Child of Satan, Child of God (2020)

Child of Satan, Child of God Bob Slosser Child of Satan Child of God The day Susan Atkins met Charles Manson she felt she had met the world s savior Here is her personal account of life and death with the murderous Manson family Condemned to die rejected by society s
  • Title: Child of Satan, Child of God
  • Author: Bob Slosser
  • ISBN: 9780882702766
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
Child of Satan, Child of God Bob Slosser The day Susan Atkins met Charles Manson she felt she had met the world s savior Here is her personal account of life and death with the murderous Manson family Condemned to die, rejected by society, she found life on death row a miraculous rebirth as real as resurrection.
Child of Satan, Child of God Bob Slosser

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    Bob Slosser

One thought on “Child of Satan, Child of God

  1. Rob Roy

    Gee, I m really a nice person who got into the wrong crowd and stabbed a pregnant woman to death Since I ve become a Christian, I should be forgiven.

  2. Robin

    i almost puked while i read this so what if i was on a greyhound bus and had a two hour lay over in albany parts of this book made me ill although, i would recommend it for a couple of reasons if you re into true crime, this is one of the most infamous crimes of our century, and it s from a female s perspective to boot.hightlights 1san s boss at a strip club invite her and the girls over to anton lavey s house to plan a special performance in which she is a vampire and has to emerge gyrating fro [...]

  3. Anina

    Hilarious I am sorry, that s a mean thing to say about someone s book, when they are only trying to apologize for all the murdering and find Jesus while just recently earning a life sentence The tone of this book is extreme feminine desperation of the 1970 s style, which I enjoy immensely It shows how far we ve come But seriously Susanrl you got played.

  4. Lee Anne

    This was a great addition to my Manson book collection creepy, I know, but the story never bores me I only wish she d written a sequel, as I d like to know what the last 30 years have brought It s fascinating to have an insider s account of life in the Family, and Susan Atkins has some great stories to tell, such as filming a movie with Anton La Vey, and the surprising creepiness banality of his big black house Although Susan Atkins was very involved in the murders Manson orchestrated, she natur [...]

  5. Kerry Connelly

    an easy page turner susan goes through her life events the manson murders effortlessly, giving details of her personal circumstances, thoughts participation although not the whole story of the murders, you can watch her appeals via you tube to get info of her participation her character i quite appreciate her story the paralells of god devil in her stories are eerie although i dont mind religious text, the last 3 chapters do get a little too all about jesus too quickly so it does get a bit in y [...]

  6. Sarah

    I thought this book was very revealing about who Susan Atkins was before the murders and how she became the person who was capable of what she did However, this book does end on a very religious tone and talks a lot about her life that she turns over to christ, somewhat putting her in a favorable light I m glad I read this book, I m always looking for different viewpoints on true crime, but Susan Atkins bookw as written just a few years after she was sentenced to life inprisonment for 7 counts o [...]

  7. Melissa Muszak

    This book had some interesting parts, for sure There was also a lot of crap, in my opinion But it was interesting to read about it from this perspective I don t totally buy the walking with Jesus, born again thing at the end I think she very clearly downplayed her involvement I also don t think that the lost soul thing that she claims as her reason for joining Charles Manson was either a very well described and or b entirely true To me, she seemed like a petulant child with ADD.

  8. flannery

    Stupid book, fun read, obviously written by a dude I was aware of my new, sexy body, could feel the men watching me as I began to gyrate around the room Haha, yeah right Sensationalizes all the things it sets out to condemn, like, I ve never envied Charles Manson s super Svengali powers until I read this and all of a sudden it seemed really sexy and cool Real trashy read Found it at my Dad s office.

  9. Malory

    Child of Satan, Child of God is Sadie Mae Glutz uncluttered entry into the curious storehouse of Mansonian literature Atkins rhapsodizes on the psychical, crude beauty of the desert, a sprawling terrorism of sirocco hippie troupes, biker convents Mother Superior Danny DeCarlo is, however much to the offense of historical courtesy, cheaply manumitted from the narrative, a questionable gesture on Sadie s part, and at most a signal displacement of pure epistolary facticity , watercolor toughs, back [...]

  10. Elaine De

    Sigh It wasn t a Bad book, it was quite readable, and entertaining in a wierd twisted, watching a car crash way It s just full of so much bullshit Ms Atkins was obviously not ready to really come clean and give the facts, and take responsibility for her actions I only read half the book I wasn t much interested in her conversion story.I did learn much about the whole Manson story that I didn t know as this all took place bfore I was born So all in all, an enjoyable read, but would not believe ev [...]

  11. Rebecca King

    The author was once a Manson follower and was convicted of her roles in several deaths during Manson s reign It s possible she wrote this book prior to an upcoming parole hearing Her details are interesting.

