She's Gotta Be Mine (2020)

She's Gotta Be Mine Jennifer Skully She s Gotta Be Mine Alternate cover edition can be found hereDumped For her husband s high school sweetheart he hasn t seen in twenty years Roberta Jones Spivey isn t going to lay down for that Instead she reinvents her
  • Title: She's Gotta Be Mine
  • Author: Jennifer Skully
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
She's Gotta Be Mine Jennifer Skully Alternate cover edition can be found hereDumped For her husband s high school sweetheart he hasn t seen in twenty years Roberta Jones Spivey isn t going to lay down for that Instead, she reinvents herself and the new Bobbie Jones new haircut, new name, new attitude follows her soon to be ex to the small Northern California town of Cottonmouth What better way to show hiAlternate cover edition can be found hereDumped For her husband s high school sweetheart he hasn t seen in twenty years Roberta Jones Spivey isn t going to lay down for that Instead, she reinvents herself and the new Bobbie Jones new haircut, new name, new attitude follows her soon to be ex to the small Northern California town of Cottonmouth What better way to show him and his sweetheart what he s missing in the brand new Bobbie Jones than taking up with the town s local bad boy who s also reputed to be a serial killer Nick Angel is devilishly handsome and sexy as all get out In a word, perfect.It s all going exactly according to planuntil a real murder rocks the little town of Cottonmouth Of course, Nick didn t do itdid he She s Gotta Be Mine , previously published as Sex and the Serial Killer ,
She's Gotta Be Mine Jennifer Skully

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    Jennifer Skully

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  1. Vintage

    Sassy and satisfying read Solid 3.5 I am getting stingy with my 4 stars.Roberta has been dumped by her husband in favor of his high school sweetheart, a sweetheart Roberta helped him find so he could find closure He finds closure all right and moves to Cottonmouth.Not having read the romance heroine rulebook, Roberta does not go into a decline, does not grovel and beg him to come back, does not look the other way She dies her hair red, changes her name to Bobbie, gets a sassy, slightly risqu war [...]

  2. Irene

    Free kindle book on Reads like a soap opera, but with a murder plot I wasn t convinced about the main character s actions If your husband leaves you after 15 years, do you really follow him with changed name, hairdo and clothing to make him jealous And then the serial killer becomes a hero within 2 pages I ve indulged in fluffy romance novels for the past week, but now I m ready for some real literature again.

  3. Kerry

    According to I purchased this book on 27th October 2012, so I thought it was about time I read it I have to say I have really enjoyed it It is exactly what it claims to be, A sexy, funny, mystery romance I immediately liked Bobbie AKA Roberta She is 40 and recently separated from her husband, Warren He left her for Cookie, who he seems to be have been obsessed with since high school Bobbie has given up her job and moved to Cottonmouth to make a brave new start It becomes obvious as the story con [...]

  4. ─░lkim

    Bu yorum ayr ca Kitap Esintisi sayfas nda yay nlanm t r un bedava kitaplar ndan g zel olan na rastlad m Kitab n konusuna gelecek olursak, kocas taraf ndan terk edilen Roberta yeni bir ok karar al yor ve hayat n ba tan a a yeniliyor Daha seksi k yafetler, k pk rm z sa lar, daha d a d n k davran lar sergilemeye ba l yor Ad n da Bobby olarak de i tiriyor Bir nevi kimlik krizi gibi bir ey ya yor 15 y ld r evli oldu u kocas onu lise a k i in terk edip bir kasabaya yerle ince bizimki de hemen arkas nd [...]

  5. Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)

    Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsShe s Gotta Be Mine begins when Bobbie decides to completely change herself outside and inside Her husband just left her for his high school sweetheart, and she has no idea what she s going to do So, instead of wallowing in self pity, she decides to go to Cottonmouth and show him what he s missing But she never expected to meet Nick, and to have problems when someone is murdered This book was okay I liked it, but the heroine drove me nuts sometimes Other [...]

  6. Hollie

    Small town romance done right This was a solid 4.5 star read for me I m going to round this up to a 5 star on because the author was kind enough to offer this as a freebie at my time of purchase This book had a great balance of mystery, suspense, and romance Some reviewers commented that it was a bit far fetched, and it was at times, but it still made for fun plot It flowed great and held my interest throughout.

  7. C Jia Ming

    Mix of a little action, mystery and romance, this book really brings out the character of the plot It keeps you on your toes and is not an ordinary Contemp romance novel Bobbie and Nick is bae tho Through this book, u get to experience betrayal, lies, trusting the ones you love and taking a risk to jump knowing that the person you love would be over at the other end waiting to catch you A GREAT READ

  8. Jennifer

    Also posted to Jen in BooklandShe s Gotta Be Mine was an alright book Not amazing, but not horrible either Bobbie could be a little annoying at times She pretty much just did whatever her husband wanted until he left her for his high school sweetheart The books starts right after that when she is reinventing herself into a sexy, do what she wants woman She heads up to the same small town her husband is in to show him what he let go.Nick is the town serial killer Not sure why, I mean I know what [...]

  9. Terisa

    Roberta Jones Spivey has decided to change everything about herself After fifteen years of marriage her husband dumps her for his high school sweetheart, Cookie, and to make matters worse she helped him find her believing that it would give him closure She ll show him She loses weight, changes her hair color, buys herself a whole new wardrobe and changes her name to Bobbie then she follows him to Cottonmouth where she rents a house across the street from Nick Angel who is rud to be a local seria [...]

