His Wife For A While (2020)

His Wife For A While Donna Clayton Donna Fasano His Wife For A While This book is a revision of a title originally published by Harlequin Desperate BachelorBen Danvers was about to lose everything unless he found a woman willing to become his wife The terms of his gran
  • Title: His Wife For A While
  • Author: Donna Clayton Donna Fasano
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
His Wife For A While Donna Clayton Donna Fasano This book is a revision of a title originally published by Harlequin Desperate BachelorBen Danvers was about to lose everything unless he found a woman willing to become his wife The terms of his grandfather s will were outrageous, but they were iron clad Just when Ben was about to give up all hope, the last woman he ever expected to wed made a startling proposal.Barga This book is a revision of a title originally published by Harlequin Desperate BachelorBen Danvers was about to lose everything unless he found a woman willing to become his wife The terms of his grandfather s will were outrageous, but they were iron clad Just when Ben was about to give up all hope, the last woman he ever expected to wed made a startling proposal.Bargaining BrideChelsea Carson offered Ben a deal he couldn t refuse He could keep the family fruit orchard if he would make her one and only dream come true But there were to be no strings attached, no messy emotions when it was over Their makeshift marriage would be perfect unless Chelsea allowed love to bungle the plan.Donna Fasano wrote for Harlequin for over 20 years, publishing 32 novels that sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide Her books have won awards and made best seller lists She loves to hear from readers contact information can be found on the title pages of her books.
His Wife For A While Donna Clayton Donna Fasano

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One thought on “His Wife For A While

  1. Gökçe

    Ben hep merak ediyorum bu beyaz dizi dedikleri ne ola ki, diye Cevab m alm oldum b yle basit bir dilde yaz lm happily ever after a varan hikayelermi K sac kt , okudum bitti Asl nda hi bir umaras yokru, yer yer ok a r s k ld m ama k z n ocuklu unun anlat ld yerlerde g zlerim doldu z ld m falan.

  2. Avid Reader Amy"s Reviews

    Ben is a great character He wants to help everyone and keep his families legacy alive Unfortunately his late grandfather wants him to have in life than just work He has a week left to find a bride Here comes Chelsea She is willing to help on one condition She wants a baby, but she wants to leave as soon as she is pregnant He agrees but things become complicated when the one thing they never counted on happens, they fall for one another But Chelsea has had a hard past She may love Ben but she ha [...]

  3. Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    The plot just frustrated me too much to like I love a good marriage of convenience storyline and I didn t mind Ben s reason for needing to marry I just couldn t get behind Chelsea s reason She wants desperately to have a baby Okay, so I get that she had a rough childhood full of neglect and she feels like having a child to love will make her feel complete I just hated this plot for a couple reasons I hated that she wanted to completely cut out the father of her child A child needs both a mother [...]

  4. Charlie

    His Wife for a While was a book that pulled you in from the beginning, with the Chelsea Carson determined to do something and how it would solve all her problems, and what was the worst that could happen He could say no.Ben Danvers is about to lose Reed s Orchard, land that has been in his family for five generations The only way to save it is by getting married in 21 days, a clause put in his late grandfather s will, otherwise it gets auctioned off to charities The only problem He doesn t have [...]

  5. Gigi Ann

    February 24, 2015 I usually don t re read books, but this morning having trouble sleeping, I decided to listen to the audio version of the book I found I liked the audio book very much I actually hadn t realized I had read the book two years ago, until I came here to GRs to write my thoughts about the book.It was just a sweet little romantic story about a boy and a girl finding their way to love It was a fast moving story, and not a lot of filler added to the story, which is just fine with me I [...]

  6. Amanda (Fandomly Bookish)

    So, I recently read The Proposition and it was kind of the same with His Wife For A While s premise in a sense that the girl main character is desperate enough to have a child that she ll do anything just to fulfill that WANT of hers The difference with the two books are in here the girl was the who one brought up the plan, they also tied the knot and there s this past factor that the characters tried to overcome But for me, this book just feels cramped up and rushed Like, this is now going to h [...]

  7. Joanne

    This is the first Donna Fasano book I have read but it won t be the last as I love her writing She manages to get so much depth and feeling into the novella Wife For A While She makes the trauma and lasting effects of emotional abuse real rather than glossing over them I really enjoyed reading Chelsea s journey to recovery, and about the patience and support of Ben while they worked together to save Ben s orchard.

