Ligeia (Fantasy and Horror Classics) (2020)

Ligeia (Fantasy and Horror Classics) Edgar Allan Poe Ligeia Fantasy and Horror Classics This book contains Edgar Allen Poe s short story Ligeia An anonymous narrator recounts the story of his meeting a beautiful and intellectual woman in some large old decaying city near the Rhine
  • Title: Ligeia (Fantasy and Horror Classics)
  • Author: Edgar Allan Poe
  • ISBN: 9781447404064
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
Ligeia (Fantasy and Horror Classics) Edgar Allan Poe This book contains Edgar Allen Poe s 1838 short story, Ligeia An anonymous narrator recounts the story of his meeting a beautiful and intellectual woman in some large, old decaying city near the Rhine They get married, and Ligeia introduces her husband to all manner of mathematical and metaphysical knowledge Soon after, she becomes seriously ill and dies The narratThis book contains Edgar Allen Poe s 1838 short story, Ligeia An anonymous narrator recounts the story of his meeting a beautiful and intellectual woman in some large, old decaying city near the Rhine They get married, and Ligeia introduces her husband to all manner of mathematical and metaphysical knowledge Soon after, she becomes seriously ill and dies The narrator s second marriage comes to a similarly tragic end, resulting in the uncanny reappearance of the mysterious Ligeia A gripping and atmospheric tale, Ligeia is highly recommended for fans of fantasy and horror fiction, and would make for a fantastic addition to any collection Edgar Allan Poe 1809 1849 was an American author, editor, poet, and critic Most famous for his stories of mystery and horror, he was one of the first American short story writers, and is widely considered to be the inventor of the detective fiction genre Many antiquarian books such as this are becoming increasingly rare and expensive We are republishing Ligeia now in an affordable, high quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new biography of the author.
Ligeia (Fantasy and Horror Classics) Edgar Allan Poe

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One thought on “Ligeia (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

  1. Bookdragon Sean

    It s Halloween, so I have to revisit my favourite Poe short story If a mind has found the most true and profound bliss what happens when it s taken away Well, the simple answer is it doesn t work any, at least not very well The narrator of this marvellous short story experiences a whole host of emotions and mental states after his loss Firstly, he is hit with the expected wave of melancholy fuelled by his understandable grief secondly, he feels the slow calm breeze of acceptance thirdly, and fin [...]

  2. Fernando

    Ligeia era el cuento preferido de Edgar Allan Poe Considero que con Morella, Berenice y Eleonora podr amos sumar a Annabel Lee, pero es poema, como Lenore de El Cuervo representan el ideal de la mujer rom ntica, esa que est al borde de la muerte o la que vuelve a la vida para recuperar a su amado hay casos geniales como La muerta enamorada de Theophile Gaultier o Vera de L ille Adam La f mme fatale que dominaba ese famoso mal de si cle Ligeia tiene todos los ingredientes del Romanticismo, pero t [...]

  3. Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)

    Ligeia es un cuento de Edgar Allan Poe que nunca hab a le do y me sorprendi bastante No s por qu le ten a poca fe si todos sus cuentos o poemas con nombre de mujer me gustan But anyway Todo empieza con un hombre describiendo la inmensa belleza de su esposa, Ligeia, una mujer de ojos oscuros y pelo negro como el bano Sin embargo, Ligeia cae enferma y muere, dejando a su pobre marido devastado y casi deseando morir Eventualmente, el hombre se muda a Inglaterra y se casa con Lady Rowena Trevanion d [...]

  4. Claudia

    Yesterday One day two nightmares.In the morning Trump In the evening Mr E.A POE And the 5 stars goes to Mr Poe.Really, it s not your best idea in the night before you sleep, read Mr Poe You re off the lights Soon you hear a whisper, you curtains moveLigeia or Rowena Black cat or raven NEVERMORE DThe story was so good Sleep had no chance Is everything we see or seemNOTHING BUT A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM

  5. Mia (Parentheses Enthusiast)

    While I didn t really understand the point or message of this story, it was beautifully written and the tone is darkly, insanely, intensely beautiful, so I cannot help but bestow four well deserved stars upon yet another short story by my beloved Mr Poe.The basic premise of this story is the narrator s relationship with Ligeia, his wife, to the grave and beyond This tale is aptly named, as not a single thought passes through the protagonist s head that is not about the eponymous Ligeia Our narra [...]

