The Last Shuttle (2020)

The Last Shuttle Tom Glover The Last Shuttle A top secret NASA space telescope designed to detect alien life is in trouble at risk of entering Earth s upper atmosphere and vaporizing Only one man could prevent the accident An ex NASA scientist
  • Title: The Last Shuttle
  • Author: Tom Glover
  • ISBN: 1466467282
  • Page: 189
  • Format: ebook
The Last Shuttle Tom Glover A top secret NASA space telescope designed to detect alien life is in trouble, at risk of entering Earth s upper atmosphere and vaporizing Only one man could prevent the accident An ex NASA scientist reluctantly joins the crew of re commissioned space shuttle Discovery on a daring rescue mission to recover the satellite Orbiting Earth, they are about to experience sometA top secret NASA space telescope designed to detect alien life is in trouble, at risk of entering Earth s upper atmosphere and vaporizing Only one man could prevent the accident An ex NASA scientist reluctantly joins the crew of re commissioned space shuttle Discovery on a daring rescue mission to recover the satellite Orbiting Earth, they are about to experience something out of this world.
The Last Shuttle Tom Glover

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    189 Tom Glover
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One thought on “The Last Shuttle

  1. Craig

    I really dislike cliffhangers I don t enjoy them as a concept, plot device, way to build suspense or whatever The Last Shuttle doesn t exactly get a pass from me, like a stay of execution for being a really tight and exciting novella although it s really the first half of a novel or start of a series A scientist who is admittedly not an astronaut must land the last operational shuttle after an alien information recovery mission goes awry The story is suspenseful, the characters are relatable an [...]

  2. Cynthia K

    My husband won an autographed copy of this book through GoodReads As soon as he finished, he asked me to find the sequel I decided I better check this out I can see why my husband enjoyed this story Fast paced and can stand alone, but it leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next.

  3. Judy

    Book review of The Last Shuttle By Tom GloverI got this book as a giveaway from The basic idea of this book is set around NASA and the space shuttles The characters are believable and the dialogue is in keeping with the settings The air of mystery which surrounds astronauts along with the feeling that they saw in space than we hear about is woven into this story very cleverly.The book is well written and is easy to read There aren t too many details or technicalities to interrupt the flow of th [...]

  4. Susan

    I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of this book in a First Reads giveaway A review is not required, but here is my honest opinion It is a very quick read that can be read in one sitting, however it packs quite a punch No wasted words here The action is intense and edge of your seat I enjoyed the character interactions, the surprises in space exploration and the possibilities involving communication with intelligent aliens I look forward to reading the sequel Sentinel.

  5. Carol Fitzsimons

    Just finished The Last Shuttle by Tom Glover which I won in the givaway As I read the first chapter I was wasn t sure I was going to enjoy it, I was wrong by the end of chapter one it did begin to peak my interest Although this is quite a short book there is a lot packed into it If you have even the slightest interest in space travel, alien life form I think you will enjoy this It is a light read and isn t to deep which would make it a great read to take on holiday or a long car journey.

  6. Christian

    I won this copy of the last Shuttle from giveaways.Tom Glover writes this novella as a prequel to a longer novel called Sentinel, and it s dealing with a first contact situation in the orbit of earth The title refers to a last Discovery mission after the shuttle program has been decommissioned I liked particularly Glover s scientific precise style of writing, and the rather logic approach he taking on what a alien life form could consider the entity that should be contacted.This novella does mak [...]

  7. Sheila Read

    there is so many memories that I remember with this shuttle there has been quite a few people have died in the sky and millions people have watched it But there has been many people that have walked on the moon due to this shuttle It s to bad that the government had to close it a lot of people have lost their job because of this Sad and happy memories everyone will remember because of this shuttle.

