Neptune's Tears (2020)

Neptune's Tears Susan Waggoner Neptune s Tears It is love against the odds There is his word and there is hers How can they feel so connected It is and Zee McAdams is in her second year as a healing empath at a busy London hospital When a my
  • Title: Neptune's Tears
  • Author: Susan Waggoner
  • ISBN: 9781848122726
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
Neptune's Tears Susan Waggoner It is love against the odds There is his word, and there is hers How can they feel so connected It is 2218 and Zee McAdams is in her second year as a healing empath at a busy London hospital When a mysterious young man arrives for treatment, Zee s hard won calm is pierced She will need all her courage if she s to follow her heart.Especially when David reveals a devastaIt is love against the odds There is his word, and there is hers How can they feel so connected It is 2218 and Zee McAdams is in her second year as a healing empath at a busy London hospital When a mysterious young man arrives for treatment, Zee s hard won calm is pierced She will need all her courage if she s to follow her heart.Especially when David reveals a devastating secret.
Neptune's Tears Susan Waggoner

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    Susan Waggoner

One thought on “Neptune's Tears

  1. Steph Sinclair

    This is going to be one of those rare times where my rating isn t very indicative of my personal feelings of the quality of a novel Savor this moment because I don t see it happening too often Here s the thing about Neptune s Tears if you are a veteran Sci Fi reader, chances are it will be lacking in complexity for you However, if you are a noob to the genre or a younger reader or a reluctant reader, this novel may be perfect for you Unfortunately, I don t fall in the latter category and I don t [...]

  2. oliviasbooks

    You are probably going to love Neptune s Tears, if you kind of liked Singing the Dogstar Blues by Alison Goodman, but wished that the young adult scifi novel was not one of those damned stand alones with a real ending that Mavkel was human looking, had a hot, hot body and an Englisher name like Paul or Oscar that Oscar Mavkel s and Joss heart string tucking friendship was replaced by a forbidden instant and forever love that would swallow up at least half of the plot and the majority of the her [...]

  3. Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page)

    Neptune s Tears is the first book in the Timedance series by Susan Waggoner It s set in 2218 and follows a young empath in a London hospital For such a quick read, the pages inside this book contain a lot The story mainly revolves around Zee s career as an empath, her powers related to this and her romance with a boy, David, who one day appears at her hospital.Zee was a very decent, relatable character I liked what we got to know about her and particularly admired her for her love of her job and [...]

  4. Sarah

    Neptune s Tears is the start of Susan Waggoner s Timedance series which is set 200 years into the future Zee is training as an empath and working at a London hospital where she helps patients heal using her abilities She loves her job and enjoys helping people so the last thing she is looking for is a relationship, especially when falling in love could have a devastating effect on her powers She meets David when he is injured and under her care in the hospital, although it is forbidden for her t [...]

  5. Annie

    Review from books anovelidea I m disappointed, dear readers I really had high hopes for this one, considering it was a sci fi romance and involved aliens and empaths and whatnot, but my hopes were not fulfilled There was a lot of potential, after all, it takes place on earth 100 years in the future This would be the opportunity to let your imagination run wild, but it never really gets to that point.Here s what I liked I love the idea of empaths Basically, in Waggoner s world, an empath is a per [...]

  6. Jo

    Set a couple of centuries in the future, this novel follows Zee who works as an empath in a hospital and her initially reluctant relationship with an alien I found this difficult to get into, I didn t find the characters particularly fleshed out and it was a bit of a slog Not for me.

  7. Emily (Book Jems)

    It s always been hard for me to write a review for a book that I feel pretty neutral about This is definitely the case for Neptune s Tears It s not a bad book, but it s not mind blowing either I m not a big sci fi fan, but the summary of the story really caught my eye and the cover is absolutely glorious I was sure I would love this and to an extent I did, but I had several issues with the story that took away from my overall enjoyment.Zee McAdams is an empath She uses her ability to bring comfo [...]

  8. Lucy

    This book is so different to anything I have read recently and I finished it in one sitting It mixes elements of sci fi, dystopia and paranormal, but I d hesitate to give it any of those labels because the premise is so inventive.Susan Waggoner s London of 2218 is at once futuristic and yet reassuringly familiar Medical science has extended human life span considerably, Britain s public transport problems have been resolved by the installation of a super efficient vactrain vacuum train network a [...]

