The Barker Street Regulars (2020)

The Barker Street Regulars Susan Conant The Barker Street Regulars Susan Conant continues to surprise this time by involving dog writer Holly Winter in a wickedly amusing tale full of dastardly deeds and delightful eccentrics An avid devotion to the works of Sir Arth
  • Title: The Barker Street Regulars
  • Author: Susan Conant
  • ISBN: 9780553576559
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
The Barker Street Regulars Susan Conant Susan Conant continues to surprise this time by involving dog writer Holly Winter in a wickedly amusing tale full of dastardly deeds and delightful eccentrics.An avid devotion to the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and an equally avid devotion to dogs, combine to draw Holly Winter and her two beloved malamutes, Rowdy and Kimi, into one of Conant s most original and enterSusan Conant continues to surprise this time by involving dog writer Holly Winter in a wickedly amusing tale full of dastardly deeds and delightful eccentrics.An avid devotion to the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and an equally avid devotion to dogs, combine to draw Holly Winter and her two beloved malamutes, Rowdy and Kimi, into one of Conant s most original and entertaining mysteries to date.Rowdy has finished his training as a therapy dog and now accompanies Holly on weekly visits to the Gateway Nursing Home, where they meet Althea Battlefield, still formidable at the age of ninety, and her two elderly, admiring cohorts, Hugh and Robert all fanatic devotees of the Master as they call Sherlock Holmes When Althea s grandnephew is murdered at the home of her younger sister, Ceci, everyone is horrified, but it s the plight of Ceci herself who is being victimized by an unscrupulous animal psychic that finally unites this unlikely group in a crime stopping spree that requires not only the finely tuned ratiocination of the Holmes admirers but the eager cooperation of an outraged Holly and the very particular talents of her willing canine accomplices.No special knowledge of the Sherlockian canon is required for the utmost enjoyment of this engaging romp, and Conant s own devoted followers will be delighted to find her dog loving alter ego, Holly Winter, still poking fun at the world of Cambridge eccentrics and dog fancy fanatics, but also expanding her horizons into the world of literary trivia and yes feline rescue, however initially reluctant.From the Hardcover edition.
The Barker Street Regulars Susan Conant

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One thought on “The Barker Street Regulars

  1. Bev

    The Barker Street Regulars 1998 is the eleventh book in Susan Conant s Dog Lover s Mysteries and my first taste of the series Other than missing any background information on Holly Winter and her relationship with Steve Delaney, vet to her two Malamutes Rowdy Kimi and her lover, I couldn t see that dropping into series in mid stream was any problem.In this particular outing, Holly and Rowdy are working on his Rx.D therapy dog certification by making visits to the Gateway Rehabilitation and Nursi [...]

  2. Jen

    I really enjoyed the addition of characters to this book, and also the Sherlock Holmes themed story line Clever tale, indeed.I was pleased when a friend informed me of Conant s dog detective series Growing up with a grandmother who devoured every The Cat Who story, which never interested me, I have long wanted dog themed books of same.The author does not disappoint The books are witty, informational, and quick reads, without being too predictable.

  3. Catsalive

    Easy reading and mildly amusing I found the constant Holmes references irritating, and Robert Hugh superfluous, but the story was reasonably entertaining Holly was very slow on the uptake regarding the missing dog I would like to know how Tracker the cat gets on, whether Rowdy Kimi accept her.

  4. Kristin

    This book reminded me a lot of middle school English class, when we read The Hound of the Baskervilles , as Conant mentioned that work and many of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s other Sherlock Holmes books often throughout this book That said, I haven t read any of his other works and 6th grade was over 15 years ago, so my memory of it was a bit faded, so had I kept up on my Sherlock Holmes, I may have enjoyed this book .By no means was the book bad, I just felt it would have been enhanced by knowing [...]