  8. Matthew

    This book goes threw a technical, actual might could of happened aspec of sci fi that I rather enjoyed The main character was engaging though some of the supporting characters I didn t get much a feel for them in such a short read Plus spoilers they were unconscious for half the book Carver goes threw extream human feets just to save his team and it kept me on the edge of my seat and nose glued to the pages I haven t read the other book but I plan on reading it now Nice little read.

  9. John

    I won this book from the Author and not being a big Sci fi fan I thought it was a great read and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good sci fi read Tom tells a really good story with lots of detail, and along with my imagination making me making me wonder what is really out there Get Tom Glover s book, its a quick read and worth every minute of your time.

  10. Victor

    It was given to me by givaway, after having won a copy.A highly enjoyable high octane and suspenseful NASA ride With a credible technical mission narrative that pushes all the buttons screaming for attention and time running on a limited cable, as it put s one into the driving seat of the mission s survival Great fun for everybody to be ready for re entry.

  11. Joe D'Aulerio

    As a former Space Shuttle Launch team member I enjoyed the book Very imaginative and close enough to reality to be realistic One thing I really liked was his view about alien life, peaceful In the universe the only alien life I know happens to be violent in nature, us I don t blame other civilizations in the universe from avoiding us, I would do the same, until we grew up.

  12. Janet Lapierre

    I have one bad thing to say about this It was WAY too short of an introduction at only 71 pages Having said that I ve already purchased the next book Sentinel and am enjoying reading it at this time.

  13. Goldie Herechuk

    I received this book free from I thought it was very interesting and not boring It was easy to understand and I look forward to the next book

  14. Sarah-Jayne Briggs

    I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways This review may contain spoilers.I think it s clear that a lot of research went into this book and although I felt it could have been a bit longer, I did find this book quite easy and entertaining to read.There were quite a lot of details in this book, though I struggled a bit to relate to any of the characters I think having a bit background would have made it easier for me to empathise with the characters.Even despite that difficu [...]

  15. Liquid Frost

    This is an entertaining short But boy, do you really need to suspend belief I mean, chuck it out the window, lock and barricade your doors, and sit in the middle of an empty room Think movie Armageddon, but ridiculous Now you say, whaa Stick with me.The timeline is so short and lack of training so insane, that tossing a brilliant, older engineer Space Cowboys ish sans space experience into the NASA shuttle program which has been terminated for quite some time and expect any level of success is [...]

  16. Shannon Haddock

    This was a pretty good story, but had some problems that keep me from giving it a higher rating First, it really felt like it should ve been longer The first few chapters especially read too much like a summary of events and the epilogue leaves too many unanswered questions I understand that there s a sequel, but since nothing on the cover indicates that this is book one of a series, I assumed it could work as a stand alone novella.The main character was interesting, but he, as were all the char [...]

  17. Marc Williams

    I was given a free copy of this book in a First Reads draw.The writing is ok and initially reads as a standard adventure, but nothing to write home about I found myself bored by the central character and could easily predict what would happen next This was a shame because of the writers obvious knowledge of the subject matter.I was going to give up on it until the first descriptions of the aliens Here was the element of mystery needed and I could not predict the narrative so easily I became int [...]

  18. Bob Rivera

    Reality stretched too far, research was poor.Although I struggled through the whole thing, I knew it was going to be technically poor when the author referred to a geosynchronous orbit as being at 1,000 miles up early in the first few pages Technically that s still low earth orbit territory Didn t get better as the story went on Story theme was ok but execution was implausible.

  19. Don O'goodreader

    WARNING THIS IS A NOVELLA, A PREQUEL, A TEASER FOR A BOOK.The Last Shuttle by Tom Glover is a 70 page, first contact novella with as pretty good amateur manually lands the Space Shuttle sequence I won a copy of this book in a First Reads giveaway on June 15, 2014 I received my copy on July 8, 2014.

  20. Mike

    A nice short novel The author clearly did his research, as launch procedures and technical details abound, but for a nerd like me it was a good story This is definitely science fiction though, so be prepared for some suspension of disbelief.

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