Rubicon Beach (2020)

Rubicon Beach Steve Erickson Rubicon Beach The second highly imaginative novel from this much acclaimed young Los Angeles writer This story is a warning to those who lack the courage to cross the Rubicon of their imaginations By the author o
  • Title: Rubicon Beach
  • Author: Steve Erickson
  • ISBN: 9780394755137
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
Rubicon Beach Steve Erickson The second, highly imaginative novel from this much acclaimed, young Los Angeles writer This story is a warning to those who lack the courage to cross the Rubicon of their imaginations By the author of Days Between Stations.
Rubicon Beach Steve Erickson

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    307 Steve Erickson
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One thought on “Rubicon Beach

  1. tim

    I d come to the geographical and temporal longitude where and when anything was possible, and that the accompanying latitude was in me I was a walking latitude, finding its conjunction with the world s last longitude Some writers sit down at a typewriter and bleed Others sit down and dream Nothing to it Steve Erickson casts his nets within far and wide, transmitting captured dreams through his fingertips out into the world at large A web of shadow prisms infiltrate receptive frequencies with ima [...]

  2. Lukasz

    Rubicon Beach reminded me of those old point and click adventure games Your character wakes up in his room and goes on to explore the world beyond, moving between the scenes one surreal than the other, chatting up pixelated characters rooted to their respective spots, programmed to look like they are doing anything but waiting there for you.Even though following the first anemic sub chapters is a relatively familiar storyline, the whole book maintains that air of digital two dimensionality and [...]

  3. Szplug

    My introduction to the murky and surreal dreamscapes in which the novels of Steve Erickson unfold abrupt shifts between person, time, gender, and identity are the hallmarks of the Los Angeles native, along with rich symbolism and a wickedly dark and understated sense of humour Rubicon Beach begins with a man named Cale witnessing the unfolding of his own murder in a no where no time Los Angeles that has been apocalyptically rendered into a community of islands, and from there the drugs get stron [...]

  4. Ned Hayes

    Rubicon Beach was a book I read in my 20s, and I living a post college hand to mouth existence in the same Los Angeles Steve Erickson lived in he worked as a film reviewer for the wonderful at the time L.A Weekly I taught school and wrote for a less prestigious alternative weekly.I was reading a lot of Joan Didion at the time, alongside some old fashioned Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury SF I was also writing my first novel, modeled after Pete Dexter s crystal clear and lucid prose So this was t [...]

  5. Paul Eckert

    With a book like Rubicon Beach, the story is what you make of it Few events are clearly defined, character histories bleed into the dreams of other characters, and it s almost impossible to tell what s real Sometimes this method of storytelling can be aggravating and is the defense of many a bad storyteller But Rubicon Beach at least makes sense internally Any confusion is not so much a deliberate attempt to confuse the reader with faux profundity as it is a landscape where the boundaries of rea [...]

  6. Josh Luft

    Thomas Pynchon s dead on when he says Steve Erickson knows the nocturnal side of reality The action and imagery of Rubicon Beach specifically the first part is exquisitely dream like The passage about the water of a flooded, dystopian Los Angeles creating ever changing music with the bombed out buildings, and its presence and effects on the inhabitants, is one of the greatest images I ve ever read Rubicon Beach reminds me a little of Alan Garner s Red Shift, a novel as three stories, illusory an [...]

  7. Susan Bennett

    Huh Not sure what this was about Tried hard to like, but had trouble even finishing it I hoped it would make sense when I got to the finish line, which was hard enough to do, but I really had trouble finding a cohesive plot in this discursive story telling It was like a bad David Lynch movie.

  8. Karen

    Steve Erickson is my new favorite writer Rubicon Beach walks the line between fantasy and reality, if there is, in fact, such a line The three sections of the book take place in different times and settings, and with different characters Or do they I had to pull out a pen and paper to take notes as I read, trying keep track of the similarities and recurring themes Erickson s surreal style may not appeal to everyone, but to me, it s pure bliss Incidentally, this was not an easy book to find My bi [...]

  9. Jon Glazer

    I just re read this novel after having read it at least twice in the 1980s The first two sections are truly outstanding, but the last section was somewhat less powerful at least until the end I just wasn t as emotionally engaged with the protagonist in that section of the book.One of the most memorable events was when Catherine crosses an imaginary border into America at the intersection of Wilshire and Vermont in Los Angeles I ll have to head up there soon to make my own journey across the Rubi [...]

  10. Robin

    The first three novels by Erickson are dark, compelling, twisted fantasies of sex and death and lost dreams The next three novels are pale imitations of the same thing After that I lost track But all you need to know is that this is one of the first three novels Read it, or someone very like me might come out of the mist one day and chop off your head.