  10. Anne Tran

    As a whole, I m rating this book a one star, but as a sum of its parts, it would be a one and a half The main character is a twit who is eclipsed by her own butt as the author would have you believe anyway , the husband she came to town to chase is an idiot, and did I mention that her butt is the real protagonist in this story Really, take a shot or a spoonful of ice cream every time her ass or assets gets ogled and you ll be dead by chapter four Read closely you ll notice no one in town talks t [...]

  11. Jo-Anne

    Roberta has been married for 15 years but their marriage has become stale in the last few years When her husband, Warren, sees a psychiatrist he is told to find his high school sweetheart so he can find closure since he never got over her Roberta helps him find her so he goes to meet the old flame in the small town of Cottonmouth He decides to stay with the girlfriend, Cookie Roberta is stunned by this and doesn t know what to do Finally she decides to remake herself head to toe and even her per [...]

  12. Rough Draft Book Blog

    I CHOOSE THE SERIAL KILLER OK first of all what woman in her right mind HELPS her husband get intouch with his old High School girlfriend BS man If he s having difficulties getting over something that happened over 20 years ago especially an old flame well, then he needs to be kicked to the curb Plain and simple This was a freebie and as freebies go it was just ok for me I mean, I liked it, don t get me wrong but it just seemed a little lacking for me and when I say lacking I mean, the sex roman [...]

  13. Tanya

    Roberta tries to help her husband by tracking down his high school sweetheart in an attempt for him to gain closure and move on with his life as according to his therapist he has never gotten over her And what does he do when he meets herhe leaves his wife after 15 years of marriage, in a phone call What does she docoming Bobbie Roberta New hair, new clothes, moves to the same town her husband has moved too in an attempt to regain control in her life and show him what he is missing She starts ou [...]

  14. Lisa

    This book was funny,good story, nothing like a murder to keep you in the story.The bad boy was bad Her body relaxed against his gentle wave lapping over him.First her torso,then her butt until she was flush up against his flaming hard on.Christ,she felt good,smelled good.He stuck his tongue in her ear.She drew in an audible breathNick caressed the shell of her with his tongue.Her hands gripped his wrist where he held her at the waist.He breathed hot against her,her shiver worming beneath his ski [...]

  15. Doreen

    I got this because a it was free and b it was the choice for a reading club I was surprised how much I enjoyed it It started out like standard chic lit and there s nothing wrong with that but Roberta Bobbie really developed over the course of the book, and the plot had some good twists in it Then I realized that as J B Skully, she s also the author of the Max Starr books, which I also enjoyed, and all was explained.

  16. Sandy

    I thought the characters were a little far fetched at first Town serial killer meets woman who revamps herself as a redhead in tight short skirts because her husband left her for his high school sweetheart The story line was kind of corny but it did pick up after the murder mystery part of the book.

  17. Lynn Overend

    This is just ok It feels like it s meant to hook you and keep your attention with intensity It doesn t really do that, though It s lighthearted than it s intended to be, simply because they plot is not practical by any stretch Still, the writing isn t terrible It was free on , and ok for a beach read.

  18. Stephanie Johnson

    Love itCheater, loser and idiot all rolled into one ex husband Now combine a hot really hot neighbor with the soon to be ex and his Cookie monster s husband murder good fun read

  19. Tracy

    This book was ok I figured out who did it pretty much right away Would have preferred mystery as it was over half way thru the book before there was any real mystery The main character was a bit ridiculous Just didn t really care for the book.

  20. Dawn ~The Romance Cover

    I absolutely loved this book A great story with loveable characters Heartbeat, love, lust and a who did it murder all rolled into one I wish there was another book after this one about Nick and Bobbie I d love to know what happens to them next Lovely free book well worth a read.

  21. Dee

    Two haiku reviewShe reinvents selfAfter her husband leaves herFor high school sweetheartHe s the town outcastGreat characters and murderMost entertaining

  22. Melindeeloo

    Very cute kindle freebie with a likeable heroine, a brooding dangerous love interest and a murder mystery in the background

  23. Linda C. May

    Roberta Or Bobbie How many women find their behavior to be in response to what is expected of them spouse, friend, family Roberta realizes she has been trying to be what her husband expects of her and how miserable she has been, but doesn t have this light bulb moment until he dumps her for an old love This book takes us through her transformation from an insecure Roberta to a new, vibrant Bobbie who meets life head on and goes after what she wants Along the way she finds love, mystery, and dang [...]

  24. Chris

    Fun read I didn t find the funny, but I did enjoy the book Was weird having three pov s, though I m fairly certain the story would have been just as great without Warren s side of things I could have skipped his bits and not missed anything plot wise.

  25. Diane Wachter

    A woman, dumped by her husband for his high school sweetheart, reinvents herself to show him what he s missing, follows him to a small California town, and starts up with the town s bad boy, a serial killer.

  26. Delena constant

    Bobby, saves herself and a townThis book was a delight, Funny, funky, delightful, small down all the Way Nick and Bobby were a match for sure Jennifer Skully, you wrote a five Star story You will laugh out loud and some of this could get quite serious

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