Modeste Mignon (2020)

Modeste Mignon Honoré de Balzac Oktay Rifat Samih Rifat Modeste Mignon Honore de Balzac Elli bir y ll k bir mre inan lmas g bir h zda a k n kitap i eren nsanl k Komedyas n s d ran y zy l n an tsal romanc s d r Romandaki mektup gelene inin yan s ra i erd
  • Title: Modeste Mignon
  • Author: Honoré de Balzac Oktay Rifat Samih Rifat
  • ISBN: 9789754587296
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
Modeste Mignon Honoré de Balzac Oktay Rifat Samih Rifat Honore de Balzac 1799 1850 Elli bir y ll k bir mre inan lmas g bir h zda, 100 a k n kitap i eren nsanl k Komedyas n s d ran 19 y zy l n an tsal romanc s d r Romandaki mektup gelene inin yan s ra i erdi i m zikal unsurlarla da g n m z n pek ok okur yazar n a rtacak olan Modeste Mignonsa 1844 , yazar n an tsal yap t n n zel Ya amdan Sahneler b l m ndeHonore de Balzac 1799 1850 Elli bir y ll k bir mre inan lmas g bir h zda, 100 a k n kitap i eren nsanl k Komedyas n s d ran 19 y zy l n an tsal romanc s d r Romandaki mektup gelene inin yan s ra i erdi i m zikal unsurlarla da g n m z n pek ok okur yazar n a rtacak olan Modeste Mignonsa 1844 , yazar n an tsal yap t n n zel Ya amdan Sahneler b l m nde yer almaktad r Oktay Rifat 1914 1988 20 Y zy l T rk iirinin en b y k adlar ndan biri olman n yan s ra, nemli bir oyun yazar , romanc ve evirmendi de Balzactan ikisi e i Sabiha Rifatla birlikte dilimize kazand rd d rt roman da, zamanla, Hasan Ali Y cel Klasikler Dizisindeki yerlerini alacaklar Samih Rifat 19475 eviriden yaz ve iziye, foto raftan belgesel y netmenli ine, k lt r hayat m z n ok y nl s fat n en hak eden ki ilerinden biridir Son 25 y lda Platondan Claude Simona, Kavafisten le Courbusierye pek ok ozan ve yazar dilimize kazand rm t r.
Modeste Mignon Honoré de Balzac Oktay Rifat Samih Rifat

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    284 Honoré de Balzac Oktay Rifat Samih Rifat
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One thought on “Modeste Mignon

  1. Sylvester

    Slow beginning, abrupt ending, and all magic in the middle Balzac is one of those writers like Hardy or Dickens with whom their whole body of work comes into play not just the individual novel I love Balzac s examination of character against the vicissitudes of society This particular novel addresses the relationship between a famous poet and a young admirer Thoroughly enjoyed it Maybe not his very best, but as with Hardy or Dickens, there is a wonderful quality in every novel.

  2. Dagny

    The young Modeste Mignon enjoys the writings of the famous poet Canalis One day in a bookseller s she sees a lithographed portrait of Canalis and is struck by his head made sublime by commercial requirements She determines to find out all she can about him and to write to him Canalis scoffs at her letter, but his young secretary, Ernest, thinks it is marvelous He answers it in Canalis name

  3. Liedzeit

    Die Schwester der Titelheldin ist schon mal vor Gram dahingestorben, da der Auserw hlte wegen des finanziellen Ruins des Vaters das Weite gesucht hat Vater macht sich auf in bersee ein neues Verm gen zu finden MM soll nun sch n tugendhaft bleiben Stattdessen aber wirft sie sich per Post einem gefeierten Schriftsteller an den Hals Canalis hei t die Kanaille Der l sst aber seinen Sekret r Ernest ran Es folgt ein unglaublich langer und der und v llig unglaubw rdiger Briefwechsel Da deutet sie an, s [...]

  4. James F

    Honor de Balzac, Modeste Mignon 1844 401 pages in French, on Kindle One of the longest, latest, and possibly one of the best of Balzac s novels Technically it is better than most, in that he begins with the intrigue before portraying the scene and the characters, rather than starting with fifty pages of description of people, architecture, furniture and scenery before anything happens, as in some of his books The descriptions are spread throughout the novel when the characters are introduced Mod [...]

  5. Eva

    Who Shakespeare s Much ado about nothing s like, will like Balzac s Modeste Mignon, too An economic crisis rips Modeste s father out of business He leaves Le Havre to get back to new wealth.Modeste after the death of her sister and after the absence of her father the only child of her parents sees suddenly herself guarded of her mother and their remaining friends They feared Modeste, as before her sister, plane to run off with a young man.Modeste after the loss of wealth of the family has taken [...]

  6. Gláucia Renata

    Lendo a obra de Balzac tenho percebido que ele passeia bem, dentro de seu estilo, por v rios g neros liter rios Essa obra difere um pouco do que tinha lido dele at ent o por ser bem rom ntica N o aprecio muito o romantismo mas a forma com que algumas hist ria s o narradas me fazem repensar isso Modesta uma jovem provinciana cujos pais passaram por in meras perdas e vicissitudes e, devido a isso, passam a proteg la e at a blind la do contato com os jovens rapazes At que ela se apaixona e passar a [...]

