I didn t see the killer reveal coming There were a couple scenes that made my heart go out when life wasn t all peaches and cream for Taser or Meatloaf I m glad this [...]

  7. Marti

    Through the first half or so of this book, I found myself getting sleepy I m still recovering from cancer treatment but still this sleepiness while reading mostly happens to me now when I m bored The 3 stars instead of fewer is because the story line picked up fairly well in the second half This is the story of a murder as investigated by a group of dogs in an upscale Phoenix neighborhood The main character, Taser, gets interesting in the second half as well As with most of the free downloads, [...]

  8. Jeanne Miller

    I ve read the entire Howl series and I just can t get enough of these wonderful dogs, there friends in the neighborhood, even a few unexpected friends in the desert for the first few books.The two main dogs personalities are so very different, but they play off each other wonderfully When I read these books, I got lost into a very interesting world of crime solving Labs It s nice to read animal books where the pets are the main focal point and the humans are in the background I love animal myst [...]

  9. K

    The whole time I m reading this book I kept thinking, if it weren t for all the talk about mounting and stuff, it could very easily be a kids book Then I discover on the last page that there is a PG version of the book for kids Here s what I think the author should have stuck with the PG version for kids and then I wouldn t have been lured into reading it I didn t hate it, but I didn t particularly like it either Plus, the typos in the Kindle version of the book were numerous, which always aggra [...]

  10. Terri

    Taser and Meatloaf are black labs And their neighbor has been murdered Fearing their people are going to move away and leave them at the pound, Taser convinces the neighbor dogs to try and solve the crime It is fun telling the story from the POV of Taser and figure out in dog ways how to overcome obstacles to their investigations Also to see the humans from their point of view And their big reveal scene ala Miss Marple was a hoot totally enjoyed the story.

  11. Christine

    This book was not really what I expected at all Overall the story line was okay, and there were some parts that I did enjoy such as the ending , but the way the dogs talked I found rather hokey I could have risen it up to two stars if the story had been edited at all There were constant grammar errors throughout the story, and even the main character s names were misspelled than once I really would not recommend this book unless you get it for free and have some time to kill.

  12. Kristy McRae

    This was a fun mystery, with a very cool canine narrator I enjoyed all the dog characters, and their solving of the mystery I read this one on my Kindle, and I do have to say that the spelling grammar errors got in the way of my enjoyment a bit But I d definitely check out with these characters the plot was well developed, and the story line was entertaining.

  13. Virginia

    Different, thats the best way to describe it I was confused as to what age group this was meant for, until the end where it states that there is a PG version I think maybe I should have read that one as I just found it strange that the dogs were talking about mounters and mountees A lot.

  14. Beatrice

    I very much enjoyed this story The pacing is very good, and if the d nouement was somewhat predictable, I spent a lot of time wondering how the dogs were going to solve the mystery in a way that the humans would be able to understand.

  15. Michelle

    A mystery from the POV of a black lab named Taser and his buddy, Meatloaf Cute and fairly interesting mystery, but since this is an e book, it was hindered by horrible editing and typography issues Cute and simple, but I m glad I didn t pay a lot for it.

  16. Sue

    Awesome book J.K Brandon did an excellent job telling the story through a dogs eyes Well written, comical, quick read I highly recommend this book.

  17. TimeyWimeyBooks

    It s a light, fun read I like seeing everything through a dog s POV It is a murder mystery to solve, but it isn t really overly violent or grusome.

  18. Jennifer James

    This is a book for dog lovers I laughed out loud on several occasions Looking forward to the next book.

  19. Sue

    A fun read very cute and funny murder mystery that s gone to the dogs I will be reading from this author.

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