  12. Barbara Ixba

    This was certainly not an easy read It is extremely dense and disturbing for much of the book I enjoyed reading about how she found God The book made it clear that God can meet anyone right where they are, and change them for the better.

  13. Fishface

    A fascinating read, taking you through the author s early life, her escape into a fairly eventful early adulthood and of course the Hinman and Tate LaBianca murders, going from there on into Sadie s life on Death Row with 4 other members of the Manson Family Never a dull page in this one.

  14. Dara S.

    Susan s life was not very good and then she fell into Charles Manson s clutches While in prison she found Christ, so this book has some religious overtones.

  15. Danielle

    I m a big fan of true crime and autobiography, but did not really enjoy this one, even though Manson and his gang have always fascinated me I always wonder if someone like Susan Atkins really can change So many people on death row or in for life seem to find God Do they really Or maybe they re just afraid of dying with murder in their heart It was just ok, she tries to say that she s not guilty, when she s the one who brought the whole family down by confessing to a fellow inmate Susan died of b [...]

  16. Lisa-Jaine

    Written in the seventies, the first half of the book covers her life pre and up to meeting Manson and the family, the second half deals with her conversion to Christianity and her regrets about the crimes She doesn t come across as a very likeable woman at all petulant, spoiled and wild The second half force feeds her religion down our throats Interesting from a Manson perspective.

  17. Jennifer Lynn

    I hate this woman Susan Atkins the last half of this book was all about how she gave her life to God and how she s a much better person because of it BULLSHIT She was a shitty person and I hope she rots in hell

  18. Bridget Holbert

    Enjoyed this one Susan Atkns, one of the Manson girls, writes this book about her life starting with her childhood to her serving her sentence in prison Highly recommend this book I couldn t put it down.

  19. Kaylee

    I had to skip the last three chapters but up until then it was a solid 4 star so that s how im rating it I m sure the last few chapters were good and all, but I came for murder not for Jesus.

  20. Biprorshee Das

    I have been terribly fascinated by Charles Manson, the Family, Helter Skelter, the murders and particularly, Susan Atkins in the last two years I cannot explain why It was with great interest I picked up this book Not that I was expecting a masterpiece or a massive revelation but I wanted to know Sadie s story What began on a good note and continued to be intriguing turns out to be an eventual disappointment when everything reads just like an apology to the world at large I am not the one to jud [...]

  21. Jodi

    I am fascinated by this time in history Manson and all of his followers I m still wondering how you can brutely murder many people and then find God Now in real time, Susan is begging for mercy as she lays in jail dying of brain cancer This book takes place from her childhood up until she finds God Written in the 70 s Not my favorite book, but it was just ok My true feeling is, you gave up your right to have any kind of freedom in 1969 Under the power of Manson or not everyone has a choice to ma [...]

  22. Phyllis

    Shamelessly exploitative creepy I found Jesus style autobiography from one of the most notorious members of the Manson Family I don t doubt Christianity helped Susan Atkins cope with the horror of what she did under Manson s influence, but this book was so obviously just contrived to ride the Helter Skelter gravy train that it ultimately cheapens her new faith in God Not to be cynical because I actually don t know much about the Manson case, but some of her recollections of what happened seem pr [...]

  23. Richard

    nice little text looking at the manson family in terms of the mind cure positive thinking religion angle and the overlap of conspiracy theory mind control stuff is kind of enlightening William James Varieties of R.E was first published in 1902 so the idea that the self can be objectified and manipulated is a little older than that in america move to the 50 s with CIA experiments and conspiracy programming theories of manchurian candidates etc.

  24. Aneta Jackowska-Musiol

    Being strangely fascinated by phenomenon of Manson family and the fact that one minute man could control dozens of young people and lead them to commit murders on his order, no doubt I found that book And ultimately this book helped me immensely, particularly the second, vast part about transforming into God child One might ask whether it was genuine or done just as to get a way out of prison Fact that Susan Atkins died in prison praying God proved to me she was a true believer.

  25. Whitney

    I should have known it would turn into trying to convert sinners into Christians, with a title like it does But we ll never know if it was just a rouse to get out of prison or not Either way it never worked I definitely take away from this to not let myself get lost in drugs and blindly trusting any man that speaks to me It should be common sense but it seemed to blow her mind The murders will always fascinate me, but her innocence is very debatable.

  26. Katie

    Interesting because of who the author is Unfortunately it seems that Atkins at the time of this writing anyway 1975 didn t really have a grasp on what happened, or why, or who those people were, and not much was said about them I read a good review that stated pretty nicely what I think about this book s message of miraculous religious conversion it isn t such a stretch for a person who believes in sweeping things like the Manson myth to then become a god believer She just switched up.

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