Kapinių planeta (2020)

Kapinių planeta Clifford D. Simak Jolanta Korolkovaitė Eglė Lipskienė Rasa Tumėnienė Kapini planeta Pasaulin s fantastikos aukso fondas tomasPrie de imt t kstan i met tb tinis Karas sunaikino em s civilizacij Tik nedaugeliui laiming j pavyko pasprukti vaig des ir prad ti ten nauj gyvenim Dabar e
  • Title: Kapinių planeta
  • Author: Clifford D. Simak Jolanta Korolkovaitė Eglė Lipskienė Rasa Tumėnienė
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
Kapinių planeta Clifford D. Simak Jolanta Korolkovaitė Eglė Lipskienė Rasa Tumėnienė Pasaulin s fantastikos aukso fondas, 11 tomasPrie de imt t kstan i met tb tinis Karas sunaikino em s civilizacij Tik nedaugeliui laiming j pavyko pasprukti vaig des ir prad ti ten nauj gyvenim Dabar em vis Galaktikos moni paskutin poilsio vieta ia rengtas bekra tis, per visus emynus nusidriek s Kapinynas Flet eris Karsonas ketina aplankyti savoPasaulin s fantastikos aukso fondas, 11 tomasPrie de imt t kstan i met tb tinis Karas sunaikino em s civilizacij Tik nedaugeliui laiming j pavyko pasprukti vaig des ir prad ti ten nauj gyvenim Dabar em vis Galaktikos moni paskutin poilsio vieta ia rengtas bekra tis, per visus emynus nusidriek s Kapinynas Flet eris Karsonas ketina aplankyti savo prot vi planet ir minti visas jos paslaptis.Knygoje taip pat skaitykite PLACDARMASMIRA AS
Kapinių planeta Clifford D. Simak Jolanta Korolkovaitė Eglė Lipskienė Rasa Tumėnienė

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    Clifford D. Simak Jolanta Korolkovaitė Eglė Lipskienė Rasa Tumėnienė

One thought on “Kapinių planeta

  1. Mel

    I can t remember where I first heard of this I thought it was from a friend but no one seems to have reviewed it that I m friends with But this was just AMAZING I can t believe I ve spent so many decades reading science fiction and never come across this author before.I LOVED this A woman historian, robots who d lived 1000s of years, ghosts, and a post apocalyptic Earth that had been reborn The book reminded me most of Peter Beagle s work There was a gentleness to the characters and the setting [...]

  2. Bill

    Cemetery World is the 4th Science Fiction story by Clifford Simak that I ve read in the past couple of years I ve enjoyed for the most part, especially enjoyed The Werewolf Principle and City Cemetery World was an entertaining, enjoyable read.Fletcher Carson returns to Earth, now a Cemetery World for the descendants of Earthlings After a world destroying war thousands of years before, the majority of the remaining humans escaped and inhabited planets throughout the Universe A company, Cemetery, [...]

  3. Christopher

    my gosh this book was pretty terrible I went into it with an open mind having read nothing else by this author The whole story is a disaster, so very poorly put together that the badness at one point changes to pure laughs Sadly it is not intended to be funnyTo avoid giving anything interesting away to the unfortunate souls who stumble upon this in the near or distant future, I will conclude by saying if you have a child, ask them to write you a story called Cemetery World , and they will pen a [...]

  4. Johnny

    What begins, well, after a bit of exposition, as a classic survivalist tale ends up as a puzzle concerning alien intervention perhaps, a deus ex machina and time travel At times, Cemetery World seems to be a cautionary morality tale about corporate greed and the futility of warfare indeed, a peace message reverberates through the entire plot and thuggery It is no surprise that Simak introduces time travel and bucolic landscapes he s done that on several occasions most notably Way Station and Tim [...]

  5. Jordan Anderson

    Wow I ll cut right to the chase Cemetery World is one of the most horrifically written, sloppily conceived, and all around terrible excuses of a novel I have ever had the misfortune to read After reading the stunning classic A Canticle for Leibowitz I couldn t distance myself from a book set centuries hell, millennia into the future and at the quick glance, Cemetery World could almost be an unofficial and accidental sequel to Canticle humans return to Earth from space 10,000 years into the futur [...]

  6. Dom

    I would recommend, if considering a Simak novel for the first time, beginning with Way Station or City This is an ok novel at best and not up to par with some of his other poignant and poetically written books.

  7. Steven

    I thought this would be a book about a visit back to old earth, where the characters would comb through the detritus of the past Possibly they would meet an old robot or hologram I expected it to be full of SF tropes Instead it s a silly pulp action SF novel Extremely boring and doesn t resemble Simak at all.

  8. Dani

    Rather disappointing I was told Simak is one of the best at sci fi, and all I saw in this book was adventures Which is not bad to read, but nothing Not to speak about the idiotic discussions of the characters which were supposed to be a bit intelligent than that.

  9. Maureen

    some great ideas and concepts, and lovely descriptions from time to time, but very disjointed, and ends up abruptly, like he was tired of writing it plus a tacked on romance yargh.

  10. David Raz

    Cemetery World by Clifford D SimakHebrew review follows My records say I have a copy of a 1977 edition of this book in storage and that I have read it somewhere in the 90s Having not even rated books back then, and recalling nothing about it, when I found a 1980 released Hebrew translation I decided to give it a read.The only reason why this wasn t a huge disappointment was because I had no expectations, but truth be told, this is a rather bad book The ideas themselves aren t bad and some of the [...]