  6. Tristram

    An I for an Eye.Is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all The answer to this question might depend on what else you lose when you lose the beloved person In Edgar Allan Poe s marvellous short story Ligeia 1838 the narrator cannot even remember when and under what circumstances he has first met the lady Ligeia, who is the love of his life, and whether this forgetfulness may be due to the workings of grief on a human brain, or to the abuse of opium, or whether it m [...]

  7. Anne

    This definitely deserves a second reading I flew into this book immediately after reading a review about it The premise of it was unbelievably seductive And it didn t disappoint.I kept wavering between a 4 and 5 star rating after I finished reading this not because it was lacking or defective in any way, but rather because some lines just flew right over my head that s where the need for a second reading comes in I struggled with comprehension and interpretation of some sentences It felt fraudul [...]

  8. Cassandra Lê

    Nothing remarkable happens Except for the prose, all else quite revolves around Poe s main theme death of a beautiful woman, monomania, drugc Still a nice read for Halloween But compared to Rue Morgue, I prefer the latter.

  9. Agustina

    Que cosa rara y hermosa leer a Poe Te atrapa desde el primer momento, y no te suelta hasta que termina con el final mas descabellado e impredecible Te tortura durante todo el cuento para que prestes atenci n y pienses y lo hace de tal manera que inclusive cuando terminaste de leer, te sigue torturando Simplemente incre ble, este hombre es magia.

  10. Andrei Tamaş

    E pentru prima dat c nd v d la Poe, pe l ng latura obscur , latura romantismului suferind, concentrarea pe eul propriu n Ligeia prezint melancolia neagr a unei iubiri pierdute din pricina sabiei mor ii i aura metafizic a dragostei.

  11. Dimitris

    Lo t is a gala night Within the lonesome latter years An angel throng, bewinged, bedight In veils, and drowned in tears, Sit in a theatre, to see A play of hopes and fears,While the orchestra breathes fitfullyThe music of the spheres.Mimes, in the form of God on high,Mutter and mumble low,And hither and thither fly Mere puppets they, who come and go At bidding of vast formless things That shift the scenery to and fro,Flapping from out their Condor wings Invisible Wo That motley drama oh, be sure [...]

  12. Prashant

    This is first work of Poe that I read and how the details can be used to make the story stick to the reader The story is narrated by a guy who is desperately in love with his wife Ligeia and is praising everything about her Poe has described the character at length so it can come alive to the reader After the death of Legeia the man marries Lady Rowena The new wife succumbs to illness one night and the man mourns her death all night while her body lies in the same room What follows is gruesome d [...]

  13. Soycd

    Of all the women whom I have ever known, she, the outwardly calm, the ever placid Ligeia, was the most violently a prey to the tumultuous vultures of stern passion.Even though Ligeia is well within familiar territory for Poe there is the eerie and gloomy scenery, the misterious muse who is counting her minutes left, and the main character whose twisted mind you get to know it still manages to stand out as a unique and wonderfully crafted story due to Poe s magnificent prose and his talent for cr [...]

  14. Jose Moa

    Another masterwork of the genial Poe,written with his matchless prose thah have influenced several writters,clearly Lovecraft.Beguins with perhaps the most great description of the beauty and atributes of the ideal romantic heroine Ligeia ,inaprehensible to the meaning of words,not yet to the classic paradigmas,as only the genial writter can make ,overall, her eyes.Ligeia is the quintaesence of beauty,passion,wiseness and love,a ideal ,a abstract comcept that as inmortal trascends the human natu [...]

  15. Phú Vương Trọng

    Plot Drug addict rambling about his 2 dead wives and having hallucinationsOne of the reasons why I dislike this short story, is that I m never a fan of poems or fancy, poetic words Plus, having to google a bunch of names of angels from Hebrew mythology is really not my favorite thing to do while reading The story is almost pointless, the unreliable narrator spends pages to describe literally everything The only interest I ve found in the story, was the gothic ambiance Ligeia, who is the narrator [...]

