What Our Eyes Have Witnessed (2020)

What Our Eyes Have Witnessed Stant Litore What Our Eyes Have Witnessed Imperial Rome is a city on the brink her citizens divided by class religion and zombies who feast upon the living The patricians cling to the old faith hoping to appease their ancestors by lavishin
  • Title: What Our Eyes Have Witnessed
  • Author: Stant Litore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
What Our Eyes Have Witnessed Stant Litore Imperial Rome is a city on the brink, her citizens divided by class, religion and zombies who feast upon the living.The patricians cling to the old faith, hoping to appease their ancestors by lavishing food upon the tombs of the dead, even as the poor starve in the streets They blame the zombie outbreak on the Christians, certain they have angered the ancestors into unlImperial Rome is a city on the brink, her citizens divided by class, religion and zombies who feast upon the living.The patricians cling to the old faith, hoping to appease their ancestors by lavishing food upon the tombs of the dead, even as the poor starve in the streets They blame the zombie outbreak on the Christians, certain they have angered the ancestors into unleashing this ungodly plague.Father Polycarp, however, believes differently He is blessed with the Apostle s Gift, and is the only one who stands against the corruption of the living and the hunger of the dead.
What Our Eyes Have Witnessed Stant Litore

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    Stant Litore

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  1. Devlin Scott

    Zombie Bible What Our Eyes Have Witnessedby Stant Litore Review This second volume of the Zombie Bible takes the events loosely of the Martyrium Polycarpi in the second century AD and weaves a possible story around the recorded event You can use Google, I know you ve learned how.Mr Litore finishes his Acknowledgments with a single line, And to all of you, my readers, it is you who make these stories breathe I have to be honest I feel as if this story has breathed into me I was mesmerized by its [...]

  2. Lily at Bookluvrs Haven

    I very enthusiastically picked up this second installment already expecting great things And once again, Mr Litore failed to disappoint His writing is superb His imagery is engaging Once again, I was punched in the gut, but most definitely in the soul, with the depth of his story telling Whereas in the first book I relished in the zombie deliciousness of gory images and death, and faintly attuning into the surprisingly profound story of its main character, I was fully prepared for it in this boo [...]

  3. S.G.

    To be honest, I was this close to done with the zombie thing I loved World War Z but by this season of Walking Dead I was kind of praying someone would cut the head off the zombie trend No need Litore has opened a beautiful new path on the flesh gobbling zombie trail.Beautiful writing makes all the difference Litore keeps the horror alive in his descriptions of the ravenous shuffling dead gruesome imagery and palm sweaty tension had me jumping at any rattle on my windows But it s the humanity in [...]

  4. Michael

    Set in a Rome a generation or two after Nero, the book follows the parallel stories of a Roman official struggling to cope with the rising of the restless dead, and the leader of an underground Christian never referred to by that name sect trying to deal with the dead according to his own faith, while also trying to protect his flock from the persecution of said official As with the first volume in the Zombie Bible series, What Our Eyes Have Witnessed treats both the religious themes and the iss [...]

  5. Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

    The GoodIf I was going to write a one word review, it would be WOW Just like the previous book, I was speechless when I finished What Our Eyes Have Witnessed Litore once again surrounds us in a world so realistic, so horrific that you want to shield your eyes from the words that so effortlessly paint a picture of hope, despair, and hunger Father Polycarp has seen the withered souls of the walking dead in their sightless eyes He knows what causes the dead to rise and devour without thought It is [...]

  6. BergenReadsBooks

    Plot 3 5 The actual storyline drags a bit While the world is immersive and beautiful, the whole story takes place over the course of only a few days, and that s spread a bit too thin over the novella s 156 pages While the action was very engaging, the characters do a lot of internal monologuing, soul searching, and completing frequent cycles of doubting then returning stronger to their faith I enjoyed this method of storytelling, and it works for him, but it could have been trimmed a little to s [...]

  7. Ron Giesecke

    The second in the Zombie Bible series managed to leave the chronological biblical spectrum entirely, and take us to ancient Rome.Caius, the head of the Roman Praetorian guard, is charged with the religious as well as the logistical protection of Rome Thus far, the walking dead are but a distant, albeit audible afterthought, confined to ravishing the destitute lower classes in the outskirts known as the insula.When these barriers are breached in horrifying fashion, certain revelations begin to co [...]

  8. Kari J.

    I m not sure I ve ever read a book like this one before I ve read zombie stories who hasn t and I ve read Christian horror novels Frank Peretti and the like , but I ve never read both together at the same time.Ok, I must also admit I m really not a huge fan of zombies For me, the whole zombie apocalypse is over Seriously And I haven t even read any of Jonathan Maberry s books either.It s just over.Until I read WHAT OUR EYES HAVE WITNESSED by Stant Litore.Now, don t get me wrong Stant s not a Chr [...]

  9. Robert Kroese

    Let me say first that Stant Litore is a friend of mine, and that I received a free copy of What Our Eyes Have Witnessed in exchange for writing an honest review.WOEHW which should be pronounced Wow In my opinion is the first entry in the Zombie Bible series The title The Zombie Bible is sort of a double edged sword on one hand, it s very descriptive this is a series featuring Biblical characters fighting zombies And yet, that title has a sort of jokey, ironic feel to it, as if we could expect to [...]

  10. Justin

    What Our Eyes Have Witnessed is the second novel in author Stant Litore s Zombie Bible series, which is or less what it sounds like zombie stories with Biblical themes The first installment Death Has Come Up into Our Windows The Zombie Bible was set in Old Testament times, while What Our Eyes Have Witnessed takes place in Rome in the earliest days of Christianity.The book focuses on three main characters a Christian leader named Polycarp with a unique power to affect the living dead, his discip [...]