  8. avery

    5 heart warming stars one of heartwarming story you ll ever read it s a story about giving yourself freedom to trust, to believe, be love and acceptance letting people know who you truly are takes guts, no matter how hard life gets accepting who you are is essential to a happy life and I could say that it is a sugary cute romance, started with a deal, made me laugh, kind of made me cry and made me blush a lot teehee I totally love and enjoy Chels and Bens story

  9. Denise

    This female lead might officially be the biggest woe be gone character of any book I ve read to date I almost want to slit my wrists on her behalf Annoying story Annoying characters Nothing new here Moving on.

  10. Sue

    rating 2.5 Novella in length, Chels was complicatedBen not enoughhe was almost to perfectChels half explanations should have frustrated him .

  11. Kimberly

    LovedGood book I read this book in 1 sitting What starts out as a marriage of convenience, turns into much Definitely recommend reading this book

  12. Gaele

    Audio book Review In another thoroughly enjoyable story from the pen of Donna Fasano, this audiobook version of His Wife for A While was the perfect afternoon listen who can resist a sweet romance when the week gets too long Meet Chelsea bookkeeper at the family orchard owned by Ben With the recent death of his grandfather, Ben has some unusual conditions that he must meet to finalize the terms of the will, and save the orchard Chelsea has overheard the discussions about this strange condition o [...]

  13. Brandi Salazar

    This is my first for Donna Fasano Ben runs his late grandfather s orchard but finds that, due to a stipulation by his grandfather, could very well lose it if he doesn t find a wife, and quick Chelsea is the orchard s bookkeeper and knows well the hurdles Ben is facing She wants to help himif he will help her The problem is, Chelsea has experienced a lot of pain in her short life that has caused her to close herself off from everyone for fear she could get hurt again She feels the only person who [...]

  14. Anna Marie

    A change from regency, I found this, and liked it Mostly.Ben s grandpa left him the family orchard, but ONLY if he married within 30 days of grandpa s passing is that right There s 21 days left when the book begins Chelsea is the orchard office manager, and wants a baby So she offers a deal she marries Ben so he gets the orchard, if he impregnates her, and lets her go, releasing all ties to the baby so that she can have her one true wish.Of course it s far complicated than that Chelsea believes [...]

  15. Beate

    This is a book about the effects neglect verbal abuse of a child has when that child grows up, than about romance and smut In fact, this one is completely smut free Oh the characters do hook up, and we know what, when and where there just aren t any graphic descriptions Graphic smut in this book would have been wrong, and would have taken away from the message the author is trying to portray.Chelsea is like an injured bird, untrusting and wary of everyone Some thoughtless words by a grownup whe [...]

  16. Michelle

    Ben Danvers had worked hard on his family s orchard for years and even through the pain of losing his grandfather, who served as a surrogate father after his own parents passed away when he was young, Ben has been plugging along What he wasn t expecting was his grandfather to include a caveat in his will that Ben must marry within months of his death otherwise the orchard will be sold With no prospects in sight Ben s coming to the realization that he s going to lose everything he s ever dreamed [...]

  17. Susan

    I was looking for something different than the traditional girl meets boy, they fall in love and live happily ever after Donna Fasano s book His Wife for Awhile seemed to fall into that something different a point This time the girl, Chelsea, really doesn t want to fall in love with the boy, she just wanted something from the boy In return she d help the boy out with his troubles.The boy, Ben Danvers, is desperate to save his family business thanks to his granddad , but feels there is no hope si [...]

  18. Linda

    Oh YES Just the right amount to heat is added to this story I think this is my favorite of Donna s stories so far Chelsea suffered from neglect growing up and has closed herself off from emotional attachments She doesn t believe she deserves to be loved and thinks a baby will fill the hole in her heart Ben needs to get married fast or lose everything.Chelsea proposes the deal to Ben to save the orchard and fulfill her dream of a baby with no emotional involvement Luckily Ben is able to break dow [...]

  19. Pamela

    The story is about Ben, who inherits his grandfather s orchard, which he s been working on for years but on one condition he has to be married and he has 21 days to accomplish that or the orchard will be sold and the proceeds will go to several charities Then you have Chelsey who works for Ben and she has a goal One that she thinks that she can make a deal with Ben in order to achieve Her goal to have a baby I thought this story was beautiful I can relate to Chelsey in some ways She had a trauma [...]

