Father of Lies (2020)

Father of Lies Brian Evenson Father of Lies At the urging of his wife Provost Fochs reluctantly agrees to see a therapist Dr Feshtig Through the therapist s detailed notes correspondence from the church and the provost himself the provost
  • Title: Father of Lies
  • Author: Brian Evenson
  • ISBN: 9781568581163
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
Father of Lies Brian Evenson At the urging of his wife, Provost Fochs reluctantly agrees to see a therapist, Dr Feshtig Through the therapist s detailed notes, correspondence from the church, and the provost himself, the provost s sickness emerges and the reader is drawn into the disturbing inner workings of a violent pedophile.The provost relays his crimes in excruciating detail God told me thatAt the urging of his wife, Provost Fochs reluctantly agrees to see a therapist, Dr Feshtig Through the therapist s detailed notes, correspondence from the church, and the provost himself, the provost s sickness emerges and the reader is drawn into the disturbing inner workings of a violent pedophile.The provost relays his crimes in excruciating detail God told me that where evil made its mark, good must follow, burning evil out and purifying the body Fochs describes a dream in which he sodomizes two boys from the parish in an effort to exorcise their sins Soon thereafter, two boys come forward accusing Fochs of that very deed In another dream he strangles and dismembers a young girl in the woods near his house, where a child from his parish is later found.As the provost s dreams are discovered to be reality and accusations against him are made public, the church is forced to respond In an effort to protect one of its own, and, in turn, to protect itself, the Committee for the Strengthening of the church demands that Dr Feshtig turn over his notes about Provost Fochs This marks the beginning of the church s all out effort to cover up for the provost and launches the race to the novel s final revelation of whether good, in the form of the law, or evil, in the hands of the provost and by association the church , will prevail.Brian Evenson holds the reader to the page until the novel s fateful end En route, he questions whether obedience to God justifies taking every possible liberty, right or wrong And he brings to light how an institution supposed to be under divine guidance can be as eager as its worldly counterpart to soil its hands in the furthering ofthe cause of supposed righteousness.
Father of Lies Brian Evenson

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    Brian Evenson

One thought on “Father of Lies

  1. Jordan Davidson

    What a creepy, disturbing, and nasty little book Honestly though, I don t necessarily mean that in a bad way in fact, it could very well be a compliment.I ve never been one to rate a book negatively based on the unpalatability of its content if I were, I wouldn t have read a book like this in the first place but I definitely need some time to mull this one over before I rate and review fully.At the off, though, I will say this This book is dark, compelling, and excellently written It s also one [...]

  2. Autumn Christian

    I discovered Brian Evenson earlier this year and he has become one of my new favorites He is a writer that hooks into my consciousness, so thoroughly and so well, that I find myself recommending his books to strange people in my dreams Father of Lies is an unrelenting horror story, about a depraved man and the institution that protects him.

  3. Amy

    Father of Lies opens with a letter from a psychoanalyst, Dr Feshtig, to the Director of the Zion Foundation Institute of Psychoanalysis, Ballard Kennedy Feshtig works for this Foundation and is a part of its religion, but he argues for client patient confidentiality and reminds the Director that he was promised his work would operate independently of the sponsoring religion He refuses to share the requested information about his patient and calls into question the fact that the Director is askin [...]

  4. Amber

    This novel is dark It is disturbing It is uncomfortable And all of it is completely necessary.Though written nearly two decades ago, it still speaks truthfully and unreservedly about religion, about cult like followings, about perversions of the mind It is difficult to read in many passages, but truly sheds light on using religion and blind faith as excuses to harm others in this case through pedophilic sexual assault, murder, and incest , and as excuses to trust and protect the unworthy against [...]

  5. Robert

    There are so few books that take place within the Mormon Church that that alone almost makes FATHER OF LIES a must read, despite some stumbles.It s a compulsively readable thriller, but I thought Evenson lost the thread a bit as writers usually do in the final third of the book He could have gone deeper into the psychology of the character, or raised the stakes, but he ended up searching for an ending And, of course, he found one.This is the first book of Evenson s I ve read it s his first novel [...]

