My Loving Vigil Keeping (2020)

My Loving Vigil Keeping Carla Kelly My Loving Vigil Keeping Della s giving up all the comforts of bustling Salt Lake City to teach school in a rural coal mining camp Little does she know she may soon be giving up her heart as well But when tragedy strikes in
  • Title: My Loving Vigil Keeping
  • Author: Carla Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781599558974
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
My Loving Vigil Keeping Carla Kelly Della s giving up all the comforts of bustling Salt Lake City to teach school in a rural coal mining camp Little does she know, she may soon be giving up her heart as well But when tragedy strikes in the Scofield Mine, Della s life is changed forever Based on true events, this thrilling new romance from award winning and bestselling author Carla Kelly is a must read
My Loving Vigil Keeping Carla Kelly

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    472 Carla Kelly
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One thought on “My Loving Vigil Keeping

  1. Cindy

    I am in complete ah of this story and it has now become one of my very favorite books This story has so much heart, and I felt like mine was being tugged at continually It brought me to tears several times The emotions that are felt and brought to life in this story are so true to life I love all of the characters and just wanted to reach through the pages and hug them all I know, sounds a little over the top, but this story and it s characters is one I will not soon forget.Della is a simple but [...]

  2. Tracey

    This is not a book for everyone, any than any book is But while I was wrapped up in the middle of it wrapped up as if in a hand stitched quilt I couldn t help wishing it was, that everyone could enjoy the simple lovely sweetness of this book It was such a balm to read, good hearted and earnest and straightforward, no cynicism and no double meanings and no pretensions I enjoy many kinds of books, but those that make me feel as this one did have a special place in my heart I have no idea what pos [...]

  3. kelley

    I read this book because it was my book club pick for the month Let me back up a few months I went in for my annual eye appointment and the tech that checked my eyes asked me what I was reading That led to a conversation about books and soon she discovered I belonged to a book club She told me her mother was an author who had written books for about 30 years She told me she lived in Wellington a small nearby town She had written a book about The Winter Quarters Mine disaster that had occurred in [...]

  4. Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]

    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for , visit Punya ReviewsI generally don t read religious themed novels, if ever, but Carla Kelly s My Loving Vigil Keeping was so much than just that Not only was it rich in narratives but also a well researched novel based on a turn of the century mining town But the most special thing about this novel was the fact that it was based on the Scofield Mining Disaster of May 1, 1900 a tragedy that took the lives of [...]

  5. Stacy

    To be fair, I rarely meet LDS fiction that I like and I have yet to enjoy a romance This book didn t really have a chance then, did it It is was not the worst thing I have ever read, but I felt the plot and character development were tired and cliche Learning about the mine disaster was interesting and I appreciated the research and attention to detail the author gave to that part of the story The nonfictional events of the book spoke to me much than the fictional parts awful job assigned [...]

  6. Toni

    I would give this book 5 stars except that the main character annoyed me sometimes She could occasionally be overly dramatic not in a humorous way I also felt that the author kind of copied elements from Anne of Green Gables I did enjoy the playful banter between Della and Owen, though Considering that some of the characters and events were real, I highly recommend having a box of tissues nearby.

  7. Dorothea

    Two things before I put in the spoiler cut.1 The title is a phrase from the song All Through the Night, or Ar Hyd Y Nos Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee, All through the night I my loving vigil keeping All through the night Before I realized this which didn t take long because the words of the song are in the front of the book , I thought the title sounded a bit soppy Now that I ve read the whole story, I know it s perfect.2 The other thing at the beginning of the book is a dedication In m [...]

  8. Shannon

    This is not a book I would normally read, but I went ahead and read it for two different reasons First, my cutest friend in book club was pretty adamant that we read it Her excitement intrigued me Second, after asking her about the book I discovered that it concerned an event in my family history My great grandfather was the only doctor in Scofield Utah at the time and attended to the families during this tragic event When I told my friend about this, she told me that there was a character in th [...]

