Dear Dylan (2020)

Dear Dylan Siobhan Curham Dear Dylan A first crush An unexpected friendship A dream come true Dear Dylan Thanks so much for your email and I m sorry about my last one when I said I love you I hope you don t think I m a weirdo mentalist I
  • Title: Dear Dylan
  • Author: Siobhan Curham
  • ISBN: 9781405260374
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
Dear Dylan Siobhan Curham A first crush An unexpected friendship A dream come true Dear Dylan Thanks so much for your email and I m sorry about my last one when I said I love you I hope you don t think I m a weirdo mentalist It s just that I was watching Oprah yesterday and she said we should all say we love each other a whole lot Not to everyone of course There s no way I d tell myA first crush An unexpected friendship A dream come true Dear Dylan Thanks so much for your email and I m sorry about my last one when I said I love you I hope you don t think I m a weirdo mentalist It s just that I was watching Oprah yesterday and she said we should all say we love each other a whole lot Not to everyone of course There s no way I d tell my scummy step dad that I love him because that would be lying But the thing is, sometimes when I watch you on TV, I feel as if you re talking just to me and it makes me feel less alone I know you probably get loads and loads of fan mail but I wanted to ask you could we be e mates Yours hopefully, Georgie xxx.
Dear Dylan Siobhan Curham

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One thought on “Dear Dylan

  1. SJH (A Dream of Books)

    Dear Dylan was a surprising and delightfully heartwarming read with a wonderful central character who by the end of the book felt like an old friend.The format of the story is a series of emails over a period of three months between Georgie and her e mate Into her emails, Georgie pours all her thoughts, feelings and emotions about her life and is able to express all the things that she d never be able to say in read life Her emails are funny, thoughtful, amusing, insightful and frequently made m [...]

  2. hawwa

    I m so tired of feeling sad And waiting for other people to make me happy and they don t And if no one else is going to make you happy, well maybe you just have to do it for yourself I didn t really know what to expect when I first heard about this book as it was made up entirely of e mails so when Siobhan Curham offered to send me a copy to review I jumped at the chance The book explores the social media of e mails and how a most unlikely friendship can be formed through the internetI needn t h [...]

  3. Kai

    Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsThe beauty of technology is it bridges people no matter where they are.Who would have thought the e mails Georgie exchanges with Dylan can save her life Georgie is like every other fan who idolizes someone At first her e mails came off as annoying, but it was Georgie s willingness to share, her openness, her ability to give life and color to a bunch of words typed and sent electronically that makes her special And Dylan saw that spark in Georgie and before she kne [...]

  4. Kelsey

    Dear Dylan was an emotional and original novel and I m so glad I had this opportunity to read it It was written entirely in emails, but it worked SO WELL The two characters exchanging emails put all their thoughts and experiences into these emails, so it felt like I was reading chapters instead of emails.Georgie was a character I loved right away She was so honest and sweet that I felt a connection to her from the start Her family was in turmoil Her mother was stuck in an abusive relationship an [...]

  5. Sarah

    Georgie has a lot going on in her life and feels like she has no one to talk to about her problems Feeling lonely she starts to email her favorite actor Dylan hoping desperately for someone who understands her At first the replies she receives are just standard responses but as the person who is replying starts to discover about Georgie s home life they reach out to offer her friendship When Siobhan Curham asked me to review Dear Dylan I was intrigued by the idea of a novel written purely in th [...]

  6. Clarabel

    Gr ce un change d emails avec la maman de sa vedette pr f r e, une adolescente de quatorze ans va acqu rir une confiance en elle, accomplir ses r ves les plus secrets et avouer sa m re qu elles ne peuvent plus endurer la brutalit du beau p re sans r agir Inversement, la d tresse de la jeune fille va aider sa correspondante sortir d un deuil difficile et envisager une nouvelle carri re de com dienne.De cette rencontre improbable, na t une tr s jolie connivence qui servira aussi de levier ces deux [...]

  7. Elizabeth Emily Browne

    I love this book Especially the style it is written in I love getting emails so the fact that it was all depicted by emails was a plus for me But as it always ends up All is not what it seems throughout this book Georgie writes to her hero Dylan and he starts too reply I love the story behind this About how when your not actually face to face with someone you can t be sure who it really is and you should be careful online.

  8. Rebecca Smith

    I m not sure why says this book is 208 pages long when in actual fact it s 302 pages AnywayDear Dylan is about a 14 year old girl called Georgie who is a massive fan of Dylan Curtland from her favourite TV Show, Jessop Close She begins to start emailing him about how much she loves him and just about anything that pops into her head Very soon on in the novel she finds out that it s not actually Dylan who she has been emailing.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can recall first reading it I thi [...]

