Max and the Cats (2020)

Max and the Cats Moacyr Scliar Eloah F. Giacomelli Max and the Cats Max Schmidt grew up in the stockroom of his father s fur store cloaked among the foxes minks and leopards hiding from the glaring eyes of a stuffed tiger atop the wardrobe It is here he dreams of
  • Title: Max and the Cats
  • Author: Moacyr Scliar Eloah F. Giacomelli
  • ISBN: 9780452284531
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
Max and the Cats Moacyr Scliar Eloah F. Giacomelli Max Schmidt grew up in the stockroom of his father s fur store, cloaked among the foxes, minks, and leopards, hiding from the glaring eyes of a stuffed tiger atop the wardrobe It is here he dreams of traveling to distant lands and here, as a young man, he begins an affair with the store s married clerk Forced to flee when his lover s husband discovers the affair and deMax Schmidt grew up in the stockroom of his father s fur store, cloaked among the foxes, minks, and leopards, hiding from the glaring eyes of a stuffed tiger atop the wardrobe It is here he dreams of traveling to distant lands and here, as a young man, he begins an affair with the store s married clerk Forced to flee when his lover s husband discovers the affair and denounces Max to the Nazi secret police, Max steals away to Hamburg, where he takes passage on a freighter destined for disaster When the ship founders somewhere off the coast of South America, Max is trapped in a dinghy with a hungry jaguar Max believes his days are numbered until he washes ashore on the coast of tiny Porto Alegre, Brazil, prepared to begin anew in the tropical clime But when Max discovers his next door neighbor is a Nazi hiding from persecution, he finds that for the first time in his life, he is the master of his own destiny, ready to take matters into his own hands
Max and the Cats Moacyr Scliar Eloah F. Giacomelli

  • [E-Book] ↠ Max and the Cats | BY ☆ Moacyr Scliar Eloah F. Giacomelli
    Moacyr Scliar Eloah F. Giacomelli

One thought on “Max and the Cats

  1. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly

    As early as the part where Max is floating in the middle of the ocean in a dinghy with a live jaguar I was sweating buckets already My client was already an hour late and I wasn t able to find a seat in the airconditioned area of the Starbucks so I was outside, where the smokers were, during that one hot summer afternoon My client took one hour to arrive, blaming the heavy traffic, and I had then long finished reading this novella and finished my brewed coffee sipping the last, cold drops of it [...]

  2. Jessica

    I m giving this book extra credit for having the exact opposite qualities of Life of Pi, which I hated Where Life of Pi felt precious, pretentious, contrived, belabored, forced, overly long, badly written, uninteresting, unoriginal, and pointless, Max and the Cats was a quick, fresh little story that kept me engaged and consistently surprised me all the way through.I never would ve picked up this very slim, out of print book if I hadn t been assigned it for class, and nothing in a description of [...]

  3. Melinda

    So after all the controversy about Beatrice and Virgil and Life of Pi by Yann Martel and did he or did he not plagiarize Mr Moacyr Scliar I decided to read Max and the Cats.It is very short, but covers most of one man s lifetime It s really a novella And a very sweet one at that.Yes, images, ideas and even words were taken from Max and the Cats to create both of Yann Martel s popular books, but I don t know anything about plagiarism laws What I do know is that Max and The Cats is a well written, [...]

  4. Danielle

    In the dedication of Yann Martel s Life of Pi, he credits Moacyr Scliar as inspiration for that book In an interview, Mr Martel insists that he never read this book, but had read a synopsis which inspired his own novel However, the similarities are than striking and readers who enjoyed Life of Pi should also read this book to decide for themselves If anything it is interesting to read 2 books with similarly odd setups a boy trapped on a boat with a wild tiger and see the different directions th [...]

  5. Pequete

    Li este livro numa tarde e posso dizer que gostei da hist ria, mas a escrita n o me impressionou Para al m disso, pareceu me que havia margem para ter desenvolvido muito mais o enredo medida que ia lendo, parecia me que a hist ria se desenvolvia a correr e quando cheguei ao fim, fiquei com a impress o de ter lido um esbo o, ou uma daquelas vers es simplificadas para estudantes, em que um livro de 300 p ginas condensado em metade, retendo se apenas os momentos principais da ac o.

  6. Karen GoatKeeper

    This book was translated from Portuguese The version I read was done very well.Max s life seems haunted by various wild and pet cats As a teenager, the cat is a stuffed tiger This ends up being a reason for him to leave hurriedly for Brazil On the sea voyage there, his life becomes intertwined with a jaguar As an older man, an onca or panther intrudes on his life He later raises Angora cats.Each cat encounter influences and changes Max s life Each pushes him along forcing him to face reality and [...]

  7. Almeta

    In Life of Pi, Yann Martel makes an allusion to Dr Moacyr Scliar s Max And The Cats A Novel by thanking him for the spark of life , yet he claims to have only read a review of the story, not the story itself, and had admired the premise.There is an episode, among several other cat experiences, about a shipwrecked zoo jaguar and the boy, Max, afloat together in a dinghy It really does seem like the same scene as Pi and the tiger, but from there the similarities fade quickly.I think Martel s focus [...]

  8. Rui Carlos da Cunha

    Reading an article about The Life of Pi by Yann Martel lead me to read this amazing novella Well worth the read if you can find a copy.

  9. Martha Toll

    Here s my feature discussing Max and the Cats washingtonindependentrevieFor Passover, Fresh New Takes on People of the Book Martha Toll March 27, 2013The escape from oppression into a vast diaspora is a theme that has preoccupied Jewish writers from Exodus to modern times here are a few titles that treat this subject with refreshing originality.Spring heralds the holiday of Passover, in which Jews celebrate their escape from bondage during ancient times We receive the Passover story from a major [...]

