Hell to Pay (2020)

Hell to Pay Matthew Hughes Hell to Pay Meet Chesney Arnstruther Once a mild mannered insurance actuary now a full time crime fighting superhero it s all he can do to kick bad guy ass while at the same time holding down a steady relations
  • Title: Hell to Pay
  • Author: Matthew Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780857661647
  • Page: 322
  • Format: ebook
Hell to Pay Matthew Hughes Meet Chesney Arnstruther Once a mild mannered insurance actuary, now a full time crime fighting superhero, it s all he can do to kick bad guy ass while at the same time holding down a steady relationship with the gorgeous Melda Something is going on.Meet Xaphan, wise cracking demon and the source of almost all of Chesney s powers He s been asked by his infernal masterMeet Chesney Arnstruther Once a mild mannered insurance actuary, now a full time crime fighting superhero, it s all he can do to kick bad guy ass while at the same time holding down a steady relationship with the gorgeous Melda Something is going on.Meet Xaphan, wise cracking demon and the source of almost all of Chesney s powers He s been asked by his infernal master to give Chesney whatever he needs but surely stopping bad guys is not in Hell s plan Something is definitely going on.Meet Arthur Wrigley, a modest yet charming older gentleman whose nasty little hobby is fleecing innocent widows Meet Simon Magus, ancient mystic and magician from Biblical times now very much enamoured of Vegas, baby And pray you never meet the Chikkichikk, a proud and ancient race of, well, warrior dinosaurs, from the universe that God made then rejected before He started monkeying around with this one Whatever the hell is going on, this is definitely the third book in the wondrous To Hell Back series FILE UNDER Fantasy The Better Book Talk the Dinosaur Scam Busters Bring Me Barabbas From the Paperback edition.
Hell to Pay Matthew Hughes

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    322 Matthew Hughes
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One thought on “Hell to Pay

  1. Ranting Dragon

    rantingdragon review oHell to Pay is the third book in the To Hell and Back series by British Canadian author Matthew Hughes It continues the story of Chesney Arnstruther and his superhero alter ego, The Actionary, as he tries to do some good in the world, even if his powers come directly from the pits of Hell.Christopher Moore meets Kevin SmithThroughout Hell to Pay, I found myself making many comparisons in my mind to the comedic style of Christopher Moore Hughes has a certain irreverence and [...]

  2. Larry

    From 42websThere is something sad inside you when a series comes to end Some, like Wheel of Time or The Dresden Files, are long series that you ve followed for many, many, years while others are shorter, trilogies or whatnot, but when you hit the last book you feel that same feeling The sadness that it s ending, the joy at the finale and the sorrow that exist as you have to find a way to pick yourself up and move on Once again I suffer and cheer through a series end as the To Hell and Back serie [...]

  3. Mieneke

    Hell to Pay is the third and as far as I m aware the final book in the To Hell Back series mentioned in the above synopsis taken from the Angry Robot site It returns us to the world of Chesney Arnstruther and company, which I discovered last year with the publication of Costume Not Included, the second book in the series I was roped into that by the terrific cover, which was a fabulous as this one, but enjoyed it beyond my expectations Hell to Pay was less surprising, mostly due to my familiarit [...]

  4. Ben Babcock

    Here we are at the end of the To Hell and Back trilogy As I said in my Dreams of Gods and Monsters review, a trilogy works best for me if each successive book raises the stakes and widens the scope of its world By these criteria, Matthew Hughes has succeeded The first book introduces Chesney Arnstruther, a high functioning autistic man whose world is mostly numbers until he accidentally summons a demon, incites a strike in Hell, and becomes the Actionary, a superhero The second book offers insig [...]

  5. Andrew Ceyton

    EnjoyableA good read with some distinct characters Touches on the cosmic while still remaining comic Will look for by this author.

  6. Lynn

    Today s post is on Hell to Pay by Matthew Hughes It is the last in his To Hell and Back series It is 332 pages long and is published by Angry Robot The cover is again in comic book panel form with the hero at the top and other scenes from the plot on it The intended reader is someone who has read the first two There is some language, talk of sex, and violence in this book The story is told from the third person close of the characters moving from one to another as the story progresses There Be S [...]

  7. John Loyd

    Hell to Pay 2013 332 pages by Matthew Hughes.This series starts when Chesney inadvertently summons a demon The demon that appeared would not leave without a contract for his soul and Chesney refused to sign, causing hell to go on strike, and culminating with Chesney getting the use of Xaphan for two hours a day to fight crime Damned Busters and Costume Not Included are fun reads where Chesney had lived in a world where there were pools of light, everything black and white He was healed of his au [...]

  8. Todd Mulholland

    The end of the Chesney Arnstruther story.I assume this is the last story about Chesney, the numerary autistic super hero who accidentally made the world fall to pieces not literally back in book one.I can t go into a lot of details about the plot without getting spoilery, but some people recur from previous books, a lot of really weird things happen, and then BAM it ends, wrapped up by a deus ex deus at the end not a typo.This book was strange for me, as the whole series has been There s parts t [...]

