The Best of Kage Baker (2020)

The Best of Kage Baker Kage Baker The Best of Kage Baker Kage Baker s death in silenced one of the most distinctive consistently engaging voices in contemporary fiction A late starter Baker published her first short stories in at the age of for
  • Title: The Best of Kage Baker
  • Author: Kage Baker
  • ISBN: 9781596064423
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
The Best of Kage Baker Kage Baker Kage Baker s death in 2010 silenced one of the most distinctive, consistently engaging voices in contemporary fiction A late starter, Baker published her first short stories in 1997, at the age of forty five From then until the end of her life, she wrote prolifically and well, leaving an astonishing body of work behind.The Best of Kage Baker is a treasure trove that gathKage Baker s death in 2010 silenced one of the most distinctive, consistently engaging voices in contemporary fiction A late starter, Baker published her first short stories in 1997, at the age of forty five From then until the end of her life, she wrote prolifically and well, leaving an astonishing body of work behind.The Best of Kage Baker is a treasure trove that gathers together twenty stories and novellas, eleven of which have never been collected anywhere The volume is bookended by a pair of tales from her best known and best loved creation The Company, with its vivid cast of time traveling immortals In Noble Mold, Mendoza the botanist and Joseph, the ancient facilitator, find themselves in 19th century California, where a straightforward acquisition grows unexpectedly complex, requiring, in the end, a carefully engineered miracle In The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park, an autistic Company operative named Ezra encounters a lost soul named Kristy Ann, and finds a way to give her back the world that she has lost.Among the volume s many other highlights are a pair of brilliant Company novellas the Hugo Award nominated Son, Observe the Time and Welcome to Olympos, Mr Hearst, a tour de force set in the Hollywood of the 1930s and featuring an encounter with legendary newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst There is also a generous assortment of equally brilliant standalone tales, including Calamari Curls, the account of a faded resort town that takes a surprising turn into Lovecraftian terrain, and the World Fantasy Award nominated Caverns of Mystery, in which ancient stories play themselves out repeatedly, shaping and altering the world around them.These are only a few of the pleasures waiting within this book The Best of Kage Baker is exactly what the title proclaims the best short work of a gifted and irreplaceable writer Anyone with an interest in first rate imaginative fiction anyone with an interest in lovingly crafted fiction of any kind needs to read this book.
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One thought on “The Best of Kage Baker

  1. KatHooper

    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.The I read Kage Baker, the I love Kage Baker Of the hundreds of speculative fiction authors I ve read, I rank Kage Baker in the top ten Maybe top five She s that amazing I love her clever imagination and her style which is unembellished, straightforward, and full of wit and charm Which is why I was jumping up and down when the nearly 500 page story collection called The Best of Kage Baker showed up on my doorstep.This collection, published by Subterranea [...]

  2. Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides

    If you are an avid Kage Baker follower, you have probably read most of these stories The only ones which had not previously appeared in an anthology or collection were Bad Machine and The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park I had not read The Faithful , though it seems not to have appeared anywhere since its 2003 appearance in New Voices In Science Fiction For a full listing of the contents of this collection, see here.I had been looking forward to reading The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park ever since it was m [...]

  3. MB (What she read)

    1 18 13 These short stories are amazing I love her range, satirical whimsy, and humor.7 22 16 Reread once again It was so fun revisiting these stories once again She was a master On a separate note, I was blown away by the beauty of the cover art, chapter art and book design for this This artist and Kage Baker are perfect for each other The book design was just lovely, and particularly for a e book, I find that incredibly rare KUDOS Now, I must be off to reread The Anvil of the World et al I for [...]

  4. Susan

    Noble Mold Company re read 8 2 2015 Old Flat Top Hanuman Son, Observe the Time Welcome to Olympus, Mr Hearst The Catch RE read 8 2 2015 Leaving His Cares Behing Anvil of the World What the Tyger Told Her read in Realms of Fantasy Nov 11, 2000 re read 6 1 2001 Calamari Curls read to Lisa 7 25 2014 Maelstrom Speed, Speed the Cable Caverns of Mystery Are You Afflicted With Dragons RE read 7 9 2015 I Begyn As I Meane To Go On The Ruby Incomparable Plotters and Shooters The Faithful The Leaping Lover [...]

  5. John

    Worth the price just for the comically Lovecraftian Calamari Curls, and the Poe on Mars episode Maelstrom But there aren t any duds.Notable notes The Master of the Mountain s nursery decor in Leaving His Cares Behind Halfway up the walls was a mural painted in tones of pink and pale blue, featuring baby rabbits involved in unlikely pastimes Also, in Maelstrom, the theatrical Maelstromettes.