  9. 5secondstomadness

    At first when I found this book in the library I was looking forward to read it as the blur was good and I thought it would be different However it did not live up to my expectation warning spoilers The beginning is not that bad, it starts it up well and had a good flow to it also introducing the characters well and also a bit of back story, but also this overuse of the back story made the text hard to understand some of the time as you had no idea if you were in Zee s present day or in the past [...]

  10. Sarah

    Source I received a paperback copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Daphne from Winged Reviews, and Piccadilly Publishers 17 year old Zee is a healing empath, which means that she works in a hospital and uses her special gifts to heal people.One day she is sent to see a patient who is being difficult, but when she enters the room she gets two surprises The first is that she is strangely attracted to the patient David, and the second is when he tells her he is an alien.Al [...]

  11. Jacklyn (ReadingBliss)

    3.75 starsI enjoyed this book regardless of the fact that it s not written as well as some authors works it s a short read at just over 200 pages and is easy to fly through on simplicity alone, which is exactly what I felt like reading simplicity aside However, unless you are a true fan of this type of plot and you enjoy reading practically everything inclusive within that genre and plot context like yours truly , you will probably lose interest because the world building is cool, but minimal, t [...]

  12. KazzyStallwood

    Neptune s Tears was a rollercoaster of a read It was fantastic, heartwarming and heartwrenching and I loved it The story is told from Zee s point of view a 17 year old empath working in a hospital in London She loves her job, and she is good at what she does but the world as she knows it gets turned upside down when she meets David Sutton.I really liked Zee She really grew as a character the whole way through the book At first, she was prejudiced against Aliens but as she fell in love with David [...]

  13. Emma

    REVIEW BY PETER 8 3Neptune s Tears is a love story between the two main characters Zee McAdams and David Sutton but as many other love stories things don t go quite to plan It is based in the future, David is an Alien and Zee is a human empath who fall in love after meeting in AE.Zee McAdams is the main character and she falls in love with David Sutton Throughout the story Zee becomes emotionally attached to David and soon can t stop thinking about spending her life with him but there is a few d [...]

  14. Eden Grey

    I would not recommend this book to teens, or even fans of YA fiction It is written in such a way that I ll get to soon enough that it would have appeal to fans of adult sci fi, British mysteries, or especially adult British sci fi Here s why There is something very off about this book Pop culture references that don t belong in the future, already uncommon English idioms spoken by aliens, uncharacteristic dialogue, strange devices that make the future setting awkward and unbelievable Shock Sock [...]

  15. Kathy Martin

    NEPTUNE S TEARS was an engaging science fiction romance with excellent world building and interesting characters Zee is seventeen and an empath in training who works in a hospital She is very happy in her career and very focused until she meets David Sutton, accident victim and alien.Aliens arrived on Earth when Zee was six and were not what anyone had been expecting They were just like us except taller They were also interested in our art and culture David had been injured when a large shelf of [...]

  16. Sarah

    This review can also be found here I was not a fan of this book When I first read the description, I figured it would be completely awesome since I ve really been into space books recently and I couldn t wait to start this one Unfortunately it didn t live up to my expectations and I didn t end up loving it like I thought I would.The story moved way to slowly for me and I found myself bored and not really caring what happened It seemed like nothing really happened until the book was almost over a [...]

  17. Kirsty

    Again I wish there were half star ratings as this book is of a 2.5 for me The book started out really slow and it took me awhile to get into I found that for the majority of the book the plot really dragged and I was bored for most of the book The plot started to pick up towards the end and I could tell that the author was building the story up for a sequel There was a lot of shocks that happened in the last 50 pages that were unexpected and were used to make readers want to read the next book [...]

  18. Elvira

    Set in London 2218, during a time of great technological innovation and strong opposition from an eco anarchist terroists setting bombs off world wide Zee is a 17 year old American medical empath reaching the top of her game when she falls for young man who is also from another world At a mere 218 pgs and a small height, Waggoner tries to pack as much world building without success, instead only gives glimpses of this future world Along with weak world building is the weak character development [...]