  9. Diane

    I read this book with a Book Club and consequently, was introduced for the first time, to the works of Carla Kelly I had visited the cemetery in Scofield previously, my heart yearning to know about these dear people My great great grandfather was a miner in Lanarkshire, Scotland and died an early death How surprised was I to learn that my husband s great great uncle, Emil B Isgreen, served as the physician surgeon at Winter Quarters We would never have known if not for Carla Kelly s thorough re [...]

  10. Katie W

    Della is an orphaned child of the mine, so it s no surprise that she decides to head to Winter Quarter Mine UT in 1899 to teach the lower grades While there, she is finally loved and accepted Della has such a way about her and is able to touch many people Although a fictional story, this story gives such a good insight into the life of a inning camp and the immigrants and their customs because it s based on actual events I loved the banter between Owen and Della I loved the friendships that Dell [...]

  11. Lana Krumwiede

    I read this book because of the setting Some of my ancestors lived in Winter Quarters during this time, and several of them died in the mine explosion of 1900 I ve read quite a bit about this disaster My grandmother grew up in Winter Quarters in the years following the disaster I have to say that the setting in this story was expertly crafted The author created a rich backdrop by including many aspects of the life of this mining community It felt absolutely real The rest of the story elements we [...]

  12. Sara Kovach

    Oh, my goodness I just read my all time favorite book No kidding I really, really loved this book My Loving Vigil Keeping by Carla Kelly is of course from my favorite genre historical fiction it also includes romance The title comes from the lyrics of a very popular lullaby All Through the Night one of my favorites as well Della is a young woman who had been orphaned early on her mother had left when she was an infant, and her father was killed in a mine accident She grew up in the home of her w [...]

  13. Rhonda

    My Loving Vigil Keeping by Carla Kelly 5 STARSI did not know about the diaster that happened in 1900 and feel bad about that lack of knowledge Right now I wish I had a car that was working I would go up the canyon and visit the cemetary I wonder how many of my town of Fairview were a part of that mine.The coals mines are a major employer of are town still today.I loved the characters and now wonder who might have been real and what parts of the story is fiction I could picture the train rides up [...]

  14. Heather

    I had never heard of the Scofield Mining Disaster before reading Carla Kelly s My Loving Vigil Keeping Now, the event, the people who lived in the mining town of Winter Quarters and the history behind May 1, 1900 are forever etched in my memory I really enjoy Carla s new LDS Historical romances and this was no exception Ms Kelly took personal interest in the stories of these men and women I was so moved by the story I went online to find photos and additional histories about Scofield once I was [...]

  15. Lynn

    For the first 200 hundred pages I was bored The author was trying to set up a backstory akin to Jane Eyre where the girl was neglected, but it didn t have the same effect It wasn t until 300 pages into the book that I realized the extent of the neglect The introduction of characters seemed flat as the main character entered a new city to teach There were moments when a character would laugh out loud at something and I would go back and re read the context to see if I missed the joke The sprinkli [...]

  16. Colleen

    This book was based on true events, which made it all the real for me Della may be a fictional character, but she brought the feelings of that day to the forefront of my mind and I felt the devistation of the tragedy like I was there, and she was real Della has struggled to find her place in the world after her father died in a coal mining accident when she was 12 years old Having not known her mother and had no other family close by, she was sent to live with her Uncle and Aunt in Salt Lake Ci [...]

  17. Lisa

    Della is setting off to a new job, teaching at a school in a small mining town, and although she has been living with her wealthy aunt and uncle since she was twelve, she is going back to her roots When she arrives, she realizes that everyone sees her as a wealthy socialite, when the truth is that she herself grew up in a mining town, until her father was killed in the mines when she was twelve Della just wants to find a place to call home and to figure out who she really is, but she may just ge [...]

  18. Melissa

    This is a Latter Day Saint, Mormon or Christian Historical Romance This is very well done and I enjoyed it The Characters were well developed I felt myself falling in love with all of them The places in the book came alive for me and I would love to go see where this was written Any book that draws me in like that is a good read The lack of 5th star would be for how I wanted to it hurry a little The book takes place over a school year and you felt the length I understand why once I got to the en [...]