  6. Kara

    You are such a poser Changes is a best of Henchman 21, The Venture BrothersAh, the eternal debate for the SuperFan do you buy every book album action figure sticker collection to show you are true and dedicated to your fandom Or do you disdain such collections as a mere capitalistic ploy Personally, I dodged the question by splitting hairs and getting the book from the library I skimmed past everything I had already read and or anything that was not a Company story It would have REALLY helped if [...]

  7. Stefan

    Kage Baker left us far too soon Her untimely death in 2010, at age 57, was an immense loss for the science fiction and fantasy world, but she s sure to pop up on recommended reading lists for many years to come thanks to the treasure trove of genre fiction she left us, spread across about a dozen novels and several short story collections.The Best of Kage Baker is a brand new collection from Subterranean Press containing twenty examples of her brilliant short fiction as well as a set of beautifu [...]

  8. Kyle

    I was very excited when this leather bound limited edition of Kage Baker s best short stories showed up on my doorstep my wife is awesome It was a joy to read through these stories, though it was a bit with a heavy heart as I know there could have been many Best Of volumes for Baker if she hadn t passed away at 57 from cancer.The collection began with six short stories set in The Company universe, and my enjoyment of them varied on how well I liked the protagonist of each I love Porfirio, Josep [...]

  9. Ned Stenger White

    this is a GREAT collection, especially for us fanatic KB completists as there are several previously unpublished stories this would be a great intro to her style for anyone new to her work how i envy the person discovering herom a completist standpoint, the book is mildly frustrating, as the stories are grouped by which of her original collections they re from, which i guess is chronological normally, i prefer this sort of anthology, but in this case the different worlds of KB become a bit scram [...]

  10. Bondama

    I stumbled across this book at the Library, and a whole new world was opened for me It s a book of short stories, perfect for sampling a new author and Kage Baker is an eye opener for me She writes primarily of a superior race which has existed alongside of homo sapiens forever They disguise themselves as human in some stories these creatures come from the far future and, armed with their knowledge of history, work behind the scenes to either prevent colossal tragedies or retrieve books and work [...]

  11. Renee Babcock

    Anyone who likes Kage Baker and everyone should will love this collection Half the stories have been collected elsewhere half haven t Most of the stories are in her wonderful Company series, including the first story of hers I ever read, Son Observe the Time, an account of the final hours before the 1905 San Francisco earthquake A lot of the stories are set in California, where Baker was from, but they re stories out of time I hate living in a world with no new Kage Baker stories, which to me m [...]

  12. Sally Epp

    Kage Baker is one of my very favorite authors Her short stories remind me of Ray Bradbury, in that there are re appearing characters and little connections and clues that show up across her body of work Each stand alone story is satisfying by itself, but is also a tiny but important fragment of a bigger picture that only she could see Sadly, her premature death means that we will never get to see all of it About half of the stories in this collection were new to me, so it was well worth the read [...]

  13. Ian Durham

    I had never read any Kage Baker before I tend to be very picky about science fiction and fantasy Essentially, it has to transcend the genre in order for me to like it And this does Certainly some of the previously unreleased material was a little rough around the edges, but so much of it was just so superb I was really surprised I had gotten the book from my brother in law who had accidentally purchased two copies Now I will have to read of her work.

  14. Becky

    Reading this collection of short stories and novellas was bittersweet due to the reminder that it was likely the last new stories from Baker due to her untimely death in 2010 This collection is about half previously published stories, so I had read several of the stories before Baker s gift for combining history and science fiction is evident in both the old and new stories My only wish is that the collection contained new tales of The Company.

  15. Lisa

    Five stars, which is fitting since the collection is The Best of Kage Baker, and when she is good, she is very very good Several of the stories appear in other anthologies of her shorts, but most do not Well worth reading, and might make a nice introduction to her work and style for new readers.

  16. Patricia

    A wonderful, brilliant collection, some of which were previously published and some NEW stories If you have never read anything by her, this might be a nice introduction When Kage Baker died in January 2010, her distinctive voice was stilled forever I feel that she was one of the finest storytellers of her generation I miss her.

  17. Kelly Wagner

    The short stories were mostly written before the rather disappointing last book in the Company series I had read all but one of them before, either in earlier anthologies or in the science fiction magazines I do like the Company characters.

  18. MJ

    Another author who died too soonI enjoyed the stories about time traveling members of The Company and will look up any that didn t appear in this book Stories on other themes were somewhat why bother for me.

  19. Molly G

    As with many best of compilations, the stories that truly are stand out remarkable I ve already read from other collections The ones never before collected are of a mix All good, of course I ve yet to run into a Kage Baker piece I haven t admired but not necessarily best.

  20. Norah B

    Some stories were better than others and probably make the most sense to someone who knows the characters from other Kage Baker books.

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