A Dream of Stone & Shadow (2020)

A Dream of Stone & Shadow Marjorie M. Liu A Dream of Stone Shadow Previously published in the print anthology Dark Dreamers There are those who do terrible things in this world and others who simply watch As a gargoyle sworn to protect the weak Charlie can do nei
  • Title: A Dream of Stone & Shadow
  • Author: Marjorie M. Liu
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Dream of Stone & Shadow Marjorie M. Liu Previously published in the print anthology Dark Dreamers.There are those who do terrible things in this world, and others who simply watch As a gargoyle, sworn to protect the weak, Charlie can do neither He has been imprisoned by a witch, and his only release will come at his own destruction or through the help of clairvoyant Aggie Durand Sweet as a kiss, she is the onPreviously published in the print anthology Dark Dreamers.There are those who do terrible things in this world, and others who simply watch As a gargoyle, sworn to protect the weak, Charlie can do neither He has been imprisoned by a witch, and his only release will come at his own destruction or through the help of clairvoyant Aggie Durand Sweet as a kiss, she is the one dream he does not dare desire and yet, she might be his soul s salvation.
A Dream of Stone & Shadow Marjorie M. Liu

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    457 Marjorie M. Liu
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One thought on “A Dream of Stone & Shadow

  1. Scott-robert Shenkman

    I m giving this book 5 stars because the author writes such fine prose, you would think she is far older than her picture on implies She is polished, she is talented and she is smart I really am happy to discover her books and will definitely be reading quite a few of them definitely from the Dirk Steele series The plot tackles an extremely dark subject child pornography and if this is a trigger for you, stay away from this book It gets a bit explicit, and I wish it hadn t just for my own comfor [...]

  2. RondaTutt

    Awesome Read Now this was a fantastic read I totally ate this up because it stayed exciting and interesting through out the whole book, not one dull moment I loved Charlie the Gargoyle, though he was immortal, he could kill him self and while his body was regenerating his soul could travel and converse with others in spirit form He was so caring and passionate about helping others and my heart just melted because he would intentionally kill himself so his soul could travel to be with a little gi [...]

  3. Janae

    At first, I wasn t sure what to make of this story Anything that starts out about a child porn ring immediately makes me squicky However, Aggie s balls to the wall personality and Charlie s obvious tough but sensitive charm quickly won me over not to mention all the endearing side characters This was a novella, so I think that Miss Liu made a smart choice with her villains make their acts so reprehensible that you don t have to flesh them out much as people, and your readers will immediately hat [...]

  4. Shannon (Savhage Temptrest)

    A Dream of Stone and Shadow was an emotional and intense novella focused on a little girl in need of a savior and the gargoyle set on helping her if only through his soul and a dream I really enjoyed this story as I have found that Majorie M Liu writes very interesting tales about gargoyles and the like through her Dirk Steele series I first caught a glimpse of Charlie in his brother Lannes novel, The Wild Road, and have been intrigued by this character and his life ever since A gargoyle with a [...]

  5. Amyiw

    re read April 2014This was my first read of Majorie M Liu It came in Dark Dreamers Dark, 7b as a duology with a story from Christine Feehan s Carpathians series I liked this story so much that I wanted gargoyles and decided to read of Dirk Steele, I was impressed with both the first and second book but really disliked the 3rd I decided to re read the first book since I read them originally in either 2010 or 2011 just to make sure I didn t misjudge the series I found I liked Tiger Eye better th [...]

  6. Natalie

    Book 4 in Marjorie Liu s Dirk Steele series If you are already reading this series then you can t forget about this story The whole book is a one day read, albeit a very intense one day The Dirk Steele series is an intriguing one where everyone works for the same company but everyone has a different skill set for lack of a better word so each book is NOT like the others This novella is amazing with both the action and the sex.

  7. Amber

    Oh LORDY but this one was fantastic It had a lot of elements of traditional fairy tales and folklore, SO MANY The story was told fantastically well, and while things came to a wonderful resolution I just wanted it to go on and on I like the DirkSteele series and plan on continuing to read it, but at this moment I find it hard to believe that any of them will live up to this story Perhaps it s not fair to judge them by this story, because it has such a different tone I was blown away.

  8. Leah Thys

    Absolutely in love with Charlie and his brothers Can read over and over and never get tired of the story.

  9. ~Leslie~

    What a lovely short story with a slight beauty and the beast theme It has fully developed characters and story line, which is amazing given it s length.

  10. Amber

    Lovely Ms Liu always leaves me with the hope that people will goodness and strength within themselves.

  11. Hilla Powell Bajwa

    A bitter part of life is the base here, notfor mothers with little children A good storyand two kids were saved.

  12. ms bookjunkie

    I enjoyed this novella It was short, but as it was about a very tough subject, I think it would ve been difficult to enjoy a longer book This way, rescue came quickly.