  16. Anabella Córdoba

    Ligeia es un relato corto escrito por dgar Allan Poe, el cual, nos relata la historia de un hombre que pierde a su esposa tras una enfermedad y relata el recuerdo de lo hermosa que era Y que nuevamente se casa con otra mujer que tambi n llega a padecer una enfermedad En mi opini n, me ha gustado la prosa, solo que quiz s como no estoy acostumbrada a esta forma de narrar se me enreda un poco y aveces me llegaba a perder Me impresion el final por que creo que no me lo esperaba Solo que como siempr [...]

  17. Francy Narvaez

    That motley drama oh, be sure It shall not be forgot With its Phantom chased for ever By a crowd that seize it not,Through a circle that ever returneth in To the self same spot,And much of Madness, and of Sin, And Horror the soul of the plot I loved this so much, everytime I re read Edgar Allan Poe I love him and

  18. Sylvia McIvers

    In a ruined German city, a man lives with his wonderful wife Ligiea Really, she s wonderful Three pages of detail on her eyes, her nose, her mouth her skin, her hair, her wisdom, her walk and another few pages for her to die, all the while fighting, never surrendering her will to Death.Our Hero wanders to an English abbey also ruined and sets up an opium addicted life He marries a woman who is described in one sentence Several paragraphs explain how their bedroom has tomb elements, besides being [...]

  19. Edlira Dibrani

    Loved it 3 I cannot , for my soul, remember how, when, or even precisely where, I first became acquainted with the Lady Ligeia Long years have since elasped and my memory is feeble through much suffering Or, perhaps, I cannot now bring these points to mind, because, in truth the character of my beloved, her rare learning, her singular yet placid cast of beauty, and the thrilling and enthralling cloquence of her low musical language, made their way into my heart by places so steadily and stealthi [...]

  20. Chad O'Haver

    While Ligeia has no apparent meaning, while the metaphor, if any is present, is not so facilely discerned, I believe this story is a presentation of the preoccupation of the mind upon a single, wistful thought in this case, his deceased wife Ligeia, and the longing for her return and how this preoccupation can manifest as an absurd event in this case, the resurrection of Ligeia through the body of his second, also deceased wife, Rowena.Possibly, Poe would have been a fine psychologist, or at the [...]

  21. Emily Woolford

    The second half of this short where the narrator is wed to Rowena is beautiful That is if you re willing to call someone s diminishing mental state after losing two wives beautiful It s true though, I am drawn to tragic love stories.

  22. Carly Ellen Kramer

    Ligeia isn t Poe for Beginners, at least not as I see it A new reader of Poe would be advised to read The Raven and The Pit and the Pendulum first, and read Ligeia later.

  23. Mathias

    Poe, in this tale, recounts a story of which the pattern is typical of his style that of a man haunted by grief who struggles with the sorrow bestowed upon him by his beloved s departure, and the intermingled stirrings of the soul which accompany such an endeavor.The narrator, in a rich and enthralling prose, describes the memory of a maiden named Ligeia, of halcyon charm and undying passion This memory takes life throughout the tale, from within and without, in a fashion which can only bear wit [...]

  24. Madalin Boboc

    Truly remarkable story, at least as the idea is concerned.The writing is pretty cheesy the whole way through, except the last part, which is honestly where the whole strength of the story resides.Poe in this and another short story of his that was passable , writes about love in such a way that it lacks subtlety and looks like an infatuated teenager rather than an adult that understands the complexities of love.Still, I have the ability of separating the execution of a story and appreciating it [...]

  25. ساره ابو سالم

    He feels in her an underlying knowledge of a concept unknown to him, but can t conceive of this concept himself Not only is she a smart woman, but she is smarter than any men the narrator knows Ligeia has ensured her immortality by making the narrator love her so fully and deeply She has subconsciously laid the plans for her rebirth within his mind, but he is not aware I would call aloud upon her name and wishes her back from the dead so he could restore her to the pathway she had abandoned ah c [...]

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