Zorro: The Curse of Capistrano: The Original Stories (2020)

Zorro: The Curse of Capistrano: The Original Stories Johnston McCulley Zorro The Curse of Capistrano The Original Stories Old California in a bygone era of sprawling haciendas and haughty caballeros suffers beneath the whip lash of oppression Missions are pillaged native peasants are abused and innocent men and women
  • Title: Zorro: The Curse of Capistrano: The Original Stories
  • Author: Johnston McCulley
  • ISBN: 9780878165728
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
Zorro: The Curse of Capistrano: The Original Stories Johnston McCulley Old California, in a bygone era of sprawling haciendas and haughty caballeros, suffers beneath the whip lash of oppression Missions are pillaged, native peasants are abused, and innocent men and women are persecuted by the corrupt governor and his army.But a champion of freedom rides the highways His identity hidden behind a mask, the laughing outlaw Zorro defies the tyrOld California, in a bygone era of sprawling haciendas and haughty caballeros, suffers beneath the whip lash of oppression Missions are pillaged, native peasants are abused, and innocent men and women are persecuted by the corrupt governor and his army.But a champion of freedom rides the highways His identity hidden behind a mask, the laughing outlaw Zorro defies the tyrant s might A deadly marksman and a demon swordsman, his flashing blade leaves behind .First published in 1919, The Mark of Zorro has inspired countless films and television adventures Now read how the legend began.
Zorro: The Curse of Capistrano: The Original Stories Johnston McCulley

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One thought on “Zorro: The Curse of Capistrano: The Original Stories

  1. Miranda Reads

    Daring, Dashing and Delightful Originally released as a serialized novel, each chapter reads as a mini story thus producing a loosely connected full novel Zorro, aka Don Diego, wages war single handedly against the corrupted and aids the downtrodden The comical back and forth between the personas as he manipulates the rich men of California lightened and brought life to the novel.He is passionate towards the fight and towards the love of his life And I was swept into this story by his righteousn [...]

  2. Alex Farrand

    4.5 StarsBuddy reading withGrand Duke CraigandGrand Duchess Orient DZorro the Mexican Robin Hood, the terror to the the ruling government, the Curse of Capistrano, a gentleman, a shadow, and chivalrous How couldn t I fall for a man who stands up for the injustice of the people, and takes down the corrupted I have loved Zorro since watching the the 1998 filmThe Mask of Zorro.He is the shadowy figure in the night, taking names, and whooping ass with his rapier.The Mark of Zorrois the original work [...]

  3. Orient

    A playdate BR with Alex and Craig to revive the legend of El Zorro and test our skills in writing the first letter of our names using smth sharp D Yeah, IKR, I should give up reviewing and start carving I guess we don t need introduction to the Spanish Robin Hood But to tell the truth, I didn t know that there were books about Zorro, till recently So probably like some of you, I fell in love with Zorro after watching him on screen In my case it was A Banderas drools To my shame, I didn t pay gre [...]

  4. Dfordoom

    Johnston McCulley s The Curse of Capistrano, serialised in the pulp magazine All Story Weekly in 1919, marked the first appearance in print of Zorro The character was destined to become one of the iconic adventure heroes of course, but while the novel was quite successful what really got the ball rolling was the 1920 movie adaptation.The movie changed the title to The Mark of Zorro and was a huge hit, propelling Douglas Fairbanks to superstardom It was so successful that the original novel was p [...]

  5. Hannah

    An old time Spanish adventure, set in old California A mysterious caballero is riding and plundering in true Robin Hood fashion, punishing the state sanctioned plunderers and greedy soldiers, setting by the heels all the boasters who pretend that they are easily able to catch him Of course he runs into trouble when he falls in love with a fair lady whose father is out of favor with the current governor and who soon draws the eye also of his rival, the unscrupulous boaster Captain Ramon.I figure [...]

  6. Chris

    Ah Zorro As a kid, I remember really enjoying Disney s Zorro series with Guy Williams More recently I ve had a lot of fun with the new Antonio Banderas movies However, I d never read any of the original adventures so I decided it was high time I change that Being very familiar with the character as presented in TV and film, I found a few things surprising as I read his first adventure The Mark of Zorro Firstly, I was a little bummed that I already knew about the character because the author hold [...]