  13. AnnaBanana

    This is another one of my favorites in this series Charlie is the most fascinating man I have a new love of gargoyles after this book

  14. Kerry

    Another story I ve been wanting to reread as I remember really liking it when I read it in an anthology I did like it all over again, and found it a solid story but not blow me away amazing Still very much worth the read though.

  15. Kathy Davie

    Fourth in the Dirk Steele paranormal romance series revolving around a detective agency of supernatural beings The couple focus in A Dream of Stone Shadow is on Aggie Durand and Charlie.My TakeGeez, it starts out so exciting with lots of action, ramming cars, shooting out tires, and then we learn why Aggie and Quinn are after these people That s one thing Then to see Rujul and what he s been freed from Our introduction to Charlie is less action oriented and not quite as gruesome, as long as you [...]

  16. Colleen

    FYI Minor spoilers ahead Also, this book and my review are NSFW This book started off with a very interesting premise, but it fails spectacularly in execution.In the story, there are 3 separate lives intertwined Charlie, a gargoyle, who with his 3 brothers is held captive by an evil gargoyle eating witch Apparently gargoyles in this universe have massively good regenerative powers Every time he dies he can travel about as a ghost until his body regenerates Emma, a young girl held captive by a pa [...]

  17. Sandy S

    A DREAM OF STONE AND SHADOW Dirk and Steele 4 novella by Marjorie LiuA DREAM OF STONE AND SHADOW was originally released in the anthology Dark Dreamers with Christine Feehan s Dark Dream, but has been re released March 2012 by Marjorie Liu as a separate book in the Dirk and Steele series For those that do not know about the series, Dirk and Steele is an agency of paranormal investigators and detectives with special abilities including shape shifting and psychics A Dream of Stone and Shadow featu [...]

  18. Elaine

    I m not marking spoilers because the plot points I discuss are predictable as hell in the first place FYI I tried I gave another shot to the Dirk Steele series because ooh, a gargoyle thanks, 90s childhood You know exactly what I mean but this novella had all the same dumb things that drove me crazy in Tiger Eye I just can t with instant love, for one thing, nor the way the characters are all about Forever after no time at all Other parallels to the couple from Tiger Eye male lead trapped by mag [...]

  19. Lynda Tatad

    This is a re read for me, as I have the anthology Dark Dreamers It has been awhile, and I love Marjorie M Liu s Dirk Steele series of supernatural detectives who come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all have different talents It is a very interesting series where this group of people and beings go into danger to help, or help find those who need help in the areas where it is hard to get to There is also another group who capture and experiment on beings like them, called the Consortium, whic [...]

  20. adrienne

    3.5 um, how did I not know that Marjorie Liu has an entire fantasy paranormal romance series This was a novella, so of course it was full of insta lust, but also, I ve decided that any book that actively engages with racism hello, protagonist of color who mentions, by name, the white supremacists she grew up surrounded by automatically gets, like, 500 bonus points, which pretty much outweigh any and all plot development issues.Also, Liu s writing is just so good It flows so, so smoothly it s a j [...]

  21. Kellison

    4 Stars I enjoyed this story than the last one It would have been improved by being longer, having time for the main characters to get to know one another, and for the reader to get to know the characters I m still not entirely sure what Charlie was imprisoned for, or even how, to be honest We learn why his brothers are prisoners, but not really Charlie, and we definitely never learn why he is imprisoned differently than his brothers.

  22. ~

    On the one hand, I thought the world itself was interesting On the other hand, I hated the focus on the sexual assault of children and child pornography that was constantly in the foreground Also not a fan of and so we adopted the tortured child, bypassing some laws etc for a fairy tale ending that was actually kind of grim.

  23. pauliree

    Very quick little read and the only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of the usual 4 that Marjorie normally earns is that because it was only a novella the protagonists were not as complex therefore not as loveable Charlie is a wonderful character but I am enjoying reading about his brother Lannes in the next one better

  24. Alexandra Rolo

    Originalmente publicado na antologia Dark Dreamers juntamente com Christine Feehan, A Dream of Stone Shadow no m nimo interessante.Vejamos, temos uma g rgula aprisionada por uma bruxa que consegue fazer uma esp cie de projec o astral e comer uma gaja muitas muitas vezes, pronto mais ou menos isto livrosportodoladospo.p

  25. Dianaw

    I thought the premise was original The characters were interesting, but the plot was predictable There are some editing issues as well Early in the story the car the main character was driving becomes a different model and then switches back The weaknesses in this novella won t stop me from reading the rest of the series.

  26. Gates Watson

    Anyone wanting to read a great paranormal series should put the Dirk and Steele novels on their list The employees of the agency are each talented, individuals with a few quirks They each hide in plain site while saving humanity Great reads each and every one.

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