  6. CesareTeutonico

    Cold as ice, sharp as a knife It seems an easy read, but there are many sub levels to discover, each one very uncomfortable and disquieting A free ride into the mind of a psychopatic who can easily take advantage from the blindness of society Another great book from Brian Everson, one of the best and personal writers around.

  7. Joe Kramer

    I gave it five stars but it s very disturbing Really admire this guy as a writer, but wouldn t say this is something everyone should read If you generally appreciate trigger warnings, consider yourself warned and look elsewhere.

  8. Taylor Wingo

    5 StarsHaunting, uncomfortable, creepy, thought provoking, and we ll written Loved this book, it made me feel a lot of things Any book that can do that has succeeded in some way but Evenson did everything right with this one I will certainly be reading of his work.

  9. Alan

    It s hard not to speed read Evensen It draws you in, sticking you with this mass that crushes all joy But yet, something is found from reading truth in horror, even if the subject matter is incredibly difficult and raw.

  10. brianna

    At under 200 pages there s a lot of violence, molestation, and incest packed into this book, as it is a critique of religion s tendency to essentially allow criminals and sexual predators to continue operating within the organization so as to not bring disrepute onto the church by doing wacky things like actually investigating claims, or cooperating with police I would have liked of Foch s younger years expanded on, though it s left or less alluded to so one can fill in the blanks of the acts [...]

  11. Sean

    Another great one from Evenson This time with a little bit The Killer Inside Me meets Fight Club vibe Short and sweet, keeps moving Love how effortlessly he moves between perspectives and modes of narration.

  12. Transvision Zack

    If H.P Lovecraft had written about corruption within organized religion instead of tentacled gods from space, it might read something like this Brian Evenson s account of pedophilia and the resulting cover up as revealed by inter church memos and psych evaluations is dark, absorbing stuff Anyone who has seen the dubious inner workings of a church hierarchy will have to respond to this material with some level of recognition If anything, Father of Lies reconfirmed my notion of steering clear of o [...]

  13. Spencer

    I am an active Mormon in a leadership position in my congregation This book is about an active Mormon in a leadership position who is a pederast in a sort of Jeckel Hyde way written by a no longer active mormon So maybe I cant appreciate this with very much aesthetic distance Satan in here is sort of like killer Bob from twin peaks Is Satan the pederast or is the Mormon leader Did he willingly let him in when he was younger I think about the imagery from this book probably weekly, and have since [...]

  14. Jim Leckband

    A horrific story of authoritative religions and the psychopaths that thrive under conditions of unquestioning obedience and cruelty Evenson pulls off a neat trick of making the compulsions fantasies delusions of the main character into a weird analogy of the received wisdom of organized religions Are these illusions just in his head Normally I am not a fan of the horror genre as sometimes the result is just laughable in a poor writer s hands but Evenson has the chops and ideas to make this one w [...]

  15. Scot

    This book is at turns horrifying, uncomfortable, infuriating, and terrifying Obviously it is fiction but it is written so convincingly that you would swear it is a first hand account It is a quick and relatively short read which doesn t allow you to put it down It is so gripping that you literally can not wait for some sort of retribution or some sort of assurance that good will prevail and fairness will win the day It does not and will not which only confirms what you already know in real life [...]

  16. Fatman

    Terrifying and thought provoking Also probably groundbreaking when it first came out in 1998 These days mass scale sexual abuse of children by prominent figures in the religious community is well known and documented, as are the organized efforts of religious groups to cover said abuse up Written in Evenson s inimitable style, a straightforward yet haunting story.

  17. Charles Cohen

    Harrowing and brutal I read this on the train, and before bed, and I felt dirty and ashamed and nauseous Not a good mix, either on a rocking, squealing subway, or just before going to sleep But MAN, is Evenson good Worth the assault on my soul.

  18. Reacher

    A short read A very straightforward, simple novel The kind of book I m not sure could get published in today s competitive climate.

  19. Varadia

    Well this was horribly upsetting In a very yes, watch a church hide a murderer and a pedophile from punishment way But not the Catholic church this time

  20. Bill Hsu

    Not as relentless and tightly constructed as Last Days or Immobility the ending is devastating though.

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