  19. Rachel"s Book Reviews

    In depth review to come Bottom line, I don t recommend this novel It was all tell and no show Also, I never emotionally connected with the characters It was all Blah blah blah Yada yada yada I can think of a lot of scifi a that cover the same topic but are way better.

  20. Danny

    This was surprisingly really good Love the setting, and the romance was cute Zee was a wonderful character and I can t wait for the next book

  21. Silver Petticoat

    Read this review and others at The Silver Petticoat Review Neptune s Tears A Sci Fi Adventure of Two Star Crossed LoversReview by Clarissa HadgeOverall Rating 3.5 Romance Rating 4Set in the year 2218, Neptune s Tears is a look at what makes people human Is it sympathy for others An appreciation of life Or something else NEPTUNE S TEARS RECAP AND REVIEW SPOILERSZee is a teenage empath in London, working her way to what seems to be a bright future in healthcare Empaths use the energy around them t [...]

  22. Dark Faerie Tales

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick Dirty This was a Sci fi set in a futuristic London, filled with romance, mystery, and forbidden love It lacked action and the plot was a little boring.Opening Sentence Zee hesitated for the second it took the blue light to ash green, then passed through the arch and into the Accident Emergency waiting room.The Review Zee is a 17 year old girl that works as an empath An empath works with sick people and with their minds they make a connection to the pati [...]

  23. Alien_duck

    I want to read the next one, to find out wtf is going on, but I really struggled with the writing style.I found it kinda clunky, and I don t know how to explain better than that Scene changes, random timeline jumps, and at the end random POV changes with no explanation.

  24. TheBookAddictedGirl

    Zee didn t think so She had no intention of falling in love Zee McAdams is an Empath at a hospital a healer She s determined she will never fall in love to do so would be risking her gift and ability to help people And Zee does not want that not ever.And then David comes in mysterious David who she has a connection with instantly Even though he s from a planet Earth doesn t trust Even though he s holding back and keeping secrets So when David finally reveals his terrible, dreadful secret, Zee is [...]

  25. Melleny

    It s 2218 and Zee McAdams is in her second year as a healing empath at a busy London Hospital When a mysterious young man becomes her patient, Zee s hard won calm is pierced Her attraction is complicated by the fact that David Sutton is an alien, a groups whose presence and purpose on earth is deeply mistrusted When London and other cities experience a wave of anarchist attacks, Zee and David are brought even closer together The time Zee spends with David, the she likes him and the questions [...]

  26. Shaz Goodwin

    We re introduced to how much Zee loves her job as an empath at the Royal London hospital and her connection with patient Ellie Hart Ellie is infamous with her connection to The Neptune diamonds We re given the background to the mining of the diamonds and how they came to be named Neptune s Tears.Zee divests before going on duty and finds out she s been reassigned to patient David Sutton Refusing treatment and wanting to check out, on meeting him there is an instant connection Emotions affect the [...]

  27. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts)

    Original Review posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts.Note Formatting is lost due to copy and paste.Disclaimer I received an ARC copy of the book from the publisher via Netgalley My review is not influenced in any way In a futuristic London, England, seventeen year old Zee McAdams is an empath a psychic healer working at the Royal London Hospital As an empath, she can t afford distractions getting in the way of her career, such as falling in love or even reading oh, wait, reading squeak of horror But t [...]

  28. All Things Urban Fantasy

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyNEPTUNE S TEARS was a delightful start to the Timedance series With a multi faceted main character, and a sweet romance, I was engaged through all of its twists and turns and I almost felt like it ended too quickly In a landscape littered with dystopian futuristic stories, NEPTUNE S TEARS stands out as a book telling a fantastical future story that feels a lot closer to reality than somePTUNE S TEARS could almost fall into the new adult category Zee is [...]

  29. Maddie McLeod

    NO SPOILERS Holy Hannah, I tried I really did try.The cover of Neptune s Tears was honestly the only good part of this book To be perfectly honest, I was already a little weary about reading this book but I ve been trying so hard to break away from my initial judgments towards books when I see them So I picked it up.I made it to page 103 after wanting to pull out and chuck the book across the room WAYYY before page 50 It was truly unfortunate that the futuristic sci fi story about a girl with gr [...]

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