  11. Tim

    Yet another selection from my S F Book Club novels from the 1970 s I ve already read Way Station see my review and would rank it in my top ten I also have City, on my short to read list Cemetery World envisions a time in the far future when mankind has colonized a multitude of other planets after a devastating war, leaving Earth as a final resting place for the dead of the very rich The place is run by a corrupt syndicate, Cemetery, which has gotten rich selling not only burial plots but also tr [...]

  12. Yanik Franken

    I hesitate to give this two stars It s not that interesting There is no focus on either character or the story Both of which only in the last 20 pages go through some form of development In the period prior to that there are a few redeeming moments, mainly with the robot characters and in absurd situations Here and there bigger subjects are touched on.The book very much behaves like a 50 s adventure serial The book is from 74 though.This includes a travel story with no real plot in between, a na [...]

  13. Mark

    In the future everyone has moved to the stars following the devastation of Earth.Now years later the planet is owned by Cemetery, an organisation that has turned Earth, literally, into a massive cemetery.The main character goes there for some reason with some other people and then some stuff happensm I liked the idea of this story but it is just far too random.It feels like the writer had a list of characters and attributes and rolled dice to see what happens next.Oh a 4 and a 2 that is a friend [...]

  14. Edward Amato

    Fun to read this older sci fi Can t help raise my eye brows at how chauvinistic some of his characters writing is So many of the female characters do things like wear aprons, serve food and are always chatting, chittering, talking, nagging c Perhaps this is our future if Trump makes America great again Other archaic stuff piles of papers on desks, people looking at their watches, newspaper men in space

  15. Jim Mcclanahan

    Another unterstellar adventure through time and space by Simak Featuring a smarter than average robot and a reluctant heroine Interesting, but not quite up to the top tier of his output.

  16. Scott Marley

    I first read this back when I was twelve or so and since then barely remembered any of it I had to do a book report on it so I was in essence being forced to read it Let s face it book reports were always the worst and before the internet it was difficult to fake one that looked like you actually read it That s probably why I remember so little of it however it s not all bad For old time s sake I decided to snatch this book from its safe confines on the shelf and bend open a half deteriorated bu [...]

  17. Matteo Pellegrini

    Quando il genere umano si sar diffuso su tutti i mondi della Via Lattea, che ne sar della Terra Il pianeta verr abbandonato, dopo le spaventose guerre che per poco non distrussero completamente l umanit Nelle sue distese agresti vivono ancora dei superstiti, ritornati alla civilt patriarcale degli antenati e forse, nelle valli sperdute, vagano ancora le antiche e terribili Macchine da Guerra, per met meccaniche, per met umane Ma un poco di Terra rimane sempre nel cuore di tutti i terrestri, anch [...]

  18. Matthew

    Clifford D Simak is a name that any hardcore science fiction fan will be familiar with, but for some reason his works haven t become as popular in the present day as some other authors Which is a shame, really, because he has some of the best conceptual work that I ve come across The books that I ve read of his have all been phenomenal City, A Heritage of Stars, and now Cemetery World.Cemetery World is one of those great, almost unknown works On the surface the book appears very simple, but ther [...]

  19. Peter

    I have fond memories of reading Simak way back in high school, when I read a number of his books for the once a year sci fi book report assignment I always wondered if the teachers really wanted us to read sci fi or if it was some kind of obligatory bow to some kind of pressure from one particular teacher in the department who did enjoy sci fi The Simak books I chose most likely made my teachers wonder if I had made the whole thing up considering how surreal and odd so many of them are, at least [...]

  20. Roberta

    I ve read other stuff by Simak and most of it is thought provoking and hinting cleverly at the differences in the new universes of the stories But something about the language of this book just didn t add up for me Simak described the protagonists here using language that made them unsympathetic, sometimes downright unpleasant I did not like the main character, I did not care about his concerns, hell, I wasn t even sure what his concerns are for most of the book This was a bit of a disappointmen [...]

  21. Ira

    As a fan of classic sci fi, my review of this book is admittedly biased Simak is one of the often overlooked writers of his time, buried by the volumes of dreck other s turned out.The plot is well conceived and the characters are than two dimensional The back story Simak includes serves its purpose but makes one wonder if there couldn t have been other stories prior to this one Nevertheless, this is one of the few books I ve recently read that I had a hard time putting down Not a long book by a [...]

  22. J.P.

    Clifford Simak wrote some very good books such as the Hugo award winning novel City but he also wrote clunkers like this one The plot sounds like a winner a planet is one big cemetery, there s a treasure hunt, throw in some robots and nasty things lurking in the shadows The story however is disjointed, the plot is never developed and a silly romance appears from nowhere Also the robots talk and act exactly like humans There was so much room in this story for a good read but it turned out like a [...]

  23. Andy Phillips

    A man travels to Earth around 10,000 years after a nuclear war has left it mostly uninhabited Humans have colonised many other planets but the Earth is used as a giant graveyard that is operated by a slightly shady corporation He takes along an ancient robot that has won the rights of a human and a sentient machine that writes compositions some sort of mixture of various art forms in order to record an impression of what the planet is really like He soon meets a fourth member of their party.The [...]

  24. Adi

    A book about the distant future, 10000 years from now People live scattered all around the Universe in search of a better life They only return to the Earth when they die The Earth has been transformed into a cemetery world, where only a few living people manage to survive among the tombstones I liked how original and unexpected the story was, and the author s creative ideas regarding the coming millenniums I would have preferred a extended ending, but even now, the book was good.

  25. Andrew

    I read this book in my early teens as a three part story in Analog magazineought it was great Just reread it it stands up fairly well, however the hackneyed love story in it I could do without It s rather like Simak threw in a female character just so she could fall in love with the slightly annoying male narrator The most human character was Elmer the robot Still glad I reread it, although I will probably never pick it up again.

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