  7. Juliette

    The Kindle edition was not so great It wasn t the worst Kindle story I ve read, but there were enough issues to throw me off once in a while numbers in place of letters, die instead of the , etc A friend rated this as fun and entertaining and I needed that after finishing a true crime book So I picked it up and was not disappointed.

  8. Olivia

    Don Diego sticks with his character better than in the TV show and Garcia is hysterical, but I still didn t really enjoy the book as much as the show The story mainly surrounds the romance of Zorro and a certain Senorita I think there were a few swear words as well.

  9. Calis Johnson

    Out of the night when the moon is bright comes the horsemen known as Zorro As a kid I loved Zorro watching it past my bedtime one the Disney Channel And the 1998 film maizoro mainstream for the first time since the 50s.Never once did I know that the masked horseman originated from a pulp magazine While the book follows a bunch of tropes of that time period Gallant gentleman Damsel in Distress corrupt Authority officials ect Its a pretty simple story, and there s nothing wrong with that Sometimes [...]

  10. Ally (The Scribbling Sprite)

    Meal mush and goat s milk That s it, I m off to watch the movie I adored this Zorro was a champion, always brilliant and maybe almost too perfect but so easy to root for This was a lively, adventurous, surprisingly romantic tale, and overall, very simplistic in its telling I d highly recommend this one in any case, but especially if you re trying to get into the classics This would be a great start FYI It is so much to read this book aloud And I m not in the habit of doing that.

  11. Judy

    I LOVE this story Take The Scarlet Pimpernel and add healthy heaping of Spanish flavor and voila The Mark of Zorro I can see myself listening to this again in a few years Even though it was predictable, it was fun and entertaining.More reviews onMy Blog.

  12. Dan Schwent

    This isn t a bad book There just aren t any surprises if you know Zorro s true identity before you go in.

  13. Alice

    I first encountered Zorro as a character in an old movie my parents liked Since then, I ve sought out the stories when I could When I discovered a number of them as radio plays through Audible, I had to pick them up.This is the book that introduced the character of Zorro in 1919, originally titled, The Curse of Capistrano Johnston McCulley changed some aspects of the character since this first publication, but the sense of adventure and heroism is all there As is the character s thirst for fairn [...]

  14. Dhuaine

    I have been a fan of Zorro since I was 8 Maybe even younger Anyway, in my teen days 16 17 I found The Curse of Capistrano in district library It looked a bit suspicious to my eyes thin and with illustrations inside but I carried it home anyway and merrily gobbled down in two or three hours I was sorely disappointed The plot was thin, full of unbelievable and unrealistic twists the characters were either black or white Basically, everything in it screamed either young adult , or silly adventure f [...]

  15. Teri-K

    Another book I ve just read for the first time, and it turned out to be a great read This is the story that started Zorro, though it was originally published under a different name Somehow I ve never encountered it before, and frankly I didn t expect much in either story or execution Instead of a clumsy story I found a nicely paced adventure that I genuinely enjoyed The contrast between Zorro and Don Diego was amusing, and I especially liked seeing how Diego carefully chose his words so he could [...]

  16. Robert

    I am frustrated because I do not know enough yet to decide whether this is a great or terrible book The author is either a genius or an imbecile and the story is either a cultural prototype or painfully derivative I just don t know.Is the stilted language an insightful imitation of a badly translated story or merely bad Is the plot stunningly original or numbingly repetitive Are the characters the brilliant progenitors of stereotypes or only shadowy successors Bob Kane admits the Zorro influence [...]

  17. Leah Good

    Robin Hood meets The Scarlet Pimpernel in this tale of Spanish dominated California While the government has grown and oppressive a hero has been training himself to right wrongs Now Zorro rides the countryside, stealing from soldiers what they have stolen from the people and punishing those who have dealt unjust punishment It is this man who captures Lolita Pulido At the same time the rich but languid Don Diego Vega has also asked for her hand Can Zorro bring justice to the southland without [...]

  18. Kat

    An excellent page turner of an adventure story, though the audio version alters a few things from the original version of The Curse of Capistrano The most notable alteration, and the only reason I gave this particular version 4 stars instead of 5, is that it entirely skips the d nouement, a.k.a the last couple pages of the written version Audio listeners thus miss out on Zorro s reveal, which entirely changes the end of the story It s a shame, really, because this is otherwise a gloriously fun r [...]