  20. Paige

    2.5 at best With a past where no one loved her, all Chelsea Carson wants is a baby she could love Working for his grandfather, Chelsea knew of the terms the old man laid out for grandson Ben Danvers, he has to get married With time running out, she offers him a deal She ll marry him with no strings attached if he give her a baby and signs away his parental rights With no other choice Ben agrees, but as he sees how withdrawn she is from the world, but glimpses a loving side to her, he won t go to [...]

  21. Amanda

    The story follows Ben Danvers who inherited the family orchard upon his grandfather s death However, Grandpa puts a provision in the Will that Ben needs to marry within a month of the Will reading or else the orchard will be sold at auction to the highest bidder and the money given to charity Chelsea Carson, the business s bookkeeper, aware of the provision makes Ben an offer to marry him in exchange for a no strings attached pregnancy, the one thing she wants most in the world When he fulfills [...]

  22. Joan Reeves

    Heartwarming Sweet RomanceI read this and listened to the audio book edition of it Lovely romance excellent narration Donna Fasano is great at creating characters that seem real with the mixture of strengths and weaknesses that real people have Best of all, she s at the top of the game in writing a sweet romance filled with emotion and characters who end up yearning for each other like Chelsea and Ben in this story For comic relief, there s Ben s Aunt May.Narrator Mary Lynn Bowen is skillful and [...]

  23. Dianne

    A bachelor who desperately needs a wife to save his apple farm and a woman who wants a child than anything, team up to try to solve both of their problems I understand that this book had been published a while back and it shows in the story The problem with it is that this topic has been over done lately and the theme story line is quite predictable I find that the best genre for this type of story would be a historical romance, since it would seem a little believable in some ways The characte [...]

  24. Al

    I ve been pleasantly surprised to discover the diversity of character and plot possible in romance novels, despite the constraints of genre convention Even though you know the hero and heroine will end up together, understanding the hurdles they must overcome and how they stumble their way to the happily ever after ending is entertaining In the case of the better authors such as Fasano, they often provide insight or new perspectives into the human condition His Wife for a While explores some of [...]

  25. Brittany

    Chelsea and Ben make a deal Ben needs to marry and Chelsea wants a baby Chelsea is a hard character to get to know She is closed off has been through a lot She went through things that no child should ever have to experience For me, I just didn t feel a connection to the characters In the end, I felt that it was centered around Chelsea overcoming her demons than anything else they were important demons to overcome, yes, but I did not feel the relationship developing between these characters as [...]

  26. Tonileg

    Subtly sexy but totally romantic when a 28 year old woman finds love for the first time When I talk about love, I m not just talking about what goes on in the bedroom or the forest spoiler but also friendship love, family love and self love I like that time passes and this isn t packed into a week, because damaged people talk a lot longer to heal I would know if you ever met me or my family and friends we should have yellow police tape wrapped around us because we are one huge romantic life disa [...]

  27. Erin

    Ben needs to marry Chelsea wants a baby When she offers him a marriage in exchange for a baby, it seems like the perfect deal But things are never as easy as they seem, and it turns out that neither of them can be quite as distant as they d hoped.The way the pieces fall together, and the story plays out manages to make sense, without any major issues I d probably give it 3.5 stars, given a chance It was a quick read, and entertaining, but it really skimmed the surface rather than delving into wh [...]

  28. Autumn Review

    Summary According to his grandfather s will, Ben Danvers had to marry in order to keep his family s orchard He finds a willing participant in Chelsea Carson, who has conditions of her own She wants a baby Their plan is to marry and annul the marriage once she becomes pregnant, but they don t count on actually falling for each other My Take This really was a sweet story Even though I knew how it would end up, I still enjoyed getting to know the characters Chelsea s story was intriguing and I like [...]

  29. Moira

    I do generally like these marriage of convenience stories, and I did like this story to an extent I would probably have given it 4 stars except for Chelsea I get that she had a rough childhood but she was too much of a Debbie downer The one thing I can t stand in any character is their belief that they re some kind of omnipotent empath I found myself skimming through some of Chelsea s parts, it was just so negative.I really liked Ben, he was a sweetheart He had the patience of a saint And Aunt M [...]

  30. Faye

    The title of this book is off putting The story is actually quite entertaining Chelsey is the product of a verbal abusive and neglectful childhood it is difficult for her to open up and trust anyone She work as bookkeeper ar an orchard The terms of the grandfather s will declares that Ben will not inherit the orchard unless he is married Chelsey offers to marry Ben if he will father a child for her They both learn a great deal about relationships, love, trust and family The story has a happy end [...]

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