Mortal Illusions (2020)

Mortal Illusions Kathryn R. Blake Mortal Illusions None
  • Title: Mortal Illusions
  • Author: Kathryn R. Blake
  • ISBN: 9781466493537
  • Page: 380
  • Format: None
Mortal Illusions Kathryn R. Blake None
Mortal Illusions Kathryn R. Blake

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    Kathryn R. Blake

One thought on “Mortal Illusions

  1. SirenBookReviews

    This is the story of Claire and Germaine Germaine is a vampire from the age of the French Revolution who is still somewhat damaged by occurrences from the past Germaine was tortured during the revolution while his family was murdered and eventually, he was turned by his inquisitor This has left a mark on him and he has decided never to turn anyone Claire is the daughter of the last woman that Germaine loved and let grow old Claire s mother has just passed from cancer leaving the request that the [...]

  2. Loves To Dive

    Claire Danielson is an aspiring Broadway actress whose mother and brother are both terminally ill, there may be no hope for her mother but she would do anything to save her brother Germaine St Justine is a charming, wealthy producer who has than a little to hide Before they know it, Claire and Germaine s lives become entwined in ways neither would ever have imagined or wanted.This is a well written book with a little of everything that will appeal to the paranormal romance reader Claire s desir [...]

  3. Renee

    I had a problem with Claire s stubbornness, but overall it was a good book the characters are engaging and the story line flowed well.

  4. dsneaks

    I won this book on first reads giveaways I had a hard time at first really getting into this book, no fault of the book and was mainly on myself, for being tired and just not in the mood for reading at the time I started the book Mortal Illusions I did find to be very well written It had many things going on it in, and was a emotional roller coaster It had a supernatural sense but the emotions and situations displayed in the book gave a real life every day feel, in a way that made it relatable f [...]

  5. Angela

    This book was a little slow to start with but the second half of the book definitely makes up for it There were some funny parts like when Claire tried to summon Germaine with a spell I also liked the tension between Claire, Germaine, and Harry At times it seemed Germaine was being too moody and distant with Claire but then again Claire never would listen to him She clearly doesn t like to listen to anyone lol I really liked how the author went into detail of what happens when one transforms int [...]

  6. 현서 이

    Mortal Illusions is the love story of Germaine a little than 200 year old vampire and Clare a theater actress I found the story line flowed fluently, very well written the characters alluring and likable, a bit different from most of the vampire romances I have read, but I enjoyed reading it from beginning to the end I have read it many times and I am spellbound every time.

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