  19. Donna

    This was just okay for me I thought I loved Zorro, but maybe it s Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins that I love I don t know This book just rubbed me the wrong way I found the character of Zorro annoying He came across as a guys perfect fantasy I did like some of the action scenes and I did enjoy some of the humorybe I ll give it 3 stars instead of 2.

  20. Felicia

    I finally read one of the early Zorro books Generally, those old adventure classics are pretty great The Prisoner of Zenda is fantastic, as is Captain Blood Anyway, The Mark of Zorro was great While it was one of those books where the hero never even gets wounded, still it was a fun romp I definitely recommend it to classic adventure fans.

  21. Crystal

    Adios, caballero A book of multiple personalities and one Lolita no, not that Lolita A fun, light read.

  22. Abraham Mashood

    Immense fun, highly recommended for those craving a good pulp fiction read Also recommended for fans of Batman, of course.

  23. Morris Graham

    Since I had read the recent version of the Zorro tale by Chilean author Isabel Allende published in 2006, and watched all of the movies on TV and even the recent Antonio Banderas versions, I decided to go back to the past and read the original I can t deny it I love the Zorro tale, a swashbuckling, courageous defender of the weak and helpless So now to review the original published in 1919.The original story had multiple punctuation errors, namely placing a period in front of words that did not [...]

  24. Chris

    I wanted to like it better than I did I read rather like a first draft not horribly written, but lacking polish, and the fight scenes were strangely dull As you d expect for a work of its time, it suffers from some sexism and racism, and weird in a story where the hero defends the downtrodden classism But what killed it for me was the character of Zorro.I get that it s supposed to be somewhat humorous and all, but Zorro was too perfect, I guess It s not that he s a skilled horseman and sword fig [...]

  25. Joel Robert Ballard

    Often referred to as a footnote in the many presentations of the Zorro franchise, The Curse of Capistrano is for all intent and purposes, just that, a sketch Far from the elaborate exploits of the larger than life vigilante, both intimidating yet righteous, and fighting strategically with two personas, here, he is thinly painted a nuisance and a pest So unlike the hero portrayed in films over the decades battling for social justice, the tale of Senor Zorro is merely a collections of awkward inci [...]

  26. Suzannah

    So this book is basically a retread of The Scarlet Pimpernel, only in Spanish California The oppressive government is being terrorised by Senor Zorro, a masked caballero who dashes about righting wrongs, scaring baddies, and giving back the taxes as fast as the Governor s men can take them Secretly admired by all right minded inhabitants of the little pueblo of Reina de Los Angeles, Zorro is hunted by the authorities Which of the local dons is behind the bold highwayman s mask Certainly not Don [...]

  27. K.

    Picked up at Newton library I know What was I thinking Zorro Hee hee Fun though This is the ORIGINAL Zorro written in 1919 yep the one that started it all I almost bagged it in the beginning, because the writing leaves something to be desired Lots of braggadocio and one already knows the story and all that However, Don Diego grew on me and the story actually wasn t exactly what we ve always seen and it turned out to be a fun read More of a Spanish Scarlet Pimpernel than I remembered Totally fits [...]

  28. Sean O

    This book was written in 1919, and it contains a LOT of tropes that end up in superhero lore.1 Worthless playboy badass Bat man but also Iron Man.2 The trusted servant Bernardo, Alfred, Kato, J.A.R.V.I.S 3 The two person love triangle Clark Kent Lois Lane Superman 4 The wealthy person who uses his wealth to attain peak condition Batman Basically, Zorro is What if Batman lived in Los Angeles in the 1820s I liked the story, and it moved pretty briskly, like a pulp magazine story should Unlike a lo [...]

  29. melissa1lbr

    My thoughts This was a good old fashioned, swashbuckling story I love Zorro stories though I ve never read one, so I m basing it on the movie , but this one was just perfect, complete with do gooder outlaw, beautiful lady, and corrupt leaders While the story is a bit simplistic, black and white, and just plain obvious, I think it is meant to be that way And it still is charming I really liked the full cast narration Val Kilmer was not hard to listen to The accents and the voices and the sound ef [...]

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