  9. Brent

    I m not sure how to rate this book The first two books in the trilogy felt considerably light hearted than this one That s not a complaint against this book Merely an observation By comparison to the first two which, as this is the third book in a trilogy, seems only fair , we saw considerably less of the Actionary For that matter, we saw considerably less of most of the supporting cast On the other hand, it felt as though the author had a very specific direction he wanted this story to go and [...]

  10. Meran

    Less religion in this one So far.In this third book, and probably the last of the series called To Hell Back, we get to see a lot of Hell and how it s run.In parallel, new Chief of Police Denby is seeing how the city is run by the Twenty, which he plans to take out of power, since they re corrupt to the core.No longer autistic, Chesney has acquired some new skills With them, he begins to fight crime in other places, though his contract with Satan says his own city is the only place he can pract [...]

  11. Manuel Antão

    Crime Fiction from Down Under Hell to Pay by Garry DischerPublished 2014.For me, one of the wonders of exceptionally wonderful writing is its ability to take something I d would just steer clear of in real life, and transform it into something I can read with deep interest This is even truer in Crime Fiction due to its sometimes graphic nature.Before getting into the meat of it, yes, what I ve just read was Crime Fiction and not Mainstream literature, in case you re wondering Kropp himself seate [...]

  12. Lorina Stephens

    In this conclusion to Chesney Arnstruther s adventures, author Matthew Hughes take a philosophical and darker turn to his tale of the autistic actuary turned crime fighter, who is added and abetted in his deeds of good by former Al Capone assistant now demon, Xaphan Hughes continues the concept God is writing a book and making up the plot as He goes Along the way we are introduced to Biblical characters who have been written out, and who have found themselves caught in an equivalent of a Ground [...]

  13. Annie

    I ve been waiting for Hell to Pay, the continuation of Matthew Hughes highly comical saga of Chesney Arnstruther, for months now In the first book, Chesney accidentally summoned a demon When he refused to actually sell his soul, Chesney kicked off a crisis Upstairs and Down The upshot of the crisis for Chesney was that he got a demon to help him become a crime fighter called The Actionary The crisis got even complicated in the second book By this book, Chesney s entire universe has become unsta [...]

  14. Justin

    So i just finished what i believe to be the final book in the series, and although i thoroughly enjoyed the last instalment the vibe of this book was distinctly different from the previous 2 books Where the first 2 books had humor and a bit lighter feel to them, the last book was decidedly darker t to say there was no humor involved just that it was spaced out.As i said although i enjoyed the story i don t see this one as being the best instalment of the three Matthew Hughes tackles an age old [...]

  15. Melissa

    I have to say I was disappointed in this final installment of this series There was action in this than the previous, and a little craziness but while I was invested enough to read through and figure out what was going on, I didn t find it nearly as fun or entertaining The first book read a little like a toy train wreck, seeing what chaos might ensue while remaining firmly in the world of fantasy But I feel like the author at last identified too much with the indifferent supreme being who was [...]

  16. Emīls

    The core concept is somewhat curious, however, the writing is a little dull and I sometimes have severe issues with the morality depicted by the clearly heroic protagonist Of course, sending anyone to Hell seems unforgivable to me whatever your religious beliefs, at least we can all agree that no human should have that power , and the first PoV character s fate is downright disturbing.Pass for me, although there is some promise in the premise, maybe if the writing was dark enough to match the ev [...]

  17. Jason Arnett

    Wonderful comic book style book really, really hit a lot of character notes while advancing its plot The third book in a series, it gave plenty of background and exposition without bogging down Since I haven t read the other two and probably won t it stands by itself very, very well Hughes did an excellent job of pulling me in without beating me over the head with stuff I needed to know to enjoy the story Very, very well written Thoroughly enjoyable and I smiled through most of it Great entertai [...]

  18. Ashley

    The ending felt incomplete which may be because there s going to be a 4th book and I m not really sure where he could go from here I think the story was pretty solid but got a little messy side tracked when the Chikkichikk got involved.

  19. Christopher

    I enjoyed the first 2 in the series much than this book This one had much less comic book ish superhero adventure and as a result was darker than I would have wanted After the pace and light hearted atmosphere of books 1 and 2, I guess I just expected of the same.

  20. Ken

    Finished a year back, disappointing on the levels of changing the tone from the previous two books fun, fast, and free flowing and changing drastically the personality of Chesney The two stars are only for the originality of the series.

  21. Eric

    Let me get this straight the universe is just a complicated mathematical algorithm And we are just nodes on a graph That is so sweet Full review here superheronovels 2013 05 01

  22. Aninha Costa

    It started getting on my nerves, but I can t say exactly why Couldn t finish listening to the audiobook.

  23. Gina

    I m not really a sci fi fan but a friend really loved it He said it was perfect to blow through on a lazy weekend.

  24. Jon Chaisson

    Kind of an odd yet fitting ending to the trilogy, but a lot of fun to read Definitely going into my keep pile

  25. Karen Chong

    I liked this one, but I think I should have read the second book before this one I didn t realize that there was another book between this and the first one, and sometimes felt a bit lost.

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