  9. BookSceneDramaQueen

    SPOILER ALERT This was a lovely read with really important subject matter I loved the friendship that formed between Georgie and Nan It was wonderful and refreshing to see a friendship between a young girl and an older mother like figure through emails I really enjoyed all the theatre acting aspects of it as well, as acting is one of my passions Georgie really goes on a journey in this book and she grows and matures wonderfully I found the beginning so relatable, with her emails to Dylan Haven t [...]

  10. Arisa

    Before I started this book I read the reviews people were saying that it was a warm read and I was like warm What s that supposed to mean Having finished reading, I completely understand and 100% agree Can just feel the warmth throughout the book if that makes sense

  11. Can`t_Stop.Reading

    The book was okay but most of it was a little boring and I hated how Georgi went off subject so much at the begginning It was much better near the end and much interesting but I think it just was not what I expected.

  12. Georgie Flavell

    Loved it, I nearly dnf the book, the ending is so sweet, would recommend for a nice quick read.

  13. Rachel Sh

    Check out of my reviews on my blog, Booktastic Reviews.This book has been on my wishlist for the longest time, so when I finally managed to get my hands on a copy or in this case, win a giveaway for it , I was over the moon As soon as it arrived in the post, I could tell I had high expectations for it Why, you ask Well, I d read way too many glowing reviews of it for me not to be excited Did it meet my expectations YES Yes, it did If anything, it was everything I wanted and So, yes, the whole [...]

  14. Roxane

    This self published has an interesting story In 2009, Siobhan Curham was offered a two book deal and turned it down She self published Dear Dylan in April 2010 and in November, it won the YoungMind Book Award Earlier this month, it was acquired by Egmont as part of a two book deal and it will be relaunch in July.Dear Dylan is the last novel I read for my previous job and I consider myself very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to read it It s not often you encounter YA issue novels th [...]

  15. Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page)

    I picked this book up as I really like both the cover and the title they re simple and fun I also thought that this book would simply be a fun set of e mails from a teenage girl to her crush, Dylan It turned out that this was a fun book thanks to our main character, Georgie, but it also had quite a serious undertone too.When Georgie contacts Dylan, a gorgeous, popular young actor, she is surprised when she actually gets personal replies As it turns out, it s not actually Dylan that is replying t [...]

  16. Liss

    Dieser kurze Roman ist ein Buch ber das Leben, die Liebe, das Erwachsenwerden und den Kampf um Akzeptanz, geschrieben in E Mail Nachrichten Mein 2 Buch, welches ich in dieser Art gelesen habe Hier allerdings treffen zwei unterschiedliche Welten aufeinander die eines M dchen im Alter von 14 Jahren, welches einem Star eine Mail schreibt und die einer 40 j hrigen Frau, auf der Suche nach Gl ck und Zufriedenheit.Das wohl Erstaunlichste ist, dass sich bei der Kurzbeschreibung jeder erhofft und denkt, [...]

  17. Zoe

    Never, EVER has a book changed by mind as drastically as this one After reading the first few pages, my opinionated rate was 2.5 5 and now my rating it 4 5 How did that happen you say, just say it now if you didn t before, so you don t make me look stupid and I ll tell you.The book opens with Georgie, a quirky and lovable teenager who writes a letter to her celebrity crush, Dylan As soon as I realised that the whole book is made up entirely of an e mail format, I began to think that this would b [...]

  18. Good Golly Miss Holly

    Review TBCIf you ve ever had the chance to snoop into a friend s diary, this novel is for you Basically, it s a major guilty pleasure for me atm I d equal it to reading a really great gossip mag filled with some slightly tragic pieces weaved amongst a very happy go lucky piece overall.Okay, this book is bloody awesome Ever come across a friends diary and been attempted to read the entire thing Well, that s how Dear Dylan feels It s so honest and believable that I just can t seem to stop reading. [...]

  19. Sophie

    u eres Erscheinungsbild Ich finde das Cover richtig sch n Georgie ist zeichnerische in Schwarz Wei beim Email schreiben zu sehen Die bunten Symbole an den Seiten beziehen sich mehr oder weniger auf Georgies Leben.Auch der Titel, der wortgenau bersetzt worden ist, passt hervorragend zum Inhalt.Eigene Meinung Dieses Buch ist verdammt schwer zu rezensieren, denn der gro e Plot Twist passiert recht fr h im Buch und eine Rezi ohne spoilern ist eigentlich fast nicht m glich Ich mache es dennoch nicht, [...]