  11. James Jr.

    Father Polycarp has a Gift He can bring peace and rest to the restless dead.I just completed my second helping of Stant Litore s incredible series The Zombie Bible I didn t immediately fall in love with What Our Eyes Have Witnessed as I did with Death Has Come Up into Our Windows at least not at first I m just not a fan of second century Rome But let me tell you something whether you like Rome or not, Litore s masterful hand will drop you directly in the middle of the Eternal City and guide you [...]

  12. gone-plaid

    I feel like I wasted my time with this book, and have no idea what those good reviews were talking about.I had low expectations for this book just because of the topic, but I was pretty disappointed by the quality of writing, and the narrative.You can tell that the writer got this idea from knowing someone else who is probably obsessed with ancient Rome, and they got together and said, Hey, what if zombies were in Rome and then wrote this book Sprinkle a few historical words in there to make it [...]

  13. Janet

    I wanted to like this book than I did, but it s the weakest of the three Zombie Bible books I ve read so far.The problem was the frequent use of flashbacks, which interrupted the story s sense of urgency without providing any payoffs of genuine surprise or illumination The plot would get to a crisis point, then jump back in time to provide information But with the exception of the meeting of Polycarp and Regina, the events all took place within a few days The flashbacks felt like a stylistic c [...]

  14. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V.

    I enjoyed this read Even knowing how it was going to end for the most part I still found myself drawn to the atmosphere and style of language It was difficult to read about people blaming the zombie plague on certain religious groups, knowing that this happens so much still None of the characters in these books really take any responsibility for the predicament they re in except those that are fortunate to have a direct link with God I put that in quotation marks as I m agnostic myself However, [...]

  15. J.H. Sked

    Here s the thing I ve found about the two books in this series so far although they involve zombies, and the awful horror of having the living dead walk through your life and your town, the subtext is a lot deeper.In this instalment, Stant Litore examines what happens when a rigid man cleaves to what he considers to be his honour, even while his actions cause destruction and heartbreak He looks at what happens when a truly honourable man comes up against the belief system of the world he lives i [...]

  16. Adam

    I had been wanting to read one of Stant Litore s books for some time, and so I naturally gravitated to the one set in ancient Rome.I m so glad that I did This was a very thought provoking read about the want and hunger in all of us For me, however, it was about the test of the characters faith The author has done a good deal of research, it seems, into early Christianity It was very interesting to read a book about one of the early church fathers, St Polycarp in this instance.If you are looking [...]

  17. Terry

    GREAT writer butWhat a REALLY awful story Ancient Rome destroyed by zombies You gotta be kidding me I only read it to see what the author s writing was like, wondering if it would be worth the money to buy the Ansible stories I believe his writing is terrific, even if the subject material is trendy garbage It does sell and there s no sense in starving yes, huge pun intended.The author is a young man and like my son, is mesmerized by the on going but fading zombie fad I will buy his existing sci [...]

  18. Niknik

    I got this book for free for signing up for something thru I m not a fan of zombie stories but this one caught my eye because of it taking place in ancient Rome.The first day, I read half the book already.This is actually the second in a series of three books but they work as stand alone stories The premise is that the plagues of historic periods were actually episodes of zombie infections run amok In this tale, it is the Christians that bring the Apostles Gift to Rome which offers a solution to [...]

  19. Amanda McCrina

    Disappointing Quite well written on a technical level, but very little character development over the course of the story at the end, none of the characters have grown or changed in any way I wanted resolution, especially of Caius story Also, I found the relocation of Polycarp from Smyrna to Rome to be unnecessary why not just invent an analogous character , and Polycarp s relationship with Regina to be a bit odd father daughterly, except with a weird sort of sexual tension going on.

  20. Jackie Coupe

    Rome Interesting concept Zombies are very much en vogue at the moment, The Walking Dead being a hot programme in its third season Interest in the undead has increased and those of us who like to read will seek out zombie literature The story itself is interesting, zombies, faith, ancient truths The gore is written rather well and the only loss in stars comes from segments of the book that divert from the action, forgive my impatient brain.Worth a read though

  21. Dj

    Better than I anticipated not your stereotypical zombie book It does look like it will be based on some semblance of history and science, and it will be a series of books That being said, I would recommend reading this first book You will either like it enough to continue, or be bored and never read the rest of the series I enjoyed it enough to get the 2nd book, for whatever that may be worth as a review.

  22. Vicki

    The good reads listing says this is the 2nd book I have really been confused about order on these, but it didn t really seem to matter much when reading the individual stories and I actually read this one 2nd The main characters of this story are relatable, yet tragic Fascinating Funny too how a twist of facts can give a whole different spin on history Something to think about.

  23. Alice Stuart

    I loved this book Love love loved it It s a fun little romp through ancient Rome, which is now overrun with zombies This book balances character development and historical detail with zombie gore It is perhaps the best zombie novel I ve ever read If you like zombies, and you like well written books, you ll love this book Highly recommended.

  24. James

    More biblical zombie goodness This one focuses on the Roman persecution of Christians and the martyrdom of Polycarp The writing is outstanding Worth reading, even if you re suffering from zombie fatigue.

  25. Steve Wiggins

    An innovative addition to zombie literature that manages to be respectful of religion as well Further comments may be found on my blog Sects and Violence in the Ancient World.

  26. Vincent Piro

    The second in the series by Stant Litore The first was a masterpiece of social criticism It s part of s Kindle singles e book collectin.

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