  5. Gloria

    Fun book that will appeal especially to dog lovers, and most especially to those who love really large dogs Solid mystery with only implied violence This takes readers into the world of dog shows, dog training, pet psychics, pet therapy, and vets The author loves her own malamutes and this comes through clearly.Using the detective Sherlock Holmes as a model, the protagonist and two elderly sidekicks methodically discover the perpetrator With many references to the tales involving Holmes, this ta [...]

  6. Vesmé

    I read this book because I saw a couple of others from this series and decided to look them up on From there I decided I probably didn t want to get into the whole series, but I did want to read one of the original ones I found, All Shots, and this one due to it s Sherlock Holmes themes.Overall I liked the book I mean, this one does have Sherlock Holmes, and the character rescues a cat and she has two huskies, which are one of my favorite breeds of dog, so it would be a shame if I didn t like it [...]

  7. Kristen

    In the 11th installment of Susan Conant s Dog Lover Mystery series, the Barker Street Regulars, Holly Winter returned with her two dogs to solve this Arthur Conan Doyle like case Rowdy had just finished his training as a therapy dog, when he now accompanied Holly to visit the Gateway Nursery Home But when Althea s grand nephew was murdered at her sister s home, everyone was horrified Her sister Ceci was victimized by a unscrupulous animal psychic, which bonded this trio together to solve the cri [...]

  8. Susan Miller

    What can I say, this book combines dogs and Sherlock Holmes, whats not to like I enjoyed how the mystery unfolds around the world of a therapy dog in a nursing home The similarities between the world made my Conan Doyle and this one in Cambridge Massachusetts is great at keeping you wanting to turn the pages The added interest of the spectral realm in pet physics adds to the drama the Sherlockian trivia is also great.

  9. Kirsten

    I hadn t read a Susan Conant in quite a while, so I decided to pick up the series again I m glad I did This is the best one I ve read so far The character of Holly has some delightful neuroses Though, I wish one day she would flesh out the character of Steve a little It seems odd that we get out of the next door neighbor and upstairs neighbor than from the love interest I was a little taken aback at the introduction of a cat, but I guess some dog people love cats too.

  10. Gwyneth

    Not only does this have a female main chacter and dog s which I love, but it also has many refernaces to Sherlock Holmes Another thing I love In this one Holly Winter and her two dogs, Rowdy and Kimi have to find out who killed her freinds grandnephew And debunk a fake pet psychic, and while doing that she ends up with a new pet, a cat this time that she names Tracker who hapens to be one of the uglyist cats you have ever seen.

  11. Vicky

    A cozy mystery based on Holly Winter who is a magazine writer who gets involved in mysteries and has her malamutes with her always interesting but again light reading.

  12. Michelle Stevens

    it s an enjoyable book about people facinated with sherlock holmes and end up having a mystery to solve of there own

  13. Tara Choate

    Among my favorites to reread because Rowdy is such a central figure April 2012 Reread in November 2015 like Ceci and Althea.Reread in April 2016.

  14. Kim

    Because it was a Sherlock based mystery, it was overly wordy Not her typical book The mystery was fun though.

  15. Terri

    Very, very slow, convoluted, confusing Did not care for this one Worst of the series that I ve read so far.

  16. Pam Bales

    Holly Winter and her Alaskan Malamutes solve another mystery Good American cozy for those who loves dogs It doesn t hurt a bit to enjoy the Boston area as well.

  17. Tracy Weber

    I LOVE Susan Conant, but this wasn t my favorite of her works Probably because I m not a Sherlock Holmes fan, so a lot of the references didn t interest me Still, a fun read

  18. Joe O'Connor

    Very Good continuing character Holly Winter dog trainer writer finds herself in a Sherlock Holmes like murder mystery related to a pet psychic.

  19. Karen-Leigh

    Sherlock was never an obsession of mine but adding tidbits of Sherlockian trivia to ones personal mind library can be interesting Characters introduced were interesting as well Not a bad read.

  20. Beverly Laude

    I usually enjoy her books, but this one just didn t do a thing for me Too much Sherlock Holmes, too many LONG paragraphst up to her usual stories.

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