  19. Alice

    3 and a half starsThis story reminded me of Christy by Catherine Marshall It is a work of historical fiction so I appreciated the experiences of so many immigrants from all over Europe who came to the United States as experienced miners and took pride in the work they did I liked that while we saw the hardship of mining the getting paid in company store vouchers always seeming to owe than they made, the constant life of cleaning coal dust, etc without those details being the main focus of the s [...]

  20. Dorry Lou

    Carla Kelly took her title from the song All Through the Night I heard this song as a child and do remember it The whole book was mainly about Coal Mining in Scofield Utah It was a novel based on true facts which made it very interesting.Della Anders came to the mining area to teach school Her father died in a mining accident when she was 12 years old She went to live with rich relatives who did not treat her well They were very upset when she decided after her schooling to go to this mining are [...]

  21. Josephine

    This was LDS historical fiction and a book club pick Also written by a local author that all the ladies in my book club are proud to know This tells the story of a teacher who is looking for a new beginning so she moves to a small mining town She learns a lot as a character and also falls in love Then tragedy strikes and you should be prepared to cry at the end of this one Especially since it s based on a true story So heartbreaking.For the most part the book was well written and fun to read The [...]

  22. Tiffani

    This book sucked me in emotionally I was attached to many of the characters I wanted desperately to have the characters succeed and be happy So I admit at the ending I was fooled and thoroughly distraught I began to think it was the most awful book out there But Carla Kelly satisfied Mostly it was still a sobering ending I feel like some of the best books out there successfully make one want to become better and improve This book made me want to enjoy the people I love while they are with me and [...]

  23. Colette

    Carla Kelly at her finest This latest of her works from Cedar Fort Publishing is my favorite of her most recent books With Ms Kelly, I have learned to look forward to losing myself in the well researched, thoroughly developed settings and characters with complex nuances of humanity simply and elegantly presented This book was no exception and adds a whole new level of intelligence and class to the LDS fiction genre.I received this at no cost from the publisher in exchange for my honest review, b [...]

  24. Marlene

    I really enjoyed this book because the events happened not too far from where I live Afte the Crandall Mine disaster in Huntington Canyon, our little town was devistatedy 9 people were killed I can t imagine what it would be like to have over 200 hundred of your community killed in a disaster like this one I couldn t get it out of my mind The author is coming to our library in February I will be interested in what she has to share about her connection to the town of Scofield, Utah.

  25. Heller

    I m having a hard time rating this one Very interesting for the information on the Scofield Mining Disaster of 1900 That part was actually pretty fascinating Lots of historical detail on living in the area and some real people interspersed with the fictional characters of the time.The romance didn t work for me at all A great story though and lots of richly detailed characters and descriptions.

  26. Lisa Shepherd

    Having lived in Utah for over twenty years, I was a little surprised I d never heard of the 1900 mining disaster in Scofield I loved learning about what life was like in a mining town back then, as well as discovering the different cultures that all combined to create such a humble and unique town I enjoyed getting to know the various characters and the hardships they d been through Though there were sad parts, overall the story had a hopeful, positive feel to it.

  27. Tausha

    I have a love hate relationship with this book I love this author and this book was very well written I fell in love with these faithful saints who were trying so hard to survive and make things better for their kids It tore my heart out when so many lives were lostI was not aware it was based on a true story and am still not sure if that made it better or worse I love reading true stories but always wish everyone could have a happily ever after Very interesting read.

  28. Monica Johnson

    This book was just a delight My only wish would have been to spend so much time on developing the impact of the mine explosion It deserves chapters and chapters of the emotional effects that tragic event caused My husband s great grandfather was killed in the Castle Dale mine explosion in the 1920 s There is an abundance of story to tell after the smoke settles.

  29. Seena

    Such a good story about a tragic, almost forgotten event in our area, the Winter Quarters Mine Disaster The author visited our book club and we asked her a lot of questions She did wonderful research, and although some of the characters are fiction, many are not So glad to have had a chance to learn from her.

  30. Camille

    I really enjoyed this book It was a perfect recovering from surgery kind of read I d never heard about the Scofield mine disaster and read about it after reading this book One of these times when I m heading to Price, I am going to take a detour and go visit the area.

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