  7. Laura

    Free download available at Project Gutenberg.The original French text is available at La Biblioth que lectronique du Qu bec.Opening lines Vers le milieu du mois d octobre 1829, monsieur Simon Babylas Latournelle, un notaire, montait du Havre Ingouville, bras dessus bras dessous avec son fils, et accompagn de sa femme, pr s de laquelle allait, comme un page, le premier clerc de l tude, un petit bossu nomm Jean Butscha.Quotations Le cerveau, ses produits en tous genres, car dans les Arts la main d [...]

  8. Rdt

    This isn t my favorite Balzac novel, but it is still very good It starts a bit slow and has a long epistolary interlude of love letters in the early middle I have never liked epistolary books, and the love letter section of this book is no exception, but I can forgive it since it is necessary to set up the situation in the second half of the story, where the action and intrigue pick up and begin to feel like the Balzac that I love In the beginning Modeste seems to be a bit of a silly girl, who [...]

  9. Alan

    I struggled with deciding how many stars to give this novel Out of respect for Balzac and his ambitious project in the Human Comedy, I settled on three But this novel is not by any means Balzac s best, and it pales beside Pere Goriot and Eugenie Grandet The overarching problem seems to be that Balzac could not decide what kind of novel he intended to write Is it a tragedy of deception An epistolary romance A comedy of manners In trying to be all these things, it succeeds at none of them The nove [...]

  10. Jim

    Even the lesser known works of Balzac can turn out to be gems This story of a beautiful young woman courted by three men is like a Mozart libretto la The Barber of Seville or Cosi Fan Tutte Modeste Mignon begins with a correspondence between the eponymous heroine and a famous poet, Melchior de Canalis Canalis, very full of himself, lets his secretary Ernest La Bri re carry his end of the correspondence In the process, the two find themselves falling in love with each other.Enter Modeste s father [...]

  11. Michael Cayley

    Not one of Balzac s greatest works, this novel takes a little while to get really going A girl whose father is abroad is over protected from suitors Naturally, she finds a way round and enters into what she thinks is correspondence with a poet In the very enjoyable comic heart of the book, deceit abounds, there is lots of poking fun at romantic pretensions, and romance is opposed to worldliness a little akin to sense versus sensibility in the Jane Austen novel, but treated light heartedly In th [...]

  12. Narendra Jussien

    Peinture d une famille de province o se trouve, au milieu des vulgarit s, une jeune fille exalt e, romanesque Modeste Mignon Par une correspondance, elle tombe amoureuse d un grand po te parisien C est sans compter sur la fatuit de ce po te qui avait laiss le soin de r pondre la premi re lettre de Modeste par un ami On retrouvera alors trois et oui pr tendants autour de Modeste Heureusement, l amour sinc re de l ami vaincra Une peinture tr s exacte des cours ridicules des hommes int ress s uniqu [...]

  13. Laura

    Over protected Modeste starts a flirtation by letter with a second rate poet, but unknown to her the poet s assistant is actually writing the letters The first part of the book is mainly comprised of the letters and I admit it, I started skipping large chunks of them Maybe they were fun to read in French, regardless, I skipped around in them and read enough to get the gist Once Balzac gets past the letters which he delivers a little quip about , the plot picks up and the reader is led into a co [...]

  14. Lisa

    I really liked this one The characterisation of Modeste is a big improvement on most of Balzac s efforts with women she is feisty, smart and determined and in the end, though an assortment of men mess with her mind, there s a happy ending My summary is at balzacbooks.wordpress 2014

  15. Yves Panis

    Superbe style Histoire la Marivaux un change de lettre vire la passion amoureuse entre une riche et tr s belle h riti re et un po te pre au gain et au mariage d argent Sauf que c est le secr taire du po te qui tombe amoureux car c est lui qui crit les lettres Modeste va t elle choisir le po te Le secr taire amoureux Ou un troisi me pr tendant qui est Duc

  16. Fazackerly Toast

    alright I admit it, there are some things balzac does better than dickens I really enjoyed this although I m still very glad I will never have to live in high French society, which sounds absolutely orrible.

  17. Marts(Thinker)

    Modeste Mignon boldly writes a letter to famous poet Canalis but unknowingly gets the response from the poet s secretary ErnestThis tale starts off a bit slow but the pace builds up as you go along

  18. Valentin Cojocaru

    This story has two parts with a long introduction of Modeste situation where she is set at the countryside and the second about how several characters move to her whereabouts trying to get her married for different reasons The ending is very sudden but it is a worthy read.

  19. John

    Well written of course with lots of twist and turns but I knew what the ending would be half way thru Just a mixed up love story, mostly love of money or social status.

  20. Danièle

    Toujours difficile de savoir dans Balzac ou commence le sarcasme Modeste Mignon est presque une farce, dans laquelle Balzac emprunte beaucoup a Moliere entre autres.

  21. Tatiana Pereira

    Livro um tanto abaixo do n vel dos melhores de Balzac H uma certa mistura de g neros, como se o autor n o tivesse conseguido se decidir entre escrever um romance epistolar, uma farsa, uma s tira ou uma tradicional e a ucarada hist ria de amor Os elementos rom nticos s o muito exagerados, com Ernesto empalidecendo e quase desmaiando v rias vezes durante a hist ria, e Modesta passando de anjo a dem nio quase que de cap tulo a cap tulo Um dos livros menos brilhantes de Balzac Razo vel, mas esquec v [...]

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