The Thunder: A Novel on John Knox (2020)

The Thunder: A Novel on John Knox Douglas Bond The Thunder A Novel on John Knox The Thunder A Novel on John Knox
  • Title: The Thunder: A Novel on John Knox
  • Author: Douglas Bond
  • ISBN: 9781596382145
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
The Thunder: A Novel on John Knox Douglas Bond The Thunder A Novel on John Knox
The Thunder: A Novel on John Knox Douglas Bond

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    422 Douglas Bond
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One thought on “The Thunder: A Novel on John Knox

  1. Christian

    Douglas Bond is my number one favorite historical fiction author My second favorite would probably be H Rider Haggard, author of King Solomon s Mines and Pearl Maiden Anything Bond writes is excellent and I d highly recommend.

  2. Schuyler

    Abridged review full review here While The Thunder is a wonderful and detailed portrait of John Knox, it has some rather deep flaws as a novel For one, any fictional characterizations are remarkably flat, and rather pointless to the developing of John Knox s life George is known for bugging out his eyes and getting sick to his stomach on the least provocation, and Francis I knew even less about besides the fact that he liked to dig his fingers into his brother s arm to keep him in line George s [...]

  3. Kathryn

    A great novelized summary of the life of John Knox Great for middle schoolers and up The life and times of this reformer reminds the reader of the importance of contending for the faith.

  4. Peter

    This was my first historical novel and it was really good I think my issues with it have to do with what must be the besetting sins of the genre In any case, this tale ended stronger than it began and that erased some of the bad tastes in my mouth The highest praise I can give it is that it compelled my emotions to admire and praise God for John Knox, and the things he accomplished in Reformation Scotland It also gave a corrective to my perception of Knox as a strapping, bullnecked, hardheaded [...]

  5. Annette

    The story is told by a young follower resolved to protect John Knox 1514 1572 Scottish clergyman and leader of Protestant Reformation It already starts with Knox as being a wanted man As he was caught up in events that involved the murder of Cardinal Beaton in 1546 and intervention of the Queen Regent He is besieged in a castle by French soldiers They lose the battle with the French forces and are taken as galley slaves After hard labor and anchoring at Seine and Loire River, in 1549 they anchor [...]

  6. Melissa

    This is a novel of much worth and interest, though at times it lacked depth of character and showing scenes, and switched to a retelling like a history book which I suppose is necessary in some cases Yet it was entertaining to read than a history book, and therefore easier to learn from, in my experience.Overall a great historical novel, inspiring one to stand strong for the gracious gospel of Christ Jesus, come what may It reminds me that God can use anyone weak, timid, or fearful and make th [...]

  7. Allison Hawbaker

    It was good but it took me a long time to get interested in the story I think I was comparing it too much to The Betrayal, and the main characters story in that book is much intense and interesting.Once I got to the second half I did begin to find it interesting but I felt there needed to me one chapter or at least a paragraph to wrap up my last question frustration with the main character.

  8. Brian

    Douglas Bond s novelization of the life of Protestant Reformer John Knox is historically accurate he really knows his history but its weakness is in the pacing and characterization that a novelist would bring A fascinating life bloodlessly told.

  9. César Augusto

    Maria, a sanguin ria temia mais a ora o de Knox, do que um ex rcito de dez mil homens Neste livro, Bond mostra que, apesar da sa de debilitada, o reformador escoc s era um homem poderoso, porque era um homem de ora o.

  10. Frode

    Not his best novel, but it was a good one by D Bond It contains lots of Reformed theology, but that was John Knox The story line seems a bit strained The history is accurate.

  11. Joli

    Excellent book on John Knox, cleverly presented I enjoyed the references to places I was recently able to visit in Scotland.

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