Borgel (2020)

Borgel Daniel Pinkwater Borgel Melvin Spellbound s humdrum life suddenly becomes extraordinary when year old Borgel arrives and takes him and the talking dog Fafner on a rollicking trip through Time Space and The Other in s
  • Title: Borgel
  • Author: Daniel Pinkwater
  • ISBN: 9783358022214
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
Borgel Daniel Pinkwater Melvin Spellbound s humdrum life suddenly becomes extraordinary when 111 year old Borgel arrives and takes him and the talking dog, Fafner, on a rollicking trip through Time, Space, and The Other in search of The Great Popsicle, Anthropoid Bloboforms and Grivnizoids
Borgel Daniel Pinkwater

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    130 Daniel Pinkwater
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One thought on “Borgel

  1. A.

    Daniel Pinkwater is one of the best, insanest and most overlooked writers alive He s also a young adult author Borgel is about the average quiet, chubby, clever Pinkwater protagonist whose uncle from the old country explains Dairy Queens are portals between dimensions and that his car can drive into space It s basically a road novel, but with the usual array of Fortean coin flippers, stop offs at Hell, and searching for god, who is a paper mach popsicle I was totally frowned upon for reading you [...]

  2. Josh

    Truly, truly goofy A very funny book I liked the story of the rabbit and the eggplant based on the rabbit and the tortoise, but with hilarious twists.

  3. David

    I was tipped off to this book by an economics text talking about asymmetric information A must read for those interested in a Popsicle deity.

  4. Dmitry

    A space adventure that s really a tour of Jewish Eastern Europe, as well as an introduction to the Kaballah And it s for kids A book that works on every level A work of moral genius.

  5. Tatorstevie

    My favorite Daniel Pinkwater bookd the first one I read I wish I could find of his books in my hometown

  6. Dan Kugler

    my favorite book exploring the universe with an old man and a talking dog looking for the magic popsicle what is not to like

  7. Ozma

    To be clear, I don t think the words Jewish or Judaism ever show up, but Borgel grew up in a shack in the perennially poor Old Country and speaks a language that sound s like clearing throats or preparing to spit, time is a map of the state of New Jersey, and space is an elliptical poppyseed bagel.

  8. Jamie

    This was my first Pinkwater It started out strong quirky man Borgel shows up on family s door step claiming to be a relative Melvin from whose view point the story is told enjoys listening to classical music with him Borgel s stories and actions are hillarious In the middle part of the book as soon as I realized it was a sci fi I became less interested Not that I don t like sci fi, but this is not what I expected During most of the middle of the book there seemed to be no direction at all I bega [...]

  9. WhiteHeather

    I love all of Daniel Pinkwater s books that I ve read, but this one is easily my favorite I don t remember where I picked up the audio book with excerpts that consisted of the first few chapters of the book, but it became a tradition to listen to on any long road trip my family took We had any number of inside jokes related to the story because we liked it that much I only wish I had the entire book in the audio version because Pinkwter s voices for the characters were just perfect Even without [...]

  10. Travis

    One of my all time favorite Pinkwater books.Borgel, an odd old man from the Old Country moves in with a family that isn t all that sure they are related to Borgel.The youngest son gets to like the old man, and one night talks with Borgel on a road trip that takes them through time, space, the other and eventually on a quest for one of the greatest artifacts even seen in space, time or the Other.Along the way, the family dog learns to speak english, they try many weird foods, encounter aliens, ge [...]

  11. Autumn

    I started this book when I was in 5th grade but it was due back at the library before I could finish it and I had another assignment to do I remembered a lot of it I love Pinkwater s quirky and imaginative stories Borgel is a traveler of time space and the other and decides to bring his nephew Melvin for a trip that he ll never forget With their family dog, the two drive through space and encounter all kinds of creatures.

  12. James Biser

    I read this book with my six year old son, Jamie He and I both loved it It is a wonderful fantasy about traveling through space, time, and the other thing In the crazy journey we traveled by hell, which is a bit of a tourist attraction, and finally ended up being near the perfect popsicle Being close to the perfect popsicle is about the best experience of anyone s life The popsicle is, after all, an incarnation of God.This is a wonderful read.

  13. Jill

    A short, simple book that made me laugh Fafner the self centered, talking dog is a hoot Although it s mostly an adventure novel of a young boy, it made me think too The end message I took away that there is always good in this world universe time space other is powerful And the absurdist plots, such as searching for a very large popsicle, make the path to that message utterly enjoyable.

  14. Allie

    The world needs people like Daniel Pinkwater What a hoot That man is downright hilarious As much as I already enjoyed his humor, after I listened to the audiobooks of The Snarkout Boys, which was read by Mr Pinkwater, I found him to be even funnier And I m glad that I listened to them because now, when I read his other books, I can read them how I think he would perform them An absolute riot

  15. Saul

    This is a Pinkwater classic The book s opening is incredible Full of mystery, we just have to know what Uncle Borgel is up to Is he just an eccentric old man Or is there something weird going on in his small room in the back of the house As you read on, is revealed, and the story soon turns into a nice intergalactic road movie with all sorts of Pinkwater esq characters showing up.

  16. Casey

    I don t know what it would have been like to read this first, but what I did is listen to it.available for free at pinkwater podcast audiWe have listened to it maybe 5 times all the way through, and I never get tired of it It s clever and funny and was once very unexpected less so, on the fifth listening It is our single favorite family book.

  17. Naomi

    I love Daniel Pinkwater and I will read anything he writes This was not my favorite of books, but the end was wonderful If you like books that mix a young adult adventure with a kind of atheistic spirituality this could be the book for you

  18. Susan

    Distant relative just who is he related to takes Melvin on a long, strange trip through the nature of time and space, during which Melvin meets some typical Pinkwater memes The word trip perhaps is appropriate than young readers know.

  19. Paula

    I read this a very long time ago Definitely need to re read it and see what I think now I remember it being pretty profound but it also made me very sad In reading the synopsis,it didn t sound like the same book I read or nearly as sad Will have another look through fresh eyes and see.

  20. Mur Lafferty

    I seriously feel like I m missing something here The humor was tired and the chapter breaks were placed at arbitrary points, sometimes in the middle of mundane conversations I stopped reading at chapter 18 after a very boring three pages about popsicles.

  21. Odhran

    A fun light romp through space time and the other The second half loses a lot of the Old Country charm of the first, but still maintains the anarchic sense of fun.

  22. Joseph Cabit

    Great writing, as usual Clever story, fun characters and dialogue But dangerous supernatural concepts.

  23. Nik

    Entertaining, if a little young I do like the explanations of complex physics principles time is like a map of NJ.

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