  10. Cristina Balan

    Acesta este originalul, adic versiunea beta a celebrei, dar plagiatei Life of Pi, c tig toare a Man Booker Prize n 2002 Moacyr Scliar nu l a dat n judecat pe Yann Martel, dar subliniaz c nu exist nicio creatur care s doreasc s fie mai mult nc lzit , m ng iat i cultivat dec t ego ul Martel a reu it, totu i, s mbun t easc semnificativ ideea, s i dea str lucire, s i imprime un ritm bun i s o fac mult mai atractiv Problema etic r m ne 50dec r icitite n2017

  11. Joe

    Max and the Cats, a novella by the Brazilian Jewish novelist Moacyr Scliar, is probably best known for its vivid middle section in which the protagonist is stranded on a lifeboat, floating off the coast of South America, with a hungry jaguar he needs to feed which inspired or was appropriated by Yann Martel s Life of Pi It s certainly the most memorable image of this somewhat meandering tale of the hapless Max Schmidt, a man floating through life stalked both by felines and fascists.It s a charm [...]

  12. Ottery StCatchpole

    I read about all the hullabaloo around this book, as I was reading this book I ve been wanting to read Life of Pi, and I m going to, but I hope it will be a lot interesting than this book It has its moments, it starts off well and interesting and it ends with a nice climax but the whole scene with the jaguar and all that middle is so boring I literally had to slog through it The main character is not an appealing protagonist, as a matter of fact there is none in the story The magical realism of [...]

  13. Hrh_ga_2189

    Easy enough to say I found this because of Life of Pi I would love to comment on this book, but cannot seem to do so without wondering at Yann Martel for his spark of life for not only L.O.P, but also for Beatrice and Virgil Both novels have a feel of Max and the Cats to them But anyways I really couldn t find myself responding to the story Frida comes across as conniving but droll Max poor Max seems caught acting like a small child for the entirety of the novel Or, well There just was no pause [...]

  14. Sheryl

    Sweet novella, translated to english Incited by some as being plagiarized, and by others as being the inspiration for Martel s Life of Pi After reading both my belief is that max was as Martel claims , a spark of an idea for Life of Pi The books share a few fundamental similarities, zoos, tigers, regional chaos and forced evacuation, possible delirium but primarily Schylar s version is a novella with a young German protagonist that flees east Germany for Brazil during WWII, but doesn t ever real [...]

  15. Ricardo Santos

    sou grande f de moacyr scliar, um autor que procurou fugir do bvio na literatura brasileira, sempre usando muita imagina o para se tornar um dos maiores orgulhos de nossas letras ao redor do mundo mas aqui nesses livrinho, ele deixou a desejar a hist ria come a muito bem com a qualidade liter ria que os leitores de scliar est o acostumados mas a , com a chegada do protagonista ao brasil, tudo desanda o que era interessante podia ficar ainda melhor mas n o isso o que acontece tudo fica arrastado, [...]

  16. Kristian

    I picked up this book after talking to a friend about Life of Pi which I read several years ago and enjoyed a lot I was curious to see which way Scliar s story would go and I have to say that aside from the very obvious similarities between the stories, this one takes quite a different road That said, I still enjoyed it quite a bit and since it is such a short book and at least the translation is very easy to read, it really takes no time to finish The story was lacking a little bit of depth thu [...]

  17. Underwater

    I found this book in a used book store for five dollars I read the first page or two, and was intrigued enough to buy it It stayed interesting for the first chapter or two interesting premise, Germany in the early 30s and then suddenly it stopped making any sense The main character has to move to Brazil Because his girlfriend said so Maybe I didn t give it enough of a chance, because I put it down right there I don t know It s not worth it to me to try again, what with there being an incredible [...]

  18. Spiegel

    Da minha resenha de 2003 no Bookcrossing Devo admitir que s fiquei sabendo da exist ncia deste livro por causa da confus o com Life of Pi Em minha defesa quero dizer que 1 Tamb m nunca tinha ouvido falar de Life of Pi antes 2 J viu a quantidade de livros que o Scliar escreveu At ele pr prio deve esquecer de alguns de vez em quando um livrinho pequeno mas interessante , que conta a est ria de como o alem o Max veio parar no Brasil e dos felinos que lhe acompanharam durante a vida.

  19. Amy

    I picked this up after I heard about the controversy surrounding this novella and Life of Pi I had read Pi first and had mixed feelings about it This was cut and dry I liked that It was also a good little novel filled with symbolism which I also like.Max has encounters with 3 different felines, each representing a piece of his life or past that he must confront Quick, interesting read.

  20. Dave

    Compact fable like story about a very sensitive and naive boy who can t shed his naivete and fears of the real world well into his later years until he has to defend his own family, and even then he has some lessons still to learn Various undercurrents and unresolved mysteries make this a lifelike tale The first half of the book is very much like the later Life of Pi , but I disliked that and love this.

  21. Peachy

    Filled with history, magical realism, humour and psychology, this was a captivating novella that encourages the reader to contemplate Scliar has a masterful talent of portraying the protagonists different thought processes through id, ego and superegooksnakereviews

  22. Rita

    It is a short, odd little book I didn t dislike it, but I can t say that I really liked it either It seemed like an outline of a book, something that was a first draft and needed to be fleshed out The ideas and the characters and the voice are all there, but just not in a fulfilling way.

  23. Eileen Reeger

    interesting writing Was only 99 pages Ended too quickly for my taste Also I am involved in animal rights activism and this book was definitely not geared towards that but I don t expect everyone to believe what I believe.

  24. Mady

    An interesting little story of a German and some felins However, I was a bit disappointed by the ending, I thought it a bit too rushed This is supposed to be the book that has inspired Life of Pi

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