  20. nancy (The Ravenous Reader)

    I did not know what to expect from this novel and I was curious about the story concept because I had not read a book in an email response format and found that I was happily surprised by how much I enjoyed it.Siobhan Curnham has penned a heartwarming story that explores the social media of emails and how a most unlikely relationship can be formed via the Internet.Dear Dylan is a story about fourteen year old Georgie Harris and her six weeks of summer vacationwell not so vacation, since she is f [...]

  21. Kirsty

    I loved this book It is written in email format throughout following an ongoing conversation between Georgie and her Emate over the course of 6 weeks I initially was a little bit wary and wasn t sure if this idea would work but it did wonderfully.When I first started reading the story I was a little skeptical as I thought the relationship between her and Nancy was a little weird Georgie is your typical teenager who is depicted exceptionally well might I add She is normal was was wonderful not a [...]

  22. Kulsuma

    I really enjoyed Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham Fourteen year old Georgie tries to enjoy summer as much as is possible with an overbearing stepfather, weak mother and no one who listens to her Though she isn t given permission to go to the local drama workshop she desperately wants to go to, Georgie risks her stepfather s fury by going anyway, taking her little sister with her who she is meant to babysit for the whole of the summer The most surprising thing that happens in her summer though is whe [...]

  23. Lauren

    Dear Dylan is truly a diamond of a novel It s touching, funny, and full of heart simply a novel I just couldn t give enough of I have to admit when I first saw this novel I was hesitant to read it because of the fact it was written entirely in emails As it turns out this method of telling it by worked out perfectly with the story, and I feel that if it was told in a different way it would be missing something crucial, because it allowed for me to get such a personal look in the lives and thought [...]

  24. Anya (An Awful Lot of Reading)

    I don t know what I expected to happen in this book but I m glad it didn t I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to read and how touching the story was An amazing teenage story of growing up and standing up for yourself Made me wish I had this book a few years ago for inspiration I ll admit, I started this book thinking I would dislike Georgie, stupidly just because she was so easily fooled by Jessica and the generalised emails But luckily, I got over her slightly annoying teenage a [...]

  25. Brina

    Mensch, was f r eine Entt uschung Ich habe mir das Buch direkt am ersten Verkaufstag geholt und war sehr neugierig, da die Kurzbeschreibung recht gut klang Was ich dann aber gelesen habe, war leider eine glatte Entt uschung, denn die Protagonistin ist leider alles andere als sympathisch und besitzt gro es Nervpotential An sich finde ich es ja noch ganz niedlich, wenn eine 14 j hrige einen Schauspieler anschreibt, nur um diesem mitzuteilen, dass man ihn lieben w rde Jedoch ist das M dchen so naiv [...]

  26. Lisa (A Life Bound By Books)

    For info and reviews please visit my Book Review Blog here A Life Bound By Books3.5 Stars When I first started reading Dear Dylan I wasn t sure just what to think, it took quite a few pages to really get into It s written in alternating emails between a teenage girl and someone she believes is Dylan a star from a well known TV show in England She s a teen with a lot of troubles at home and uses the emails to vent with someone real and the character he played who she felt she connected with and [...]

  27. Darlyn

    Very endearing Dear Dylan is a very interesting and fascinating story about a 14 years old girl, depressed, troubled and miserable with her family problems When she starts emailing Dylan, everything changes and she felt like she could has her life back somehow.It s like a story from 2 person Georgie and Dylan They emailed each other and become e mates I really love Georgie Despite of her non stop problem and her non stop sulking and whining, kind of irritated me but when I think about it back, h [...]

  28. Bec

    Georgie Harris absolutely loves Dylan Curtland, aka the famous teenage star from the sitcom Jessop Close, and emails him whenever she can At first he doesn t reply, but when he finally does, she can t believe it She begins to pour out her problems to him, writing about her acting dreams and her sad home life with a horrible stepdad But when he reveals a surprising secret, a new friendship begins Dear Dylan is told, oddly enough, in e mail format I had never read a book in e mail format before an [...]

  29. Laura Besley

    I ve had my eye on this book for some time for two reasons The first thing that caught my attention was the front cover the one above, not the original one I didn t discover that until I started researching the book for this post I love its simplicity and quirkiness Secondly I had read that it was all written in the form of emails between the main characters I m very interested in different writing styles and was intrigued as to how this would work In my opinion it worked well Through the writin [...]

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