  11. ry

    I m thirty eight, thirty nine, she heard the mathematician say with his usual imprecision concerning personal statistics He pulled back from the light of the candle on the table as though to hide behind his dark Indianness in the darkness of the room I look in the mirror sometimes, he said, and I think I m fifty or fifty five He shook his head I don t know how I got so damned tired When I was younger I despised anyone who gave up so easily, but that was when the world sang to me, that was when t [...]

  12. Geoffrey

    Sorry, but I m giving this one one star The first two parts, at least and even the third, to an extent are intriguing intermittently fascinating but they make for a singularly indigestible combination, and the ending blah I mean, I LIKE avant garde literature, as my ratings here will attest, but here I kind of just wanted to tell Erickson okay okay you re good at being abstruse We get it Is there anything else here

  13. Rich Gamble

    Rubicon Beach is a book that will divide opinion or would ve in the 80 s before it faded into obscurity Sometimes Erickson creates haunting and surreal scenes that stay with you hours after you have read them and other times the passages feel flat as if he is simply recounting his dreams in a this happened, then this happened kind of way Sometimes it feels like Erickson knows exactly what he is doing and is building up to a greater purpose, dropping scenes so vivid and twisted they will melt you [...]

  14. Yasmeen

    I delayed writing this review because I thought perhaps a couple of hours would let me digest the novel and understand it what it did to me a little better It didn t work These narratives move through a claustrophobic and murky darkness, once in a while rearing their heads so you can see the lightning flashing overhead before they sink back under They occasionally meet in places past space and time, making impossibly beautiful and horrible links and crosses that make your brain hurt looking at t [...]

  15. Stuart

    Loved the first act Enjoyed the second Scratched my head through the third Not that a surrealist novel about people whose lives intersect in dreamtime has to make sense, but Erickson seems to have wanted to go in a sense wise direction, and then either changed or lost his mind along the way I m not going to go as far as the Library Journal and say that This contrived, humorless mishmash of pseudo fantasy and mystery leaves one hopelessly confused But I will say that it made about as much sense a [...]

  16. Kyle Muntz

    Absolutely brilliant writing and a lot of strengths I ll elaborate on whenever I ve read Erickson This book has three parts the first two were incredible, but the third, unfortunately, felt like a big step down for me, in a way that made the first two sections feel less satisfying As so few of the narrative threads from earlier are resolved Still, though, this is the best example I ve seen in quite a while of unifying style and strong storytelling, and I m looking forward to reading .

  17. Anna

    I m embarrassed to admit that for the entire time of reading I d been thinking of Styx instead of Rubicon The story made so much sense to me then Now I m just confused.I really enjoyed reading it though Erickson s writing has the same quality I ve always admired in Calvino that of making everything into a tale that sounds familiar like a myth or a parable yet stays entirely unpredictable There s a circularity to the plot that I m still trying to figure out.

  18. Jordan

    I really like Erickson and went to this book after The Sea Came in at Midnight, which I really loved This one didn t do it for me though It was dark and spooky but too meandering in its vague and abstract bleakness I will keep reading his works and even read Zeroville after this one and I certainly love Zeroville I think this is a fluke of Erickson s He is better than this If you like it you have only up to go in pursuing his other works.

  19. Sarah Benson

    I so wanted to love this book, and gave it so many tries I finally finished it, which took a month of putting it down and picking it back up There were a few sections I loved, where I thought I d finally gotten into it and would speed through the rest And then the plot would shift and I d get totally bored again So it ended up being an overall disappointment.

  20. S Toman

    Strange and wonderful You could argue that this is really three loosely connected novellas but that doesnt give you the sense of how connected the three parts are, albeit in an impulsve and dreamlike way.

  21. Tom Griffith

    I didn t actually read this I accidentally selected it for my bookshelf I have no idea what it is about, who wrote it, or whether it is a pile of crap or not Disregard this comment as it is completely useless.

  22. Andrew

    Very imaginative, and I loved the images of a post apocalyptic Los Angeles I had a hard time putting it all together, but I ll chalk that up to lack of experience in reading books that mix reality and alternate worlds so abruptly Interesting author

  23. Erik Wyse

    It took some time for me to adjust to Erickson s style, as well as the fully realized world presented here, only to get fully lost in the wonder of it all A great contemporary exercise in magic realism, with some haunting imagery and characters.

  24. Danny Lindsay

    Only great writers like Erickson can pull off jarring digressions this beautifully Some of the scenes in this novel were described with such skill and power that I am still carrying them around in my head No doubt I will one day confuse them with my own memories.

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